15 Sparkling and Dazzling Lehengas Below Rs. 4,000 That'll Leave Everyone Stunned. Glitter Away With These Selections in 2022!

15 Sparkling and Dazzling Lehengas Below Rs. 4,000 That'll Leave Everyone Stunned. Glitter Away With These Selections in 2022!

For many of us, beautiful Lehengas are the preferred option for weddings or special occasions. Every year, new designs bring in trends that keep you stylish while following your cultural values at the same time. The ample choice today ensures you don't even have to spend too much. So, we decided to turn your ultimate guide and make it a lot easier for you by listing some fresh and latest lehenga designs below Rs. 4,000.

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Why Wear Lehenga?

When it comes to selecting appropriate outfits for important occasions, the classic and festive Indian cultural attire of lehenga choli has long been a hot favourite. Even though lifestyles have changed, as have preferences and fashion, the passion for this stunning outfit has not faded. If recent trends are any indication, the popularity of lehengas has only grown, whether among brides for bridal lehengas, wedding guests, or women of all ages and social groups. Lehengas continue to be the winners for cultural, and traditional events and celebrations - festivals, weddings, and similar ceremonies.

Lehengas give you a creative look, and youthful vibes, are stylishly sensuous, emphasize the curves, western edge, no age barrier, and the most important thing about the lehengas is that they are suitable for every occasion.

How Did Lehengas Come About

During the 10th century, the lehenga choli became fashionable among ladies, particularly in North India. With the emergence of the Mughals in India and their subsequent dominance from the 12th through the 18th centuries, the lehenga evolved through great craftsmanship. The original, old version of the lehenga was primarily made of cotton, but later royal fabrics and embroideries like silk and brocade were added, transforming the lehenga into royal apparel.

Your Mindset Regarding the Purchasing of Lehenga

The only rules are that they don't exist. The sartorial freedom of the 1920s allows you to be anyone you want to be. Do you want a fairy tale wedding with all the trimmings? Manish Malhotra has something dramatic with just the right amount of sparkle. Do you want to create a more refined image? Sabyasachi brings you into his world of ethereal couture and elegance. Falguni and Shane Peacock are here to help you make an entry, while Shyamal and Bhumika know just what appeals to the millennial generation.

Everyone has an opinion and a vision for how your wedding lehenga should look. It's easy to get carried away by all the noise, but make sure your ultimate decision is genuine to yourself. Your lehenga should reflect your personality, so if you prefer modest colours and neutrals, don't give in to peer pressure and choose a siren red number just because tradition mandates it. Know your alternatives, do your homework, and make a wise decision that will last a lifetime.

Sparkle Your Magic in the Air with the best 15 Types of Lehengas that Make You Look Stunning in 2022

Anarkali Lehenga

Anarkali pattern is the oldest and most fashionable one as it has been worn traditionally and is being worn today also but with some minor modifications. You can buy this Anarkali lehenga from The Beauty Queen for Rs. 1,999.

Peplum Style Lehenga

A peplum is a piece of clothing with a gathered strip of fabric at the waist that forms a freestanding flounce over the hips. The term peplum style lehenga refers to anything from a soft fabric ruffle like this one to a dramatic, high-waisted skirt flourish. You can buy this amazing one from Vastra Queen for just Rs. 1,799.

Jacket Style Lehenga

Since holding a dupatta or pinning it up isn't much of a chore, this fresh, breezy, and delightfully easy-to-carry look is gaining popularity. It doesn't appear clumsy or overbearing. Instead, it appears more ravishing and, when carried and worn correctly, may bring out the best in you. Furthermore, because just the hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket, these are frequently embellished with large laces or heavy work. You can buy this jacket-style lehenga from Indian Rani for just Rs. 2,599.

Layered Lehenga

The cut of these lehenga skirts is unique. They come in a variety of horizontal layers with varying heights. These layers include irregular hems, as well as different decoration arrangements and textures, giving them a unique aesthetic. You can buy this amazing layered lehenga from Indian Rani just for Rs. 2,999.

Bridal Lehenga

Brides are the topmost moment in a female's life. As she is going to start her new journey. The bridal lehengas are often designed heavy as it represents the occasion and its beauty. Mostly the bridal lehengas are being heavily worked but from the inside, it is being designed as comfortable. You can buy this lehenga from Kreeva for Rs. 2,750.

Kurti Style Lehenga

Source www.fabja.com

In a gorgeous kurta lehenga, you'll look stunning for your next celebration or wedding ceremony. Traditional in style, this top and skirt combo is stunning. In the center of a throng, a fashionable kurta lehenga stands out; this pattern is available in a variety of shapes and colours. Any function or celebration can benefit from a traditional lehenga kurta, which ranges in price from low to high. You can buy this lehenga from Fabja for Rs. 2,130. 

Asymmetric Lehenga

Source www.ajio.com

If you're Indian or know someone who is, you've probably heard the term "A-line." The A-line style was quite popular during our moms' time, that is, in the 1970s and 1980s, but it is now back in trend since it can be both classic and modern depending on the fabric and cuts used. You can buy this amazing asymmetric lehenga from Ajio for Rs. 2,000

Pastel Lehenga

While a pastel lehenga may be too plain for brides, many others feel that it has the power to convert any girl into an elegant princess! Yes, pastel lehengas are so delicate and lovely that no one couldn't help but compile a list of the unique colour combinations we came across! You can buy this amazing kind of lehenga from a Pink Saree for just Rs. 1,799.

Floral Lehenga

Source www.zatki.com

The flower lehenga is always impressive! Floral motifs have been used in ethnic wedding dresses for centuries! Today, brides love colourful, lively, floral patterns and embroidery that spread a fresh atmosphere. 

On wedding and reception nights, you can opt for a decorated floral lehenga, but floral costumes are the main choice for costumes for some events. They are also a great option for bridesmaids. They create a very fresh, bright, and young atmosphere, perfect for summer weddings, weddings in tropical places, beach weddings, and more. You can buy this lehenga from Zatki for Rs.2,000.

Saree Style Lehenga

Inspired by the South Indian approach to hanging dupatta over the shoulder and around the abdomen likewise called as pavadai or Langa Cavani or Langa voni. This style of semi saree and semi lehenga known as half saree is acquiring enormous consideration in design weeks and is both rich and contemporary. It resembles wearing both a saree and lehenga in one outfit together. You can wear it on occasion, at festivals and even at parties. You can buy this from Ethnic Plus for Rs. 2,399.

Paneled Lehenga

This lehenga style, as the name implies, has horizontal panels embroidered along with the flare of the lehenga in the manner of Kalis, or petals in a flower. The volume of the flare of the lehenga grows dramatically as a result of too many panels in the lehenga, enhancing the beauty of the overall look. These paneled bridal lehengas can accentuate every body type. Known for being fabulously feminine, the most colourful panelled lehengas are highly customizable and versatile. It works with an extensive variety of fabrics and embroidery work too. You can buy this from Kreeva for Rs. 1,700. 

Ruffle Frill Lehenga

Source zeelpin.com

Well, some of you might think it's just a style, not like a particular type of lehenga like all of the above, but believe us, in recent years it's a style statement. It's also a kind of Lehenga in itself, with frills and layers throughout the skirt. Not only is it modern to look and feel, but it's also very flared and easy to wear if the frills don't have much embroidery or decoration. The layer is similar in colour or contrast to the base skirt. You can buy this from Zeel Pins for Rs. 1,299.

Broad Flared Lehenga

One of the best Indian costumes for traditional occasions and when you want to make an impression is the flared lehenga. Feminine and graceful, this style will make you stand out. These are usually created with fluffy fabrics that add volume. Simple designs with striking borders make the best combination for this type of lehengas. Too much embroidery or gota can make this type look over the top so try to keep it on the low-key side! Check out this option - you can buy this from Kreeva for Rs. 2,350.

Circular Lehenga

The circular lehenga is one of the most flared, with a neat circle at the bottom hemline. The fall is similar to that of old ball gowns. This lehenga has a lot of pleats at the waist, which gives it a lot of volume. As a result, the apple and hourglass shape ladies like the circular lehenga choli to get a slender and slim body. You can buy this lehenga from an Indian Cloth Store for Rs. 3,600. 

Net or Mesh Lehenga

Mesh lehengas, like the layered lehenga, are gaining popularity because they are light, look rich, and work well with any print or pattern. Whether it's needlework, florals, or plain designs, there's something for everyone. Net is a loose cloth known for its plain look and soft feel. You can buy this Pink Saree for Rs. 1,899.

Things to be Kept in Mind While Selecting a Lehenga

Go shopping according to your budget

Go for Shopping According to Your Budget

This is the point that everyone has brought up. Prepare a budget before heading out to the market to look for your lehenga, and don't forget to allow some room for extras. When you go shopping, you normally have a budget in mind, but you prefer something a bit more expensive than your budget.

Be Sure with the Proper Matching Dupatta

Every female wears a dupatta over her head, and if it is too thick, she may experience discomfort or a headache. Inquire about the second, lighter dupatta while purchasing the lehenga. The majority of lehengas now come with two dupattas, one lighter and one heavier, but if yours does not, you can request one. The designer will be delighted to create one for you that matches your lehenga.

Should be Fit and Suits You.

Brides used to wear traditional reds and maroons, but nowadays there are many various colored lehengas to choose from, including green, blue, orange, and pink. On her wedding day, one of my cousins wore a pastel green and peach-colored lehenga. Choose the hue that best compliments your skin tone. It was certain that some females wanted to wear a red lehenga at their wedding, which made my decision much easier.

"Heavier the job, heavier the lehenga," one would argue, but this isn't exactly accurate. Yes, the lehenga would be heavy if you opt for elaborate embroidery with real zari work. However, there are many alternative solutions available these days that appear to be substantial but are rather light. A heavier lehenga will fall better, but don't choose one that is too heavy because it will make you uncomfortable. Heavy lehengas may appear attractive at first, but after 3-4 hours of wear, they become a burden that you must carry for several hours.

Kind of Work

Though bridal lehengas are typically embellished with profuse embroidery and sequins, the amount of work on the lehenga should be determined by the function's scheduling. If the wedding is during the day, light work looks finest, and if the wedding is at night, a bright dazzling lehenga also looks nice. The type of work on the lehenga should also be determined by the body shape. If you're on the bigger side, stay away from anything that requires a lot of work because it will make you appear heavier, and no one wants to look fat in their wedding photos. 

Designers are now creating lehengas that are tailored to the body shape of the wearer. When looking for a lehenga, don't forget to do some preliminary study on the types of cuts that might fit your figure.

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