How to Get Started with Your Acrylic Painting(2021)! Here Are the Best Types of Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting and Some Pointers to Get Started.

How to Get Started with Your Acrylic Painting(2021)! Here Are the Best Types of Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting and Some Pointers to Get Started.

Every artist, like a magician, has some tricks hidden up their sleeves. These are the tools of the trade. All the same, at some point they may wish to change or switch up a little and to help you out, whether, for personal use or gifting, these are the best types of paint brushes for acrylic painting that are of high-quality and meet all standards. You can gift them or purchase them to use and enhance, improve or add a different touch to your work.

Get Ready to Paint Like a Professional!

A great painter can make use of even the worst surfaces and colours to paint beautifully. However, what they can't work well without is a paintbrush. So, if your paintbrushes size is not correct or the shape is not right, you will face lots of difficulties. For this reason, you should take a look below, and carefully consider the paintbrushes that you will need.

First, there are some things that you might need to consider, followed by some of the best paintbrush types for acrylic paint. Then, there are some tips to paint right and the best palettes to use.

Things to Consider When Getting a Paint Brush

The Price

So, the very first thing to consider is the price because you don't want to spend all your budget on just a couple of types when you will be needing several of the brushes. Therefore, we suggest that you decide you want and assign a budget to each one, with the more essential ones having a higher budget, and stick to it.

The Bristles Material

Another important thing to check is the bristles. So, there are two different types of bristle material, the natural ones, made from animal hair, or the synthetic bristles, made from nylon or polyester. Here, while the first is good for oil painting, the latter is great for water-based painting. The other way to check is based on the shape, details of which can be found later.

The Size

You will also need to remember the size, which is from 0 to 24. So, as you know, while the larger ones are great for covering big spaces, the smaller ones help give detail and fill corners. Remember, while you can use the small for covering large areas, it will take lots of time.

The Surface

For the surface, if it is too hard, it might even tear off your paints from the painting, and, if it too smooth, it won't just stick very easily. So, we suggest that you find the paintbrushes that are somewhere in the middle and stick to the painting while not making it too hard to apply paint as well.

The Handle Material

You might think that you will take good care of your brush and the material won't matter much. However, other than breaking apart easily, bad materials will also reduce balance and stability, preventing the formation of a good painting. Other than that, you will simply not enjoy painting with such brushes.

Types of Paint Brushes for Acrylic Painting

As you might know, there are hundreds of different types but these are some of the most-used ones and are especially suggested if you are just starting off and am not sure.

1. Acrylic Wash Brush

These are the largest and thickest paintbrushes, hence, allowing them to take up more paint and cover a larger area. Also, because of their great thickness, these can't be relied upon to go into details or cover the corners.

Artist's Den Synthetic Wash Brushes Set of 3


So, if you do want this type, you can give the Artist's Den Synthetic Wash Brushes Set of 3 a try. It includes three different brushes of different sizes that are all made with synthetic hair. The first is of size one with the other two having sizes of 1/2 and 2. Also, the handles are wooden with a smooth as well as a balanced build.

In addition to that, the brushes can be used for water, oil, acrylic, and even face painting. The package also includes a reusable zip pouch for storing and the bristles are held by high-quality anodized aluminum ferrules which are durable as well as easy to clean. You can get it from Amazon for INR 399.

2. Angled Brush

As the name suggests, this one has an angled or a slanted tip that makes it great for making curved lines and these can even form straight ones with ease. Also, because these can be bought in various sizes, the lines' thickness can also be varied easily and are great for covering the corners as well.

Angular Paint Brushes Nylon Hair

A great and extensive angular brush set would be this one. So, with twelve pieces, it has one of nearly all sizes, ranging from 1 all the way to size 12. Moreover, the angular watercolour paintbrushes can be used for ink as well as acrylics and give good coloured strokes for filling corners or other small areas.

However, the larger ones can also be used to cover big spaces and these are made of high-grade imported nylon for a soft and smooth blend. The material is also known to be very durable and all brushes are well-balanced as well as easy to clean. Imported from the United States, you can buy this product online from Desert Cart for INR 1,429.

3. Flat Brush

For these, as the name suggests, the tips are completely flat. However, these resemble the wash brushes a lot. The only differences are that these aren't as thick and don't have rounded edges. These are also used to cover large areas but are a little more comfortable to use.

Kamal Flat Natural Pony Hair Non - Synthetic Painting Brushes

Suitable not just acrylic painting but also oil as well as nails, this one is highly suggested if you are just a student and want a cheap option. So, the set includes four different brushes, with various heights that, as you might have been able to guess, make very natural and smooth strokes.

In addition to all that, they all have a flat head type and can also be used for watercolor, gouache, fabrics, poster, and even tempera. Their precise sizes are 1,2,4, and 6, and all four's bristles are made up of pony hair, providing great stability. Lastly, they are very comfortable to hold and can be bought from Flipkart for just INR 189.

4. Fan Brush

As the name suggests, this one has fan-like bristles that are spread apart. Therefore, this type is great for making things like trees, shrubs, or grasses, etc. They can also be used to blend background skies or simply add texture; you will get a different texture if you simply press than if you create strokes.

Synthetic Hair Fan Brush Set- Size 0 to 12, 7pc


If you do think that you require a fan brush, we suggest that you give this product a try. So, the Synthetic Hair Fan Brush Set includes a total of seven paintbrushes that are all of great quality. For their sizes, they range from size 0 to 12 and all of them can be used for different painting techniques, including watercolour painting, acrylic painting, and oil painting as well as face painting.

Other than that, the ferrule is made in such a way as to be wobble-free and to keep the hair, which is made up of nylon, from falling away. The wooden handle also provides great precision and its liquid holding capacity is also very high. Produced by Itsy Bitsy, the set can be bought from their Official Website for INR 399.

5. Round Brush

These are smaller brushes with soft rounded edges, making them great for adding detail. However, they can also be used for corners, and holding them feels like holding a pencil or pen. These are also great if you want to experiment with various effects.

Round Pointed Tip Brushes - Amagic 9 Pcs Synthetic Nylon Art Paint Brush Set


If this type is an essential part of your painting, you can try this set. So, it includes a total of nine paintbrushes, with each having a different size, giving you a huge range of options. So, they have wobble-free and easy to hold as well as clean ferrules that will greatly prevent hair loss.

Furthermore, these can be used for various painting techniques like acrylic, watercolour, and oil painting. And, they have a very balanced and stable design with wooden handles. The synthetic nylon hair is also of high quality and will help give your painting even the tiniest details. You can easily buy the brushes set online from Amazon for the price of just INR 3,865.

6. Filbert Brush

Another important type of acrylic paintbrush is the filbert paint brush type. So, this one is mainly like a flat brush with a tapered and rounded end. This one is not just great for making a variety of different marks but also for blending the various things well together.

Filbert Paint Brushes Set, 12 PCS


A great filbert brush set would be this one. So, it includes twelve different brushes of sizes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12, providing you a great range to fill even the smallest and largest areas of your painting. Also, with these, not only can you paint acrylic painting but also art, watercolour, oil, and face painting, etc.

They are made up of nylon and also make a great birthday gift. The handles are also made in such a way as to prevent the shedding of the hair and can be cleaned very easily as well. Imported from the United States, you can easily buy them from Desert Cart for the price of INR 1,409.

7. Palette Knives

Last but not least, palette knives aren't actually painted brushes but are used a lot in acrylic painting. Also, their uses vary from painter to painter. For instance, while some simply use these to simply mix various colours well together, others use this to create various effects or even to spread paint as acrylic paint tends to be applied thickly. These are also available in various sizes as well as different shapes, a set of which can be found below.

Togood 10pcs Stainless Steel Spatula Palette Knives

In case you do want a great set of palette knives to help make your painting flawless, you can give this set a try. So, it includes ten different knives, each with a different shape, helping you to achieve any texture you want. Also, they have a wooden handle that is very stable and easy to secure in your hands.

In addition to all that, the knives are made up of stainless steel, ensuring their high quality and how they will last for a long time. They are also very light and can give various special effects to acrylic, watercolour, or oil paints. Lastly, they are very flexible, thin, and durable, and are imported from the US. You can easily get them online, from Desert Cart, for just INR 2,749.

A Complete Brush Set

In case you don't want to spend a lot of time choosing the right set of brushes for each of the required types, you can simply get a complete set. Even though you want to be able to choose each brush separately, this will save a lot of time that you can instead spend on working on your painting. Sets also usually tend to be cheaper than if you buy each item separately.

8. Adkwse Paint Brush Set For Acrylic Oil Watercolor Canvas Gouache Painting Brushes

So, if you are enticed by the idea of easily getting a complete set, this product is highly suggested. It includes fifteen different types of brushes, including fine, flat, filbert, round, linear, angular, and dagger as well as fan brushes. However, that's not all. Other than those brushes, two different palette knives, one amazing paint tray, and two sponges are also included in the package, along with a carrying case, making it extremely easy to carry around.

For the hair, they are made up of high-quality nylon that is extremely soft, ensuring smooth strokes. Also, the ferrule is wobble-free and anti-shedding, making the brushes very easy to clean. They are also non-toxic and odourless and can fit various hand sizes comfortably. For their use, you can paint acrylic, oil, gouache, or watercolour paintings with these and they are also very durable, with wood handles. Imported from the US, the set can be bought from Desert Cart for INR 4,909.

Tips to Paint Right

    Now that you know the types of paintbrushes you will need, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Learn to mix colors to save money
  • Acrylic paint dries darker
  • Paint densely
  • Use large strokes for texture
  • Add white color if you use cheaper ones to make them opaque
  • Store the brushes facing up
  • Use synthetic brushes
  • A thin brush with long bristles is suggested
  • Use palette knives for mixing and last touches
  • Make notes to improve but don't compare with others' paintings
  • Thinned paint is suggested for undercoatings
  • Experiment often and use different techniques
  • Use gesso to paint over past ones
  • Paint often but not too much
  • Keep a spray bottle with water ready to keep the paint moist as acrylic paint dries fast
  • Paint over mistakes when it is dry
  • Use different materials to paint on
  • Start with larger areas and then move on to the detailing
  • Get a color wheel for blending better
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Acrylic Paint Brushes for a Finesse Touch Up

Looking for a complete set, or just a couple of painting accessories? Look no further as detailed are some impressive painting accessories to go for. From palette knives to the different kinds of paintbrushes you can find any you like, we're looking for or would like to use. This list will help you a lot when it comes to matters painting. In addition, there are some tips to help you when painting with the different accessories. All in all, for artwork that stands out, these listed here will be your best type of paintbrush for acrylic paint.