The Best Smart Coffee Mugs Under Rs.20,000 and All you Need to Know About a Smart Coffee Mug. (2022)

The Best Smart Coffee Mugs Under Rs.20,000 and All you Need to Know About a Smart Coffee Mug. (2022)


Make your mornings refreshing and the nights worth staying up with these smart coffee mugs. Coffee is a favourite drink to many and what better way to enjoy it in the morning, during the day or in the evening than with a smart coffee mug. Why a smart coffee mug? This is because it comes with the technology to warm your coffee, at home, in the office or on the go. Depending on your preference, be it size, colour or design, there is something for you. Check out this extensive list from BP Guide on some of the best smart coffee mug warmers to choose from.

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Start your Busy Day with a Smart Coffee Mug

What Is A Smart Coffee Mug?


Having a tiring morning by hardly working in your office? Are you desiring to have a hot cup of coffee to calm, relax and activate yourself for your work? For that, smart coffee mugs are your go to solution. These smart coffee mugs enable you to maintain your coffee at the exact temperature you crave and will maintain your coffee at, say, 131 degrees actually throughout the rest of your day. It helps an office working person or an entrepreneur to stay active all day and attend all meetings (yes, all of them). Smart coffee mugs are an innovative and creative way to help out the one who needs a hot beverage.

Advantages of Smart Coffee Mugs

Advantages to using Smart Coffee Mugs

  • A smart coffee mug enables you to fulfil your craving for hot beverages. Hot coffee helps in the reduction of anxiety and caffeine helps in the quick refilling of energy and activeness in an individual.
  • A smart coffee mug is easy to carry and it can be carried at every place. This helps you to carry coffee and have it fresh all the time at the office, school, travel, or even at the places where you desire.
  • You can prepare your coffee easily as only ingredients are needed to be added and need to be poured immediately in the smart coffee mug without any danger of being spilled out.

How Does a Smart Coffee Mug Work?

As the name of the coffee mug suggests, it is smart. A smart coffee mug knows when coffee is in the internal surface and will pass into sleep mode when it's empty. It communicates the message through a little light at the bottom—a strong white light tells that the temperature has been attained; red and green lights reflect the battery level of your smart mug. The smart coffee mug allows you to set or keep your coffee at the desired temperature by having a connection to your android phone via Bluetooth. This will help you to have your coffee and have a refreshing start to your morning, afternoon, evening, or night

Best Smart Coffee Mugs

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2


This is an amazing smart coffee mug from an Ember. This smart coffee mug is best known for its resistivity to scratches. This mug is of stainless steel colour and has a capacity of 10 fluid ounces. Its size is 5.4 inches breadth and height is 6.1 inches. This mug helps you to serve hot coffee for up to 1.5 hours when it is fully charged by its new coaster charger. This mug is controlled by the Ember's android application and allows you to set the temperature according to your need. It is inactivated when left empty for 2 hours. When you order this you will get an adapter, a charger, and a quick start guide. You can buy it from Amazon at Rs.20,999.

2. Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug

This is another amazing smart coffee mug from a Cauldryn. This mug is black and white with a coating of the heating element inside. It has a battery life of 10 hours and can be washed after the completion of usage. This mug is controlled by the Cauldryn android application and allows you to set the temperature according to your need. It has a capacity of 16 fluid ounces and is most suitable while traveling or having a long journey. There are four lights present on the mug to show battery life at different stages. This mug helps in the supply of as much heat as required. You can buy this from the DesertCart for Rs.24,529.

3. BURNOUT Temperature Regulating Travel Mug 

This is a smart coffee mug branded BURNOUT from Lexo. This smart mug is made up of stainless steel and is of black colour. Its dimensions are 2.9 inches breadth and height 9.8 inches. It has a fluid capacity of up to 16 ounces. BURNOUT makes your coffee to a potable temperature within moments, but best of all—it can maintain both the suitable temperature and fresh taste for hours. There are no batteries required as it stores up all the heat of the coffee when you serve and again reuses that energy to maintain the next amount of coffee at that temperature only. You can buy this from UBuy for Rs.3,500. 

4. MAGHROLA® Smart Cup, Auto On/Off Warmer Coffee Mug


This cute and stylish smart cup is a wonderful addition to any desk. Made of ceramic, the mug can maintain temperature at 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Fahrenheit). It has a heating plate that keeps your beverage warm for long hours. The plate activates when you place your cup on it and shuts when you remove it. It comes with its own lid too! Get it on Amazon for Rs.1,049.

5. OHOM Kopi Self-Heating Mug

This smart coffee mug is from OHOM. It has the capacity of holding any fluid up to 335 millilitres. It comes in different colours, with an inner coating of ceramic, anodized aluminium alloy and tempered glass inside the smart mug. It has a 7.5W-15W charging pad compatible with Qi-compliant mobile devices. It includes a Type A adapter with a charging USB present with this smart coffee mug. You can buy it from the official OHOM Website for USD 98 or Rs.7,475.

6. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Set 

This is the smart mug from BESTINNKITS. The mug is of ceramic material with an outer black covering. The smart mug's size is 5.9 inches width and the height of the mug is 4.4 inches. It can hold fluid up to 14 ounces. It helps you to warm up your coffee at 131℉ or 55℃. It has Gravity installation technology, auto on/off, the warmer auto turns on when you place your mug on it and shuts off when the mug is withdrawn from it. You can easily clean this smart mug due to its smooth and stylish glass layer. The smart mug should be kept on a flat and smooth surface to have better performance. You can buy this amazing smart coffee mug from UBuy for Rs.3,892. 

7. Tech Tools Smart Travel Mug

This is the unique smart coffee mug from Tech Tools is best known for its retro heating technology. It is of stainless steel and is of black colour. This Tech Tool smart travel mug has the capacity of holding coffee up to 12 ounces. You can charge this mug with your car charger and have a hot coffee while driving. If you are late, make coffee, pour it into a smart coffee mug, and place it with a car charger, and you will be filled with refreshing coffee. This smart mug keeps your coffee at 140°F / 60°C. It has on / off toggles to ease its usage. This smart coffee mug works on 12 Volts of electricity. You can buy this traveling smart coffee mug from Amazon for Rs.3,231. 

8. Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker And Travel Mug

This is an incredibly smart mug as it helps you to make your coffee or other beverage inside it designed by Nescafe. This smart mug consists of a thermal insulation automation in which you can connect your smart coffee mug with an android other Bluetooth operating device and set the desired temperature either hot for hot coffee or cold for coffee or other beverage. This smart mug's length is 14.7 centimetres, width is 7.9 centimetres and height is 18.9 centimetres. It can hold fluid up to 950 grams. You need to just click the start button and you will obtain your desired coffee or beverage in just 60-90 seconds. You can buy this from One21Stores for Rs.1,999.

How to Select a Correct Smart Coffee Mug?


After going through the above smart coffee mugs, you must be baffled on which one to choose. You need to be certain of the ease of use of your smart coffee mug. If you are a person who hopes to travel, you’ll require a smart mug that can take off with you. While most ordinary travel mugs must be connected to a power supply, an active travel mug that can be charged will keep your coffee at a favourable drinking temperature for an extended period. If you are a typical hard-working employee or an entrepreneur who spends most of their time at their desk, then you may need a mug warmer carried with you at your workplace. If you are a working out individual then you will need a portable smart coffee mug such as the rechargeable ones to carry along during exercises.

Battery Life

When you select a portable smart coffee mug, you will have to see the battery life of that smart coffee mug. This will depend on the place you are travelling to and for the work you need to carry out. If you require the smart coffee mug while traveling, then you need to take a traveling mug that can be charged or which can keep your coffee hot and tasty for your entire journey. If you require hot coffee at your office timings such as morning, in between meetings, overnight working, then you need to have a smart mug that can make or heat the coffee within minutes. You can peruse through from the above mugs which can be best suited by the battery life. 

Temperature Control


When you are searching for a smart coffee mug, you need to look at its temperature control. There are three types of mugs, one which can be heated at the desired temperature at any time and one which can have a fixed temperature, and one which uses thermal energy for warming up your coffee. You need to know that in thermal insulation, you cannot warm a cold coffee. It is also possible that you may have different tastes at different temperatures and for that, you need to choose a mug whose temperature can be set up according to your desire. Usually the preferable and drinkable coffee temperature is 136 degrees Fahrenheit or 58 degrees Celsius.


When selecting a coffee mug, it is advisable to know the material it is made of. The smart coffee mug can be of stainless steel, ceramic, etc. You need to be pretty sure that the smart coffee mug is in resemblance to your lifestyle, where you will be using the mug and the environment within which you are at. You need to be sure that the right material is present in your mug to avoid issues such as allergic reactions. You should also have to be aware that the material used and the cost of your smart mug fits within your budget. Some material's resistivity is too low while some can be high. You also need to be sure that no damage or spillage should be done due to high pressure or temperature.

Available Designs

You need to select the design and colour of your smart coffee mugs according to the one favourable to you. You can have a customized smart coffee mug as per the print shown to you in the product description or you can also customize it by your style. The dark colours are usually suggested in the smart coffee mugs. You can also order or purchase it according to your preferences or simple formal as black. It is suggested that the available designs shown on the product side can be a better choice. Some of the most available and preferred designs in smart coffee mugs are a combination of two colours or one with RGB colours, especially for techies.

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Make your Morning Refreshing and have an Active Start with a Smart Coffee Mug!

When all is said and done, you need to go to bed feeling accomplished and wake up to a revitalizing morning. A smart coffee mug is one of the devices to make the morning even more lively. To continue brightening up your day, a smart temperature control travel coffee mug would be the gadget to carry along.

The smart mug price vary and above are selections that are under Rs.20,000. As suggested, selecting dark colours is the best choice. There are also some that come in different colour including the rainbow or the RGB colours most liked by technophiles. Other attributes include mechanisms such as a mixing or blending cup others more complex with features such as Gravity installation technology for auto on and off operations or even the Qi-compliance with compliant devices. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a smart coffee mug, look no further as this list has detailed some of the best to go for.