Are You Sick and Tired of the Same Kurti Style? Check Out These Best Kurtis on Jeans to Help You Channel the Style Bug in You (2022)

Are You Sick and Tired of the Same Kurti Style? Check Out These Best Kurtis on Jeans to Help You Channel the Style Bug in You (2022)

We know how stressful it can get to choose a new outfit every single day, especially if you’re caught up in a ‘traditional vs modern’ fashion dilemma. You can have a little bit of both, and still have an outfit that’s trendy & current. The duo of Kurti and jeans is timeless and most preferred. Mentioned below are some designs for kurta jeans female wear everyone must-have. This stylish kurti for jeans is perfect for a unique classy look at all occasions and venues.

Kurtis and Jeans Outfits


We understand how difficult it is to put together a new outfit every day, especially if you're stuck in a fashion rut. What if we told you that you could have a little bit of each and yet look modern and fashionable?

The 'jeans and kurti' combo, a casual, feminine, simple yet gorgeous together, is ideal for any occasion. This pairing of denim and Kurti isn't ground-breaking; it's classic. There are many different Kurtis on the market these days, and we'll help you pick the best ones.

How to Wear Kurtis with Jeans

You will wonder how we can pair a Kurti with jeans as Kurti is a traditional outfit while jeans are western. Well, when we talk about stylish dressing as a woman, we love to do experiments. And this is a part of an experiment that is accepted globally by women.

Kurti is the most comfortable wear for women and jeans is the icon of fashion and combining them both makes the outfit wow!! Kurti is the most comfortable one for daily outfits as It can be worn to any casual and day-to-day occasion or even to a more formal or fancy one. Depending on how it is styled and dressed by a particular person.

Today, we'll look at how to wear several sorts of Kurtis with jeans. For any desi lady, it's the perfect go-to style, whether she's in a hurry to do her daily errands, wants to appear respectable at home just, for everyday school and classes, or for an everyday job with some cosmetics and possibly some jewelry like hoops, rings, or bangles.

Basic Tips to Keep in Mind Before Styling Jeans and Kurti Outfit

Before dragging this topic into further details, let us give you some basic tips to keep in mind before going to style this gorgeous combination of Jeans and Kurti.

Here we go: •

  • Denim is a ready-to-go thing with anything from casual Kurtis to embroidered and heavy ones.
  • You can be selective with your choice of shoes with this combination. We will suggest going with flats, jootis or for the most comfort, just go with sneakers.
  • Go with some statement jewelry or earrings and bangles to add some tang to your outfit as jewelry can be a plus to your look.
  • To add some more charm, use plain or printed scarves to your kurta and jeans look.
  • Always love exploring your outfit by adding more colors and having fun experimenting with things.
  • Whatever look you are carrying, make sure to select the right makeup and hair accordingly. Bad hair or makeup can ruin the whole look.
  • We suggest light makeup and tied-up hair for everyday casual looks but go with open hair or a trendy hairdo while wearing heavy printed or embroidered Kurtis. Try to have some bright blush and a pop color on your lips. And just rock!!
  • Choose your handbag according to the look.
  • Last but not least, add some cool sunglasses to complete your summer look.

Kurtis is the best approach to making a fashion statement in today's world. They are ideal for wearing to a special occasion, festival, office, or college by women and girls of all ages. It's comfy and simple to put on and take care of. Kurti is a timeless attire for both women and girls. Kurtis is the finest possible method to keep the appearance classy yet a little information at any event, from conventional events to casual meet-ups. Kurti and jeans apparel has become the go-to wear or clothing for women on the run. We offer some fashionable Kurti styles for all the females out there that you can effortlessly combine with a pair of jeans.

List of Best Kurti with Jeans Design

Here is a list to consider while choosing the best kurti with jeans to wear. Have a look:

Plain Kurti with Jeans

I'd describe a plain Kurti with jeans look an "every-girls outfit." The basic Kurti is the one that maintains the overall personality and delivers a sophisticated look for all occasions. Wearing a waist coast is an additional piece of clothing to the outfit. To show what kind of ethnic collection you have, choose comfortable shoes and attractive jeans. Go for this kind of something on Myntra for Rs.500 only.

High-Slit Kurti with Jeans

If we're talking about a must-try long Kurti with jeans style, the high-slit Kurti with jeans is without a question. Yes, you read that correctly: high-slit kurtas are currently everyone's favourite. These jeans Kurti design would appeal to every college girl. Yes, match your high-slit Kurti with your favourite ripped jeans and you'll instantly become a style icon. Check out this one on Myntra with the amount of Rs.1,100 only!

Denim Kurti with Jeans

You would rarely find a woman who doesn’t love denim, Kurti. A denim kurta with jeans is ready to go outfit for anyone. The only thing to keep in mind while wearing a denim Kurti with jeans is the colour of the Kurti as it should complement the bottom wear. Our suggestion is something like this on Myntra around Rs.1,300.

White Kurti with jeans


White Kurti is always being loved by women whether it’s to be worn on jeans or anything. It is a subtle yet lovely combination that looks amazing. The nicest aspect about this outfit is that it can be worn for a casual day out as well as to a fancy function. You can choose from a variety of white Kurti with jeans styles, including short Kurtis, flare Kurtis, and slit Kurtis. Have a look at this pretty Kurti on Amazon for Rs.1,990.

Long Kurti with Jeans


Once a cunning superhero said “with great comfort, comes great style” and Long Kurti with jeans is proof of that. This combination never runs out of style as it gives you comfort as well as style. You can go with any colour of your choice for a long kurta and pair it up with skinny or faded jeans. Have some simple accessories and yes you are good to go!! Check out this one on Amazon with a price of around Rs. 2,000, if you doubt our suggestion.

Front Slit Kurti with Jeans

We find Kurtis much prettier and lovable as compared to Western Tees or Tops. Especially the long front slit Kurti is the best one to show off some chic look of yours. When it comes to having a stylish yet comfy look then front slit Kurtis is just loved!! Have some matchable accessories with it to look more stylish. Just go with this one if you love our suggestions at Rs. 1,271.

Short Kurti with Jeans


We think this type of Kurtis is the first choice of every college-going girl. It gives you amazing comfort as well as the stylish look one can ask for. It’s a complete package of amazing appearance of style and coziness. It is more trendy nowadays as it gives you an option to carry tradition with modernity. If you are looking for some change in your daily look then just go for this. We suggest you have a look at this one from Amazon at Rs.399 only.

Jacket Kurti

This one is for modern ladies who love to wear trendy designs. This is a contemporary and unusual kind of Kurti to wear with jeans. This Kurti may be worn over any basic t-shirt as a jacket. This is a highly fashionable and elegant product. It'll look great at any party or social gathering. Go with this one on Myntra at Rs. 1,699.

Hand Embroidered Kurti with Jeans

Hand embroidered Kurtis are a big part of Indian Culture. The hand-embroidered Kurtis are also quite popular in town, and to add a modern twist to the traditional attire, combine them with black, blue, or white skin-fitted jeans, and voila, you have a winning combination. It’s as versatile as it can get, and can be dressed up and down according to the need of the hour. Check out this one on Myntra at Rs. 599.

Printed Kurtis with Jeans

Kurti with jeans was an outfit for young college-going girls and working ladies. But as time passes it becomes more popular among all aged ladies. Printed Kurtis with jeans is most loved by mature women and housewives as they get classy as well as comfy looks with it. A long printed Kurti, flowy maybe or even a straight one paired with some faded or light blue mom jeans looks the best on any woman of any age. Try out this one around Rs. 1,300 if you love this kind of look.

Frock Style Kurti with Jeans

This is the most loved fashion nowadays as it looks so pretty and delicate. Whether you are a housewife or a working woman, this pair of Frock kurta with jeans just go wow on any kind of body. It goes amazing with jeans as it gives a modern touch to the look. From heavily veined and embroidered frock style Kurtis plain and rather light patterned ones, all work just satisfactorily with jeans. A suitable piece of jewellery will work as a plus to this look. Check out our suggestion on Myntra at a price of Rs. 1,699.

Tale Kurti Top with Jeans


When we think about a kurta with jeans, we usually take it as a college girl outfit or a working woman kind of a thing. But that is not true. It can be carried as a party outfit too. A long-tale kurta with the perfect jeans will be an amazing choice for any party-going woman. This kind of Kurti style looks ultra-modern and more or less like a long dress with jeans. Go with a pair of high heels and some elegant jewellery with this outfit makes your look ooo laa laa!! Have a look at this one having a price of Rs. 999 only.

Traditional Work Kurti with Jeans

As this kurta with jeans outfit is a mixture of a modern and traditional look, we can try traditional work, Kurtis, with jeans to look so elegant. A little bit of tassels or glasswork looks appreciable with jeans. The whole outfit looks more rad when combined. However, the traditional Kurtis are more with detailed work so you have to choose wisely with jeans as they can look baggy if you don’t find a perfect one for your jeans. Have a look at our suggestion with the price of Rs. 674 only which is trendy yet classy and will make a perfect pair with your jeans.

Angrakha Kurti with Jeans

For women in India, Kurtis is the ultimate of comfort, grace, and versatility. Angarkha cut Kurti is one of the Kurti styles that looks very stunning. An everyday appearance can be achieved by wearing a patterned Angrakha Kurti with jeans. This is a modern and unusual kind of Kurti to wear with jeans. This Kurti may be worn over any basic t-shirt as a jacket. This is a highly fashionable and elegant product. We suggest going with this one on Myntra where it's available for Rs. 539.

Pro Tip: Style up with Sneakers

Nowadays, sneakers are the most loving thing to be worn by all-aged girls. It gives you an amazing look as well as comfortable to carry with any kind of clothes. Whether you're wearing a saree or an Indo-western fusion, a pair of sneakers will always look beautiful if you combine them with the appropriate accessories. Don't be afraid to put on the outfit for yourself.

Kurti with jeans with sneakers is a wow thing we think. Especially White Sneakers do wonder with this kind of look. In addition, here are our suggested sneakers(in 1299/- only) that we believe you might consider. They'd look great with both western and ethnic outfits, which is our win-win.

From our editorial team


Every garment evolves from a basic to a trendy look to meet various events, and bottom wear is one such trend. Kurtis with jeans is a trendy, elegant, and cozy look to carry on easily for any woman. Now you can spot a quirky look with a tail-cut or asymmetrical Kurti easily just by pairing it with any jeans. Just remember to wear your confidence before wearing the Kurti you desire and flaunt your attitude.