One Year Anniversary is a Milestone That Deserves to Be Celebrated. Here Are 10 Special 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

One Year Anniversary is a Milestone That Deserves to Be Celebrated. Here Are 10 Special 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

No matter how much he claims he doesn’t want or need anything, an anniversary is no ordinary occasion and he deserves a gift. The more original and thoughtful the better! If you’re completely stuck for an idea, just take a breath, we’re here to help! So get ready to dive into wonderful ideas for anniversary gifts, you’re bound to find the perfect thing for him.

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Importance of a Gift

A Gift is an amazing way to keep the magic alive in your relationship. The tradition of gift giving started during ancient times when people would be awarded for their achievements. With all of these choices available to everyone though, a lot of people tend to find it difficult coming up with the best gift ideas for their partners. It is difficult to strike a balance between a gift that is stunningly memorable, but also practical at the same time. A gift will always remind him of you and keep you up on top of his mind whenever he sees that gift.

Coming Up with the Perfect Gift

Choosing the perfect gift would be amazing the smile on his face when he sees how much time and effort you put on this. Though with so many options present in the market it gets tough to find the just right gift. There are many aspects to look forward to when you are considering a gift. Since there is soo many options when choosing a gift it actually gets you in a confusion. To choose the ideal gift you need to go through a series of aspects as to gift him the right gift . Especially because it is your first anniversary you would want to gift him something he remembers forever.

What Are His Preferences


The preferences he has will largely define which gifts you can opt to buy for him. Is he the type of person who is more into outdoor activities or would he rather just stay home during his day off or over the weekend. You can plan an outdoor trip only if they are up to go outside because they wouldn't want to be forced to do things they aren't fond of. If you gift him something as per his preference then the chances of him using it increase as he will actually use it in a particular task. And research shows if you gift someone something according to their likes they grow even more fond of you.

Your Budget

Since it's your first year anniversary you can go for something that is mild yet grand enough to show him you care. Every person has a different take on the speed of relationship, you don't want to shock them with something too grand as to scare them but also nothing to belittle the relationship. The Budget you could keep would be around Rs. 500 to Rs. 5,000. The budget is actually a very sensitive topic and actually needs to be taken care of because you might go out of your way and gift them something so big without noticing it leaves you in scrapes.

Top 10 Surprise 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

A surprise is the best way to make someone remember the event. If you succeed in surprising him then this first anniversary is going to be one of the most memorable ones. After going through all the parameters by now there might be a certain plan in your mind as to what you want to gift him, if not here are the top 10 things you could gift him.

Amazon E- Gift Card


Can't decide what he possibly might want? Went through all the parameters but too many options to decide from? Then this might just be your saviour . Let him choose the gift he wants, gift him an Amazon E-gift Card specially personalised for the anniversary. On ranging from Rs. 100 you can go up to any amount that seems reasonable to you according to your budget. In this way not only will you achieve your goal of gifting him the perfect gift but along will that you will also gift him the freedom to
buy whatever he wishes to buy.

Personalised Round Crystal


This very unique gift might just make him blush with a photo of you and him together on his desk reminding of all the good memories you have had over the year with a personalise button at the bottom you could upload the picture with the designated ppi for the best look. At Rs. 800 grab this at A photo is a memory that you can look at forever and since this is your first year anniversary there must have been various special occasions for you both together your first day or your birthday or his birthday. Choose the best photo the one which reminds you of him and you are sure will remind him of how much you adore him.

Engraved Pocket Watch

By engraving a special message on this watch you could make a special place in his heart. Giving this a very personalised yet professional look this watch from With up to 60 characters usable you can quote your favourite dialogue or just and favourite quote that reminds you of him for just Rs. 2,190. Along with that also will leave out the excuse of why he is late. This watch is made of durable quality materials so to hold the shine it has and also to stand the test of time.



Is he a cold coffee person? Or a whiskey person? Well, this solves his problems. This amazing savior could chill his drink in a matter of seconds and can chill up to hot coffee which is at a temperature of 130 degree Celsius in a matter of seconds. The best part is without any dilution that is. It doesn't make it tasteless due to the water. At just Rs. 5,045 this is up for grabs at Not only will this keep his drink cold but also, help in making chilled mocktails that
he can enjoy from time to time in summers.

Create Your Own Fragrance

Arent Perfumes just amazing ? They can make everything smells like love is really in the air. Are there some fragrances that remind you of him? And if not are the perfumes he can't put on as its too strong? Then how about create for him a personal fragrance. Choose the best ingredients and design it for him. And for a couple of extra bucks, you could also put a special message on the bottle itself. Design your fragrance at Rs. 5,883. A fragrance is often something to remember someone by, and with this, you can gift him whichever aroma that might remind him of you, whether it is the smell of rain or a valley of roses.

Bose Speaker


Who doesn't love music? With this dynamic speaker, he could listen to your favourite songs all the time. This portable speaker is durable as it is also waterproof and also the exterior strong enough to resist any scratches and dents. Also equipped with a microphone inbuilt, you could take calls and also reach Siri or Bixby through the speaker. With a long lasting battery of 6 hours, you can buy this at Rs. 8,098 from

Red Rose Hamper


Usually, guys give girls roses but how about the other way around? Gift him the bouquet of roses and a chocolate cake if he is into sweet delicacies. To choose from small, medium and large varieties you can decide the time you would like it to reach. Starting from Rs. 1,149 at The colour red is often a symbol of love and often attracts the eye, a rose signifies beauty and delicate nature of love with thorns to hurt but also to keep the beauty of the petals safe.

Name a Star After him

Has he ever told you he loves you to the moon and back then maybe you could name a star after him? Take this gift of the world literally Just share the name of the person you want to surprise, select the zodiac and a star will be automatically picked for them. The details can be shared in the order form after the payment page as it is said on the website It will cost you Rs. 1,950. You will shortly receive a framed copy of your rights to the star. In Fact might sound cheesy but you could tell him that whenever you looked at the stars you saw his face and after a lot of thinking you bought the star and named it after him.

Fridge Magnet

The first thing we see in the morning is our phone and then go to the fridge and grab a snack. But how about after texting you he gets to see you and he can do so. With a personalised fridge magnet, you can put any picture as per your will and get it for him for just Rs. 950 at With a wooden frame and you can give 5 pictures after the payment page which they will print for you.

Wooden Docking Station


The docking station is the best way to organise your items. With a place to put his name at and a phone charging station also a slab below to keep his cards and wallets. A compartment to put your eyeglasses. At Rs. 1,459 available for grabs at

Tips to Rock This Anniversary

We here at we are sure that you have it all under control but just to give you a few tips ahead of the anniversary. Since this day is about you both you should go forward and talk to each other more. Since you almost had it covered but just some guidance since this is your first one and an important milestone in your life.

Make Him Feel Loved

There is nothing more amazing than making him feel loved and a way to do this is by relaxing together. Take him for a date and if there is no time for it then just stay home and spend a long evening with him all cuddled up and warm. Tell him what you love the most about him. The best way to be on the same page in a relationship is to keep talking to him. To tell him how much he means to you . Especially since it's been a year of you both together you can tell him about all the times he made you feel special and maybe this day make it especially about him.

Spend Some Quality Time

Spending some quality time together is very important when in a relationship because very often in the heat of the moment we forget about taking everything out and rather focus on doing. Whereas many times communication is the way to a happy relationship. Spending some time together is even better than a gift. Items tend to break or get lost but memories stay locked in our mind forever. So if it's too late to get him a gift, you could opt to have a movie night together you know a blanket dim lighting just you and him and Netflix.T he perfect trio.

Cook for Him

Do you think you have quite a flair for cooking? They say a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is there any dish he really likes to have? How about searching it up on the website and getting the recipe for it? The next time he is here with you surprise him with your very own cooked for of the dish. Visit to choose from a variety of easy to make recipes present.

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Make him smile on this celebratory day

He’s a great listener and always encourages you to follow your dreams. He is there for you when times get tough. He makes you laugh when you’ve had a bad day. He is your other half, your best friend. You can make him realise that he holds a special position in your heart by celebrating your one-year relationship with a Gift. You know your guy better than anyone, so get him something that is perfect for his personality and lifestyle preferences.