For Painting Enthusiasts, Here are the Best Paintbrushes Kits of 2021. Add Panache to Your Skill and Look More Professional.

For Painting Enthusiasts, Here are the Best Paintbrushes Kits of 2021. Add Panache to Your Skill and Look More Professional.

Paintbrushes come in different designs and sizes. Depending on the artwork to be done, maybe one or several might be needed. To help you get the best, listed below are the finest quality paintbrushes kit. There are a few premium selections also listed. If you are a beginner, illustrated is how to start off when selecting a paintbrush and some recognized paintbrush brands you can choose from.

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Painting - A Soothing Hobby

Painting can be an excellent hobby and an ideal way to unwind after a tough day at work. It can help to enhance your creative skills and even help you solve problems better. Making sketches is useful in charging different areas of your brain. You also develop better hand-to-eye coordination. Expressing yourself on canvas can help you to ease several illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

Taking up an absorbing hobby such as painting gives another major benefit and that is you minimise your screen time. Getting started on a hobby requires you to have the ideal set of brushes to create a few masterpieces on your own. We will discuss some of the paint brush sets that you can buy.

Points to Note when Buying a Paint Brush Set

The Various Types

As an artist, it is essential to know about the types of brushes that are available. You must also know how and where these brushes must be used. You can take the help of a seasoned professional or speak to a fellow artist to get this data. The type of brush will also depend on the size of the painting and the detail that will go into your painting. There are various types of brushes that can be intended for different purposes.

Checking the Bristles

Be sure to check the brushes thoroughly before buying. Most of the bristles are made from synthetic fibre, making them sturdier and do not come off quickly. The bristles can hold too much paint, and they usually give rougher strokes. You can use sables also it has gentler marks and gives a realistic look to the painting.

The Type of Surface

The type of brush you will use also depends on the surface on which you intend to paint. There are plenty of choices, but you have to decide on the surface types where you will paint. As a painter, you must ensure that the paint is not dripping from the brush. The surface you are using, and the detailing you wish to have in the painting will determine the brush you will use. The handle must be sturdy enough to make the strokes with the thickness you will like.

The Brush Shapes

You must also check the bristles' shapes that will help you use the brushes for different needs. The round bristles are used for better detailing. These bristles are shaped like sharp teardrops. You can use a smaller round brush to start your drawing and then use the larger ones to fill the marked areas.

The flat bristles help to spread the paint evenly. They are usually rectangular and can make chisel-like lines and can be used to create planes and forms in a portrait. The filbert brush is used for better coverage, and the fan is used for blending broad areas. These brushes are flat in shape come taper to a point. Artists can create a variety of paint marks and blend edges.

Your experience

The experience you have as a painter can also help determine the brush that you need. You have to finish a painting with different brushes, but your experience will select the ones you will need. As any professional painter will tell you, the ideal brush will help you paint the contours according to your liking. Else it could look like that of an amateur.

What You Want To Do

We understand that there are various types of brushes that will help you draw according to your wishes. The detailing and contours will depend on the kind of brushes you use. But you must also note that you have to decide on the type of paintings you wish to make. Else you may end up buying a new set soon. It is better to search for sets that contain a mix of all types of brushes.

Best Paint Brushes Kit: Top Options to Check Out Before You Start

Paint Brushes Kits from the Best Brands

1. Faber-Castell Paint Brush Set


Faber Castell is a renowned producer of stationery items globally and has been in existence for over 350 years. They are known for their durable and high-quality products for drawing, design, writing, etc. They are also the largest manufacturers of pencils globally and produce around Two billion wooden case pencils. They have a global presence and a strong presence India too.

You can choose this set of seven brushes made from the best quality hair and a sturdy wooden handle and anti-rusting ferrules. The hair is made from synthetic material, and the brushes are ideal for acrylic, poster and watercolours. There is also a pony hair brush for watercolours. The brushes are flat and round too. The brushes come in sets of either four or seven. The set of seven is available at Rs. 290 on Amazon.

2. ArtBee 13 Pcs Long Handle Painting Brushes Set


The ArtBee brand is another renowned brand for its durable brushes. The brushes are designed with care, and the wooden handles are sturdy and have a distinct wooden colour. The handles are straight and provide the ideal comfort and balance for both professionals as well as beginners. The brushes help in creating consistent strokes that any artist wishes.

The brushes' hair is made of nylon while the ferrules are made from aluminium of the best quality. This enhances the durability of the brushes, and they would not loosen or fall apart. You may wash the brushes with warm water to preserve them for a long time. The brushes are ideal for all types of painting, including acrylic, oil, watercolour, etc. You can also use it for nail, face or body painting. It also makes an excellent gift to those who love painting. The set of 13 brushes is priced at Rs.700 on Amazon.

3. Camlin Kokuyo Artist Paint Brush


Camlin Kokuyo is known for its commitment to delivering high-quality stationery objects for its customers globally. The brand also maintains transparency in conducting its business. It provides a range of products for students, artists, hobbyists and professionals. It is a listed entity in India and is well-known for its corporate governance policies.

We have selected this unique set of seven brushes that are made of synthetic Taklon and are cruelty-free. The brushes are of different sizes, and they have a brass ferrule that improves the durability of the brushes. The handles have a bulge that helps by providing better support for artists. The brushes have a high capacity to hold water. The brushes are available at Rs. 250 on Amazon.

4. BRUSTRO Artists' Natural Hair MOP Brush Set of 4

The Creative Hands brand had its inception in 2009 and has been instrumental in providing the finest products to its customers. It is among the leading importers of fine art materials and has a strong focus on its customers. They import products from UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria and France. The Brustro brand is known for providing the best quality products for artists, beginners and students.

This set of four brushes allows for strong strokes when drawing. They hold a lot of water and is ideal for mop and wash methods. The brush has the perfect firmness, and the handle is short and made from premium quality wood. The brushes are best used for gouache, watercolour as well as animation and illustration. The set of four is available at Rs. 1,059 on the Official Brustro Company Website.

5. Crayola Art and Craft Brush Set


Crayola is a manufacturer of school supplies and various other stationery products. They also have a wide range of art supplies, and its set of brushes helps prevent ineffective compositions that could lead to problems later. The brushes have a versatile tip that can also ensure that your paintings do not get smudged. It can draw thick as well as thin lines well. They are an added attraction for kids due to the colourful handles. The brush hair is durable, and the brushes are sturdy as a whole. The brushes can be used by artists of all ages and can help to draw at your best. A set of five brushes is priced at Rs. 1,619 on Snapdeal.

6. KABEER ART 15 Pcs Paint Brush Set


If you are looking for a paint brush to motivate your child, then the ones from Kabeer will be good for you, They are targeted at kids and youngsters, and they can wield the brush according to their choice. The kids can practice for some time with this brush, and they could master it quickly. The brushes are of bright colour and can attract children easily. The mouth of the handle has additional glue, and the ferrule does not come off soon.

They use high-quality nylon that prevents the hairs in the bristles from falling. There are three layers of coating, and the extra glue at the tip of the wood makes it ideal to be soaked in water for a long time. This set of 15 brushes has different shapes of the brush. They are angular, round, flat, filbert, comb, liner, etc. The brushes come with a convenient carry case. It can be used as a stand when you are busy painting. The set of 15 brushes costs Rs. 995 on Amazon.

7. DOMS Artistic Brush Zip Case Pouch


DOMS is another top brand in the stationery space and has a wide range of products used by students and artists. The brushes from DOMS are designed with care and they have a strong commitment towards operational excellence since it was founded in 1975. Its founders' vision saw the brand grows from a manufacturer of pencils to the flagship brand it is today. They have a wide range of colouring options for artists.

This set of 12 brushes from DOMS is ideal for gifting as well as for use by artists. The bristles are soft, and there is a durable and smooth metallic ferrule too. The brushes are ideal for any painting, vis-à-vis watercolour, acrylic, oil or pastel. It comes in a sleek pouch also. It is priced at Rs. 535 on Amazon.

8. Brustro Artists’ Mixed Hair Brush Set


We have this second entry from Brustro in this list as it is worthy contender. It is a larger set of 15 brushes that are of excellent quality and in line with the brand image for which Brustro is known. The brushes have nylon hair and hog bristles. The handles are long and made from birch wood. This helps to provide additional support for the painters when they are creating their masterpieces. There is an aluminium ferrule that ensures the durability of the brushes. There are 11 nylon and four hog bristles. The brushes come in a light and compact case that makes it easily transportable. It is available at a discounted price of Rs. 1,195 on Amazon.

Premium Paint Brushes Kit

9. Artbrush Tower 24 Piece Acrylic Paint Brush Set

This entry from Artbrush Tower is for acrylic painting enthusiasts. You can get hold of these premium quality brushes, and you can have brushes of different types too. The brushes have short wooden handles that can allow a smarter grip and better strokes for acrylic painting. The nylon brushes ensure that the brushes are durable.

The brushes have double crimped ferrules that help to hold the bristles in place. They can be easily used to paint models and can be used on any surface. The set of 24 brushes is available at a heavily discounted price of Rs. 1,373 on Flipkart.

10. Bomega Premium Acrylic Paint Brush Set


The Bomega range of brushes is another great option to be used for your paintings. The brand is also renowned for adhering to producing only the best quality brushes that help you create the masterpieces. They are known to have good water retention properties to make it easier for the painter.

The brushes are made of nylon while the ferrule material is brass with gold plating. It is ideal for newcomers who are yet to take up painting seriously. The set of 12 comes with a wide range of angled, flat, round or filbert brushes. The handles are longer providing better support for newbies as well as the professionals. The bristles are durable too and can resist any harmful chemicals. The set can be used for any painting, vis-à-vis acrylic, watercolour, oil, etc. The set can be used as a brush stand too. The set of 12 is available for Rs. 775 on Amazon.

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Gracefully Add Pomp and Ostentatiousness to Your Art

It goes without saying that to be a virtuoso, you will need the best in order to flawlessly exercise your skill. For the painter, the paintbrush is a compulsory accessory. For you as a budding painter, BP Guide has curated this list with you in mind to help you go for the best, in order for you to do your best. When selecting a paintbrush, check the bristles, keep in mind the surface to be painted and also have a rough idea of the magnitude and scale of the painting you want to do, to be able to select the best paint brushes kit for the job.