Midnight Hunger Pangs? These 16 Spots are the Best Places to Eat in Hyderabad at Night and Are Also Open Till Late (2019)

Midnight Hunger Pangs? These 16 Spots are the Best Places to Eat in Hyderabad at Night and Are Also Open Till Late (2019)

You may be visiting the city for work or pleasure, or you may have been in Hyderabad for a while, but have you explored the city's gastronomical delights at night? If not, you're in for a treat, and you've come to the right place! There is so much Hyderabad has to offer, and some amazing places throw open their doors, or set up shop at night. Find your must eat list right here!

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Midnight Cravings? Hyderabad Has More Food Options Than You Can Imagine!

When sleep eludes and hunger strikes, you often wish you could call for delivery of some favorite food home or go out and eat. But, where can you get food after 12 in the night? Don’t worry, mom and dad will not call you crazy anymore and nor will you have to cook anything yourself so late in the night, especially, if you are staying in Hyderabad. The city has many like you who love to treat themselves to various cuisines well after midnight. The rising demand in Hyderabad for late night eateries have forced restaurateurs and hoteliers to come up with every damn cuisine available after the clock strikes 12 in the night.

Savior for Those who Work in Different Shifts

The growing number of people working in rotational shifts and night shifts also lead to the rise in demand of late night eateries. People working in BPOs and call centers often looked for food joints serving delicious food items at weird timings in the night especially when the rest of the town was asleep. These eateries acted as saviors to those who wanted to gobble up their favorite foods, late in the nights.

Demand Increases During Exam Time

Exam time, when groups of school students or college students stay awake at one of their friend’s house to study all night. Now, when you are studying for 4 to 5 hours at a stretch, hunger is going to strike for sure. After all, how much can you rely on coffee? Late night eateries are often seen thronging with school or college students who have just come to take a break from studying for relinquishing their appetites.

Late Night Eateries get Flocked During Famous Sports Matches

Popular sports matches like IPL or World Cup often see gatherings of large friends groups or relatives hanging out together to enjoy the matches. Be it cricket or football, these matches often bring a tsunami of food demand. Food delivery apps like Swiggy or Zomato get extremely busy during these matches and buzz around the city, satisfying hunger pangs and delivering delicious food items to people in every nook and corner of the city. During these matches, many street food carts or small joints also see a lot of customers flocking and ordering quick bites during the match breaks.

Great Option for Impromptu Friends Get Togethers

When a large number of friends gate crash your place quite late in the night, you can be in some serious trouble. If your fridge at that time is not well-stocked, then you can rely on these late night eateries which promise to serve everything right from intensely cooked biriyanis to light sandwiches or just juices. Certain food delivery apps in Hyderabad just as Food Panda, Zomato and Swiggy also offer late night food deliveries from these restaurants. So, if your friends are not willing to go to any of these joints personally, you can always rely on these food delivery services to cater your preferred food options at your doorstep.

Curb Your Hunger Pangs with These Best-Rated Places to Eat in Hyderabad Where You Get Food after 12 at Night

So, whether it is a biryani or kebabs, haleem or samosa, qubani ka meetha or ice cream, cold drinks or pan, here are some of the best places in Hyderabad where you get mouth-watering food late in the night. In fact, some of these food stalls pop up especially after 12 at night and provide food services until early morning.

So, for the Night Owls in Hyderabad, here are some places where you could explore the best gastronomical treats.

#Idea 1 - Ramkibandi

One of the most famous dosa centres in Hyderabad, Ram ki Bandi stall serves all kinds of delicious varieties such as paneer dosa, cheese dosa, upma dosa, masala dosa, and many more. This late night eatery opens at 2.30 am everyday and serves crispy dosas until 8 am. It is located at Nampally and the cost for two is, roughly, only Rs. 150. You can eat your heart’s full here without burning a hole in your pocket.

#Idea 2 - Nimrah Cafe and Bakery

How many times has it happened with you that you realize it's 4 am already and you haven’t slept a wink all night? Well in such case, most of us decide to quit sleeping all-together. So, the next, very important thought that crosses our minds is a steaming hot cuppa tea or coffee. Wait, don’t rush to the kitchen as of yet, try this awesome Nimrah Café and Bakery located near Charminar, to do the honors. This lovely old-school joint serves some delicious hot Irani Chai along with a plateful of Osmania biscuits. Also, while you are kick-starting your day while binging on this heavenly tea-biscuit combo, don’t forget to admire the peace and beauty of the city still sleeping. Cost for two comes up to approximately Rs.100 only.

#Idea 3 - Laxman ki Bandi

Another delightful food stall near Begum Bazaar in Hyderabad, Laxman ki Bandi is quite famous amongst the night owls. Expect to find hundreds of varieties of dosas every night here. On a humble food stall, the owner makes all kinds of scrumptious dosa varieties. Dive into some delicious varieties like cheese dosa, masala dosa, paneer dosa, schezwan dosa, and many more. The prices are quite reasonable too.

#Idea 4 - DLF Street Food

The street food available outside DLF mall in Hyderabad is truly mind-boggling. There are umpteen number of stalls here, and they would spoil you for choice. These stalls arrive at late night only and are usually open till 4 am. These stalls attract more of call center crowd. You get options like shawarmas, frankies, tea, coffee, dosas, idlis, maggi, eggs and much more. The maggi served here is a must try, as it is totally different than what you might have tasted before. You will be surprised looking at the crowd here even past midnight!

#Idea 5 - Cream Stone Concepts

To satisfy your sugar cravings, none can be better that the Cream Stone Concepts outlet in Secunderabad. The perfect place for some ice-cream, this center has various stores serving late night options all over the city. You can order delectable ice-creams served in waffle bowls in myriad flavors such as Nutella chocolate brownie, fruit exotica, butterscotch crunch, bubble gum candy, and many more. The stores are open up till midnight and are perfect for that little serving of dessert after dinner.

#Idea 6 - Express Meals

For those who want to have a full-fledged meal late in the night, then this joint is a good option. Located near Banjara Hills, this eatery serves meals until 2.30 am. Their meals are hot, spicy and scrumptious. You can also get Chinese and North Indian cuisines here and dishes like Chicken Shawarma, fried rice, biryani and tikka masala top their list of specialties. Cost for two comes up to Rs. 500 approximately.

#Idea 7 - Syala Drive In

This lovely drive in offers the comfort of eating in your car. Drive-ins are quite famous these days and many hi-tech cities are filled with them. This joint located in Jubilee Hills offers varied amounts of food right from coastal spices, Rajugari pula, king of kebabs, spizza, china town, thickshake factory, and many more, you get what you want under one roof. This drive in is open till wee hours in the morning.

#Idea 8 - Reddy Tiffins

If south- Indian cuisine is in your mind, then Reddy Tiffins should be your choice. This tiny stall, although small packs a flavorful punch. Open till 3 am, you can grab the softest idlis and dosas from this stall. The good quality and great taste will take you by surprise. This stall is in Street No. 5 in Tarnaka.

#Idea 9 - Allamdulillah Hotel

Located near Tekki Masjid in Nampally, this old city delight has received rave reviews. Being close to Charminar, it is often flocked with tourists looking for some great tasting food. Affordable and yummilicious, this eatery sells the best beef biryani and tala hua gosht.

#Idea 10 - Yummy Dogs

If you have cravings for a mouth-melting and delicious hot dog that is topped with sinful amounts of cheese, then Yummy Dogs is your go-to place. None other eatery can satisfy your junk food cravings in the oddest of hours like Yummy Dogs do. This place is vegetarian and the hot dogs here are a must try. It is located in Raheja IT Park in the Hitech City.

#Idea 11 - Hotel Shadab

Hotel Shadab, situated in the crowded streets of Charminar is so crowded round the clock, that getting a seat here in itself could test your patience. But once you have managed to conquer a place here, the eatery will not fail to delight you. Expect to find the best and the most authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani here. For every Biriyani lover, this place is a must try. It is open from 5 am to 2 am at night and is just the answer for your late night biryani cravings. A meal for two can cost you up to Rs.850, here.

#Idea 12 - Charcoal

If you have a taste for charcoal grilled kebabs, then Charcoal should be next in your food bucket list. Tender from inside and perfectly marinated from outside, the grilled items here are heavenly. The burgers here are delicious too. Also try the Amritsari macchi, shakahair burger, Thai prawns and devilled wings here. The names and the preparations are quite fascinating and this place is a hit amongst the mid-night owls. It is located in the Hitech City in Cyber Towers.

#Idea 13 - Gafoor Bhai Shawarma

Although a little shabby in appearance, this quaint little eatery is perfect for calming down your midnight hunger pangs. The aroma of mouth-watering Shawarma will take you by surprise. This humble man – Gafoor Bhai is a watchman by profession but surely has some magic in his cooking hands. He serves four different shawarma’s stuffed in a bun with different toppings. It is located opposite Talwalkar’s in Banjara Hills.

#Idea 14 - Cafe Abbot

How could we forget hookah when mentioning late night eateries? This lovely joint is the perfect spot for you and your friends when in the mood for some deliciously flavored hookah. There are cozy shacks to sit in and delicious options of smoothies. Its chicken sambhar rice and sandwiches are a must try too. This place is located in Jubilee Hills. A meal for two will cost you approximately Rs. 850.

#Idea 15 - Ohri's Eatmore Coffee Shop

A beautiful place with some soothing interiors, Ohri’s Eatmore Coffee shop offers a delightful range of desserts. For those late night sugar cravings, come here and end your meal on a sweet note. Also try the chola bhatura, chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream, burgers, and sandwiches here. It is open from 7 am to 3 pm and a meal for two will approximately cost you Rs. 1000.

#Idea 16 - Dimmy Pan Palace

And the most important way to end your meal in India is a flavourful paan. This cute little place serves a huge variety of paans, fruit juices and ice golas, perfect in sizzling hot summers when you are looking for something refreshing. You also get chaat, pastries and chocolates here. It shuts at 12 am but it is definitely worth a try. It is located in the Sindhi Colony in Secunderabad.

Food is something a Hyderabadi never likes to compromise on. Whether they have had a hectic work schedule or late night working hours, this city has something for everyone when it comes to food. While eating so late in the night is not good for health, binging just once in a while is absolutely fine. For all those who love to live life to the fullest and explore and experience every crazy thing in the world, these late night eateries in Hyderabad should be a must-try on your list.

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