10 Best Paintbrushes for Watercolor That Will Inspire Your Creativity and Reward You with a Superior Painting Experience (2021)

10 Best Paintbrushes for Watercolor That Will Inspire Your Creativity and Reward You with a Superior Painting Experience (2021)

High-quality watercolour brushes are essential painting tools for any artist but finding the right individual brushes can be expensive. With an adequate assortment of brushes, you’ll be equipped to practice techniques that’ll bring your artwork to life.

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Why Do We Love to Paint?

Painting is taken as an art but if you look at it closely it is also science. One needs to learn proper methods and techniques to paint something that brilliantly captures your creativity. Painting provides us with the freedom to turn a plain canvas into something lively. There are millions of people who have taken painting as a hobby or a way to connect with their artistic side. It lets gives you an opportunity to play with colours and peek into your adventurous side. It helps you create a new world balancing between colours and emotions with each stroke of a brush.

The painting also helps you in many other ways, you will find many introverts painting as it lets you show your inner self without having to use words. According to various studies it has been observed that creating art can reduce cortisol, "the stress hormone" and helps you fight stress and pain associated with it. It also builds self-esteem as it gives you the confidence of creating something meaningful with the skill you have.

Not many tools are required to take on painting; one needs as many colours as they want, a canvas and a perfect brush. In this article, we intend to introduce you to some of the best paint brushes you can use with watercolour and start a new hobby.

Why Painting is Great for Your Well-Being

Other than reducing stress and bringing joy there are some other benefits to painting as well.

  • It makes turns you into a creative being and lets you see the beauty beyond the things in front of you.
  • It makes you aware of your surroundings. You are able to feel and smell things when you paint and are able to produce it on the canvas.
  • It enhances your emotions. You can feel lust, anger, desire, love just by trying to create it on a blank canvas.
  • It keeps you happy and you tend to smile every time you watch what you created.
  • It brings you closer to different cultures and their emotions.
  • It lasts for a lifetime and can be shared with generations to come.
  • It has immense therapeutic benefits. It helps you focus on your project and works similar to meditation.

Best Paint Brushes for Watercolor: 10 Great Options for You

If you want to start a new hobby then painting is what you can look into. It is easy to start with especially if you have that creative instinct in you. It does not require too much investment and keeps your mind off any worries you may have in your life. The basic thing you will need is a good brush to start painting with. There are tons of different kinds of brushes in the market but not all brushes can be used with watercolours. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best brushes you can buy to start with and then move ahead as you get better.

Mont Marte Premium Paint Brush Set 15 Piece

If you want to invest in high-quality paintbrushes then you can check out the Monte Marte Premium paintbrush set to start with. This set comes with 15 different brushes in a rolling case. The case has a magnetic closure that does not allow your brushes to roll out of it and get lost. Each brush is of premium quality and you can carry it with you to your favourite spot and start painting. You will get liner #3/0, round #1, round #3, round #6, filbert #2, filbert #4, filbert #9, filbert #8, flat #6, flat #8, flat #10, angled #10, wash #11, fan #4, wide 5/4” brushes in the set. The shaft of the brush is in beautiful blue colour and looks very attractive. You can buy it for Rs. 4,459 from www.desertcart.in.

Winsor & Newton Foundation Brush Set

Source www.amazon.in

Another great watercolour brush set is the Winsor & Newton set for beginners. The set has 3 brushes in it of Round (3,5), Flat (1); No of pieces - 3; Size - 3, 5 sizes. This is a perfect set to use with water colours as they are made to evenly control the colours and spring back into their original shape after each stroke. The brushes in the set are of short handle for better grip and movement and make it a perfect gift for kids as well. You can use these brushes with gouache, acrylics and oil paints as well. If you think this is the one you need then you can buy it for Rs. 555 from amazon.in.

Arora Series M-7 Water Colour Mop Brush Set

The Arora series M 7 watercolour mop brush set is another good one to check out. This is a very elegant brush set that has 7 brushes in sizes 1,2,4,6,8,10 and 12. The brushes are of the round head type which makes it easier to paint with. The handles of the brushes are made of good quality wood and make it quite durable whereas the bristles are synthetic. They do not absorb too much colour and lets you paint with ease and help you create a masterpiece. This set is available for Rs. 770 on flipkart.com.

Brustro Artists Natural Hair Mop Round Brush Set of 4

The Brustro Artists Natural round brush set is one of the best brush sets you can buy at such an affordable price. The set has 4 round mop-style brush that has a superior quality wood handle to give you a firm grip while you paint. The brush head is perfectly firm and flexible to deliver perfect strokes and the bristles hold enough amount of water and make it an excellent mop style brush. You can use this set for watercolors, gouache, illustrations, animation and more. The pack comes with 4 brushes of sizes 0, 2, 4 and 8. This set can be bought for Rs. 989 only from www.canvazo.com.

Heartybay 12pcs Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set Artist Watercolor Acrylic Oil Painting Brush

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to go for a brush set that is a little more expensive than the others but perfect for painting with watercolours then you can check out the Heartbay Nylon brush set. This set has 12 brushes in it and can be used for watercolours, oil colours, acrylic colours and for nails, the body, the face or even rock painting as well. The brushes in the set come with different heads which makes it a perfect gift set for people either getting into painting or are experts. Each brush in this set is made with perfection and the nylon heads of the brush make it easy to paint without losing its shape or quality. This set can be bought for Rs. 2,893 from amazon.in.

Faber-Castell Paint Brush Set - Flat, Pack of 7

Source www.amazon.in

Faber Castell is a renowned company that is known for some of the best products for art be it colours or brushes. The set has 7 beautiful flat head brushes with wooden handles in navy blue colour. The bristles of the brush are synthetic and can be used with watercolour, acrylic colour and tempera. This set is perfect to be gifted to your child and enhance her creativity during the lockdown. You can buy it for Rs. 360 from amazon.in.

Raphael SoftAqua Synthetic, Watercolor Brush, Series 805, Quill, Size 4

Source www.amazon.in

Another high-end painting brush you can choose for your newfound hobby is the Raphael Softaqua series 805. This is a single brush that is available for Rs. 6,781 on amazon.in. This brush is quite expensive but is worth every penny as it is specifically designed to deliver perfect strokes on paper. This is a size 4 brush with an elegant wood handle and a perfect pointed head to give fine lines to your painting. You will fall in love with this brush as soon as you hold it in your hands and feel like an artist.

Meeden Detail Paint Brush Set - 6

The Meeden Detail Paint Brush Set comes with 6 perfectly pointed brushes for fine detailing. It is made with high-quality soft and flexible hair therefore it does not lose its shape after many uses. It is easy to clean and does not let the colour spread on the paper. The shaft of the brush is made with durable wood and it can be used with Acrylic, watercolours and oil colours. Each brush comes with a different point to give you a perfect piece of art. The beautiful white colour makes it look very elegant and you can paint in style. This set is available for Rs. 2,200 on www.cart2india.com.

Da Vinci Watercolor Series 10 Maestro Paint Brush

This da Vinci watercolour series 10 again is a masterpiece. It is a single brush in size 6 and comes in an elegant gift box. The brush has an extra sharp point to give you a clean piece. This brush is a European-style shaped high-quality brush that can be used with watercolours, gouache, illustrations and animation. It is a handmade brush made by skilled artisans at the da Vinci factory which makes it very unique. You can buy this exquisite brush for Rs. 6,969 from www.desertcart.in.

Sennelier Pointed Synthetic Watercolour Quill Mop Brush

Last but never the least in the list is the Sennelier pointed synthetic watercolour mop brush. This is again a single brush at an affordable price. It is made with perfection by artists and Raphael's researchers. It has an exceptional synthetic fibre head that retains water and colour in it. This piece is beautifully crafted and is very stylish; it will be good to have it in your paint kit. You can buy this mop brush for Rs. 699 from flipkart.com.

Tips on Buying the Best Paintbrush for Watercolor

If you are ready to buy a brush that you can use with watercolors then the following tips can help you find a good one for yourself.

  • Unlike other brushes, a water color paint brush has long, absorbent hair with synthetic filaments. They usually have short handles to make it easier to work closer to the surface and have control on each stroke. A good watercolor brush has the ability to hold water and paint in it and can spring back to its original shape after each stroke.

The hair of the brush makes a lot of difference when it comes to painting. You need a brush that can maintain a find point and distribute water and color evenly on a surface.

  • There are brushes of different shapes that are used in a variety of techniques. It is best to buy few brushes that can do different tasks for you therefore look for one that is versatile, can do detailed work and is easy to wash.

Round brushes are most used in water coloring and it are suitable for small details and delicate lines as well as for broader strokes.

  • When buying a brush, think long term. You can find cheap brushes in the market but they do not yield the same result. It is better to buy a good brush that costs more than to buy different cheap brushes and not be satisfied with the result. Always go for the quality than quantity when it comes to art supplies because it will show when you finish your project.

  • Always be open minded when buying a brush. Have a combination of synthetic and natural brushes in your paint kit to be able to mix and paint easily.

Always opt out of the "natural vs. synthetic". Each type has its own advantage and disadvantage. Synthetic bristles are more affordable and have full spring and snap even when they are wet, they hold a point better than the natural brush but they do lack the scale layers that natural hair has. The synthetic brushes do not last very long even after taking proper care of them. Natural bristles are expensive and can last forever. They cannot be duplicated and the interior hollow tube of the brush allows it to absorb moisture and gives even release. The natural brushes have different shingle pattern therefore each brush might give you a different stroke and may need some practice to get perfect in using it.

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Spend a Little More for a High-Quality Brush.

We know it’s tempting to buy an inexpensive brush and then throw it out rather than bothering to clean it. But, for most projects, you’ll be glad you spent extra on a high-quality paintbrush. Better brushes hold more paint, provide smoother results, last longer, and are easier to clean. Cost is the simplest indicator of quality.