Looking for Delightful Diwali Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones? 12 Best Gift Sets for Diwali That Help You to Tie a Stronger Bond with the One You Love.

Looking for Delightful Diwali Gift Sets for Your Loved Ones? 12 Best Gift Sets for Diwali That Help You to Tie a Stronger Bond with the One You Love.

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Diwali Celebration in India is incomplete without sending Diwali gifts. To ensure that you don’t run short of gift options, we at Bp-Guide along with gift experts have worked hard to ensure that you have the best choice of gifts for your loved ones on the occasion. Read on to find better gifts for your loved ones.

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Diwali Gifts: What to Choose and How to Choose

Finally, the festival of lights is here. People have tonnes of things to do this time of the year. We all roll up our sleeves and pick the cleaning supplies to make our home just like a new one. We buy eye-catching outfits for which we spend days and even weeks to find the perfect one. To get the best time in our lives, we pray to Goddess Lakshmi. Another important factor at the time of Diwali is the gift. To get the perfect gift for your favourite people is important to show your love and affection to them.

In this article, we will be discussing the tips to choose them and share some products to make things easier on your side. Lastly, we’ll provide some points to remember which you must avoid while choosing a gift pack for Diwali.

7 Tips to Choose the Perfect Diwali Gift

To increase your chances of getting the right gift, here are some suggestions.

Consider the Person

This tip is helpful if you have a small circle and contains mostly or only close people. This reason opens a variety of items in front of you as you can get something unique for everyone. Choosing a gift set for Diwali becomes easier as you know the person. Would it be better to get a frying pan as he or she experiments every often? Or to get a special coffee mug for the one who is drowning in work? Hence, you are open to tonnes of options and to worry little as it’s going to be special for every individual.

Find Something That Signifies Your Relationship

This can be easier or trickier depending on the person. It will surely cut down your list and help you find better. These gifts will put you in a special spot for the person you’re gifting to. It could range from anything to anything like a pendant that reminded them of a close relative or a classic small showcase piece that they always wanted to have. Such gifts will make the person believe in you and realize that you know them.

Try Personalising

Personalizing makes a gift perfect as you know what will fit perfectly. Now, if you have different designs in your mind, then, you have to find a perfect one and for that, the suitable base. It could be anything like a mug, or a pendant, frame, hoodie, etc.. Sending a personalized gift is perfect as it provides you with the reason to gift an experience or a memory and not just an object. Connecting your gift with a memory rejuvenates the person. This gift will make them remember you for the long term.

Prepare a Budget

This factor is inevitable. Without a budget, the ends of the options will keep on increasing. Plus, you have to gift more than one person as it’s a big festival. And as every person’s needs are different, it would be absurd. Hence, setting boundaries is the first checkpoint. If it’s a family and you are confused about what to give then, try looking at the big picture. Gift something that works for everyone in the family like an oven, a camera, a dining table, etc. the item can be anything depending on how close the recipient is to you.

Look at Your Circle

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If you work for a big company or a conglomerate then, gifting your colleagues becomes a part of it. But they are your work people and probably won’t be on your close people’s list. It’s better to have a small group as you have a variety of gift items to offer or choose from. If someone else gifts you then, it becomes your responsibility to do the same or vice versa. The point is, a small group will provide you with large options but a large one will have small options as you may end up gifting everyone the same thing.

Choose a Suitable Packaging

Let’s take a question, you have a bunch of gifts wrapped in front of you, which one would you open first? Your answer might be the one with the best packaging. If you would open it, there are chances someone else would too. Hence, perfect packaging is essential for your perfect gift. There are tonnes of packaging styles you can find in gift shops. It does not have to be extravagant but sleek and eye-catching. You can find a gift set for Diwali along with suitable themes packaging.

Use Math

You may think why to bother as there will be sales but what if we told you there’s a mind game behind it. There will indeed be sales but let’s take a scenario. There are two shops, one provides you 30% discount plus a 15% discount and the other shop provides you with a 40% discount, and the base price both the sides have is Rs.1,000. The wise choice would be to select the 40% discount instead of the other. The reason is it’s not 45%, it, in reality, is 34.5%. This is where they use such numbers and make you buy more. Hence, these simple and quick calculations will help you save money.

12 Gift Ideas for You This Diwali

Let us help you make fewer efforts by showing a list of suggestions you can gift your friend or family this Diwali.

Silver and Gold Plated Bowls

Diwali is a festival where everyone has a premium and royal feel. Such should be the platter to offer something to your guests. Hence, these silver-plated bowls would be a nice gift set for Diwali. It has a tray and 2 spoons with a premium touch which enhances its looks. It’s packed in a velvet box. So, probably all ticks are checked for it to have a royal look. You can get this Set of Bowls for Rs.289.

Dinner Set

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a gift for a family. So, one of the perfect gifts for the occasion would be a dinner set. This dinner set comprises of 7 things that include 3 small bowls, 1 small plate, 1 spoon, 1 glass, and 1 plate or thali. They are all made of stainless steel and copper. Hence, they have a decent finish. Their look says it all. Plus, it’s a set of 4 hence, perfect for a family. You can get this Gift Pack for Diwali for Rs.6,919.

Traditional Brass Diya

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As it’s Diwali, the Festival of Lights, it’ll be incomplete without lighting a Diya. Diyas make a home look brighter and signify positivity. These elephant diyas are made of brass. Such heavy material makes these diyas look monarchal. You can put them near the temple or mandir you have in your house. It comes in a set of 2 and both weigh around 6.85kg each meaning you’re investing in something purely royal. You can get this set of Diyas for Rs.23,546.

Pooja Thali Set

Pooja Thali is essential for many occasions, whether it’s a celebratory function, a newlywed coming home, or a festival. This Pooja Thali is made of high-quality copper, so, no compromise in the looks and feel. This gift set for Diwali contains a bell, agarbatti stand, a plate, panchamrut holder, a kalash, and a spoon. Hence, it checks every box that requires it to be the perfect Pooja Thali. You can add this Thali to your cart for Rs.989.

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha Idol

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Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped during Diwali as they bring Prosperity and Wealth. Hence, gifting an idol of both would be a great idea. The idols are made of metal and have been plated with gold. They can have the perfect space in your mandir or temple inside the house. Plus, not only these idols is immaculate for Diwali but they work for birthdays, ceremonies, corporate gifts as well. You can get this set of Idols for Rs.500.

Lotus Design Bowl Set

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Decorating your house is one of the objectives during Diwali and we do, everything we think would make it look nice. So, add this lotus bowl to your list. The bowl is made of aluminum and is of good quality. Plus, having a gold polishing on it makes it look perfect for house decoration. Simply pour water into it and add rose petals and get some floating diyas to enhance its looks. You can put it beside the rangoli or inside your house. You can get the Set of 2 for Rs.8,740.

Radha Krishna Statue with Diya Set

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The idol of Radha Krishna is perfect and defines love. Hence, it would be a great gift pack for Diwali for a loved one. You can judge it by their looks that they are made of good quality metal. Along with the statue, you get 2 diyas as well. Furthermore, you get a warranty of 1 year, which makes replacement easier. You can add this Radha Krishna Statue to your cart for Rs.950.

3 Fragrant Candle Combo

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A nice fragrance in the house makes one feel comfortable. Hence, getting fragrant candles would be the right decision. The 3 candles offer Vanilla, Lavender, Citrus & Sage. Such refreshing fragrances can change the feeling in a house. Not only they are perfect for home décor but are a decent choice as a gift as well. Their looks and fragrance are indeed worth investing in. You can get the Set of 3 fragrant candles for Rs.2,199.

Jewel Showpiece Set

Almost everything that comes in a velvet box is considered to be exquisite. If you agree, then, this jewel box would be one of the right choices to gift. It’s for an individual or to a working member of a family. The box contains 2 ball pens plated with gold and filled with crystals, a wish turtle whose shell can be accessed, a clock in an apple shape, and a golden cardholder. You can get this gift pack for Diwali for Rs.1,999.

Handmade Diary Set

Although the era is dominated by technology, writing memories in a diary feel nostalgic. For someone who likes to have those nostalgic moments, gift this diary set. You get 2 diaries one of 7 inches in height and another of 6 inches. You get a total of 200 pages each for both. The cover gives a vintage feeling and attracts people with its looks. You can add this set of 2 Diaries to your cart for Rs.546.

Mug Holder with Mugs Set

This is another unique gift set for Diwali. For someone who loves coffee or tea or needs it every time should have this. In this package, you get a wall-mountable cup holder with 2 cups. And, it’s a set of three so, find the ones who you think deserve it. The holder is handcrafted so, it has a different feel and they look fantastic if you like colourful things. This mug holder with Mugs is yours for Rs.1,665.

Diya Lamp Set

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Diyas are an essential part of Diwali. It’s not just artificial lights, but these diyas play a significant role. They tend to create a better atmosphere when lit. If you have a pond then, adding these diyas to it will simply change its look of it. Just add a cotton wick and oil to it and that’s it. As they are made of good quality brass, you can assure yourself that they will last longer. The pair of Diyas is yours for Rs.599.

Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Gift

Religious Sentiment

As it’s a big festival, you also should keep in mind what you are gifting. At this time, gifting idols is a common thing but you should keep in mind the recipient and you should not hurt their religious sentiments in any way. Although the world today is moving ahead with a broad mindset there are still certain things one should abide by.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are like giving money just in a digital way. No doubt it makes things easier for the recipient as they can get anything with it. But, it was supposed to be a gift with meaning. You could’ve gotten a gift set for Diwali which might have signified your relationship. Furthermore, you don’t know what they bought and they might even forget by whom they got the gift card.

Regifting Items

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You may know that the sweet boxes and dry fruits packets are the most regifted items. It isn’t something you can give to a close person or friend unless it’s something extra to the main gift. Although dry fruits are one of the easiest and most used gifts they can also be considered as the worst gifts. Hence, think before you gift something, can it be regifted?

Short or No Term Gift

The common gifts that come under this category are sweet, chocolates, other eatable items, etc. they are good for the short term but aren’t suitable for long ones. Instead of this, gifting something unique and useful would be the right answer like a coffee maker for work people, an art package for artists, etc.

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Spread The Joy of Love with These Delightful Gift Sets.

India's tradition is developed in such a way that it incorporates the celebration of many festivals throughout the year. Diwali is one such celebration that people from all walks of life look forward to. But, the joy to celebrate a festival is doubled when you give the gift to your beloveds' on this special occasion. These above-listed gifts are not only attractive to look at but will truly win everyone's heart too. So, don't wait! Pick one from the list and send it to the loved one.