Instagram Delivers a Delightful and Immersive Shopping Experience. Check out the Best Instagram Shops and Why You Need to Jump on the Instagram Bandwagon Now (2021)

Instagram Delivers a Delightful and Immersive Shopping Experience. Check out the Best Instagram Shops and Why You Need to Jump on the Instagram Bandwagon Now (2021)

If you are not too familiar with Instagram then you need to know that it provides an extremely engaging and simple shopping experience and you should definitely start using the platform more often for shopping. Moreover, it also allows you to discover authentic (but a little lesser-known) brands which deliver great products at reasonable prices. We have curated a list of the finest Instagram shops which are definitely worth a visit and are sure to give you a delightful shopping experience.

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Instagram is Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Instagram has proven to be a boon for all brands – big or small. It has helped them to reach out to a large section of the audience through targeted messages. The advent of social commerce has allowed the platforms like Facebook and Instagram to come up with an online shopping feature that is of immense help to brands. They can now easily target their audience and have another channel for increasing sales with a higher return on investment (RoI).

The new features on Instagram and shoppable posts have provided a massive platform for brands to showcase their products. The platform also allows shopping experiences while ensuring all COVID protocols are being followed. It has also led to a considerable inflow of revenues as the purchasing behaviour continues to change over time. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Instagram shops for you.

Instagram is Changing the Shopping Experience

Designed for Impulse Spending

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven everyone indoors, and more users are going online for making purchases. More users are spending time online, and there has been a tremendous increase in online spending too. Even when the restrictions were lifted, there has been no decrease in online expenses made by users. Instagram proves to be an excellent platform to make purchases. It is compounded by enticing posts and assisted by an easy checkout process. This new feature also allows smaller entities to set up their shop online and induce impulse purchases by users through targeted messages.

Owning the Buyer's Journey

A majority of the Instagram profiles are introduced to the visitors across their different stages in the awareness process. The users visit the platform through various paths, and most of them see the pages through friends and family or influencers. Brands continuously create the visual stimulus through enticing posts that can induce social sharing among the audience. A store created on Instagram can be a better option than having a full-blown retail store as it can target a larger audience and leads to a better RoI.

Simple Experience for Consumers

Social media channels are known for their simplicity in user experience, and Instagram scores more on that front. It allows brands to integrate their messages seamlessly with the content. It enables users to make a quick buying decision on the products they find on the channels. Buyers are usually faced with several messages every day and choosing the best option can be a problem. Instagram shopping provides a simple experience and reduces the friction that is usually involved in purchase decisions. The users can effortlessly browse through the catalogues and check the prices without moving around too much.

Creative Thinking

Setting up an Instagram shop is not easy as the layouts are different from other social media platforms. There is a specific process to follow while setting up an Instagram shop. The products can be featured as videos and photos to which the audience can relate. The brands must master the art of shopping on this channel and take appropriate steps to improve visibility. The platform can increase sales of smaller brands, given the popularity of Instagram Stories and Instagram Live features. It is an interactive channel that requires creative thinking from brands to make it popular among the audience.

Influencers Participate in the Sales Funnel

One of the critical aspects of the online strategy of all brands is the use of influencers. They can lead to a positive reaction from the audience due to their huge fan base. As most of the transactions are dependent on impressions, any response from the influencers can lead to a manifold increase in mindshare among the audience. Word-of-mouth marketing can be a powerful tool that can influence buying decisions. There are several shopping tools on Instagram with a simple checkout process too.

Important Shopping Features in Instagram

Instagram also has several features that can enhance the use of Instagram shops. The feed posts are one of the primary ways to market the products, and around five products can be tagged to the post. The product tag allows users to gain more knowledge about the product. Carousel posts will enable the users to have a complete survey of the product before buying it. Brands also have the liberty of tagging products with their Instagram Stories that add more value to their messages. There is an AR-based shopping feature, and users can try on the product digitally before buying it.

Top Instagram Shops in 2021

Urban Suburban


The Urban Suburban brand was started by three sisters who aspired to provide women with the dresses that they prefer. Their dresses help women to feel empowered and stand out. Their unique business model sees them sourcing the fabric locally and making the garments available on demand. The brand looks forward to designing garments of all designs that are aesthetic, stylish and comfortable. It is ideal for women who look forward to experimenting with the styles that suit them.

Urban Suburban has many followers on Instagram due to its ideal mix of ethnic and contemporary styles. You can get any clothing, including drape suits, jumpsuits, etc. The Instagram shop is segregated into different categories of garments for various occasions. There are vibrant patterns, and it offers a vast array of choices for its clients. You can check out Urban Suburban on Instagram for more details.

Styl Flip


Are you looking for an Instagram store that allows you to sell clothes too? You can come across the pre-owned fashion trends here. They aim to be the largest community-driven virtual wardrobe and will enable you to shop from the closets of people around you. The platform is unique in this way as you can get rid of your wardrobe by selling it online.

The brand allows women to access premium brands at a fraction of the cost. It also allows you to buy the trusted brands in a trusted environment. Several trendy brands are at your fingertips. It ensures that checking out is easy, and there are only a few steps that you must take. There is an Android app that you can download too. Check out Styl Flip for more details.



The Zooomberg brand provides a high-end experience when you are shopping for trendy western wear. You will find fabulous fashion trends making it a big draw among Instagram users. The brand strives to bring the latest fashion online, and you can find the best activewear and style on Instagram. The specialized works on the latest fashion trends so that you can keep up with the newest fashion.

Be it party wear or for your vacation, you can get the dress of your choice that has been categorized online on Instagram too. The categories are created in a manner that you can make your choice and checkout fast. The newest fashion trends are available separately. Even designer wear and celebrity wear are available as separate categories. Check out Zooom Berg on Instagram for more details.

Sugarbox India


Sugarbox is the storehouse of all fun elements that can enliven your mood. A special section on gift bestsellers covers all the cutest items you can have only in your dreams. A monthly subscription box is also available, and you can surprise your loved ones with this goody bag every month. The products can be bought individually too.

The best products are sold online, and you can stay assured that they are all fit for buying. You can find gifts for anyone in your family and they are categorised based on the types of gifts available. The brand understands your choices and has the best dresses, beauty products, bags, earrings, etc. That will have you enamoured. The products are priced reasonably too and are within your budget. Check out Sugarbox India on Instagram.

Inaya Accessories


The Inaya Accessories brand has a vision of connecting its customers with their souls and mind through their collection of contemporary jewellery. They sell jewellery and watches that are priced moderately too. The brand was founded by an enthusiastic young entrepreneur and sells items that appeals to customers of all ages.

The products they sell can cater to all occasions, and you can have an exhaustive range of products on their website. They have more than 20,000 followers on Instagram, and their designs are categorised according to the necessary categories. They are also known for their exceptional customer service, and they offer free shipping on all orders. They provide a cash-on-delivery option too. They also offer an affiliate programme, and the details are available on their website. Check out Inaya Accessories on Instagram.



If you are searching for locally crafted garments, then Tokree can be the brand of your choice. The brand has grown gradually and is currently known for its comfortable Indian designs and ethnic values. They are pioneers in creating the exquisite ethnic wear that has ensured its place of pride on Instagram. The techniques and designs are predominantly North Indian and they ensure that all their products are aesthetic.

They use natural Indian fabrics like brocade, chanderi, cotton, etc., and this makes the garments airy. The garments are handmade and are comfortable for the user. The garments that they create are elegant and come in different shades. The dresses, kurtas, loungewear, etc. provide a unique vibe, and the chic looks are liked by their clients too. Their products are available online, and they have a flagship store too. Check out Tokree on Instagram for more details.

Kalamkari Design Studio


Kalamkari Design Studio is ideal for those who prefer artisans' unique and aesthetic handwork from the countryside. Experts from Andhra Pradesh carry out the hand-printed Kalamkari art. They use a reed pen and create the classics from ancient epics on the canvass. The creations are usually on the backdrop of a Katha that makes it look even more elegant.

Their Instagram page provides a unique creation of hand-printed sarees, ceramics, cutlery, umbrellas, etc. The Kalamkari print can also be block-printed too. The designs come with traditional pictures that could be geometric or floral. The artisans use vegetable dyes that lead to beautiful designs and the elegance and richness is evident in each of the products. For more details visit Kalamkari Design Studio on Instagram.

Krafted with Happiness


This brand has the most exquisitely crafted products that provide the additional dash of uniqueness to what you wear. They also come with a sense of positivity that will enliven your mood. It is also known to be among the best brands in handcrafted products. The brand is also known for its high quality and reasonable prices.

You can choose unique gifts like rakhis, face masks, and even a wedding collection section. The business has grown within a short time, and several artisans handcraft the products. Each of the products also has a contemporary vibe and are colourful and quirky too. Check out the Krafted with Happiness store on Instagram.


All brands have a unique story, but Manjha stands apart from many. It was born out of the desire to collage the country's various colours, textures, and designs. The brand caters to a whole range of products, ranging from Banarasi sarees to khadi garments. The intricate designs also bring together the passion for introducing new traditional designs to its customers.

One of the critical values of the brand is that it informs its customers of the exquisite processes undertaken to weave the clothing brands. They provide different categories of products, ranging from garments to earrings and more. They are known for handcrafted products that are sourced ethically from across the country. The intricate patterns coupled with the vibrant colours provide proof of the delicate skills of the artisans. No wonder the products strike a unique chord with the clients! For more details please visit Manjha on Instagram.

The Quirky Naari


There is no wedding dress across the country that is complete without matching footwear. The ones from The Quirky Naari can be ideal for the bride at weddings. And why only weddings! The footwear brand has several quirky designs that can be worn on any occasion and grab eyeballs too. The footwear bears inspiration from several characters like Harry Potter, Minions, Captain Planet, etc.

The brand can be your stop for any themed shoes, like sister, mother-daughter, and travel themes. You can have doctor-themed shoes as well. You will also come across the Nautanki Dulhaniya juttis and slip-ons for the bride. They also produce several quirky jackets. Take your pick from The Quirky Naari on Instagram.

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Do a Little Research on Instagram Shops Before Buying

Just like in the case of physical stores, it is always prudent to do a little research on Instagram shops before committing yourself to make a purchase. Looking at the brand's online presence, customer reviews, etc. is a great starting point in this direction. It should not happen that you end paying money to a fake Instagram shop which either fails to deliver the ordered product or delivers a product at variance with what you had ordered. We hope this BP Guide would help you in this endeavour. Share your experiences of Instagram shopping and stay connected with us.