This Bhai Dooj Shower Love and Affection on Your Precious Sister. Your Guide to 10 Memorable Bhai Dooj Gifts Your Sister Will Not Forget (2020)

This Bhai Dooj Shower Love and Affection on Your Precious Sister. Your Guide to 10 Memorable Bhai Dooj Gifts Your Sister Will Not Forget (2020)

Bhai Dooj is an important festival for Indians which is a celebration of the deep bond of affection and caring shared between a brother and a sister. If you are wondering what to gift to your sister this Bhai Dooj to convey your love and warmth to her, then you have come to the right place. We have curated a list of special Bhai Dooj gifts which will surely appeal to your sister. Also, this BP Guide shares some important tips and tricks to make your Bhai Dooj gift even more spectacular and memorable for your sister.

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Gifts for Your Sister on Bhai Dooj

Do you have a sister? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you are one of those lucky ones who have been blessed with the most precious bond on this earth. Doesn’t matter how many times you have muttered under your breath after all those bitter fights, but such petty fights actually made life more beautiful for you. When it comes to sisters, every brother loves them with all his heart and treats them like precious dolls and pampers them with loads of gifts. Bhai Dooj is surely the best way to shower you sibling with loads of love and gifts.

But wait for a second. Do you even know what kind of gift will be perfect for her? We bet you want to gift your sister something that brings a broad smile on her face. But it is not that easy to shop for anyone, particularly for people who are close to your heart. Don’t panic, we are here to help you out in choosing an amazing gift without burning a hole in your pocket.

4 Tips on Buying a Gift for Your Sister

Knowing your sister since childhood doesn’t essentially mean you know her inside out. Before jumping into the bandwagon of selecting a Bhai Dooj gift for her, brainstorm a little. We are here with 4 simple but effective tips that will assist you in curating a great gift for your cute ‘partner in crime’.

#1: Take a Look at the Things She Likes

The very first step to craft a perfect gift for your beloved sis, is paying attention to what interests her. Try to figure out which television shows she likes to watch or what kind of dresses she loves to flaunt. Pay attention to her belongings. Don’t buy something which she already has. This can cause disappointment to both of you. When you know what your sister has on her shelves, you can avoid buying similar things while having better gifting ideas simultaneously.

#2: Pay Heed to What She has been Longing For

Another wonderful way to decide an apt Bhai Dooj gift for your sister is lending your ear to her. While having casual conversations in daily life, you can ask her several interesting questions to understand what she is longing for, or at least what her immediate goal in life is. After she speaks her heart out, it is way easier for you to plan something useful. There is no point of presenting her with an item that doesn’t match her standard of living or doesn't have a chance to win her heart. Interact more and more with your sis and make the process of gift selection smooth as well as successful.

#3: Set Your Budget

We understand how excited you must be for the coming Bhai Dooj festival. This is the festival where you can shower your blessings and love upon your sister. But don’t let the enthusiasm hamper you financially. It is wonderful to buy gift for the people you love but that gift doesn’t always have to be an expensive one. First decide your maximum budget that you can afford to serve the purpose. It is important to choose wisely rather than choosing exorbitantly. You will surely come across some fine gifting ideas without exceeding the budget.

#4: Try Something Handmade

Although most brothers like to buy ready-made gift items but few choose the other way. If you are also interested in showcasing your love for your sis, then try to craft a gift with your own ideas and effort. Handmade gifts may lack the professional perfection but they are enough to melt your sister’s heart. Bhai Dooj is the festival to celebrate the bonding between siblings and what can be better than a handcrafted gift to convey your true emotions to your beautiful sister.

Top 10 Online Gifts to Buy for Sisters

E-commerce is the latest trend and why not make good use of this facility to buy for your sister’s Bhai Dooj gift? You just need a laptop and internet connectivity to nail it. With just a few clicks, you are done with the ordering part. Are you clueless about what to buy and where to look for? Then here is a specially curated list of items along with their prices and ordering links.

#1: Traditional Handmade Print Canvas Cushion


Cushion covers as a Bhai Dooj gift? This may sound a bit weird to you but trust me. This particular gift will surely impress your sister like anything this Bhai Dooj. You might not be very aware of the fact, but girls love to add colourful cushions to their room, sofa, floor, bed and every other place that comes to their mind. These traditional hand printed cushion covers come in a set of five. Each pattern features brightly painted motifs ranging from a hooting owl to a chirping bird. Every pattern is alluring and looks very ethnic. Place them anywhere in the room and change the overall look of your place. Ladies with a fascination for home decor, will love this cushion set. This canvas made cushion cover comes with a filler and measures 12 inch x 12 inch (L x B). These covers are washable at home but it’s better to put them for dry wash to maintain their shape and gloss. E-commerce site sells this cushion set at a price of only ₹ 1,595.00.

#2: Coffee Luvs Company Coffee Mug


Irrespective of the time, mood and occasion, everyone loves to take a sip of their favourite coffee. If your sister is a strong believer of the simple things in life, then gift her this cute coffee mug from Coffee Luvs Company. This baby pink hued coffee mug comes with retro polka dots all over the body. A cute message comes with this mug that says “#1 Sister”. This beautiful mug is crafted from ceramic to make your sister’s coffee sessions fun and nostalgic. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe which means it can be used to reheat the coffee and can be placed inside a dishwasher without worrying about any damage. Clean it with a sponge to avoid scratches. Order this beautiful coffee mug from Ferns N Petals by paying only ₹ 258.00.

#3: Forest Essentials Nargis Body Mist

Who doesn’t want to smell good? But if your little princess aims to smell great, then hand her over the Nargis Body Mist from Forest Essentials. Forest Essentials is that one luxury skin-care brand which will treat your sister with nothing but the most exotic and natural ingredients. This mild body spray is so soothing and captivating that it is hard for anyone to ignore its heavenly fragrance. Nargis Body Mist can be used anywhere, anytime without the fear of overdoing it. This amazing body mist is available with Myntra at a price of ₹ 1,995.00 for a 100 ml bottle.

#4: VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit


If you pamper your little sis every now and then, it would be a marvellous idea to boost her skin-care regimen with VLCC’s Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit. This kit is designed immaculately to give beautiful and glowing hands and legs from the first use. The kit contains a Pediglow Cleanser, Myrrh Cuticle Oil, Pediglow Scrub, Cocoa Butter Cream and Anti-Tan Orange Pack. Each of these formulae is loaded with goodness of minerals, vitamins and skin-nutrients to make the skin brighter and healthier. This kit is ideal for travelling as well. You can place an order for this kit on Nykaa against a payment of ₹ 375.00.

#5: Combo For Happiness


If your sis has a sweet tooth, then it will be hard for her to resist the temptation of chocolates. Give your sister unlimited happiness of relishing the sweet taste of chocolates with the Combo for Happiness box from Winni. The box contains 120 gm of chocolate which is nothing but a heavenly delight full of dry fruits. You can buy this box by paying ₹ 650.00 while placing your order at Winni.

#6: Women Printed Cotton Blend Ethnic Dress

Summer days are giving hard times to everyone. A long kurti is surely the best way to mark women’s love for ethnic wear without compromising the comfort level. What about gifting your sister with the Gulmohar Jaipur’s Blue Ethnic Dress. This ankle length blue dress is made from fine quality cotton blended fabric. This means, she can flaunt this attire all through the day without hindering her skin from breathing freely. Beautiful floral motifs of dark orange also make this ethnic dress an ideal choice for parties and festivals. A mandarin collar with a small slit at the neckline adds more elegance to your sister’s personality. The piece comes with three-quarter sleeves and a front button-tucked placket. You can find this gorgeous ethnic long dress on Flipkart and order the same by paying just ₹ 719.00.

#7: Silver Pendant

If your sister is a minimalist when it comes to accessories and you have a better plan to surprise her this Bhai Dooj, take a look at this Mia by Tanishq Silver Pendant. This skilfully designed pendant is enough to set your sis ahead of the styling game without saying too much or going too loud. This edgy and elegant pendant looks more like a chunk of silver except that it bears a stunning mosaic of a floral pattern. This contemporary design can be worn to office as well as to college. Your sister will surely love such a quirky charm and thank you for choosing this for her. This silver pendant is a perfect daily wear. You can order this item right from Mia by Tanishq for a hassle-free home delivery. The price of the pendant is only ₹ 3,499.00.

#8: Strong Is the New Pretty Spiral Notebook


If you are hunting for some unique gift ideas for your sister, then what about this colourful spiral notebook. This notebook features a riot of colours without making it messy. If your sister loves to maintain a diary or write down her favourite recipes, then this spiral notebook from Chumbak is just perfect for her. The notebook comes with a beautiful message on the front cover which goes like “Strong is the New Pretty”. What can be a better way to describe the strength of a woman than these words! The back cover of this spiral notebook is embossed with the abstract picture of a girl set against a vibrant backdrop. This peppy and a bit quirky notebook will make your sister grab all the attention instantly. Give her the power to radiate loads of positivity and colours by ordering this spiral notebook from Amazon for only ₹ 345.00.

#9: Jewellery Box Ikat Blue


It is hard to spot a woman without a collection of accessories or jewellery. If your sister is deeply in love with her prized possession of jewellery, then this Ikat Blue Jewellery Box can be her saviour. This handmade jewellery box is made from durable and lightweight MDF board. The front clutch in a rusty texture adds a touch of nostalgia to it. A deep blue kalamkari fabric with a geometrical pattern in red and light blue covers the box from all sides. It comes with a removable tray with three partitions which means you can arrange your jewellery pieces categorically in different partitions. The box comes in a dimension of 16 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (L x W x H). This moderately priced jewellery box flaunts a price tag of ₹ 700.00 when you place your order with Kiesha.

#10: Gift Card


Are you not that confident to find the right Bhai Dooj gift for your sister? Is your sister too picky to choose a gift or so many gifting options are giving you a hard time picking the right one? Whatever your problem is, we have an easy solution for you – the Amazon Gift Card. With the help of this gift card, you can leave the task of choosing a useful gift on your sister only. This gift card can be applied to each and every item that Amazon India showcases on their virtual platform. From their wide collection of clothes, shoes, accessories, home decor items, grooming products and many more, your sister can surely get the one she likes the most. These gift cards are available in different denominations. You can choose the amount as per your budget by visiting Amazon.

3 Tips to Buy a Gift Online

In order to help you a little more, we are here with 3 simple tips for online shopping for your sister’s gift:

  • #1: Browse Before You Buy:

    Never buy from the very first online e-commerce platform that you encounter before browsing at least 2 or 3 more such sites. This will help you get a better idea of what is popular and setting the trends. Choosing a gift for your sister will be way easier when you come across different types of gift items.

  • #2: Read the Reviews:

    Always read the reviews before you order anything from an online platform. As these reviews are posted by real people, they will give you a fair idea of the quality of the product.

  • #3: Look for Discount Coupons and Special Offers:

    Online shopping platforms always keep introducing attractive discounts and offers to save money. You can look for such discount coupons or special offers to crack a great deal at the cheapest price.
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This Bhai Dooj, Create Memories with Your Sister

Bhai Dooj gives you an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your sister and deepen your sibling bond. It is also the time to have fun together and create memories which both of you will cherish for life. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you finalise a gift for your sister. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.