Tips & Tricks for Maintaining a Healthy Beard with Products You Need for Beard Grooming at Home (2021)

Tips & Tricks for Maintaining a Healthy Beard with Products You Need for Beard Grooming at Home (2021)

With fears of COVID looming around, it makes sense to keep outside activities minimal, of which hair grooming forms a crucial part, as most men prefer to go out to get their hair and beard done by professionals; however, it is not that difficult if you are familiar with the know-how of beard grooming. In this post, we bring you tips and tricks on how you can groom that beard at home!

Beard Grooming at Home: Look Good with Just a Little Effort

The pandemic has brought major changes in our lifestyle and behavior. Almost every sphere of our life has undergone a rapid and unprecedented transformation in just a matter of a few months. With work from home and education from home becoming the new normal, people have started accepting that there are other things that can be done from home, grooming being one of them. Though shops and transportation have resumed, many people still avoid crowded places as a safety measure. Beard Grooming, an integral part of a man's overall grooming regime, is now preferred to be done at home instead of a salon as many of us refrain from visiting a public place too often.

Beard Grooming at home is advantageous from a safety point of view during the pandemic and a cost-savvy option in this economically depressed phase. What more, you can choose the products of your choice for your beard and style it as per your wish at home with little awareness and know-how. While visiting a salon and getting your beard styles costs a nice amount, chances are, they may not have your favorite brand, and you have to settle for some other substandard brand.

Beard is also sensitive like our hair, and if products containing chemicals and harmful substances are applied, it may lose its sheen, or even worse, premature graying can happen. One more benefit of beard grooming at home is that you save on the time spent visiting a salon. Moreover, you can maintain better hygiene and cleanliness at home doing your beard grooming than a spa or salon.

Growing the Beard

Firstly, growing a solid and stylish beard needs patience, and you have to leave it untouched for the first 4-5 weeks while restraining the urge to trim or cut. This amount of time will allow the beard hairs to grow evenly, and then you can trim it to the style which suits your face and personality. Do remember that few men's facial hairs grow faster than others and depend on many factors, including (but not limited to) a healthy diet, balanced lifestyle, exercise, and genetics, etc.

Once you have a full-grown beard, you can plan the final style that complements your face's shape. Prune out the unwanted and grey hair before you start trimming the beard, decide the length you want to keep and adjust the trimmer blades accordingly.

Beard Care at Home: Six Essential Beard Grooming Steps for You


If you can grow a full and thick beard, you shouldn't take it for granted as many men are not as blessed to have enough facial hair to grow a solid beard. However, beard growing is simply not shaving for a few weeks, and forget about the facial hair; but, beard, like your face and skin, needs proper care and maintenance to add machismo to your persona. An unkempt and uncared beard would be easily noticed and create a wrong impression about how you carry yourself. If you're planning to keep a beard and groom it at home, then be ready to spare a few minutes every day from your schedule to keep it shiny, thick, and in proper shape.

There are few steps to keep your beard in top shape, including washing, oiling, moisturizing, brushing, and the right trimming. Moreover, you have to ensure that your beard is free of dandruff, allergy and isn't coiled. Let's check each step in detail that you must include in your routine to keep your beard stylish and healthy.

Wash Your Beard Regularly


Like your face and body, your beards need washing too! Though not as often as your skin, experts recommend washing your beard 2-3 times a week. Don't wash it every day; else, the beard hair will look too dry and devoid of shine. However, if you do intense workouts every day, then you can wash it more often as the sweat produced during workout sessions may produce irritation, itching, and flakes in your beard. Facial hair is thicker than the average hair on your body and prone to trapped food, dust, etc.

Moreover, the stage of hair growth in the initial few weeks is when the skin underneath is prone to itchiness and redness. And, like you can't apply any soap on your face, your beard also needs a product meant for washing your facial hair. If you notice more flakes and dandruff on your beard, use a medicated beard wash or dandruff shampoo. Once you are done washing your beard, pat dry with a soft towel. Rubbing your beard after washing may result in split ends and frizz.

Barber's Club Moisturizing Beard Wash with Tea Tree Oil (100% Organic & Natural)


This 100% natural and organic moisturizing beard wash by Barber's Club is packed with the goodness of Tea Tree Oil, which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, shea butter, which has minerals and vitamins to help reduce hair breakage, sweet almond rich in proteins; zinc, potassium, etc., remove dandruff and has anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin E which softens your beard, and Argan Oil that is helpful to eliminate dryness and itchiness, and coconut oil. This excellent beard wash can be ordered from Flipkart for Rs. 325.

Keep It Moisturized

Keeping a beard needs patience, and it's quite common to have the urge to shave it off during the first few weeks. The simple reason is that you don't provide the required care to your beard, and it gets dry, itchy, and scratchy. Hence, it's imperative to keep your beard well conditioned and moisturized to avoid the unbearable irritation in the skin underneath your growing beard. A conditioner also works as a styling gel, thus keeps your beard tamed and in proper style. Keeping it moisturized also avoids frizzes, dullness, and split ends while keeping it shiny and smooth. You need a nice conditioned oil to keep the strong hair of your beard well moisturized.

Botanical Skin Works Men's Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil


This pure and all-natural Beard Conditioning Oil by Botanical is imported from the USA. It cleans, softens, and moisturizes your beard's hair follicles, rejuvenates the beard hair, and helps tame the unruly strands. Regular use of this Men's Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil eliminates dandruff and itchiness as it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The Botanical Skin Works Men's Bay Lime Beard Conditioning Oil is available on for Rs. 2,583.

Oil the Beard


Just like your regular hair needs oiling for nourishment and growth, the thick facial hair also needs some oiling to balance your beard's hydration. While frequent washing can strip away a part of your beard's natural oil, a conditioner may work well to balance it to some extent. However, a good beard oil keeps it nourished, promotes growth, and the leave-in conditioning formula keeps the natural oils present in your skin and beard well in equilibrium.

But make sure to use a beard oil with all-natural ingredients, as artificial agents like mineral oils, paraben, sulfate, silicone, and other harsh chemicals can have adverse effects on your beards, and they can damage the hair if used regularly.

Apply the oil to your beard after taking a shower and pat drying your beard. Ensure to apply to the skin below the beard as well as through the roots to the ends for maximum effect. Smaller beards may need 3 or 4 drops, while long beards demand 7 to 8 drops for covering the major area.

Ustraa Beard Growth Oil


This beard oil by Ustraa is specially formulated to promote beard hair growth. With a mix of 8 Natural Oils, it works on the hair follicle stem cells along with the essential fatty acids including omega 3 and 6, and vitamin A, B, C, E, and K. The oil is made from natural ingredients and free from paraben, mineral oil, sulfate, paraben, and petroleum. Ustraa Beard Growth Oil strengthens and nourishes hair, repairs damaged hair, and gives visible results in 90 days. You can order it from and the 35 ml bottle costs Rs. 359.

Keep It Soft

Not keeping the beard soft may invite many unwarranted problems like flakes, dryness, dandruff, etc. The best way to keep your beard soft is to apply a beard cream, beard wax, beard butter, or beard balm. Choose a product that is made from all-natural elements and smells nice. Moreover, the beard softener shouldn't be too sticky; else, your beard may look too shiny and unnatural. Dab a little amount of the beard softener into your palm and then apply generously on the entire beard with the help of your fingers, moving them from the roots through the beard hairs and beneath the beard as well.

Beardo Beard Softener for Men


The beard softener by Beardo softens your beard, provides moisture and nourishment and protects your beard from itching and flakes. The non-greasy formula keeps your beard non-sticky, and the natural extracts of Green Tea seed oil, Sunflower oil, Argan oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera extracts, and Camellia seed oil provide the required smoothness and prevent premature graying. Beardo Beard Softener for Men is listed on for Rs. 450.

Comb and Brush It Properly


Not only moisturizing, conditioning, and oiling are enough for a well-groomed beard, but combing and brushing your beard religiously is one of the most critical steps of the beard care process. You may need a small and handy beard comb with smooth and tapered teeth for comfort while combing it.

Similarly, brushing it once a day after taking a shower is important to loosen the dirt, grime, and dead skin cells stuck in your beard. It would help if you brushed it out to remove the hidden particles from your beard. It also helps to keep your beard soft and adds volume. Beard brushes can be used on the mustache as well to keep them clean and tidy.

Wooden Beard Comb Anti Static


This beard comb is crafted from fine quality wood, doesn't have the static problem, and can take out the knots in your beard without any pulls. It has wider teeth on one side for nicely combing your beard without damaging or breaking the hair, and the other side is thinner and meant for mustache combing. You also get a hand-tailored high-quality PU comb bag to keep the comb safely, and this product is available for Rs. 297 at

Beard Brush

The pocket-sized beard brush by Bombay Shaving Company has sturdy bristles to detangle and tame the unruly beard. The small size makes it a perfect grooming tool for on-the-go beard care. This brush also helps to exfoliate the skin while removing dead skin cells and is ideal for evenly applying beard oils, serums, wax, and butter. The beard brush comes in a nice leather holder and can be purchased from for Rs. 395.

Beard Trimming at Home

Invest in a nice pair of scissors and a beard trimmer to occasionally trim the beard. Else, it will look out of shape. Beard hair generally doesn't grow evenly; thus, they need to be trimmed with precision. Make sure to smoothen and comb/brush your beard before trimming and use clippers to trim to your desired length. You can use scissors to shape the mustaches, but the beard and mustache hair length should complement each other.

Philips Cordless Beard Trimmer


The suave and stylish cordless beard trimmer by Philips is equipped with stainless steel blades that are sturdy and have long-lasting sharpness. The 20 lock-in length setting allows cuts from 0.5 – 10 mm with a 0.5 mm precision margin. The lift and trim comb even the hairs through the blade for the perfect trim, while the inbuilt battery gives a run time of 45 minutes with a 2-hour charge. You can also use the trimmer while it's plugged in for charging. The Philips Cordless Beard Trimmer comes with a 2-year warranty and is available for Rs. 1,760 from

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