Planning to Take Up Painting as a Hobby? Important Points to Consider When Buying Paint Brushes and the Best Paint Brushes for Canvas Available in India (2021)

Planning to Take Up Painting as a Hobby? Important Points to Consider When Buying Paint Brushes and the Best Paint Brushes for Canvas Available in India (2021)

Painting is a remarkable hobby that not only helps you to relax but also unleashes your inherent creativity. The best part about painting is that it is extremely economical and surprisingly portable so that you can carry your tools anywhere with you. If you are planning to take up painting as a hobby, this BP Guide is meant for you.

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Taking Up Painting Can Bring Health Benefits

Painting as a hobby is a great way to explore your creative side. Beyond practicing your artistic skills, painting also offers plenty of benefits. Not only is it considered a calming activity, it can also help you come up with creative problem-solving skills. Improved focus, strengthening of your memory and enhanced visualisation of concepts are all benefits of regular painting. Your motor skills are improved too, and you start thinking outside the box. Painting can also relieve stress and help you have an optimistic attitude towards life.

If you are considering taking up painting and choose canvas as your basic material, then choosing the best paint brushes for canvas is critical. It can help you create paintings that you imagine with ease and accuracy. We will discuss the different points to consider when buying brushes and the best brands available.

Points to Consider When Buying Paint Brushes

Choosing the Right Bristles

Choose brushes with the best bristles is the first step to creating masterpieces! Natural bristles can be used when doing oil paintings and these are usually made from animal hair. There are synthetic ones too that could be made from polyester or nylon or a combination of both. They can easily hold the liquid and provide a better finish and have a wider coverage.

Shape of the Bristles

The shape of the bristles must be chosen depending on various factors. While most of them can work well on any surface, it is the type of painting that requires specific shapes to be used. The flat ones can be used to make flat strokes, while the round ones help to provide controlled but detailed strokes. The skinny ones can be used when you need the brush to hold more paint. The fan brushes are used for dabbing the surface, and the filbert brushes are used to make a wide variety of marks.

The Brush Handles

You must choose the ideal brush handle as it can affect your painting in a big way. The handle must provide you with comfort too. There are specific numbers on the side of the brush that can vary based on the width, thickness or length of the brush. The shorter brushes are ideal for more detailed paintings, while the longer ones allow a better grip on the brush.

Your Painting Needs

The paint brushes for canvas will depend on the type of painting you will make. The correct choice of brushes can help you be comfortable while you are painting. It is more pronounced for hobby artists and newbies. For example, you must choose a specific set of brushes when you are doing detailed work. Round brushes can be helpful in this case. The square brushes are best for edging, while the filbert brushes are suitable for blending.

The Level of Expertise

Your level of expertise can also be a deciding factor when choosing the ideal paint brush on canvas. The ideal one for you will depend on the type of surface and its size. It will require the experience of a professional to decide on the kind of brush that is needed. Choosing the ideal size can also vary based on your experience in painting.

Best Paint Brush Sets in 2021

Bianyo 12 Piece Artist Brush Set


Bianyo is a renowned manufacturer of stationery items and painting and art sets. They look at art as a channel for the feelings and healing the inner spirit. You can have bristles of different sizes and shapes to help you have the ideal shades you need. The soft wooden brushes allow greater control to enable you to create the masterpieces that you wish.

The brushes are easy to clean and durable. They can help you create any painting, viz. acrylic, watercolours, oil paintings or even painting faces. The ferrules are double crimped, and there is no wiggling. The synthetic bristles ensure that they retain their shape even after repeated use. There is an elegant case to carry the brushes, and you also get a plastic palette for free. It is priced at ₹ 897.00 on Amazon.

Faber-Castell Paint Brush Set


Faber-Castell is another renowned brand for stationery items. It is reputed for its brushes globally too. They can create vibrant colours and come with a rich heritage and capacity in producing beautiful sketches. Artists who use their products can experience the natural flow and have a full grip on the painting. They can create different drawings across various genres, and they never fall out of choice.

The brand provides the ideal anti-rusting ferrules and the best quality of hair. You also benefit from a wooden handle, and the pony hairs help create the best paintings on watercolour. They are usually available in sets of four or seven. The brushes can be used for acrylic, watercolour, tempera or poster colours. A pack of seven brushes is priced economically at ₹ 212.00 on Amazon.

Kurtzy Artist Paint Brush Set with Zipper Carry Case


If you wish to take your paintings to another level, you can use this set of paintbrushes. The brushes are of high quality and come with specially fastened interlayers. The brushes are smoother, and the bristles do not fall off while you are painting. The brand is ideal for professionals as well as newbies. They are suitable for nail art, acrylic, oil, watercolours, and face painting.

The brushes can be cleaned easily with water, and the wooden handles provide the best comfort and balance you need to create the masterpieces. The brushes also have nylon hair that does not spray at any time. The durable nib allows you to paint on various surfaces. You can use this case of 15 brushes that also comes with a knife and a sponge. You also get an elegant case to carry the brushes wherever you need. It is priced at ₹ 1,199.00 on Amazon.

Camlin Synthetic Gold Hair Round Brushes


Camlin Kokuyo is committed to providing superior quality paintbrushes that can adhere to the unique needs of painters in the country and globally too. They aim to ensure a sense of mutual trust and ensure ethical business practices across all its operations.

You will get brushes with a wooden handle and synthetic hair that are golden in colour. You can use them for your acrylic and watercolour paintings. The perfectly balanced wooden handles coupled with the nickel-plated ferrules allow you to create the best drawings that will have the onlookers in awe. This set of seven brushes comes in sizes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, and are the best option to create beautiful paintings. It is priced at ₹ 258.00 on Amazon.

Kabeer Art® Short Black Handle Synthetic Mix Artist Paint Brush Set


If you are looking for relatively cheap yet the finest brushes, you can choose this brand. The finest synthetic fibres are used to make the brushes. The brand is ideal for your masterpieces on acrylic, gouache, watercolour, oil and face painting. The brushes have a unique feature and great liquid holding ability, thereby providing a smooth and consistent flow of colours that you use.   

The short handles can be best used for the finer details in your painting. The ferrules are made from high-grade aluminum and ensure that they are durable and secure. There are no unnecessary stray hairs to spoil your creation. Just use hot water to clean the brushes once your work is done. The brushes will remain soft and robust after cleaning. The brushes are ideal for art students, amateurs and professionals. A pack of five brushes costs ₹ 325.00 on Amazon.

Rianz Painting Brushes Set of 12


The Rianz brand provides another option to get high-quality brushes at reasonable prices. The brushes are ideal for all people – be they novices or professionals. The brush set can cater to kids as well as for hobby painters or professionals. The brushes are versatile and can be used for different painting types, like acrylic, oil, watercolour, model, ceramic, or face and body painting.

There is a durable wooden handle, and the ferrules are made from rust-free aluminium. The brush hair is soft and flexible, and the double-crimped ferrules ensure there is no wiggling. The wooden handle provides the adequate grip and control needed by painters. This pack of 12 brushes comes in different sizes and shapes. You can have filbert, flat, round or angular brushes that come with a sharp tip. It is priced at ₹ 348.00 on Amazon.

Artist's Den Hobby Essential Synthetic Hair Mix Brushes Set


The next on our list from Artist's Den is known for its wide range of painting brushes that allow painters to have a seamless flow in their work without hassles. The ferrules are made from high-quality anodised aluminium that provides support to the bristles. Moreover, the synthetic bristles ensure that you create the paintings without too much fuss.

The brushes are made from solid wood that provides the support needed for painters. The brushes are ideal for all types of painting and ensure that your paintings are crafted beautifully. The set also comes with a zip pouch that allows you to carry the brushes anywhere easily. You can have this set of ten brushes that comes in various sizes and shapes. You can have angular, fan, wash, filbert, liner or flat bristles in this pack. A set of ten brushes come at ₹ 595.00 on Amazon.

Kamal® Flat White Brown Synthetic Paint Brushes


The next entry on the list is from the house of Kamal, which aims to produce world-class painting brushes for professional painters. They look forward to being a trusted brand both in India and abroad. The company ensures perfection in quality, and the brushes are handcrafted exquisitely to meet customer expectations. The strength and durability of the brushes are possible through world-class manufacturing and quality control processes.

The synthetic hair has excellent liquid holding capacity and provides the best texture to your paintings. The flow of the paint is smooth, and the secure ferrules ensure there is no hair loss during painting. The wooden handles provide control for your exquisite paintings and allow better precision levels. You can have brushes for gouache, watercolour, acrylic or oil painting. The brushes come in various sizes from 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, and you can have the ideal brush size when needed the most. The pack of seven brushes is priced at ₹ 399.00 on Amazon.

Deziine 24 Pieces Flat & Round Different Size Artist Fine Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set


Deziine is among the top producers of brushes in the country. The brushes come in several fascinating designs and can be used by painters of all levels. You can stay assured that the paint will not get spread across the sheet, and this will ensure the best texture of your paintings.

The wooden material of the handle can provide the comfort you need for the best paintings. It can also provide the support you need while the nylon hair ensure the sturdiness and durability of the bristles. The brushes can be used for any painting and have a curved design. The set of 24 brushes come in sizes of 1 through 12 and is available at ₹ 625.00 on Amazon.

ArtBee 13 Pieces Long Handle Round Shape Artist Acrylic Painting Brushes Set

These brushes from ArtBee are versatile and can be used for any painting, like acrylic, watercolour or oil painting. They can also be used for face, body or nail painting. The high-quality paintbrushes can allow you to unleash your creative paintings and are bound to be loved by everyone.

The brushes come with high-quality crimped ferrules made from aluminium. This ensures that the bristles do not get loose quickly. The brushes can be easily cleaned with warm water, and the wooden handles can provide optimum comfort and balance. The nylon hair is secure and kept firmly in place through the high-end ferrules. This set of 13 pieces come in different sizes and can make your painting unique and colourful. It is priced at ₹ 635.00 on Idea Kart.

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When Adopting Painting, Choose Your Paint Brushes for Canvas Carefully

As you would have realised by now, there are a variety of paint brushes for canvas available for different skill levels and painting requirements. You should definitely do a little evaluation before buying the set which will be perfect for your requirements and give you great pleasure. Share your experiences of taking up painting as a hobby and stay connected with us for more such engaging content.