Not Everyone Can Have a Spacious Farmhouse-Style Kitchen(2021): Check Out the Following Best Kitchen Storage Hacks Ways to Organize and Clean Your Kitchen!

Not Everyone Can Have a Spacious Farmhouse-Style Kitchen(2021): Check Out the Following Best Kitchen Storage Hacks Ways to Organize and Clean Your Kitchen!

You just have to think when you're lacking in kitchen storage space. Whether you're navigating tiny cabinets, narrow drawers, or an overall lack of storage space, there's a lot to contend with when you're trying to keep your kitchen tidy. Here are some ideas that might help you feel like you’ve doubled your kitchen’s square footage.

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Importance of Creating Storage Space in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the soul of the house. We, especially women spend a lot of time in the kitchen for cooking or even for eating. A person needs a lot of space in the kitchen to freely move around. There are things like dishes, food supplies, spices and electrical appliances in the kitchen and if they are not kept in the right place can cause a lot of clutter especially if the kitchen is small. It is crucial to have proper storage in the kitchen to work comfortably.

If you plan to make or buy a proper storage place in the kitchen you need to start thinking about things like who manages the cooking responsibilities in the house. There might be more than two people in the kitchen at the same time if you have a big family and plan storage likewise. Another thing to ask is what kind of storage place you need in the kitchen to be comfortable work in it. There are tons of different ways to create storage in the kitchen but not all will suit you therefore do proper research before choosing the ones you like.

Careful planning and smart usage of available space can go a long way in ensuring you have a well-organized kitchen that makes it a pleasure to spend time in.

Kitchen Storage Hacks You Can Use

Use an Office Supply Organizer as a Kitchen Supply Organizer

People tend to buy a lot of office organizers or get them as gifts and most of them just stay on your shelves without being useful. You can easily use them as a kitchen supply organizer. You can hand them on the wall, above your sink to put spoons, knives or dishwashing soaps and sponges. It allows the water to drain out and keep the things dry and save counter space.

Put in a Slide-Out Prep Station

Chopping boards are an important tool in a kitchen but if you don't have a proper place you'll end up stacking it out of reach. You can easily build a chopper like a drawer that can slide in and outright under your kitchen sink and over your trash can. It will be better to have a hole in it for the discarded stems and roots to go right into the trash to save your time.

Hang Pots and Pans from the Ceiling

If you have a small kitchen and do not have enough space on the walls or on the floor to put pots and pan you can hang them on the ceiling. You can buy an overhead rack and hand them on it. It will be easy to reach to, create space as well as look decorative.

Buy a Small Carry Rack for Spices

Spices like salt, pepper, coriander powder etc are used in every dish and can be a hassle to look for them each time you need them. Having them next to the stove takes up a lot of space. Get a small caddy that fits on your shelf and keep the essential items in it. You can bring it next to the stove when needed and put it all together back on the shelf when needed. These caddies come in different shapes and sizes therefore it will be easy to find the one you need.

Install a Dish Drying Rack to the Wall

Instead of placing your wet dishes on a rack on the floor for them to drain out get a drying rail/BYGEL rail, a few S hooks etc and mount it on the wall.  You can hang your dishes, serving spoons on it to save space on the floor.  You can place a towel underneath for the dripping water.  

Stash Cooking and Eating Utensils in Mason Jars

If you have mason jars sitting in your home you can use them as cooking and eating utensil storage. You will have to get a piece of wood, drill some hose clamps in it and attach the mason jars to it. Hand it on the wall and stash your small utensils in it. You can also put some flowers or ferns in it to brighten up your kitchen and keep you in a good mood.

Store Pans Sideways

Pots and pans take up a lot of space in the kitchen are always hard to find the right one when you need it. The best way to store them is sideways instead of putting them on top of each other. It will make them visible and easy to find without making too much noise.

Store Lids with a Curtain Rod

Another difficult thing to store is the lids. They take up a lot of space due to the knobs on them. Instead of putting them on your shelf get a curtain rod installed on the wall and place these lids on it. The knobs will keep them there without letting them fall and save your space on the shelf. They will also be easy to find when you are in a hurry.

4 Kitchen Storage Products that Can Help You Declutter Your Kitchen

Here are some cool storage items you can buy for your kitchen to make life easier for you.

This spice rack is a great way to store the necessary spices right where you need it. It has 6 tins with magnets at the back which sticks to its steel rack. You can hang it on the wall above your stove use it and place it back. You can buy it for Rs. 899 from

You can buy this clip lock container and place your vegetables or small dishes in it. Place them on the shelves below your counter on top of each other and simply drag them out when needed. The IVY 16 Ltr can be bought for Rs. 699 from


This under the sink organizer is a great tool to put your cleaning products out of sight but organized in one place. You can also use it to put your pots and pans as well. The VR shoppe 4 tier rack is available for Rs. 957 on


If you don't have a proper place to hand your coffee cups you can buy this Zollyss 6 hook cup hanger and install it on the wall or in your cabinet. It will save your space and keep them within reach. You can use it to hang spatulas, scissors, towels etc as well. You can buy it for Rs. 309 from

Why Investing Time and Effort in Proper Storage is Important

  • Cooking for the family is one of the most important tasks of the day, and if the kitchen is cluttered it gets very difficult to prepare food in time. Having things properly stored and within reach makes it easier to cook without putting too much effort.
  • Getting up early to prepare food for the family before they head out of the house for the day needs a lot of energy and time. You won't have too much time to dig into the shelves for finding the ingredients or pots you need when running on the clock. Having an organized pantry will save a lot of time.
  • Having things in the proper place makes it easy to maintain the kitchen and to clean it after you are done.
  • It also increases the monetary value of the home. A well-kept kitchen with proper storage places increases its value as it impresses the buyers. 5. You won't feel lazy when it comes to cooking for the family or for a party if you have all the thing things properly placed in the kitchen.
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Don't Keep Things that Are Not Required in Kitchen

Sometimes we try to keep everything in the kitchen. We can save space by keeping things out which is required once a month. Every week you must check if there is anything in the kitchen that is not being used for very long. This will not only save space but also time when you cook in hurry.