Here's How to Do Flowers and a Teddy Bear Right! 15 of the Most Heart Meltingly Adorable Flower and Teddy Bear Combos for 2022

Here's How to Do Flowers and a Teddy Bear Right! 15 of the Most Heart Meltingly Adorable Flower and Teddy Bear Combos for 2022

One thing is certain when gifting friends and loved ones, a gift that will leave an impact. Especially on Valentine's, one such gift to consider is the Flowers and Teddy bears gift combo. There are several great options listed below to choose from. These are the 2022 gifts to consider which are also very affordable.

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing A Valentine's Day Gift

Person’s Personal Needs

When finding a perfect gift for someone special, you should always consider their personal tastes and preferences. Make sure to get them something your loved one would like, not something you're interested in. This will make them feel special that you have considered their choices and will leave an impression that they are valuable to you.


When it comes to choosing a gift for a person, the occasion is always a thing to consider. The gift should be given according to the need of the event. For instance, you can't give dishwashers on valentine's day and roses on labour day. A valentine's gift can be tough because you can't afford to disappoint someone and likewise can't go over the top as well because sometimes it gives a wrong message and scares them off. Therefore, always do your research for finding the right gift, and select the one that is just perfect for the person as well as according to the event.

Age of The Receiver

When you are getting someone a present, age will always be a major factor to consider. For instance, getting your grandmother a balloon and your wife a knife on valentine's would be hardly ideal. So, make sure you consider the age of the person for whom you are getting the present.

15 Cute Flower and Teddy Bear Gift Sets

1. Red Roses With Teddy For Deep Love


Red roses are the most popular flower for Valentine's Day because they signify love, passion, romance, and devotion. It is an old skool way of expressing your love and feelings. In addition to all that, it symbolizes respect, appreciation, and unity as well. So, you cannot only give it to your better half, or girlfriend, but also to your parents, and siblings. This package contains Red roses, a white teddy bear, and gypsophila, backed in an elegant black box, making it a perfect valentine's present. Get this on FnP for Rs.1,749.

2. Orchids For Extra Charm

Looking for something cute yet sophisticated? This basket is a perfect choice. It contains a combination of thirty white roses, six purple orchids, a six-inch teddy bear, and a beautifully decorated basket. Purple orchids are extremely rare and symbolize luxury and refined taste. Their combination with white roses further adds to the elegance, respect, affection, and grace. This basket can be gifted to your loved ones, boss, teacher, or parents. You can buy this from Blooms Villa for Rs.2,299.

3. Yellow Roses with Teddy For Long-Lasting Friends


Finding ideal roses to honour and appreciate your friendship? Yellow ones will help you to deliver the message. Yellow roses symbolize respected feelings associated with friendship, caring, and admiration. This particular bouquet consists of eight stems of yellow roses packed in yellow paper in order to increase the vibrancy of the event. This valentine sends a message of joy, pleasure, and platonic affection through this gift. Get this on Winni for Rs.649.

4. Red Roses With Bear And Chocolate Cake For Foodie

Looking for a classic choice for your significant other this valentine? Get this hamper and bring a smile to their face. It includes a chocolate cake, a teddy bear, and a bunch of twelve red roses. The cake with a rich chocolate taste is perfect to indulge all the senses and represents a favourite guilty pleasure. The white teddy bear with red detailing looks adorable and delivers comforting feelings. Other than that, the red roses with tons of stuffing in a cellophane packing completed with a ribbon give an aesthetic look to it. Buy this from Gift Across India for Rs.1,300.

5. Gerberas N Teddy Bear For The Innocent Lover

Think out of the box this valentine and get your beloved one these wonderful gerberas. They symbolize innocence, chastity, and beauty. This bouquet contains ten bunches of gerberas with a small teddy bear that not only adds virtue but simplicity as well. This package is an ideal present to give your loving children, friends, and even your significant other. Express your unconditional love without words with this hamper. Buy this from Online Deliver for Rs.745 only.

6. Roses, Teddy, and Ferrero For Chocolate Lover

Red roses have been a powerful symbol of love, admiration, affection, and passion across many cultures for ages. This Valentine makes your better half feel special by giving this exclusive gift. It includes six stems of red roses packed in a bunch and decorated in a bouquet, a red fluffy teddy bear, and a box of scrumptious Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Buy this from Gifts To India for Rs.2,309.

7. Forever Mix Flowers For Your Deep Love


This bouquet contains flowers of love in three different colours. Carnations are soft, fluffy, and delicate flowers that are a symbol of admiration, deep love, and fondness. This particular bouquet contains twenty-four mixed carnations, two seasonal fillers to decorate the bouquet, and two-layer paper packaging to enhance the look of the gift. This carnations bouquet will make for a pleasant gift for Valentine. Get this on Winni for Rs.1,049.

8. White Combo To Express Undying Love


White Roses in a Vase & Teddy Flowers are the best way to show unconditional love and feelings. White roses are known to represent purity, innocence, and happiness. This package contains 50 white roses and comes with a glass vase to put them in and keep them fresh. Also, it has a twelve-inches teddy bear for extra cuteness. They radiate the purity of intention and will be an amazing gift for your loved ones. Get this from Flowers n Fruits for Rs.2,695.

9. Special Bouquet With Teddy & Money Plant For Someone Extra Special


Flowers are the most excellent way to show a person how important he/she is in our life. This gift will make your task easier by convincing them. It contains a bouquet of three red roses and five white gerberas, a money plant, two dark chocolates, and a six-inches teddy bear. This is a complete package to show your absolute love. Buy this from for FnP only Rs.1,999.

10. Heavenly Pink Lilies N Carnation For Extra Femininity Touch


Looking for a perfect feminine gift this valentine? Buy this one and show your love. This gift contains six Asiatic pink lilies and ten pink carnations wrapped in double-layer khaki paper, and a six-inches pink teddy bear. This gift represents your deep love and admiration in other person's life and your blessings towards them. This can be given to your other half, parents, siblings, and friends. Buy this from Winni for Rs.1,449.

11. Roses N Choco Hamper Combo For Your Best Friend


Finding a wonderful bouquet for your best friend this valentine? Fret not, we have one for you. This bouquet of yellow roses has six flower stems wrapped in yellow paper and tied with a ribbon. Also, it has one chocolate cake, one teddy bear, and five milk chocolate. This super amazing gift will show your appreciation, admiration, and person's importance in your life. However, it is not suitable for your better half or crush. Get this on FnP for Rs.1,799.

12. Blue Hue for Uniqueness

This valentine get your loved ones this amazing bouquet and express your love. They are symbolism of rarity, uniqueness, originality, and even gracefulness. This gift has beautiful six orchids, a half kg pineapple cake to satisfy the cravings, five Cadbury chocolates, and one teddy bear to further add to the refinement of the gift. Gift this to someone you consider to be gorgeous in their unique way. Buy this from Oye Gifts for Rs.1,469.

13. Pink Carnations With Bear To Save Your First Valentine

Doesn't matter if it's your first time or first valentine's, pink carnations will always save you. Pink carnations are used to express romantic sentiments of blooming love, admiration, fascination, and devotion. This particular bouquet contains fifteen pink carnations packed in a transparent wrapping and tied with red ribbon. Also, it has a white teddy bear with red detailing, making it a lovely valentine's present. Get this on Gift Across India for Rs.949.

14. Pink Lilies and Teddy for Admiration


Looking for ways to show your admiration or passion towards your partner? Pink Lilies are the answer. Yes, pink lilies will save your day as they are great to show appreciation, affection, and compassion. The bouquet consists of five stems of pink lilies wrapped in a crepe paper and tied with a ribbon, along with a small six-inches teddy bear to signify the feelings of warmth and love. Get this on Flowers n Fruits for Rs.1,895.

15. Mini Combo for a Lifetime Gift


Wanna gift something that can last forever and remind them of your love and this special day? Worry not, we got you. Artificial flowers never die and add more meaning to your gift. This combo includes a golden rose stick that will surely add a pop of colour and will definitely bring some sunshine to receivers' day. It also comes with a cute fluffy teddy bear that further adds cuteness to the gift. Get this on Winni of Rs.449.

Additional Tips To Pick Gifts Better Than Ever

When you are thinking of getting someone a gift, pay attention to what draws their attention because people tend to drop hints about what they want. So, it's always suggested to buy something that he/she will admire and love, and something that is meaningful to her. Also, don't be predictable and try to go out of the box by keeping their needs in mind. Put some extra thought into it, and buy something totally surprising. You can add an extra touch of customization and make it a little more personal by combining it with a handwritten letter or a card expressing your love and sentiments, given the occasion. This will surely melt their hearts and make this day more special and memorable.

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When gifting, especially flowers, make sure you know what kind of flowers the recipient likes most. For the teddy bear, you can choose from the different colours they like. You can also add an extra touch by including a note, letter or card with a poem or message in it. What's more, making considerations on the occasion, personal needs, age of the receiver and their likes will aid further when getting the gift. Make sure to be keen and learn their interests and preferences.