Struggling to Come Up With Couple Shower Gifts Ideas? Relax We Have 10 Standout Options Curated Just for You! (2022)

Struggling to Come Up With Couple Shower Gifts Ideas? Relax We Have 10 Standout Options Curated Just for You! (2022)

When a couple gets married, they deserve to be showered with love a.k.a. thoughtful and meaningful gifts. Whether you're looking for a splurge-worthy present or simply want a creative add-on to accompany their registry pick, browse through these finds to set the right tone for them to enjoy their upcoming special day (and beyond too)!

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How to Plan a Couple Shower

Finalize the Guest List and Invitation Cards


First thing first, you need to finalize the guestlist for the event and sent out the invitation cards accordingly. Before planning the couple's shower gifts, you need to plan the entire party for them. You can invite all the friends of the bride and groom and for that create a WhatsApp group involving bridesmaids and groomsmen. You can then finalize the invitation design or maybe you can send an e-invite over WhatsApp or mail.

Prepare a Budget

Now that you have an entire guest list, you can finalize the budget for this couple's shower party by discussing it with all the people who are helping. If the final cost is divided affordably between all friends then you can select a budget for this event. This should include the cost of the venue, decorations, food, drinks and other expenditure.

Venue and Theme

Now that you have covered all the important aspects of the shower party, you can finally decide. Apart from finding the perfect couple shower gifts, finding a perfect venue that can accommodate so many people and should have a decent swimming pool, garden area and dining area is important too. While you are planning the venue, don’t forget about the theme too as this is what defines the whole party.

Determine the Supplies

Now, your final task is to determine the rest of the supplies for the party. It includes decorations for the theme that you have mutually picked, food and food supplies, drinks and related supplies and other items. This can also include items for the game you are planning to organize for the party along with pool party supplies if you have planned any. Moreover, you should cover all the elements of the party and plan them in advance so no mishap occurs on the D-Day.

Best Couple Shower Gifts

Custom Wall Art

One of the most thoughtful couple wedding shower gifts is a beautiful wall art which is fully customizable too. Gone are the days of clichéd photo frames, you should better buy them something which can double as a personalized present and a home décor item.

This is basically a unique photo frame which comes in form of wooden hoops. These concentric hoops are connected together with the help of net embroidery and gorgeous floral decorations around them. In the middle of these hoops, you can customize a pretty picture of the couple.

They have used 12 inches and 5 inches hoops for the frame and net embroidery to customize their names on the frame. It can be hung in the drawing-room or bedroom or anywhere you want. You can buy it on for Rs. 2,099.

Wonderchef Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a perfect option for couple shower gifts which is such a useful item for their post-wedding life too especially when both of them enjoy coffee a lot. This Regalia brew coffee maker by Wonderchef is a perfect gift which can make 7 cups of coffee in one go.

This coffee maker got a stainless steel body and a smooth functioning mechanism. You just need to pour some ground coffee powder into the basket and it will brew refreshingly perfect black coffee for you. It also comes with a drip controller which allows no spillover.

Simply clean it with a damp cloth once you are done using it. This simple and sleek design can fit anywhere and you can buy it on Nykaa Fashion for Rs. 2,520.

Personalized Wooden Coasters


Giving something personalized to a couple who is about to get married is always special. They will always remember you just by looking at the gift and it also keeps the memories alive too. So, we picked this customized wooden coaster set for them for their couple's shower.

This is a set of 4 wooden coasters which you can personalize with 1 name, 2 photos and 1 memorable date. One coaster can contain the names of the bride and groom while another one can have their wedding date engraved on a date. Moreover, you can get 2 photos of the couple printed on the other 2 coasters.

These 4 coasters are made from quality wood and come with a stand to keep them organized. You can buy this complete personalized set on IGP for Rs. 645.

The Couple's Cookbook


This may not be a very popular option nowadays but a good for some couples is The Couple’s Cookbook. This one is a cookbook to swear by for the newlyweds. The more time they spend together doing something creative, the more they can strengthen their bond and hence this gift is just perfect for them.

This recipe book contains various recipes for weeknight meals and brunches along with small and big recipes for delicious meals. Most recipes are kept simple and comforting which is perfect for the couple who enjoys food together.

In fact, the recipe book also contains some cocktail recipes for their home bar too along with so many tips and tricks to master food and drinks. Written by a husband and wife together, this gift is highly recommended for a newly married or yet the wed couple. You can buy it on Amazon for Rs. 773.

Couple Cushions


A very cute and quirky gift for soon to the wed couple in their couple shower is a set of love cushions. This one is a romantic set of two lovely cushions which are quite adorable.

While one cushion says “I love you” another one says “till the day after forever” which a cute couple of cartoons on them. Both the cushions are available in sizes 10X11 inches and are perfect for the couch, bedroom or sofa. These plush cushions are not only cute but quite comfortable too.

These white cushions would look perfect on a contrasting background. For the cleaning, just hand wash the cushion covers in mild detergent and you are good to go. This makes a really romantic gift for a couple who is about to get married. You can buy this set of cushions on FNP for Rs. 899.

Mr. and Mrs. Wine Glass Set

Another one on the list of bridal shower gifts for the couple is a wine glass gift set. This gift is not only quite useful for their post-wedding days but it is a bit personalized too.

This set contains 2 rose gold wine glasses with Mr. printed on one and Mrs. printed on another one. The best thing about these glasses is that they are not made out of glass. Instead, they are made with non-breakable material which makes them even more perfect to gift.

Not only these wine glasses will last long but they will be the prime witness of all the happy memories of the couple. They are made out of polycarbonate and are absolutely food contact safe. This set of shatterproof wine glasses is available for purchase on for Rs. 1,099.


If a couple is starting their new journey together in their new home then they will definitely need all the things to make their house a home. For this, we have a perfect suggestion in form of this quilt/comforter.

This one is a super king-size comforter by Portico New York. The dimensions are quite big for the comforter which means no fighting over a shared quilt. This comforter is luxuriously soft and comes in a tile art palette. The neutral colours of this quilt will go well with any room.

Made out of cotton material, this quilt can be easily washed in a washing machine without trouble. Ideal for semi-winters, this plush quilt is what every newly married needs in their room. You can buy it on Home Centre for Rs. 2,999.

Custom String Art


Sometimes personalized couple shower gifts look way more adorable than practical ones. This is why we chose this beautiful string art wedding couple name board in this list. This definitely makes a gift to remember and as this is customizable, it leaves a lasting impression on the receiver.

In this gift, a couple is created on a wooden board with the help of string art. The beautiful creation portrays a couple standing on the aisle to get married. For personalization, you can get the name of the couple printed on the board.

Isn’t it the cutest couple shower gift ever? It makes a perfect home décor item too and it is super easy to clean as well. You can purchase and get this customized on Zwende for Rs. 2,000.

Personalized Ceramic Planters


Thoughtful gifts which are not only practical but also cute make a perfect present for someone. Keeping that in mind we picked these personalized planters for a soon-to-wed couple.

You get 2 ceramic planters in this set but they come without the plants. Not only they will add some greens to the life of a newly married couple but they will also give them a reason to smile. This is because you can personalize these planters.

First One is a 3-inch planter which comes with a quote on it and another one is a 4.5-inch planter which showcases the couple’s photo on it. For the customization, just contact the website and get it done easily. These cute planters are sturdy and you can order them online on IGP for Rs. 695.

Storage Basket Set

And our final choice for a couple of bridal shower gifts is a multipurpose storage basket set. If your friends are moving into a new house after their wedding, they would definitely need more of these baskets for storage.

Here you get 5 of these baskets which come in trendy lilac colour. One can literally store anything in them like books, stationery, clothes, vegetables etc. They are quite larger enough (14.4 X 35.2 X 27.5 cm) to accommodate any item of your choice in it.

These are eco-friendly and BPA-free baskets which allow you to store food items in them as well. They are made out of close-knit mesh style plastic which is quite durable and each basket comes with its own closing lid too. You can buy this set of 5 baskets on Selvel Global for Rs. 1,999.

Fun Couple Shower Ideas

Now, you have so many different and interesting choices for wedding shower gifts for couple, we are here to suggest some cool party ideas too. Here are some theme suggestions for the couple shower party which will light up the event with so much fun and laughter so that bride and groom can forget about all the stress of the wedding.

Wild Pool Party

A super wild pool party is the most loved and most fun theme for a couple of shower parties. Bust out those pool inflatables and jump in the pool to enjoy a chill day. You can play so many games in the pool as well like pool pong, ring dive and cannonball. You can also get some sunglasses with the bride and groom customized for their respective friends. With some drinks and barbeque, it will be an affair to remember.

Karaoke Party

A karaoke-themed party for the couple who is about to get married is a perfect way to shed off the wedding jitters. This is also a perfect way to involve all the guests of the couple and ask them to sing special songs dedicated to the bride and groom. This is also a wonderful way for all the bride side’s friends and groom’s friends to get to know each other.

Fun Game Night

Apart from planning couple shower gifts, you should also plan some really cool games for the couple shower party. You can arrange a fun game night for all the friends of bride and groom as an ice breaking activity. There are various games to pick from like dumb charades, board games, treasure hunt and so on. Don’t forget to keep some prizes for the winners at the end of the game.

Red Carpet Event

A red carpet-themed couple shower party is going to be a glamorous affair. For this, ask all the guests to dress up as a celebrity and you can roll out a red carpet outside the venue for the same. You can also prepare a fun backdrop for the bride and groom for the event and hire some photographers to take pictures of all the guests. You can also keep awards for best-dressed guests.

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Ask the couple to share a video of them talking about each other and how lucky they are. Also, in the video, they could talk about things like where they first met, what they like the most about each other and other mushy stuff. It won’t only be the perfect keepsake for them but is sure to leave everyone teary-eyed giving the occasion a perfect ending.