Planning for a Home Makeover on a Budget? These Low Price Home Decor Items Are Sure to Make Your Home Look Chic and Elegant without Pinching Your Pocket (2020)

Planning for a Home Makeover on a Budget? These Low Price Home Decor Items Are Sure to Make Your Home Look Chic and Elegant without Pinching Your Pocket (2020)

Everyone loves a well done up home. But for many, the significant cost of getting the home decor done is a major factor that plays on the mind. If you also want to have a home makeover done but are a little tight on the budget then BP Guide is definitely here to help you. We have curated a list of the best low-priced home decor items which are easily available online, that will give a chic and stylish look to your home, in line with your personality and tastes, and also fit into your budget comfortably.

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Flaunt Your Home with Modern Decor Items

Home decor exhibits your taste in interiors, understanding of design and colours, and reflects your personality. Though a house is only a space between four walls, the right selection of home decor items combined with creativity helps transform it into a home. The decor of your living room plays an important role because that’s the first thing a guest’s eyes stumble upon. And, that’s nothing new as home decor has existed since the time of the royal era in India. Several mud houses and palaces have been decorated with these items for a long time as they play a huge role in setting the environment and ambience of a place.

Even a single change in lighting and colour impacts the whole feel. Thus, before deciding a home makeover, you need to think about the theme and decor objects that you want, as well as the place where you want to put those. However, keep one thing in your mind that your home decor items reflect your personality. So, you should choose a theme as per your style. Generally, new home buyers spend their entire money buying the place and are left with almost nothing for decor. But no need to worry about this as well. Lots of options are available nowadays that you can use to decorate your new residence even on a low budget.

Economical Ideas for Home Makeover

Reconsider Furniture Placement

One of the simplest ways to give a modern look and feel to your home is redoing the placement of your furniture. Herein, the prime thing that you need to achieve is optimum space utilisation. Start by designing a layout that makes your home look spacious. And, it will also need some effort to move the furniture from one place to another. You can start with your living room and furniture items like side tables, armchairs, sofas, cabinets, and coffee tables, as those can be moved easily. Rearranging furniture is a budget-friendly method that gives your home a fresh look.

Find a Focal Point

Another economical and simple way on the list is to find a focal point at your place. This holds prominence as the focal area or wall grabs more attention than the other areas. For example, if you plan to make your television the focal object, you can draw attention by decorating its cabinet with artwork, and design of the rest of the area revolves around it. Additionally, decorate the focal wall with a frame of family pictures. This makes it another inexpensive method to decorate your home.

Add a Touch of Greenery

This one’s not just the easiest, simplest, and affordable way, but eco-friendly as well. Decorate your home by adding large indoor plants, plant frames, hanging plants, and faux plants. You can also make an inexpensive green wall by adding some potted plants with wood slabs. Further, adding a few lights to cover the focal wall creates an appealing highlight.

While plants add freshness as well as colour to the home, you can add them in one corner or create a cluster close to the hallway. And, if you don’t feel comfortable maintaining live plants, the option of adding artificial greenery is always there.

Changes in Upholstery

Do you also feel that the old furniture in the living room has started looking tedious as the time has passed? However, you still don’t need to purchase a new sofa for a fresh look and feel. Merely changing the covers and upholstery can give your home a makeover and this is also budget-friendly for your pocket. Moreover, this step also comes as an environmentally friendly option as compared to purchasing new furniture.

10 Best Low-Price Home Decor Items

Though you may find a number of home decor items across the web, here are our top 10 picks from different categories that may suit a variety of your needs at a low budget:

Floral Wall Stickers

Put a floral sticker on the walls of your living room and you get an interesting yet affordable makeover of those boring walls. You can buy colourful fabrics and craft paper to make those plain walls look more attractive and stylish. This also helps hide any type of unsightly flaws without the requirement of re-painting. Further, you can also change the wall arrangements according to your creative level and mood.

Sticking craft paper on your walls is an amazing idea to decorate the home. Apart from stickers, you can also add collector things such as personal memorabilia and porcelain plates to decorate the walls in the bedroom or living room. You can buy the Decals Design StickersKart Wall Stickers Wine Flower from Amazon at a price of ₹ 149.00. This wall sticker is available in purple colour.

Wall Tile Stickers

The innovative and revolutionary wall tile stickers are another option on the list of budget-friendly ideas to decorate your home. The wall tile stickers are self-adhesive, oil-proof, waterproof, reusable, removable, DIY, and simple to clean. These low price home decor items also help to achieve a similar finish like marble, wood, or ceramic tiles while saving you on the labour cost. These wall tile stickers are versatile and can be easily applied on any dry and smooth surface.

Most of the wall tile stickers are eco-friendly and made of matte finish material. You can get one to cover a wall area of 105 x 40 cm. Available with dimensions of 60 x 45 cm and in brown colour, you can buy Decals Design StickersKart Wall Stickers from Amazon at a cost of ₹ 149.00.

Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Lights

DIY lights help glam up your house. All you need is a ceramic vase with a broad base and arrange a cluster of creative lights in it. It is an excellent option to decorate your home, especially during Diwali or any other festive time.

You can get a collection of warm white colour emitters with 3V power requirement. The material used in these lights is PVC and its body is made of wood. Along with a specification of 20 lights and 7.7 meter length, you can also get bulbs and a push switch included within the kit. Most of these DIY lights are available with a 1-year warranty. Glimmery Willow Branch Floral LED Lights is a wonderful option available from Shahi Sajawat at a price of ₹ 999.00.

Wall Clocks

By default, huge wall clocks are considered art pieces on their own. You can use them to give a more aesthetic look to your home by just hanging a timepiece on the wall. If you are confused about making a choice, mural wall hangings cum wall clocks are another option to decorate your home. And, a contrast of colours adds a unique look to the interiors.

There are various clocks out there that are used to add vibrancy and life to a plain wall. You can find various options made of canvas print with thick wooden bars around. Hooks are another important part of the clock that makes them ready to be hanged. The Colourist Canvas Wall Clock could be the perfect pick for your place that’s available on Engrave with a price tag of ₹ 899.00.

Mini Vases

Vases are the simplest items that you can use to add a unique style to your house. With a mini vase at your place, you can easily show off a beautiful floral arrangement, create an excellent faux botanical, or leave the product to shine on its own. Before starting to decorate with vases, you have to select the style that suits your existing interiors and taste. You can choose handcrafted vases in stoneware or earthy ceramic for a contemporary rustic look. To give a touch of glam to your space, you can opt for shiny metal vases like gold, brass or silver. The vase colour is also important as every shade imparts a certain feel to your room. You can add a vase of warm colour in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room for a relaxed feel.

Once you are done with deciding the material and colour, you need to find how will you incorporate vases into your style. A large vase with fresh greens gives a dramatic look. Place the mini vases wherever you have separate space and it is also a great choice to add personality to your accent tables, side tables, bookshelves and console tables. Check out the Cratly Glassware Glass Flower Vase from Amazon that’s available for ₹ 249.00 and could be a wonderful piece of home decor.

Wall Mirrors

A full-length wall mirror is an essential requirement of each home and is usually situated in the corner of a room. You can grab attention by clicking a mirror selfie. To add more to the appeal, you can buy wall frames for adorning your home. This helps you add a royal yet unique look to your home wherein intricate wooden partitions could be a great choice.

Apollo Circular Carved Wall Mirror from WoodenStreet at the cost of ₹ 1,874.00 is a perfect item to decorate your home and grab the attention of your guests.

Small Storage and Chests

If you store lots of things and you fall short of space often, a decor upgrade can help you with that too. No matter if the stuff is large or small, you can easily find the right sized cabinet to organise all your things. Various small and big wooden storage cabinets are available that you can use to store your stuff.

You can easily find small storage chests that are made of ceramic and wooden materials. A jewellery chest drawer can be used to arrange your necklaces, earrings, chains, rings, etc or can be used as a gift. Check out the India Meets India Handmade Crafted Wooden and Ceramic Small Chest on Amazon that’s available for ₹ 499.00.

Candle Stands and Lanterns

Everyone likes candles and lighting them adds a warm aesthetic to the decor. Buying and placing a candle stand at the dinner table also makes meals more special. And, for a particular occasion, you can easily find a bag of lanterns including several cutwork metal lanterns. Ensure that the lantern you are buying is made of high-quality ceramic and has an aroma burner inside. One of the major benefits of this is that you can use it with a tea-light candle that looks appealing enough.

A handcrafted oil diffuser helps you de-stress and also creates an energizing mood. You can buy KC Kullicraft Black Ceramic Aroma Diffuser Oil Burner Clay Lamp Wax Warmer Tea Light Holder from Amazon at a price of ₹ 199.00.

Floor Carpets and Rugs

Besides the ideas discussed above, carpets are also gaining popularity as a decoration material for the living room floor. You can use 2-3 rugs to highlight various functional areas of a hall, but making the right selection is the key to making your room look more pleasing. To start with, you should understand the purpose. If your room is of dark, white, quite, or pastel shades, the carpet should be catchy and bright to grab the attention.

Also, lots of materials are used to make carpets like natural fibre and synthetic fibre. You can select the colour, shape, and size as per your requirement. Also, multiple options are available to help you select the right style and carpet for a living room. Choosing the carpet correctly gives you a sense of comfort and warmth in the living room. Brown Floral Machine Made Nylon Carpet 2.5 x 2.5 Feet is available on Pepper Fry for ₹ 699.00.

Mandala Designs

Mandala design is an interesting way to make your room more attractive. Such a design uses various items such as colourful stones, marbles, or tapestry hanging with hooks. You can also create your own mandala design at home. You can start by finding the right colours, patterns, and shapes that reflect your taste and style.

Mandalas are the best tool to increase self-awareness and meditation. One of the best things about designing your own mandala is that you have the freedom of selecting colours and shapes that express your feelings and preferences. Next, use your creativity to draw the right mandala design. Or, you can purchase the Mandala Art – Hand-Painted Art Painting from Fizdi at a price of ₹ 4,190.00.

Bonus Tip

Go Thrift Shopping

If you are looking to add something of higher quality but don’t have enough money in the pocket, thrift shopping could be a solution. You can check out some used decor and furniture pieces that match your preferences while saving money. And, you never know, you may find a hidden gem home decor item within your budget at one of those flea markets and thrift stores.

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Plan Your Home Makeover Carefully

There are lots of home decor items available in the market which will suit your budget. But it is important that you plan your home makeover carefully and consider those items which not only reflect your personal tastes and preferences but are also in accordance with the overall theme of your home. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide some of the beautiful home decor items which will fit perfectly into your home and your budget as well. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.