Relish The Moment with These 10 Gifts for Your New Boyfriend on Your First Xmas Together To Cheer Him Up And Charm Him (2019)

Relish The Moment with These 10 Gifts for Your New Boyfriend on Your First Xmas Together To Cheer Him Up And Charm Him (2019)

Is it your first Xmas with your boyfriend? If it is, stick around to know some of the ways you can make it an amazing time. Bp Guide presents some thoughtful gifts and some extra tips to help you make it an awesome day. When selecting gifts, start by figuring out what sorts of gifts will work, next, select a gift that will convey a message, you can also customise the gift and ultimately, select the best gift for your boyfriend.

First Christmas with Your New Boyfriend? You're Never Gonna Miss it!

Every celebration is special to every person in their own way. Be it Diwali, Xmas or New Year, everyone tries to spend their time with the special ones. And when you are in a very new relationship, you will be going crazy. You have plans to make it special, great and perfect. You will also be having many considerations regarding the gifts to be chosen for the occasion. If you really have plans to make this Xmas best and special for your boyfriend, here are some of the important things to keep in mind while you are planning the surprise or date.

Christmas is at the doorstep and your brains would be muddled up with many ideas to decide upon. This occasion can be availed as the best opportunity to make him feel special and share your heart to him as. If you want to make it special for your boyfriend, the best way is to present him something quite special.

Your guy can be a techie, an office holder, an IT professional, or even a student. But the gifts are the universal way to exchange the love and care in material form. While choosing a worthy gift you will be having sleepless nights. Here are some things to keep in mind while you look into buying gifts for him.

What Sorts of Gifts Can Be Given to Your Boyfriend on XMas?

As this is your first Xmas with your new boyfriend and you are looking forward to making it special for both of you, ensure you are not spoiling it with the bad choice of gift. You must be aware of his certain interests at least in spite of the fact that you guys are a new couple. Yet, it is appreciable that men do share similar interests of choice but specific in certain things like perfumes or trimmers. It is at this point that you must have a certainty about the specific interest of your boyfriend.

Convey the Message Through Your Gifts

Every gift conveys a message to be exchanged. Your love, passion, admiration, or whatever may be the emotion or message to exchange, pass it to your new boyfriend through the perfect gift you choose. A festival gift shares such a festive mood whereas an occasional gift has several more to exchange. When you choose to present him a gift on the season of Christmas it doesn’t mean you must him give a Christmas cake or winter stockings to share the spirit of the day. Rather focus on choosing a valuable gift that he would love, value and appreciate. Keep in mind that a wisely chosen gift exchanges more happiness than you imagine.

Customise Your Gifts to Make It Unique

We always make a mistake of buying things spending some bucks. But if you can't give him an extra element of yourself into it, the gift may turn mere material of utility, not a token of love. The point is customise your gift with your hands and let him know that you've spend time to make it special for him. Any gifts can be customised either with an additional note or extra DIY craft or by wrapping it with your hands.

Choosing the Best for Your Boyfriend

Many people say that it is not the price but the shared love that matters. True! An expensive gift may not mean or seem worthy for your boyfriend. Any simple, modest gift given with love would be appreciable for your partner. So it is not the price that matters but your choice. Your gift choices can be a gadget, a token of love, a utility-oriented choice or anything. Here are some of the best gifts that can be chosen from, for your partner without a second thought in a limited budget. These gifts are selected after thorough research on a new generation guy’s interests as well as trending gift choices in the gift industry.

10 Gifts to Give a New Boyfriend on Xmas

#1 Terrarium to Grow

Terrarium is a trending and organic gift that can make a high impact upon your boyfriend. This gift is apt for any occasion or festival. It has a standard and lasting mark as an absolute gift. The gift can be acquired from Flipkart for a fair price of Rs.937. You can select other Terrariums with your budget from the same site. It can preserved and grown at your partner’s home and he will be happy to nurture it as it is a token of your love to him.

# 2 Travel Kit Bag to Mobilise


This would be a perfect choice for a budget deal. Instead of stuffing all the necessary items like his trimmer or toothpaste in a scruffy manner, this travel kit would help him to arrange his essentials in one kit. It would help him to find them at the desired time also. The item costs only Rs.584 and it is available on Amazon. Make sure that he loves the colour before you choose the bag.

#3 An Organising Tray to Order


Boys tend to keep their possessions in a messy and unkempt manner. If you want him to keep the things in an orderly way, present him an organising tray where he can keep his necessary items like phone, watch, key, sunglasses, wallet etc. on a single pane within his reach without searching for them all day long. To keep your boyfriend's items well organised, this item would help him in the best way. The gift can be bought on Amazon if you have Rs.999 in your pocket to spend. The item is a utility based product and would make him happy than you think.

#4 A Hip Flask Set to Stay Healthy

A classy flask set would be a nice gift to choose for your new guy since it looks classy as well as luxurious. This product is available on Snapdeal. It costs only Rs.863 and you can be happy about its utility. You can choose one from the available colours. The gift is not a typical gift and you can be proud about your choice as well.

#5 A Parker Pen Set to Jot Down


A Parker pen is always a standard choice of gift which would help if your guy is a working professional. Others can also use the pen for informal purposes. The pen costs Rs.958 and it is worth it. This exclusive pack has a roller ball pen and a ball pen for formal and casual purposes. The gift pack has a visiting card holder which makes the present a perfect set. You can go for this option, from Amazon, without any reluctance if he is an office holder.

#6 A Helmet for a Rider to Be Safe


Most of the boys ride a motorcycle at several occasions. Some use it on a regular basis while others prefer it occasionally. Hence a helmet is the best choice of gift for your boyfriend. The Vega Cruiser helmet is the best choice for any rider guy or travelling guy. The shown helmet can be got from Amazon for Rs.981. The material and its design give good safety and comfort while riding. You can find different colour choices too. This is the best way to ask him to be safe while he rides.

#7 A Cologne to Share the Delicate Scent

Men are addicted to fragrances and cologne would be the perfect choice for your new boyfriend. Available on Flipkart is the Oriflame Sweden Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette. It costs nearly Rs.1,700 and has the fragrance essence with vibrant Bergamot and Black Pepper which is a rare combination. The gift would be appropriate to delight the heart of your boyfriend for your perfect choice of fragrance. You can ask him to try it then and there and expect feedback.

#8 A Pair of Sun Glasses for the Intense Eyes


The Sunglasses will be a stylish choice of gift for your partner. A stylish and trendy pair of sunglasses would astonish your new boyfriend. Get the fastrack UV protected sunglasses from Amazon, which costs Rs.637 only. This is an ideal choice at your budget for the first Xmas. Moreover, he will feel your concern on his healthy lifestyle which is an extra advantage to your choice.

#9 A Classy Watch for Sporty Times


A watch is a usual gift. But what if your selection is classy and elegant? You can give him sporty times with the fastrack watch costing Rs.1,470. The choice is best for your budget and you can blindly select such a watch for boys just love watches. Available on Amazon, you can get the watch and the picture shows the simple and elegant design of the leather strap watch with 2-year manufacturing warranty as well. What else can you choose for such a price…!

#10 A Jabra Bluetooth Headset to Stay Connected with You


Awww! Really! You want to make him go crazy! Quite a worthy brand to make him surprised. Available on Amazon, is the popular model of Jabra at a budget price. You won't compromise for any quality issues with Jabra. He will just love the brand and you for the perfect choice. Moreover, the gift exchanges your wish to stay connected with him every moment. Make sure you gave him the manual and warranty papers within the wrap.

How to Present Him Your Gift?

After the perfect choice of gift, you cannot just spoil the occasion with a random surprise. Fix the date and venue early. Just as we customise the gift, the customisation of your selected spot is important as well. Even if it is an outdoor spot or indoor spot, take some fresh flowers with you. If you are out for dining, select the custom music for you guys. Present him the gift before the food and give him a space to open it and comment on it.

How to Add Beauty of the Xmas Season to Your Date?

As mentioned earlier, you can customise the venue of your rendezvous with your partner. As you are planning for the Xmas surprise you can rethink on the settings. Especially the colour and choice of theme can be of Xmas. The red and white colour of Xmas is well fit to exchange the seasonal greetings. At the same time, you can add an extra romantic colour like lavender to it if you are interested. But, the dual colours are perfect as well. When you choose the indoor or outdoor platform, you can wear a white dress with red linings or minimal red embroidery work. You can also choose for a full red gown with white accessories to go with it. Either way, you must be wearing a seasonal and romantic outfit to impress your boyfriend.

You can ask your boyfriend to wear something special prior to the meeting. You can send him an outfit with the same colour or you can text him that you would be happy to see him in the particular colour code. And when you finally meet, you will be giving him a perfect surprise of colours and season. And just like the outfit, give him red flowers if you are wearing white, or the white flowers if you are wearing red. You can choose candles, and ribbons and of course a handy, customised Xmas tree too to the table. A Xmas cake can be cut by both of you and shall share the sweetness and love at the occasion.

Do Not Forget to Thank him…!!

You bought the gift, arranged the spot, customised it, presented him the gift at the special place and dispersed the meeting? No…!! Take a moment to thank your boyfriend for coming and spending his valuable moments with him since you guys have just started. You can give him a warm, thankful hug for the wonderful happy moments he gave you on the day. Express openly how you felt at his presence and thank him for making your Xmas so colourful with his love.

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Make It An Awesome First Xmas with Your New Beau

Keeping the theme based on Christmas will make for memorable times. This is your first Xmas together and you should do your best to make it memorable. After setting the theme, make sure to give a worthy gift, it doesn't have to be pricey, but it needs to be good. In addition, you could go for a date, not a random one. One that has been planned for and make sure to stick to the Christmas theme. Most important is to make him feel loved and appreciated on the occasion and you can as well express your love to him in a convivial manner, not to seem inappropriate.