Throwing a Kiddie Birthday Party? Party Planning Tips and 10 Awesome Return Gifts for 8 Year Olds

Throwing a Kiddie Birthday Party? Party Planning Tips and 10 Awesome Return Gifts for 8 Year Olds

For kids, parties are all about the cake, games and gifts, but mostly the gifts - for the birthday boy or girl and also the party favours and return gifts that are handed to guests. Meaning you simply cannot have a party for 8 year olds without return gifts for the little guests! Best Present Guide brings you some fantastic return gift ideas for kids, including return gifts below 100 rupees, along with some very useful tips for your party.

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Importance of Giving Return Gifts to the Kids

Nowadays giving gifts have become a vital part for any celebrations and when it comes to the birthdays of the kids, return gifts play a major role. Well, it should not be considered as a chore, and one should give a return gift from the heart. Is not it great to make someone feel special? Return gifts also showcase your generosity as well as compassion towards others.

So, you are throwing a birthday party for your cutie pie. There is no doubt that, kids very curiously wait for their birthday as they love to receive a bunch of gifts from their friends. The same feeling pop-ups in the heart of the friends of the birthday kid as they are eager to know what party favour await them in those goodie bags! Return gifts are must, read on to know why.

Strengthens the Friendship

As your kids birthday is special, so is his or her friends. Giving return gifts is a wonderful idea to build a great relationship. Your kid’s friend will undoubtedly become the best buddies with him or her. It will not only make the kids happy, but it will also strengthen their friendship. This gesture will be the robust foundation that will lead to a strong bond between your kid and their friends. You would surely want your kid to have comrades who have good hearts. So, choose best gifts that your kid can give as a return gift to his or her pals.

Kids Love Presents!

Everyone love gifts, isn't that right? However, when it comes to the kids, they are so much fonder of gifts than any adult. They feel as if they are on clouds once you hand over a gift in their hands. Kids are innocent, and they easily get pleased with a lovely gift. These little girls need love, fun and excitement, and you can offer all of them at once at your kid’s birthday party. You just need to select some playful or meaningful gifts that they can adore.

Appreciates the Presence of Party Guests

Giving return gift is also a gesture of appreciating the presence of all the invitees. People are very busy these days, and this is the reason that they often celebrate birthdays with family only. But as you have organised a party and parents will be sending their little ones to attend it, then would not you like to thank them for coming? Return gift works wonder in this regard. By giving return gifts, you will not only appreciate kids for showing up at the party, but you will also convey thanks to their parents for letting their kids join your kid on his special day.

10 Best Return Gifts Ideas for Your Kid's Birthday Party

So you are ready to throw a grand party and want to make this special day memorable by giving return gifts to his or her friends! Well, you might be thinking about the best return gift ideas for kids. Is not it? You need not bother at all as here in this wonderful post you will get a myriad of choices of playful and valuable gifts that you can consider giving to your kid’s friends. Here you go!

Travel Ludo


This Funskool Travel Ludo will undoubtedly be a great gift for your kid’s friends. The best part is it is a very exciting game that kids will love to play. Moreover, this ludo has been one of the favourite games of Indian families so not only kids, their parents will love to accompany them in this game. It comes with a plastic dice and pegs that are robust, and 2 to 4 players can enjoy this game with ease. It is extremely fun and thrilling to play ludo with dear ones. This board game is ideal for travel as it comes packed with a travel case. It costs only Rs.126, and you can get it from the Amazon website.

Pencil Box

You would surely agree with this fact that kids love pencil box and they always aspire to get fanciful one for themselves. It is indeed the best return gift for a birthday party and receiving it will surely make the kid jump with joy.

This Pencil Box Lion Print measures 21 x 9 x 3.5 cm and it features a double compartment with majestic print. It is composed of the premium quality metal that makes this pencil box highly durable. It contains an additional removal metal tray into it. This item will surely be a great addition to the kid’s stationary collection. This whimsical pencil box costs Rs.73 only, and it can be purchased from First Cry. Is not it one of the amazing return gifts below 100 rupees? There are plenty more colours and designs available and you can browse till you find one you think will be more appreciated by your little guests.

Multipurpose Table Board Game

It is always best to give something timeless, and this Disney Mickey and Friends Multipurpose Table Board Game is the perfect example of that. It features 4 different board games that kids will be excited to play. This table is made of the finest quality wood that offers it long-lasting durability. Mickey Mouse has always been the beloved character, and the kid who will get it will certainly like to play and will also like to use it as a study table. It makes a wonderful return gift for both, little girls and boys. It is highly functional and can be used for different purposes. You can buy it from Flipkart at Rs.341. Best deal indeed!

Rubik's Cube

You can count on a return gift that is extremely great as well as valuable. This Rubik’s Cube will be an exceptional gift and not only the kid but the parents of that kid will also appreciate this return gift. It is made of top quality plastic and measures 2.15 x 2.15 x 2.15 inches. It is an amazing puzzle that will improve the analytical as well as critical thinking of the kids. It features smooth corners that makes it kid-friendly item. This puzzle type product is very functional, and its plastic is molded with colors, so the color will not fade. Get it today from Flipkart at Rs.119 only.

Hello Kitty Water Bottle


Who does not love Kitty! This ‘Hello Kitty Water Bottle’ will undeniably make the day of any 8 year girl who will receive it as a return gift. It is made of an excellent quality material that makes it a long lasting item. This water bottle exhibits incredible charm with its fabulous appeal. It features engraved stars as well as a small circular pattern and its lower half showcases the kitty design. This bottle comes with detachable handy straps and has a push open straw that ease in drinking water. It is leak resistant and can hold up to 570 ml water. This water bottle is a very useful item, and the kid will like to take it with him at school. It can be purchased from Amazon at Rs.179.

Digital LED Silicone Rubber Band Watch


In today’s modern era, kids are also very advanced, and they would appreciate it if they get hi-tech return gift. You can consider giving this Digital LED Silicone Rubber Band Watch to your kid’s 8 year old girl friends. It is suitable for pretty girls as well as boys as it comes in 10 different colours, and it is one of the best return gifts below 100 rupees as it costs only Rs.55. It features a rectangle dial and has a press button on it in order to check the time. This gift will help in making kids to learn punctuality. This trendy watch can be purchased from the Giftoo website.

Mini Figure Spinner

Another amusing item that will be exciting return gift for 8 year old kids is a spinner. What can be more thrilling than giving a whimsical to the kids? This Totu Spinner Silicone Cartoon will do its work by keeping the kids engaged. It measures 2 x 4 inches and is made of premium quality silicone. This highly durable hand spinner features a smooth surface. It is a kid-friendly, portable and safe to use. You can grab it today from Flipkart at Rs.133.

Wooden Coin Bank

Receiving a thoughtful return gift will surely delight the kids! This Home of The Jumbo Money Bank is not only a unique return gift but it will also teach them the art of saving money. You can purchase it from the Return Gift Wala website at Rs.80 only. It is one of the lovely return gifts below 100 rupees. This item features an elephant cutout that is enjoying the sidewalk. The hut shape makes it a majestic item that will surely delight kids. It measures 5 x 3 x 2.5 inches, and it has lock beneath and a hole at the top. This product is composed of the optimum quality wood that lends it good durability.

Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers


Kids are cute, and they adore the things that make them feel special. You can make them feel great giving them this Moons and Stars Glow in the Dark Wall Stickers set. It is another awesome return gift for a birthday party. The set measures 32 x 24 x 0.5 cm, and it is extremely fanciful return gift kids will ever receive. This sticker set is made of rich quality vinyl, and they are removable as well as reusable. These highly durable decals are waterproof and come in different sized stars. This set will last for about four to seven years that too without fading. You can get it from Amazon at Rs.159 only. Receiving this gift will surely make the day of the kids.

YK Minion Boys T-Shirt

Ever wondered to give a t-shirt as a return gift? This YK Minion Boys T-Shirt is can be a great return gift for 8 year old. It features amusing print minion boys that offer this t-shirt a quirky appeal. The text #Say Cheese will certainly bring a smile to the face of every onlooker. It has a grey color and features a V-neck and short sleeves. This fantastic t-shirt is made of high-quality cotton and polyester that offers it great durability. You have an option to select size according to the age group. Get this t-shirt from Myntra at Rs.349.

Tips for Organising an Exquisite and Stress-Free Birthday Party for Your Kid

A lot of planning is needed when it comes to organising your kid’s birthday party. There is so much to do, but you need not afraid. Here are some fabulous tips that will help you in throwing an amazing birthday party for your kid.

Send Customised Invitations


The foremost thing you have to go is to send an invitation. Here you can bring a twist by sending a customised invitation. You can make the invitations with your kids. You can even make the invitation cards that showcase your theme of the party so that the parents of the kids know everything. Make sure you send invitations 2 weeks before the birthday and do not forget to jot down all the important details into it.

Choose an Outdoor or Open Air Venue for the Party

You can either throw a party at your home or any hotel, but it will be great if you host the party at an open location. The reason being, kids will have a good ground to enjoy the party. It is obvious that kids love to play, so after eating the tempting cake and other delicious cookies, they will get into the zone of playing. Make sure you book an open venue in advance.

Do Not Forget to Incorporate Party Games

Not to mention, nobody like boring parties and you have to ponder a bit as your guests will be the kids. You can think of incorporating some age-appropriate games to add charm in the party. Games such as scavenger hunt, passing the parcel, treasure hunt etc. will keep the kids entertained.

Now you have enough tips as well as return gift ideas for kids for organising the best birthday party and giving lovely return gifts. Remember that it’s your kid’s special day and you have to make it best so that your beloved kid can add this day into his or her treasure trove. So, now you are ready to set off to throw an exciting birthday party for your cutie pie.

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Make return gift bags for the kids

So you have a fabulous return gift planned for the kids that you know they will love. That's nice, but it could be better. How? Instead of giving each child one gift, make a little return gift bag with a few pieces of candy along with the main gift. Gift bags make it easier to stay organised and you can have all the names of the little ones on each bag to ensure everyone gets theirs. You can also have more than one small gift which will make it more exciting for the kids.