10 Practical And Budget-Friendly Corporate Gift Options That Show Your Appreciation to Clients and Associates (2019)

10 Practical And Budget-Friendly Corporate Gift Options That Show Your Appreciation to Clients and Associates (2019)

Showing appreciation to employees and business partners is essential to maintaining good relations with them. Corporate gifts given on special occasions shows your business associates are the perfect medium to show you appreciate their support and partnership. If you looking for budget-friendly yet unique corporate gifts, then BP Guide India can help. Our list has several options that will help you make an impression on your most important relationships.

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Thank Loyal Customers or Employees With Thoughtful Corporate Gifts

There is no better way of retaining your customers than showing your appreciation through buying them gifts. Not only does this go a long way to maintain them but it is a show of a solid and professional relationship. While a thank you card won’t break your pocket and will serve the same purpose, it won’t hurt going an extra mile and appreciate them with a gift. While deciding whether or not to gift your clients is easy, it becomes so hard to choose the ideal gift for them. However here are some gift ideas for your clients

Things to Keep at the Back of your Mind when Settling for a Corporate Gift.

Make Sure that you Personalize the Gift for Each Client.

Personalizing a gift is one of the best ways to make your client feel that you appreciate him or her genuinely. It is what makes you stand out from the other firms that are also sending him or her the gifts. Otherwise, they may assume that you did it out of obligation and not because you are happy with the association. For example, use what the customers often buy to analyze their various tastes and base your gifts on the same. In addition to that, avoid a general gift as much as possible.

It Would be Wrong to Overdo It

As much as you are awarding a client, don’t spend more than what he contributes to the company. For instance, it doesn’t make sense to buy your customer a gift of Rs.5,000 when he or she has only spent Rs.1,000 over the period under consideration. Ensure that you give a nice gift that is within the budget of the client's expenditure as far as the company is concernrd. If you don't do that, there are high chances of incurring a loss.

Send Gifts Not Just During The Holiday Season.

This is another tip that will make the customer feel special. If you want to stand out, avoid sending the gifts during holidays. Usually, most companies send their gifts during holidays. Therefore, there is a possibility that he will receive the gifts from many organizations during that period. Under such circumstances, there are high chances that the client won’t know who sent what. Therefore, be wise and consider sending them throughout the year if possible.

The Top 10 Best Ideas if You are Looking for Corporate Gifts.

Succulent Garden

Source www.amazon.in

A lush garden can make the best gift idea for your loyal customer, especially when the year comes to a close. This gift idea is not gender-sensitive and therefore, both men and women can be gifted. This one, for example, consists of 20 assorted succulent cuttings, and upon purchase one receives not less than ten assorted various succulent cuttings of approximately 1.5 inches, up to 5 inches long.

These succulents are all handpicked and are cut fresh when shipped. This means that you will get your esteemed customers fresh and high-quality cuttings. The cuttings are well packed without soil or pot. Despite them being very fragile and may easily fall off while shipping, the cuttings from Amazon.in are carefully packed to prevent or mitigate such instances of falling off.

These are said to be the easiest houseplants that are more appealing than any known artificial plants. They are excellent for decorative and terrarium pot. They are also easy to take care. Finally, they are Do-it-yourself home décor, whose possibilities are limited by your customer’s imagination. They can be displayed on a plant holder, a geometric glass vase, wall mount or in a live wreath. They are also available in Amazon.in for just Rs.299.

Branded Notebook

Old is gold, and it will always remain to be so. Despite many writing software today, people still treasure putting it down on paper. For this reason, it can be a wise idea to gift your loyal customers with this branded notebook from PrintStop.co.in This is an online company in India that provides online printing services in the country. Another flagship is the branded notebooks.

There are two ways of having your customized notebook printed, one you can upload your design or have the design of the notebook made professionally by the company. However, this will still be based on your input and belief. These notebooks are a perfect way of adding a dash of elegance to your clients stationary. They are not gender-respective and can be personalized to suit any style. They are perfect gift ideas for both your employees as well as acquaintances. Today, you can shop for these personalized notebooks at Printstop.co.in, starting from Rs.79.


Source www.amazon.in

Nothing works best as a gift to your esteemed customers, especially the vegetarian ones like spices. One such great option is this product by Magic Foods. It prides itself of being ranked number two among India’s most trusted food brands. To date, the brand has found its way into more than 135 million households across India. This can be attributed to the brand's consistency in delivering healthy products.

The spices are ideal for your vegetarian clients as it is also 100 percent pure. The taste as well as the aroma are also perfect. They also lack not only added preservatives but also added spice extracts. In addition to that, they are both manually sorted and Gluten free.

It has up to 6 flavours including Shahi PANEER Masala, Chicken Masala, Meet Masala, Kitchen King Masala, Fish Masala, Garam Masala and SABZI Masala. When purchasing, it is important to note that the outer package may vary depnding on the particular flavour. This product is now available on Amazon.in at Rs.465. Excite your loyal customers with 600 grams of premium magic assorted blended spices powder.

Toiletry Bag

Source www.amazon.in

This travel bag organizer from Shoppostreet is sure to put a smile on the faces of your esteemed clients. Shoppostreet is a company that deals with home improvement equipment in India. It is located in Surat Gujarat.

The travel bag from ShoppoStreet has four zipped compartments. It has a snap closure and, therefore, it can hand and roll for compact storage. This travel bag for women is compact yet stylish. It is convenient and practical. The four spacious and zipped compartments are excellent for storing jewelry and also cosmetics.

It comes with the Roll B go feature that will enable your client to roll the bag on her bed. The dresser or vanity and the hangtag are also ideal for viewing their makeup essentials. This bag is a perfect gift and is available for sale on Amazon.in from as low as Rs.253, up from Rs.399.

Branded Water Bottle

Sometimes only a water bottle can make an ideal gift for your clients. However, though it might seem cheap, you have to go an extra mile and try to personalize it and make it look professional and appealing before your client’s eyes. This metal water bottle from PrintStop.co.in Company is what we are talking about.

The perfect gift idea from the brand, BHome, can hold up to 750ml. It is black, and its height and diameter are 25 by 7 centimeters. It has the company logo on one side and then on the other side, the company can personalize the name of that lucky client. Layer engraving personalization technology is used to engrave the wordings.

Anybody, regardless of whether male or female, can use it. However, there are some restrictions on the way it should be used. For example, one should not use in dishwasher or even the microwave. Also, it should not be placed near the heat source or directly on the heat source. Third one needs to clean the bottle with baking soda and hot water to eliminate odor. You can shop for this great gift at Printstop.co.in for Rs.448 inclusive of shipping.

Portable Phone Charger

Source www.amazon.in

You can’t go wrong when you gift your loyal customer with this Mi 20000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (White) from MI. The battery measures 15 by seven by 2.4 centimeters and weighs 354 grams.
The power bank is temperature resistant, has protection from short circuit, and has reset mechanism and the input overvoltage protection. It also comes with protection from incorrect insertion, output overvoltage protection; it protects itself from over discharge and overcharge and finally PTC protective circuit for the battery.

Your client is set to experience an ultra-fast charging quick charge 3.0 support when they are charging one device or 5.1 and 3.6 A support when they are charging two devices at the same time. This also plays well with other devices from MI, Samsung, Apple and much more. The power bank is capable of charging some USB-C laptops.

The polymer lithium battery makes the power bank to become more durable and efficient. Also, it is anti-slip and scratch resistant. Now this power bank is available on Amazon.in for Rs.1,499 down from Rs.1,999. A 6 months warranty backs it upon purchase.


You can treat your loyal customers by donating something you know they will be interested in. You can choose a charitable organization from Animal charities to Childrents charities. Health and development charities are also another option. This is a good place to start, https://www.giveindia.org/, if you have no idea of a charitable organization. If that is hard, consider simpler gestures. For example, you can send your B2B customers a box of donuts, smoothies, coffees or even cookies to feed the whole family or office. At times, you can donate books to an institution that relies on your services, and much more.

Personalized, Handwritten Card

Source www.etsy.com

What a brilliant and well thought out way of appreciating your customers with this set of 3, Thank You cards that are made out of the red cardstock with pattern paper. They come with handwritten calligraphy. This set is available with three scarlet coloreds enveloped and measures 14 by 20 centimeters.

They are handmade individually, and there are hardly any prints on them. What’s more, the material used to make these cards includes cardstock, Aquarelle color, and pattern cardstock. They have a personalized gift message and therefore make an ideal corporate gift to loyal customers. They can be personalized to suit any gender. Today, they are available on Etsy e-commerce shop at $14.99 which is an equivalent of Rs.1,080.


Source www.amazon.in

Ebooks are the most overlooked gift ideas. This is because people tend to believe that most people hate reading. However, you can get your loyal customers eBooks as well. Especially if you are running a website that deals with literature, you will be able to figure out your clients reading habits. From there, you can gift them the ebooks that they are interested in following all that you have learned about them online.

It is believed that this gift is well suited for millennial since not many people of the older age group have time to read eBooks online. Most prefer reading hard copies. On the same breath, the percentage of the older generation that is tech savvy may be dismal compared to the millennial age. This way, eBooks as gifts better suits professionals and millennials.

There are many websites where you can buy these books online and send them to your clients, however, at Amazon.in; you will be spoilt for choice on what to buy for your customers. Here, you can find many, ranging from as low as Rs.2 to as much as Rs.299. Here, there is something for everyone.

Coffee Blends

Nearly everyone loves coffee; therefore your corporate won’t go wrong when they gift their loyal client with this Nescafe Blend 37 Instant Coffee 100 g from Nescafe. Nescafe is a coffee brand made by Nestle. The coffee comes in a wide array of forms. It derived its name from Nestle and café. The company’s first coffee flagship brand was introduced in Switzerland in 1938 April the 1st.

This coffee from Nescafe is found in a 100grams glass bottle and has a maximum shelf life of 12 months. It does not have any added preservatives nor is it organic. However it is grounded, decaf and gourmet. Flipkart.com is the e-commerce website in India where you can buy this coffee online.

Bonus: Offer them Discounts

Loyal discounts can make an excellent gift for your loyal customers. These are sometimes called patronage discounts and are offered to returning customers so that they are encouraged to make even more significant purchases. In the end, these discounts will increase revenue and customer loyalty. Loyalty discounts as a way of appreciating your customers usually increase customer acquisition, increases the rate of conversions, it is a great marketing opportunity, and finally, it will increase customer loyalty.

You can initiate this form of discount through, either offering a percentage based discounts, free shipping, or even gifts. You can use these offers as prelaunch offers, weekly or monthly, holiday or seasonal offers. Your customers will be glad you gave them the gift.

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Give Gifts That Reflect The Value Of The Relationship

Every business relationship - employees, suppliers, or vendors - has a different dynamic. Your gifts must reflect this, both in value and the type chosen. Employees must be given gifts that amply recognize their contribution, while in case of high profile clients, your gifts must not only impress but also show them the importance you place on them. So plan out your gifting program carefully allocating budget and time appropriately so your partners are not left disappointed.