If You Love to Play Video Games, Purchasing Xbox 360 Games Could Elevate Your Gaming Experience to an Apex Level(2021)! Xbox 360 Games You Cannot Miss.

If You Love to Play Video Games, Purchasing Xbox 360 Games Could Elevate Your Gaming Experience to an Apex Level(2021)! Xbox 360 Games You Cannot Miss.

There is no doubt that the Xbox 360 from Microsoft is one of the much loved and best gaming consoles offered in the world of video games. We have created a definitive list of the best Xbox 360 games so you can revisit some favourites, add some classics to your collection, or get an idea of where to start if you are new to that platform.

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Xbox 360 Games Are for Everyone

Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming console has become popular among people of all ages. Gaming enthusiasts have a great time with its convenient design and sleek looks. There are several video games released that are compatible with it. You can easily find games of all genres such as action, strategy, quirky story-based and more. Some of them are expensive while few others come cheap.

Choosing the ones you will like is often a problem. There is a massive assortment of games cutting across different genres, and it isn't easy to select the best one. We have listed out some of the popular games that are the ones of choice for gamers. You can play games of different genres to help your recreational activities or soothe your nerves when you are stressed out.

Gaming Can Be Both Fun and Beneficial

Improves Agility

Gaming can be a great option to improve the agility of your hands. Research among surgeons suggested that those who played video games were performing better than those who did not. There are specialised video games too that patients use to improve the control of their hands and wrists. Apart from being played for fun, these games can also enhance brain connectivity.

Improves Vision

As kids, our parents have told us that long hours playing video games could ruin our vision. However, recent research has shown that video games can help to improve our vision. Research is underway to include it as a corrective method to enhance vision. Gamers are also known to have enhanced their vision and can perceive contrasts in colour better.

Better Memory Capacity

Playing video games can have a positive effect on our brain too. It can help to improve the capacity of our memory. It is because of the engaging experience that people have when playing video games in general. The effect is more when you are playing 3D games. It has been shown that if we play the games that we play a lot, there is a positive effect on our memory.

Improved Social Skills

Is anyone at home shy? If yes, then playing video games could be a great option. Shy people could use it to incur more social skills. Even kids who are known to play video games are known to have better social and intellectual skills. Due to their improved level of social and collaborative content of the games, the gamers can have better relationships with other people. Video games can also help to make new social connections.

Makes Kids More Active

Understandably, video games can improve agility among adults. But what effect can they have on kids? There are some games that can enhance the level of interaction with the body. Physical activity increases, and this makes the kids more active. Studies have also shown that increased gaming levels can lead to higher cognitive functioning that lasts long.

Limits Trauma

Source aifs.gov.au

Video games can be an ideal recreation method and can reduce trauma in patients. Those who play video games have reduced incidents of flashbacks to their traumatic past. Moreover, science-induced introduction to games can help those who had to undergo stressful incidents in the past. Video games about virtual reality can help to reduce pain and anxiety too.

Best XBox 360 Games for You

We have discussed how playing video games can be helpful too. The Xbox 360 is a home video game console and has been a great companion for gamers cutting across ages. We will now discuss some of the best Xbox 360 games.


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We will start this list with this game that had been inspired by System Shock. It ensures that the gamer does not lose focus and continues playing the game for a long time. The game has incredible graphics that are bound to blow your mind. Sound design is equally brilliant, and there are audio recorders throughout the regions across the game.

The series has several games that are worth it for gamers. The underwater city and art style is inspired by the 1950s, making it such an awe-inspiring game. The game comes with some of the most fantastic figures, and there are small details that look very impressive. The series has several other brilliant games that are equally enthralling too.

It is priced at Rs. 4,700 on eBay.

Call of Duty: Warzone

The Call of Duty genre of games is bound to keep away the stress from your life. While it is of the battle genre, it is a class apart. No wonder it is among the best titles to play of any genre. This one is not dependent on the main games. The map is gigantic, and the gamers must get hold of the best weapons, fight with their opponents, and survive to become the winner.

The weapons are available with pre-set attachments, and the specialised guns have specialized setups. The firefights can keep the gamers occupied, and there are powerful body shields that can protect you against several rounds of ammunition. One of the quirks is the ease with which your teammates can be back in action. It can be done by winning a one-on-one fight in a gulag.

The war zone can easily fit 150 players, but there are several buildings across the map. You can easily make money by finishing contracts and side activities, and the whole squad can share the proceeds. Apart from the re-spawns, there is a cash-based mode and bounties when you are hunting.

Electronic Arts Dead Space

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According to some, it is among the best survival horror games to be played on the Xbox360. If you are fond of horror games, then you could find this one awesome. You will find it chilling during the game as you explore an abandoned mining starship. The gamers are always on their toes while finding the mystery behind the evil signs. One of the crucial features of this game is the over-the-shoulder camera perspective without the heads-up display.

The central character can symbolize energy, ammunition count and wellness and immerse the gamer in the atmosphere. Instead of traditional weapons, you will use mining tools, and your opponents can be struck by strategic dismemberment of their limbs. The players can also have the power to slow their enemies.

Wasteland 3

The gamers who look for the apocalyptic games will be happy to come across this one. The players take command in a post-nuclear world. The players are sent on a quest from arid deserts to snowy mountains. They must build a base, train recruits and fight in hostile territory. The game comes with tactical combats, and the players must make some difficult decisions too.

This game has a shared history with Fallout Universe. The players can find themselves as the Desert Rangers of the US military who are the only ones who can restore peace in a post-apocalyptic world. They participate in turn-based combats that are drawn from the original Wasteland game. The cast has several quirky characters, and your decisions during the game can affect the outcome of the quests that you undertake.

Doom Eternal

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The next on the list is Doom Eternal, which is among the best Xbox 360 games. The players are pitted against demons and the game is set on Mars. While there could be excess violence, it is demanding and intense also. The players can utilize different types of weapons and use grenades against their opponents. It is a fast-paced game that has different enemies, weapons and requires creativity from the players.

There is a level-based hierarchy and has various challenge modes and post-game modifiers. There are multiple player options too that can pitch you against two demons at the same time. The game requires you to manage resources, be on the move, and change weapons while you battle the demons. The players can refill ammunition and can get airborne too.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This game from the Call of Duty franchise relieves the ignominy of coming back with similar battles. This one is consistently riveting and has the players on their toes. The game ticks off the correct boxes and has characters that can easily personify this brand. The narrative put the players back in 2011, and there is a three-act campaign that can many memorable actions happening.

The game traverses civil war hit Russia and requires you to kill terrorists in the Middle East. The players can control the skies and must prevent a global holocaust. There is a multiplayer system and is usually preferred by gamers. Players get hold of it to enjoy the competitive action and the blockbuster campaign narratives.

It is priced at Rs. 2,067 on Amazon.

2K18 NBA 2K18

The lovers of NBA will find this irresistible, and being from the 2K series, it is also known for its high standards. The game ranks among the best video game simulation series. It is among the most realistic sports games, and it can almost replicate real-life sport. The game has an offline multiplayer option that happens to be among the major draws of this game. It also efficiently replicates real-world sport using detailed animation and character models.

The game includes all the NBA teams that only adds to the fun. It also consists of the teams from the earlier era. You can customise their players and have them compete in a career. There is a League Mode that allows you to manage specific teams of your choice. You can also build the team of your choice and can go head-to-head with other groups in the offline multiplayer mode.

Resident Evil 2

If we are discussing the best Xbox 360 games, this one cannot be kept aside. It had generated tremendous hype earlier, and the remake version is excellent as well. This version is a complete 3D version that also has amazing lighting effects and over-the-shoulder vision. The facial animations are fantastic, and the zombies look great too. The game has limited replay abilities and can clock a maximum of around six hours.

Managing the ammunition and inventory is a necessity in the game, but you cannot carry them all after finding them. The maps can be updated automatically, which will allow the player to ascertain the rooms that have been cleared. There is also freedom from the delay in loading screens. The sound design is excellent and adds to the flow of the game. There has been a fantastic job in recreating the best parts from the earlier version. The game has an exciting storyline with fulfilling gunplay.


Some quieter people prefer to stay away from the fighting genre of games. Braid is a strategy game that requires the player to rescue a woman who is in distress. The action takes place while going through six storied book worlds. The entire puzzle is designed so that the player needs to wrack their brains through them.

It is more enjoyable than the generic ones from its category. The music and the colourful background can take your breath away and is captivating. The player must use time in various unusual ways. Different worlds provide the player with different ways to change the way to control time. The 2D game has multiple puzzles that are exciting leads to time dilation and parallel realities. The player can use the game to freshen up their thinking capabilities and feel fresh after playing the game.

It is priced at Rs. 741 on Best Buy.

The Witcher 3

We will round off this list of the best Xbox 360 games with this RPG game that is set in a carefully crafted world. The players are readily thrown into a narrative of betrayal and deception. But several players are addicted to the game and play it repeatedly. It has been depicted that the world is filled with evil spirits and beasts that the players must fight. The players must travel through the land and fight against the beasts and creatures to protect humanity.

The game covers brutal yet strategic combat sequences that the player must undertake through the game. The landscape is a factual background of an open world. The maps may have minor glitches that can mar the experience of some of the gamers. However, this has never affected the game. The game has a great storyline apart from excellent dialogues and few emotional scenes. The game encompasses responsive combats and deep role-playing that adds to its takeaways.

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These are just a few among the wide range of Xbox 360 games options available in the market today. These wonderful games are sure to give an awesome gaming experience in the comfort of your home. However, you must check the age recommendation mentioned for the game before introducing it to anyone.