PlayStation vs Xbox(2021): Check Out Our Playstation vs Xbox Breakdown to Find the Best Console for You!

PlayStation vs Xbox(2021): Check Out Our Playstation vs Xbox Breakdown to Find the Best Console for You!

The PlayStation and Xbox are rival consoles with similar features. Here, we break down the differences between the PlayStation and Xbox to help you decide which console is best for you.

Playstation vs. Xbox – The Real Struggle of Choice for Gamers


Hey, gamers! We know what has been on your shopping list. It could be either Xbox Series X by Microsoft or PS5 by Sony. With these gaming consoles on sale at both online and offline stores, you might be confused about which one to buy. What makes it more exciting and challenging to choose is that both Xbox and PS5 consoles come with the same processing technology, price tags, game-changing loading time, and related offers. However, there are specific differences that you should understand to know which one you should buy.

Comparing the Consoles – Differences and Similarities


The new consoles are slightly bigger than their predecessors. However, both are bigger and smaller than the other when compared across one side or the other. The Playstation 5 measures 16X4X10 inches, while the X box Series X is 12X6X6 inches. However, the consoles' similarity is that they both use only one big fan to keep it cool. While the fan works quietly, the disc drive is louder in both the consoles, especially while playing a 4k Blu-ray game. In comparison, the PS5 produces 5db less sound than Microsoft's box.



The modern Xbox controller is smaller than its predecessor, which makes it an attraction for younger gamers. The Xbox's controller features DLI (Dynamic latency input), because of which it is supposed to synchronize every controller input instantly. On the other hand, Sony has fully overhauled its PS5 controller, the Dual Sense Gamepad.

Its big and plump design features extended grips like a fang, offering a perfect match to gamers with big hands. The controller also comes with innovative features such as adaptive triggers that contextually alter the resistance you feel during the gameplay.


Comparing this factor, the consoles of both games score equal. The PS5 and Xbox Series X use AMD CPU based on Zen 2 technology along with RDNA 2 GPUs. However, the Xbox console gets a bit higher score for GPU power with 12.15 as compared to Playstation 5s 10.28 TFLOPS. Still functionally, both produce the same graphical and punch capabilities. By replacing regular hard drives with solid-state drives, Microsoft and Sony have promised to deliver faster loading this time. Here again, Xbox takes the upper hand. The PS5 has 825GB SSD, while Xbox Series X has a 1 TB SSD.



Xbox's new gaming console lacks an appealing point in this domain. Series X came with no exclusive game but all those that gamers can play on its predecessors as well. However, some dozen games do feature performance or graphical enhancements on the latest console. If you compare the number of upcoming titles, Xbox Series X goes a step behind the PlayStation.

Besides, when a console offers backward compatibility for upcoming gen games, it allows existing players to explore a massive library. And global gaming libraries share several titles with most 3rd party developers, generating options for both consoles. Sony got the upper hand here with the PS Plus collection offering PS5 owners almost 20 legacy PS4 games for free.

Tech Specs


Both Xbox and PS consoles make video games look great with 3D audio and HDR support features. And the next-gen graphics will includes the significant ray tracing feature. The new technology massively enhances shadows, reflections, and lighting and can change everything that you watch on the screen. Equipped with this feature, new consoles will make games look more realistic to you.

Picture Quality


Here again, both the consoles come with a native 4k gaming support at the frame rate that's almost double their predecessors. Plus, you get additional polish and graphical details with the latest boxes. Although you can also play the same game with previous console versions, the generational upgrade in performance and presentation is worth it. While Xbox users face a black depth issue. However, once Microsoft resolves this, it will be difficult to choose between the two consoles. Otherwise, Xbox gives another huge plus point of Dolby's support for online streaming.

Sound Quality

PS5 supports Dolby Atmos audio playback but only when playing Blu-ray content. Although it lacks the dynamic punch or crispness of a real player, it packs muscularity in the soundtrack. It generates a room-filling sound very well with beautiful effects and clarity. The other one, Xbox, proves its capability in the domain by delivering the gaming soundtrack's core with impressive solidity, atmosphere, and clarity. For instance, pick a soundtrack of a game like Gears 5 or 1917 that features Atmos compatibility. The Xbox console will provide a fantastic room-filling output with a sense of place and effects that will take you to the core of the game.

Best PS5/Xbox X Games

Hitman 3 (Compatible with Both)


When Hitman 3 came out, reviews suggested that the sequel is going to be satisfying for the fans. It was probably one of the largest releases for console gaming lovers in 2021. And the best part is that Hitman 3 is compatible with both PS5 and Xbox Series X.

The game's standard edition is available for Rs. 3,999 on Play Station and Rs. 2,499 on X Box. The deluxe edition costs Rs. 5,699 for PS and Rs. 5,249 for Xbox.

Outriders (Compatible with Both)

Outriders is another on the list of top games for both PS5 as well as Xbox series X. Although its release has been postponed multiple times, the genre makes it exciting and confusing. Outriders is a loot shooter game that works hard to be known not as a loot shooter. While gamers have shown excitement to test what's going to be new in the game, you can book one for yourself through a pre-order before the April 2021 release

Nioh/Nioh 2 (PS5)

Here's the one that's a PS5-only game. The Nioh/Nioh 2 pair is an already known one but the latest release points at compatibility with the PS5 console. And, unlike other exclusives, developers are working to make it backward compatible as well. You can get the game from PlayStation's official site for Rs. 3999

The Medium (Xbox)


The title was intended for a 2020 release, but competition from Cyberpunk called for a delay. The medium is the 1st real next-gen game for the Xbox Series X console. One of the major attractions is its ability to convert the display into a half-onscreen split, using the system's power. You can live the moment of seeing spirit and regular worlds together, and Xbox compatibility makes it an exclusive experience for console owners. Experience the mystery of the game by buying it from Xbox for Rs. 2,724

From our editorial team


A gaming console is what makes all of the magic happen. Gaming consoles can be a pastime activity or it can be the life of a party. If you haven’t tried one out, choose the one we have outlined in the above pragraphs! The above points will help the dust to settles in the epic battle of PlayStation vs Xbox. Don't forget to take extra controllers to share the experience with friends.