10 Awesome 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband to Make the Day a Cherished Memory (2018)

10 Awesome 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Husband to Make the Day a Cherished Memory (2018)

Your first wedding anniversary is a milestone! It is a year since you started the amazing journey together as a couple - a year of building a life together, getting closer, starting your own traditions and routines. It must have been an exciting time, right? Mark the occasion with a thoughtful gift to your husband that tells him just how much you love him, and are grateful for his presence in your life.

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Create a Romantic High with the Perfect 1 Yr Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

The first year anniversary is one of the most special occasions for a married couple. It is not only about celebrations, also about renewing your wedding vows.

It is a time to relive the significant and beautiful moments that you have experience in your journey so far and to create new ones as well.

A carefully-chosen gift is a definitive token of your unconditional love for your husband. Make use of your talents and set aside time to carefully look for an extraordinary gift or perhaps you can also make one.

If you are the creative kind, then leverage your talent to make beautiful personalized gifts - make a sculpture, or a sketch, or even a beautiful painting. Short of time? Then look for meaningful gifts - a photo frame with a cherished photo, or a cute photo mug for his bed tea - the choice is endless.

Give Something Based on Your Husband's Preferences

A thoughtful gift that resonates with your husband can create a unique memory for both of you. Pick out gifts that fit in well with your husband's interests or likes. Your gifts need not be any materialistic thing. It can also be experiences.

If your husband likes trips or is a nature lover then you can arrange for a trip to hill stations. This will let you explore the wilderness together while also giving you the opportunity to bond well with each other. You can book a travel package from a renowned tour organizer or plan one on your own. Well executed trips will surely give those unforgettable moments that you can cherish for life.

Gift Something to Simplify His Daily Routine

If you find your husband lacks something that he uses daily, or if you think something that will improve his daily routine, then gifting that item could be the best idea. The gift could be a premium body spray, a helpful gadget or a stylish office bag. The whole idea revolves around gifting something that he will find useful in his daily life.

Avoid Clichéd Gifts

The perfect gift is something that resonates with their personality and nature.

As a loving wife, you are looking to delight your husband on his birthday and make it memorable. Therefore, try to steer clear from clichéd gifts that do not add any value, or which just serve as a boring showpiece on his desk.

Looking for gifts that match your husband's unique personality. If he tends to travel a lot gift him a trendy blazer, if he loves to ride his bike, how about giving motorcycle boots, snow boots, etc. Or if he likes to read, look at giving him a subscription box. Your knowledge of him along your imagination are the secrets to the perfect gift.

10 Stunning Romantic Gifting Ideas for Your Husband on 1 Year Anniversary

Van Heusen Shirt With Tie and Belt Hamper

Source www.igp.com

For the professional side of your husband, this Van Heusen Shirt with Tie & Belt Hamper is a perfect gift . Beautiful and striking, the gift hamper includes a gorgeous black color Van Heusen shirt along with a blue colored tie and a brown colored formal belt.

An exceptional stylish collection, this gift hamper will give your husband an elegant look. Buy this hamper easily through igp.com at only Rs.3,950. The site allows you to add on a cute teddy bear or a bag of truffles which will make the gift an adorably fun gift.

Swarovski Zirconia Men's Bracelet

Source www.amazon.in

Got a husband who loves bling?

Surprise your husband with this gorgeous Ananth Jewels Set with Swarovski Bracelet for Men. This gift is absolutely amazing, it comes with Pure Brilliance Swarovski Zirconia stone which has a unique glossy finish.

This bracelet is 7.5 inches in length and is full platinum plated. The zirconia stones are of size 6 mm, feature a Asscher Cut which glitters dazzlingly thanks to Swarovski's pure brilliance cut. You will receive this bracelet in a sleek velvet pouch or case, so its ready to be gifted to your husband. Buy this beautiful bracelet from amazon.in for Rs.5,949. Do remember that as it is a precious jewellery keep this item away from heat, water, perfumes or any other type of strong chemicals.

Wooden Metal Embossed Wine Bottle Box with Wine Glasses

Source www.igp.com

If you and your husband enjoy sipping wines together then this gift will serve is a fantastic choice.

This gift set from igp.com contains an elegant metal embossed wooden wine bottle box, two classy wine glasses and a Fiesta fruit juice bottle. You can replace the juice bottle with your favourite wine to give your husband a lovely surprise. Purchase this gift from igp.com at only Rs.2,930.

WildHorn Black Men's Wallet

Source www.amazon.in

Another gift that will be super useful for your husband. This WildHorn Black Men's Wallet Combo offers an elegant wallet,a card holder, a key chain and adjustable formal belt. Carefully crafted in genuine leather, the entire set comes in black colour. The wallet will help your husband remain organized with two easy compartments, while the matching cardholder can be used to stock all his cards in one place. You can get this product from amazon.in for Rs.1,349.

Leather Laptop Bag

Source www.igp.com

A professional laptop bag can be an awesome gift idea for your husband. This leatherite laptop bag will serve your husband well and he will really appreciate getting this gift. The laptop bag comes with a lot of convenient compartments to store the various daily essentials that your husband needs in his daily routine. Adding a dynamic look to your husband, the bag will boost his style. You can get this bag from igp.com for Rs.4,150.

Personalised Candle Shadow Cube

Source www.amazon.in

Proclaim your love for your husband with this personalised cube. To give your husband a lovely surprise, customise this lamp with any special message or your husband's name. Indeed, this modern shadow gift can create a unique atmosphere for both of you to enjoy. All you need to do is plug this item in your room and switch off all remaining lights, you will be amazed to see the type of atmosphere it creates. As this lamp is made using high-quality MDF with a vinyl coating, this product lasts long. You can get this lamp from amazon.in at Rs.1,199.

Romantic Love Couple Gold Plated Statue

This decorative showpiece is perfect for showcasing your strong love and affection to your husband. Signifying mutual trust and faith between both of you, this elegant statue is crafted using fine grade marble powder. Seated on a wooden base the statue has a stunning look - all thanks to the 24 K gold plating. This graceful statue can be put either in your living room or your drawing room - a sure reminder to him of your love. This gift item is available on flipkart.com for Rs.2,408.

Tied Ribbons Mug Gift Set

If you are totally confused as to what item you should gift to your husband, then giving a gift combo is not a bad idea. You can go for this gift combo as this is both simple yet thoughtful. This love Mug Gift Set includes a travel mug, one artificial rose, and one greeting card. This travel mug is made using high-quality plastic with a silicone lid that helps in keeping the heat in. The set is ideal for expressing your love and affection for a husband who prefers practical things. Available on flipkart.com for Rs.1,427.

Versace The Dreamer Eau De Toilette

If your husband is into luxury perfumes then he will really appreciate this gift. This perfume carries a mysterious and sensual aroma that appeals to a wide variety of audience. The beautiful and charming oriental fougere essence the Versace The Dreamer yields a fantastic natural aroma and your husband will be spellbound on receiving this gift. This perfume is available at flipkart.com for Rs.3,195.

Bombay Shaving Company 6-Part System

Gift your husband something that makes his mornings fuss-free and also makes him look good.
The Bombay Shaving Company 6-Part System contains a highly accurate single-blade safety razor, superb exfoliating shaving scrub, a fabulous soft faux badger shaving brush, 20 sharp Feather Japanese blades, great shaving cream and a restoring non-alcoholic after shaving balm. The whole product is carefully designed to provide a comfortable shaving. The product is skin-friendly and is suitable for a wide variety of skin types. You can buy this product from flipkart.com for Rs.2,561.

Bonus: Spice Up Your 1 Year Anniversary with These Suggestions

Create a Video for Your Husband Capturing Beautiful Moments

Who wouldn't love to get a personalised video? If you are one of those people who love taking pics every now and then with your hubby, then we are sure that you would be having ample amount of photos capturing beautiful moments shared with your husband.

What better way to use them than creating an awesome video highlighting all the precious and funny moments that you shared together. We are sure that your husband would be surprised seeing the video and would love the gesture.

Making a video is not as hard as it sounds, nowadays anyone can make a music video using apps. The one we recommend for newbies is Google Photos. Google Photos typically backs up all your images , so you don't have to go to several places for look for the best photos.

Just select the photos you would like to include in your video and Google will take care of the rest. Google even lets you add certain musical themes in the background of the videos.

Spend a Romantic Evening Together

When we talk about exploring romantic places together, we don't necessarily talk about taking long trips or visiting some hill stations. We all know how busy our schedules are, so all we can do is improvise.

The idea of going to long trips or romantic escapades is great, but, if you do not have much time and luxury then you have to work with the available options. If you are living in a big metro city, then things are a little easier to pull off, as big cities offer unique ways to spend some amazing time with your better half, such as couple themed restaurant or a couples massage session at spas.

Other options including going to the spot that where you spent time together before marriage or where you saw each other for the first time. Enjoy the nostalgia of those days and recall your favourite memories.

If you live in a small town, then the best option is going to a nearby lake or beach, where you can spend some quality time with each other.

Enjoy a Couples Session at a Luxurious Spa

Your daily routine typically ends in an even boring weekend. So the best you can do is visit a refreshing spa with your husband where you can rejuvenate, reconnect and relieve stress. Both of you will undoubtedly enjoy the experience of treatments like reflexology, skin treatments, and even Shiatsu at a premium spa.

Alternatively, you can book a session at a premium hotel's luxurious spa to enjoy its spectacular features and services It will definitely help both of you to genuinely enjoy your intimate moments with a stress-free mind, which in turn will strengthen your relationship.

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Your First Anniversary Is A Momentous Day!

Among the romantic moments, the first year you spend as a married couple often includes a lot of adjustment, compromise and new discoveries. Your first anniversary is a day to acknowledge the work put in by both of you and a time to promise each other to remain true to each other regardless of what life throws at you in the coming years. So spend the day not only to celebrate the togetherness, and but also to thank each other and to reaffirm commitment to each other.