The Nawabi Culture of Hyderabad Resonates in Its Food: Enjoy These Lip Smacking Hyderabadi Delicacies at Your Doorstep (2019)

The Nawabi Culture of Hyderabad Resonates in Its Food: Enjoy These Lip Smacking Hyderabadi Delicacies at Your Doorstep (2019)

Every Indian has a penchant for Hyderabadi Dishes. They have a unique blend of flavour and spices, which appeal directly to the senses. If you are in Hyderabad and don't know where to start, follow this guide for the best places to eat in Hyderabad, and also their Best Dishes.

What Makes Hyderabad Special When It Comes to Food?


Hyderabad - The Nawabi city of India has scintillating and mouth-watering epicurean delights inspired by their rich and ancient Nizami culture. The Nizams of Hyderabad were serious connoisseurs of food and their patent style included slow-cooked food full of nuts, fats, spices and meat. The delicacies can take any foodie on a gastronomical treat. Over the years, various cuisines from different regions have together shaped up the Hyderabadi food what we enjoy today. While one can find every Indian cuisine and plenty of International cuisines in Hyderabad, what still stays close to the heart is its regional cuisine. In this article, we shall throw light on the most famous regional dishes in Hyderabad that you must try and also where to order them online from.

The most clichéd and yummiest dishes that Hyderabad has to offer has to be Hyderabadi Biriyani. This delectable meaty rice flavored with the perfect mix of spices is available almost everywhere and anywhere in Hyderabad, but there are some places which have managed to garner accolades of praises. Biriyani is best paired with Mirchi ka salan – a delicious gravy with green chillies and Raita, or Spiced curd with vegetables.

Andhra Thali
The typical Andhra thali consists of a portion of Andhra rice or chapatti, along with 6 to 7 vegetables and gravies. This is a full-meal eaten during lunch only. It is available in various restaurants across Hyderabad with unlimited quantities. When ordered online, the gravies, dals and vegetables come neatly packed in separate small packets along with rice, papad and pickles.

Idlis and Dosas
Idlis and Dosas are called as South-Indian food items for a reason. The Idli and Dosas available in all four South-Indian states: Kerala, Andhra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka differ in taste and form. The typical Idlis and Dosas available in Hyderabad are a must try. These can be ordered online from various restaurants and they are freshly packed and transported.

Phirni, Qubani ka Meetha, Double ka Meetha, Irani Chai, Sheer Korma, etc. are some of the many amazing desserts holding their origin to this ancient city. With quality packaging materials available today, you can order these sweets from some restaurants without the fear of leakage or getting spoiled.

Non-Vegetarian Delights
The list of non-vegetarian delights is endless as the Hyderabadi cuisine was basically structured by the muslims in the city. The list includes Hyderabadi haleem, Dum Pukt, Keema Samosa, boti kebab, Hyderabadi Chicken 65, Lukhmi, Nihari, Paya and many more. Some of these items are best eaten hot and fresh, while some can be packed in containers and taken home.

10 Places to Order Food Online in Hyderabad, along with Their 'Best-Seller' Dishes

Paradise for Hyderabadi Biriyani


Biriyani sits at the top most position in the list of Hyderabadi dishes. The rich aromatic flavor of Paradise Biriyani makes it a favorite among the city people and also those who travel from other places. Its mutton and chicken biriyani are the top-selling items. Paradise offers special packaging for bulk quantities to be carried at home or on a domestic flight. The packaging is very good and leak-proof and one can easily order Paradise Biriyani and consume it at home.

What began in the year 1953 in a small café in Secundrabad has become world-famous today with various outlets throughout the city and some in other cities as well. None can beat the taste, aroma and flavor of Paradise Biriyani and if you feel like relishing some delicious Biriyani then you must order it online from Swiggy, or Call: 040 71327545

Pista House for Haleem

Haleem is a scrumptious meal made from mutton, nuts, spices and wheat. It is a slow-cooked dish which holds religious sentiments for the Muslims. They generally eat this dish during their fasting month in Ramazan. This delicious stew is prepared using pounded meat and is quite healthy and filling. All the Pista House outlets in Hyderabad specialize in this item. You can order it online here. or call on:+91 9396500786

Zaiq - e - Hyderabad for Hyderabadi Marag

Zaiqa – e – Hyderabad is famous for its Hyderabadi Marag, which is a special soup prepared using mutton. This one is a spicy version with meat in it. This dish was made with tender mutton for the nawabs. You can enjoy this hot and spicy, soup dish sitting at home by ordering it from Zomato. This soup is highly nutritious and healthy especially when you are suffering from cold and cough. Although it is best to have it at the restaurant itself, you can also order it online and enjoy it at home while taking rest.You can also call to place an order.

040 23606677
+91 7032777470

Farzi Cafe for Keema Samosa

Who doesn’t like samosas! These are not only universally popular but also an ideal evening snack which pairs best with tea or coffee. Keema Samosa available at Farzi Café in Jubilee Hills is different from the lot, and a must-try because of its delicious mutton filling. These samosas are sure to give you the ultimate gastric sensation and satisfaction.

Most enjoyed during monsoons, these Hyderabadi samosas are a common street food here and are also enjoyed during Ramazan. You can order these online on Zomato and enjoy them hot and fresh along with your evening tea or when you have guests at home. Also, you can contact here:

Phone Numbers:
040 23108888
040 23109999

Tolichowki for Kebabs

Tolichowki in Hyderabad has several kebab stalls serving delicious and hot kebabs. Kebabs are very popular barbecued meat, which have their origin from the Middle Eastern cuisine. After decades of commingling with the Hyderabadi spices and styles of cooking, these kebabs in Hyderabad have taken their own form and flavour. You can enjoy them hot and fresh at Towlichowki or order them online from Zomato. These kebabs are served with mint chutney and they have a distinct smoky flavour after being charred in the tandoor.

Call Phone Numbers
+91 8074355482
+91 9849286169

Aish - The Park for Dum Pukht

This is another version of the Hyderabadi Biriyani but it deserves a special mention because it is just heavenly. It is a biriyani cooked with loads of desi gheeat low flame and flavoured with loads of herbs sourced locally. The dish has a lovely aroma and people who have this often find it to be the best biriyani they have ever had.

If possible, enjoy this heavenly delicacy as soon as it is out of the oven at Aish- the Park restaurant, but if you must have it at home, then you can order online from Zomato or call to place your order.

Phone number:
040 66588374

Palace Heights for Qubani Ka Meetha

A famous Hyderabadi dessert, this one holds a mention in various ancient texts and is a hot favourite in the city. It is subtly flavoured and mildly sweetened. It is made from dried apricots. The dessert is garnished with pistachios, cashews and almond nuts. It tastes best with vanilla ice-cream and is a staple at most Hyderabadi weddings and festivities. People in the olden days used to relish this delicacy with malai. You can order this dish online from Palace Heights as they make one of the best Qubani ka Meetha in town. Alternatively, you can call here:

Phone Numbers
040 24754483
040 24751264

Nimra Cafe and Bakery for Irani Chai

You must be wondering why tea holds a special mention in the best Hyderabadi dishes. This Irani chai is the soul of Hyderabad. This was introduced by the Persians in the city and it holds a special place ever since. Many cafes in Hyderabad serve Irani chai but Nimra Café and Bakery do a specially good job. It is best had with Osmania Biscuits, another famous local biscuit found in cafes here.

Although this tea is best enjoyed at the café along with friends and family, if you want to order it at home for some guests, order it from Zomato or call here:

Phone Numbers:
+91 9848089343
040 24564909

Bawarchi for Mirchi Ka Salan

This is best had with Hyderabadi Biriyani but its significance cannot be ignored. Mirchi ka salan has a delectable gravy made with coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds. This gravy is topped over long hot chillies found in Hyderabad. Bawarchi restaurant in Hyderabad serves the best Mirchi ka Salan. Order this dish online from Zomato or call here:

Phone Numbers
040 27605308
+91 7306024024

Mathura Villas for Pesarattu

Mathura Villas makes the most delicious Pesarattu - a local moong dal dosa which is extremely healthy, nutritious and also very tasty.

This savoury pancake is made from sprouts and lentils. It is a popular breakfast item and also served as a street food in Hyderabad. There are a variety of fillings inside this lentil base such as potato, onion and tomato and even paneer. This one is best had when it is hot and fresh but you can also order it online from Mathura Villas in Hyderabad. Call here to place an order:

Phone Numbers
+91 8885337474
+91 8885337575

Enjoy These Hyderabadi Delicacies in the Comfort of Your Home


With the demand for online food ordering at its boom, there are many food ordering apps in Hyderabad which deliver fresh and delicious food at your doorstep within 45 minutes. These apps and websites have made it very easy for people to enjoy the food at home, especially when they cannot travel.

Saves Time


Food Delivery apps save time when you want to eat delicious food quickly and you are very hungry. Going to a restaurant involves time taken to get ready, pass the heavy traffic on the roads and reach your restaurant which might be far from your house and then if the tables are full, waiting for your turn. An online food delivery app would bring you your favourite cuisine much more quickly. The apps are very easy to use and you can place your order within 5 minutes.

Ideal for Home Parties

When you have guests coming over and you do not have time to cook yourself or go to the restaurant to get the dishes packed, these apps have made it possible for you to arrange food for guests with the mere swipe of your finger on your smartphones. Now you can entertain guests whenever you want without having to worry about spending time in cooking. Almost all the restaurants in Hyderabad have tie-ups with food delivery apps like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, Eat hot and Food Panda and you can enjoy your favourite food sitting at home.

Eat Hot and Eat Fresh


Food delivery partners ensure that your food is packed hot and fresh and delivered to you within a few minutes. Now you need not eat microwaved food or cold food when you can order your favorite food and enjoy it hot and fresh.

Watch TV and Enjoy Delicious Food in Your Pyjamas


Sometimes, you feel too lazy to step out and yet feel like having good restaurant food. With food delivery apps you can order your food from your favourite joint and enjoy it hot while watching your favourite show on TV. These apps have taken the significance of comfort to the next level and have made it possible for us to enjoy restaurant food at home in our pyjamas.

Parting Note : Not all Foods Taste the Same when Packed or Home Delivered

Although food delivery apps have made food ordering at home very easy, there are some food items which are best eaten when cooked and served hot and fresh. There are some other items which can be put in a box and delivered home, but some others lose their freshness and taste. A sizzling hot chocolate brownie, or a vegetable sizzler are some of those items which obviously cannot be ordered sitting at home as delivery cannot replicate the experience. Other things you'd want to step out and eat are fried foods that are meant to be crispy or something that involves good presentation to enjoy the full experience. If you feel like having such delicacies, it is best to step out with family and friends to enjoy it the way it was meant to.

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Enjoy these Hyderabadi Delicacies at These Places, Or by Simply Ordering Online

For all the foodies out there, who want to try Hyderabadi dishes, these restaurants are a great option. They also have home delivery options for the couch potatoes! So, try these delicious items next time you want to pamper your taste-buds.