Sony PlayStation Delivers the Ultimate Gaming Experience. Discover the Top PlayStation Games to Keep Your Loved Ones Enthralled for Hours (2021)

Sony PlayStation Delivers the Ultimate Gaming Experience. Discover the Top PlayStation Games to Keep Your Loved Ones Enthralled for Hours (2021)

The Sony PlayStation is a top video gaming console internationally with a bouquet of extremely immersive video games which appeal to all ages and gaming preferences. So, if you are wondering which PS games should you buy for your PlayStation, we have curated a list of the top PlayStation games across diverse genres which will help you decide the perfect game for yourself.

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Gaming Can be a Great Pastime

The number of gamers who like to play the best video games is increasing every day. Gone are the days when only children used to be glued to the games. Today, video games are played by people of all ages, and they can spend hours together playing the games of their choice.

As both sexes become increasingly interested in playing video games, the gaming market is poised for greater growth. Devoted gamers consider it a serious hobby spending loads of time and money on it. Some even consider making it a career! There are numerous online communities where avid gamers discuss games and strategies for them. Given the number of games, it often becomes challenging to make a proper choice. This article will discuss some of the PlayStation games that you can consider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your PlayStation Games

Understand the Plot

Take the time to understand the plot of the game before you select one. Otherwise, you could be sitting for hours in front of the console, and the entire time would become frustrating and unenjoyable. Doing an assessment will help you figure out if it belongs to the genre and style of games that you prefer. If you are unsure about your preferences, you can go back and evaluate the games you love to play. Select the ones that match your preferences.

Check Time Availability

Are you aware that playing video games can take up a lot of your time in the day? You must do some research and assess the approximate time that a game would run. It will help you set the time you can allocate to play that game in a day or a week. If you have little time to play a game or wish to play it in phases, you must choose accordingly.

Check Reviews

What do you do before you buy stuff online? You go through the reviews. Always adopt the same procedure when you are selecting a video game. You can research the reviews across various websites. Some gamers prefer reviews from a particular reviewer. It is fine, but you must go through several reviews before making your choice. You can then use your discretion to know the game and make your choice suitably.

Your Personality

When you are choosing a game, always consider your personality too. It can significantly vary across gamers, and the choice can vary considerably across people of different characters. You can also visit various online forums to learn about the games that will suit your personality. If you prefer multi-player games, you must ensure that the game you choose supports this feature. Also, keep in mind the platform you will use as there could be compatibility issues ahead.

Choose Your Genre

Based on your personality, you will have different tastes. Always understand the games you will prefer, as it can shorten the shortlist of games. If you do not make the ideal choice, you may have to repent later. You may choose to play role-playing games or the action genre if it suits you. The features that are associated with the game must also be considered. It should ideally match with the games you play often.

The Best PlayStation Games for You


Gamers are spoilt for choice that makes it difficult for many of you to make the ideal selection that can suit the genre you prefer. We will list out some of the best games that you can play on your PlayStation console.

The Last of Us Part II


This game is beautiful and has exceptional detail along with lively sight and sound. There is a unique story that forms the backdrop of this game. It is about revenge and is set in a post-apocalypse world that has too many zombies. A single player can play the action-adventure game, but you can play it for around 30 hours. The combat is engaging, and the great visuals can draw you to play more.

You can empathise with the characters though you may not always agree to their actions. It has an affecting experience for you as you play this interactive action game. While the first part had issues like repetitive action scenes, this sequel provides ample variety in the game that is necessary to keep you occupied. The scope of the battlefields is essentially urban, and you can pick enemies of your choosing. It is priced at Rs. 1,979 on Amazon.

Blood Borne


Bloodborne is another from the action genre that you will love playing. The storyline involves a macabre and grotesque alien narrative that parallels some of the renowned novels. It helps to connect two players who can overcome obstacles that are not possible to tackle alone. One of the unique features of the game is the improved health regeneration and evasion systems.

The game also allows you to know how the other players are progressing in their activities. There is a notebook feature that will enable you to receive messages from other players, and you can send them messages too. There are emotes that can spring up when someone reads the messages. You can interact with other players through competitive invasions and cooperative actions. Keep in mind that when you are ringing a cooperative bell, you invite other players to hunt you. It is priced at Rs. 999 on Amazon.

God of War


God of War is known for its superb narration and is among the best action and adventure games suitable for single players. The game supports few next-gen features like immersive combat, no-cut camera, etc. This improves your gaming experience. There are several twists in the plot and several puzzles that make it extremely interesting for you.

The game is based on Norse mythology, and the camera ensures that the focus is not removed. The plot is simplistic and several obstacles make the 25 hours of the game worthwhile. The complexity and depth of the plot separate it from the other games. The game has a single-camera shot style that stays with you till the end. You can go through several battles, and the central character kills only for survival. It is priced at Rs. 939 on Amazon.

Apex Legends


Apex Legends is set in the Titanfall universe. It has a unique setup where there are teams of three that fight against numerous other groups. The game is free to play, and there are different abilities and classes for you. Since its initiation, it is still evolving and adds fresh ideas and newer content to keep you captivated.  

The game is fast-paced and it is bound to keep your adrenaline pumping. The players are dropped into the arena, and they try to pick up the scattered loot and continue to fight others in a continuous circle. You are defined by the gear you choose that also provides the abilities and strengths that suit your style of play. You can choose from a wide assortment of futuristic weapons that can test your aim. Your game is determined by the personal skill and the moves of the character. It is priced at Rs. 959 on Amazon.

Demon’s Souls


Demon's Souls is available on the PS5, and its stunning visuals coupled with the DualSense controller make it an ideal experience for you. It is an action-packed RPG that involves methodical and cerebral combat along with customised character-building abilities. There are 5 isolated worlds, and each of them has 3-4 sub-levels. Each of these sub-levels also has its own challenges and rewards.

The game was initially for PS3 users and has new weapons, armours and rings. All actions pose some amount of risk, and you must make intelligent decisions both in and out of combat sequences. It isn't easy, and the newcomers among you can find that they cannot have it easy here. You will be mesmerised by the fulfilling moments when you conquer the world. It also has several battles and dark fantasy elements. It is priced at Rs. 4,157 on Amazon.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla


This edition from Assassin's Creed involves a setting in 873 AD with the invasion of Britain. It is a series that has spanned several games and has excellent RPG foundations. You cannot move from the game, and it spans around 60 hours. It is an open-world adventure game like the earlier versions where the main protagonist takes the fight to the English kingdom.

The performance of both the male and female characters is fantastic. You can have a wide assortment of weapons like flails, swords and other unique gear. You can build new buildings to unlock upgrades. When the settlement expands, it can bring in more recent side quests and characters. The narrative also involves the occurrences outside the borders, and you must negotiate alliances with other tribes. It is usually found that various games find it difficult to tackle a mystical backdrop, but the result is more granular and more realistic. It is priced at Rs. 2,856 on Amazon.

Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1 is an ideal option for you if you are looking for objective-driven and intense warfare. The single-player option is unique as it captures the tone of the times and has some of the iconic weapons of those years. Due to the historical backdrop, it can be a welcome change for you if you prefer the war genre of games. The game is broken into 6 sections, and they have different front-line locations and characters.

The narrative has been written well with a varied tone. The heroism is contextual within the conflicts, and the game can often capitalise on the type of arsenal. The multi-player option keeps the battle smart and balanced but allows for the chaos associated with this genre of games. The game is unique among its genre as there could be less shooting but more on stealth and strategy. It is priced at Rs. 1,790 on Amazon.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition


If you are among the gamers who wish to spend several hours playing their favourite games, then this edition of Devil May Cry will suit you nicely. It is a next-generation game that features aesthetically improved upgrades and better performance. This edition also has all the action-packed sequences of the original. There is an abundance of gun and sword fights and monster killings that will keep you riveted.

The difficulty level is enhanced and tests your' skills with too many demons to fight. When you are playing it on the PS5 and fighting several monsters simultaneously, the performance is still not affected. This version quickly adopts both the new and old strategies. The combats are more focused on precision, and a concentration meter can reward diligent fights and support various moves. It is priced at Rs. 2,799 on Amazon.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War


This game from the Call of Duty series is better than the earlier versions. It is set in the Cold War sequence of the 1980s and seems to be a Hollywood thriller. The flow of the game is such that it keeps you engrossed when playing. The single-player version places importance on finding and understanding the evidence that makes it more interesting. The multi-player version provides an outstanding balance between the archaic and nostalgic experience.

This game is more in line with the high-octane effects of the earlier variants from Call of Duty. This one has better narratives and experimental sequences that make it more interesting. You can choose the missions you want to play and in which order. This game has immense gunplay that you would have got used to with the earlier franchises. It is more full-feature through the next-gen additions. It is priced at Rs. 4,799 on Amazon.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake


This game is based on a riveting story where the players act against a power company trying to wreak havoc with the environment. The team uses robots and a hybrid action combat system. However, as the franchise attempts to become more modern, it is gradually losing its classic charm. The music and visuals are outstanding, and there is no comparison with any of its peers.

The story is focused on a gritty metropolis, and the game weaves the complex elements as it moves forward. It has adequate details that were left previously unexplored. The new narrative is characterised by modern gameplay and is based on the fundamental role-play of the franchise. Your character has a unique skill that is used to formulate your strategies. The story makes sense, and there is an added depth that makes the game more impactful. It is priced at Rs. 2,790 on Amazon.

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Evaluate Games Carefully Before Buying

When you are buying video games, particularly for your children, it is important to evaluate them carefully before buying. Video games with high exposure to extreme violence, drug usage, etc. are best avoided. All video games come with an age suitability rating which should be carefully looked at. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which PlayStation game you would like to try out now. Sharing your gaming experiences with us and stay connected for more engaging content.