Celebrating a Big Anniversary Soon and Not Sure What to Get Your Guy that Has Everything(2022)? 10 Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him in India that He will Love!

Celebrating a Big Anniversary Soon and Not Sure What to Get Your Guy that Has Everything(2022)? 10 Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him in India that He will Love!

A wedding anniversary is a special day in a couple’s life as it is the day when they became one. You might want to get a special gift for your husband, but sometimes, it’s hard to find a perfect gift, right? Have no fear! We put together some of our favourite anniversary gift ideas for HIM and put them all in one place for you, so read on.

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Show Your Love and Gratitude with Perfect Anniversary Gifts for Him

Who has been there for you in every situation, even if that was good or bad? Most would name their life partners. Men tend to make their better halves’ days memorable with their nature and loving gestures. And, a perfect husband or boyfriend tries to strengthen the relationship with romantic gifts and heart-warming feelings. Now, it’s time for you to make him feel special with an attractive gift hamper.

On your next anniversary, celebrate the special day with him while showing your love with a gift as per his choice and passion. Here is a list of ideas for anniversary gifts for him you can consider to make those special moments memorable.

Some Tips to Surprise Him on Anniversary

Surprise Through Notes

Do this when he goes to sleep or leaves home for the office. To plan a perfect surprise idea, you will need an ink pen and colourful sticky notes. Write love messages and quotes on these notes for him and stick them to the room walls. When your husband wakes up in the morning (or returns home), he will be awestruck with a special feeling. Or, you can also put notes in his pocket or wallet.

Plan A Re-Honeymoon Picnic

Maybe it is not the right word but it’s a great option to strengthen the husband-wife relationship. After a few years into marriage, the romance starts taking the back seat due to added responsibilities. But you can reignite the passion you shared during those first nights by planning a picnic. Recharge your romantic life and bring back the lost love to your relationship. Start planning early and choose a romantic destination that will definitely surprise your hubby on the anniversary.

Lunch Break

If you don’t have much time, surprise him in his office at lunchtime. Prepare tasty lunch including his favorites at home or take him out to a fancy place he loves to dine at.

Opt for an Early Celebration

The best time to surprise him is when he would least expect it. So, you can plan an early celebration Throw some surprises before the real celebration begins to win his heart. It is also a perfect time to make your husband feel special before he does something for you. Your hubby won’t be expecting a surprise or celebration before the anniversary day. It will help you create a great moment with magical memories.

An Anniversary Gift

Are you expecting a gift or a surprise from him? Irrespective of what the answer to this is, you should surprise him with a gift. You can explore various anniversary present options for your hubby available at local gift shops or online gifting portals. You can get him an anniversary card or choose something he would love to receive. Select a gift that will touch his heart, something with a personal touch. While a gift is a perfect method to convey your affection and love, it will help you show your feelings. If you are looking for some quick options, you can check our list of anniversary gifts for him in India below.

10 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts for Him to Buy in India

So, you have reached this far to find the best anniversary gift for your husband or lover. Here’s a list of items we believe can add a special touch to the occasion. Keep reading to find the best one for you.

Ceramic Ornament - Romantic Showpiece

Source www.amazon.in

A cool ceramic ornament can be the perfect anniversary gift for him. You can gift a romantic showpiece to your husband that can replicate the depth of your relationship. However, instead of choosing a random item, go for a graceful ceramic husband and wife figure. The item has an engraved message that you can use to reflect your feelings for him through words. And he can place it at his workplace and recall every moment spent with you when he sees it.

The figure is made of resin. The centrepiece also denotes wealth, good luck, peace, health, happiness, and protection of your home. You can buy this romantic couple statue from Amazon by paying Rs. 349.

Personalised Anniversary Clock

Source www.amazon.in

Personalized gifts are worth more than regular ones. And a personalized clock is both useful and meaningful. Plus, it is a great symbol of your togetherness and happy times. In addition to the striking hands and numbers, it also comes with good wishes for the couple. You can use it to improve the décor of your living room. Or he can hang it in his office cabin.

Present this personalized clock to your husband with pictures of the couple engraved. You can also use more than one picture to create a collage. Also, try to make it personal with carefully selected images. The 2cm doom (or curved) glass guarantees protection and a wonderful photo view from the sides. The sturdy height and fully furnished frame add toughness to the clock, required for indoor use. Use a high-quality picture with big pixel sizes for better results and you can also mention names on it. The rectangular display can serve as a memorial gift for the anniversary. Order this personalized clock from Amazon for Rs. 999.

Ring Pendant

Source www.amazon.in

It’s another perfect choice of anniversary gifts for him in India. It is a set of jewelry pieces combined. Add a stone and it dangles from the center of the pendant. Wedding rings and engagement rings have more significance as a testament to vows exchanged with the life partner. This ring adores the memory of the time you spent together. You can choose this anniversary gift to make him feel awestruck when he receives it. The presence of a pendant and ring for both will impress him more.

Embedded crystal stones are available in white. The combo of heart pendant and couple ring features rhodium plating that’s made of alloy. However, you should keep it away from chemicals and water to make it last longer. To keep it clean, you can use soft and dry clothes. The heart-shaped pendant and ring set are available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 256.

Perfume Set for Him

Does he go to meetings and parties often? If yes, you can never go wrong with a perfume set gift for your husband. It is one of the grooming essentials for men that your husband might already have in his wardrobe. But there’s no harm in adding more to the list. But, don’t forget to consider the brand he loves to buy and use. Get him his favourite perfume set on this special day and he will definitely love that sweet gesture.

Check this set. It is particularly curated for men to add fragrance to their lifestyle with other applications. The collection features a high-performance skincare-like face wash prepared with gentle foaming agents. It also includes shave spray and hydrating moisturizer filled with orange peel and sandalwood. You can buy a perfume set from Forest Essentials India for Rs. 1,750.

Personalized Beer Mug

Source www.fnp.com

If your husband is a beer lover, this beer mug is a perfect gift for him. You can present him with this mug with an eccentric message on it to make it feel special through customization. Then, you can see a smile on his face every time he reads the message and recalls the special anniversary moment. With lots of options for personalization available for a glass set, it’s a great anniversary present for a man who likes drinking.

Consider buying this beer mug made of glass. The transparent mug offers a capacity of 375ml. However, you need to be careful and wash it with dishwashing detergent and water. Don’t use a steel scrubber on it. Dry it with a lint-free and soft cloth to enhance brilliance. You can purchase this personalized beer mug from Ferns and Petals for Rs. 899.

His and Her Pampering Kit

Everyone needs self-maintenance and pampering, no matter how busy the schedule is. This kit is best in many ways, one of which is that it helps your husband feel relaxed. But what makes it further better is that you both can use it together to spend some quality time. So, for the times you wish to relax, it adds a layer of togetherness to your life.

Such a kit can include things like a face mask, a face wash, aromatherapy oils, massage oils, exfoliating scrub, and bath salts. This His and Hers Pamper Box available on The Gift Affair ticks all the right boxes. It combines essentials like a sheet face mask, face wash, charcoal, herbal body wrap and polisher, and some oils. Get it for Rs. 2,880 and show him that you love him enough to pamper him for his best.

Stylish Watch

Source www.amazon.in

Watches are ideal gift options as they can never become old-fashioned. A nice timepiece symbolizes your financial and fashion status as well. Hence, it can be the best anniversary gift for your husband. In addition to making him look attractive, it can help him stay productive and punctual. Plus, he will think about you whenever he flaunts it or raises his hand to see the time.

But you need to choose a watch precisely that he would love to wear. The Fossil Chronograph timepiece comes in a round, white dial. Its beauty amplifies by the brown leather band with a strap buckle clasp type. The display type of the watch is a chronograph and it comes with a warranty of 2 years. You can buy a Fossil chronograph watch from Amazon for Rs. 6,160.

Lightweight Jewellery

Source www.giva.co

While a watch can be considered a wrist jewel, it isn’t one to be precise. So, you can consider gifting him some lightweight jewelry that matches his preferences and outfit styles. The item should be simple enough not to disturb his looks. Plus, it should add the right impact to his personality.

A bracelet can be one such thing that he would love to wear and flaunt. This minimal bangle bracelet can add a touch of luxe to his personality with pure 925 silver used. The handcrafted bangle bracelet has a chic shape and subtle design yet stands out as wonderful minimal jewelry. And you can get it from the renowned seller Giva for Rs. 2,999.

Engraved Love Stone

Source redmoments.in

If it is your first wedding anniversary and you want to give something special that lasts forever, an engraved gift can do the job. You can opt for an engraved stone that will serve as a milestone in your relationship. Get your name initials and wedding date engraved on it to make it a special gift.

This heart-shaped stone is a symbol of love and sweetness. You can engrave your favourite picture on it to improve its beauty. It will make your relationship strong and secure with your life partner. The black stone has a grey script engraved on it that will be done on the stone surface only. This heart-shaped stone is available on Red Moments with a price tag of Rs. 980.

Personalized Passport Holder

In case, your life partner is a frequent traveller, this passport holder is something he would appreciate and love. You can customize it with his picture and name. And, he will feel your presence no matter where he moves across the world. With a slide-in section, it can be carried easily in a handbag or a pocket. But wait. Why get just one when you can buy a set for a couple?

Mr. Mrs. Personalized Couple Passport Covers are 2 passport holders with each having an inside pocket for one passport. Made of synthetic leather, it makes this craft feel more beautiful. You can get numbers and alphabets inscribed on it with a limit of 12 characters for each cover. The colours for name tags are predefined. Get this personalized couple passport product from The Messy Corner for Rs. 1,390.

Bonus Tip For You: Short on Time?

Take the Classic Route If You are Short on Time

Don’t have much time to find and buy right from so many anniversary gifts for him? The sweetest and simplest idea of love notes can be your savior. Or, you can go to a candlelight dinner with your partner at a fancy restaurant. Use some creativity to surprise your loved one. Your husband will love the gift that comes from your heart and shows your love towards him. In short, choose a classic gift that matches his style and taste while making him feel special.

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Try Handmade Gifts

It can look complicated when you are looking for a suitable anniversary gift that symbolizes your love. However, if your partner is proud of your creativity and unpredictable gift ideas, homemade gifts may be the best option. Don't be afraid to do something else this year. And show your partner how much attention and thought you have put into making their anniversary gifts.