Good Quality Round Paint Brushes Can Transform Your Painting. What to Consider When Buying Round Paint Brushes and the Best Ones Currently Available in India (2021)

Good Quality Round Paint Brushes Can Transform Your Painting. What to Consider When Buying Round Paint Brushes and the Best Ones Currently Available in India (2021)

Good quality tools play an important role in fulfilling your hobby or pursuing your passion. So, if you are planning to take up painting as a hobby it is important that you have good quality tools like round paint brushes which will help you transform your ordinary painting into something really spectacular. This BP Guide will not only help you understand what are the various factors to keep in mind when buying round paint brushes but will also showcase some of the best round paint brush sets currently available in India. Read on to know more.

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Round Paint Brushes Can Help in Your Masterpieces

Most of you would have painted at least sometime during your younger days. Whether you are picking up this art again or you are trying it for the first time, the paint brushes you use have a significant impact on the process and the end result. There are specific brushes that cater to specific types of painting. The round brushes in particular help in laying down lines of all sizes and aid in making fills. They work best when there are large areas to fill.

The round brushes can come in blunt or pointed tips. You can make different marks by altering the pressure of the strokes. The pointed round brushes are the best option if you are looking for more delicate detailing in the picture. You can also create linear and modulated marks.

Points to Note When Buying a Round Paint Brush

Types of Bristles

When you wish to buy a new paint brush, you must check the bristles. It is better that you keep round paint brushes with different types of bristles in handy. For watercolours, you can use synthetic bristles. But when you wish to do oil paintings, you must use stiff bristles.

The natural bristles are made from animal hair and help you in your oil paintings. The synthetic bristles are usually made from polyester, nylon or by mixing both. They work better with liquid-based paints. The softer bristles help you get smoother paint strokes.

Natural bristles have a smoother texture whereas nylon works well on flatter paint areas. You will also need heavier hairs when doing oil paintings, as you must spread the heavy paint. For acrylic paints, you can have a mix of both.


The size of the brushes is dependent on the surface area where you are willing to paint. The small brushes help in achieving better control if the surface area is small. If you are painting on a larger area, it is better to use a larger brush.

The size is denoted by the number imprinted on the brush handle. It depicts the thickness of the brush at the heel. This is where the hair are held together at the ferrule. The size can vary from 0 to 12. The size could vary across different manufacturers. It is better to mention the measurement of the brush you wish to buy. You must also note that the width of the strokes may not be dependent on the size of the brush alone. It is also dependent on how the brush is held, the flexibility of the hair and how the medium is used.


If you love painting as a hobby, it is suggested that you buy a better-quality brush. It may cost more, but it will be more durable and will last longer. Brushes of better quality can ensure tightly packed hair through the ferrule. This will ensure that the hair spring back when pressure is applied to them.

In the better-quality brushes, the bristles' ends are split, which allows you to have a smoother finish as it helps to have better paint release. The bristles can vary in length. You can check the hair by moving your hand over the bristles and check if there are loose bristles.


You can be faced with several brands of paint brushes when you search online or visit any stationery shop. You must check the width of the paint brushes and their thickness too. You must also consider the surface when selecting the brushes; you must also consider your comfort levels.

When you visit the stationery store, you can take one of the brushes in your hand and make a few strokes on your own. It will help you understand the comfort levels that you will have with the brush. It will help you finally choose the most comfortable one for your painting. You should test different sizes too. It will help you understand which sizes you are comfortable with. However, keep in mind that you would need different brush sizes when you create different types of painting.

Surface Type

When you are trying to choose the best brush for yourself, you must also consider the type of surface you will use. The size of the surface can also be a critical factor for you when you are selecting the brushes you will use. The size of the brush you need will also differ based on the surface type.

Experienced painters feel that using a brush shorter than the area you must paint can help you. Using a smaller brush can help to glide over the canvas better. It is also easier to control the pressure, and you can comfortably press the brush over the canvas.

The surface texture can also be a factor that will make you change your brush. The brushes you will need for a hard surface will be different. Similarly, you have to use another brush if you wish to cover the corner areas.

The Best Round Paint Brushes

Faber-Castell Paint Brush Set


Faber-Castell is a renowned manufacturer of paint brushes. This brush set is made from pony hair and has anti-rust ferrules. You can use it for different types of paintings. The wooden handles make it comfortable for you. It is priced at ₹ 225.00 on Amazon.

Camlin Series 52 Round Paint Brushes

Camlin is another renowned manufacturer of paint brushes. These brushes are of premium quality and have a shorter handle that makes them comfortable for painters to hold. It comes in a set of seven brushes and is priced at ₹ 128.00 on Pepperfry.

Camlin Paint Brush Series 66


This set of round brushes from Camlin has golden hair made of synthetic material. The bristles are sturdy and long-lasting. The ferrule is made of nickel and supports the bristles. The strands can retain the colour effectively too. The set of seven brushes is priced at ₹ 291.00 on Amazon.

Artist's Den Synthetic Hair Brushes


This set of round brushes from Artist's Den has wooden handles that make them comfortable for you. The brushes have anodised aluminium ferrules. The set of seven brushes comes in various sizes and has synthetic hair. The set is available at ₹ 295.00 on Amazon.

Kamal Round Crème Handle Golden Synthetic Hair Taklon


This set of round brushes from Kamal has long wooden handles. The bristles are made of synthetic material and can hold back the colour as needed. The ferrules are made of brass and add stability to the bristles. This set is priced at ₹ 329.00 on Amazon.

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High Quality Round Paint Brushes are Extremely Budget-Friendly

As would have been evident by now high quality round paint brushes are extremely inexpensive, so the only thing you need to keep in mind when buying them is to do some market research before zeroing in on the set which meets your requirements perfectly. We hope this BP Guide would have served as a good starting point in this endeavour. Share your experiences with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.