Are Looking for Earphones under 3000 in 2021? Click Here to Read our Buying Guide to the Best Sports Earphones under 3000.

Are Looking for Earphones under 3000 in 2021? Click Here to Read our Buying Guide to the Best Sports Earphones under 3000.

Indians love listening to music and headphones are our go-to product to listen to music. No matter where we are and in what mood, headphones have this magical ability to put us at ease. Here are the best sports earphones available in the Indian market priced under Rs.3,000 that offers an exciting combination of affordability and superior performance. Enough with the intro, let’s go!

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Importance of Owning a Sports Earphone

Music is not only enjoyable but it is a mood changer. It can easily make a person happy, sad or relaxed therefore we can say that music is an essential part of our lives and you won't find a single person around the world who does not enjoy music. Music does not only elevate a person's mood but encourages them to go on and do better and this probably why you'll see people listening to music while they run or exercise.

Not only does it makes your exercise session fun but also keeps you focused on the beats and the rhythm as well as enhances your performance. If you are a gym-goer you can listen to the music played at the gym but if you like to do your own thing when you exercise or play sports then you would want to listen to the music of your choice and this is when sport earphones come in handy. Right earphones can the quality of music you listen to and help you focus on your task better.

An earphone is probably the most common accessory you can find but remember if you are looking for an earphone to listen to music while you exercise then you should buy an earphone specifically made for the purpose. Here we have tried to find some of the best sports earphones you can find in the market to help you decide which one fits your need the best.

Best Sports earphones under Rs. 3000 Available in India Today

Here is a list of some great sports earphones you can find under Rs. 3,000. You can buy more expensive ones available but the earphones listed below offer great features in an affordable price for you to use them without burning a hole in your pocket.

Airdopes 441

If you love going to the gym and don't like to be distracted because of the awful music they play in there then you can buy the Airdopes 441 for you. This earphone is one of the best in the market which is ergonomically designed with secure fit hooks to prevent it from falling from your ears while you’re breaking a sweat. The boAt Airdopes 441 are wireless earbuds with IWP (Instant wake & pair) technology which turns it on as soon as you open the charging case lid. It connects with the paired device automatically and saves your time. It also comes with an inbuilt mic for you to take our calls without having to reach out for them while you run. The sound quality of the earphone is great with exceptional bass and comes with a huge battery backup which makes it useable for around 5 hours with a time charge. It comes with a 500mAh carry/charging case which makes it quite unique. You can buy it for Rs. 2,499 from and enjoy your workout session to the max.

Soundcore Life Note True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

The next on the list is this gorgeous Soundcore Wireless Bluetooth headset in stylish white colour.  This headset comes with a wireless range of 20 mm and charges it in 2 hours to use for upto 40 hours if kept in the charging case.  It also has 4 microphones and offers the latest CVC noise reduction technology which blocks the unwanted noise around you and helps you keep focused on your workout.  The sleek design and white colour make it very stylish and you would love to flaunt it around among your exercise buddies.  It is available for Rs. 2,199 on

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Earphone

Another good sports earphone is the boAt Rockerz 255 Bluetooth earphone. It comes with great features like HD audio and excellent ergonomics design. It comes with a 110mAh battery which lets you listen to your favourite music for a long time without having to charge it in the middle, you can actually use it for 45 minutes with just a 10-minute charge. The boAt 255 is IPX5 certified and is splash-proof so you won't have to worry about damaging it if you sweat a lot during your exercise session. You can easily hang it around your neck and use it efficiently. The sleek design makes it look very stylish and modern. This earphone is available for Rs. 2,091 on

1 More iBFree Sport Bluetooth Earphone with Mic - Black

If you are looking to buy a good sports earphone below Rs. 3,000, you can go for the 1More iBFree Bluetooth earphone which is available for Rs. 1,890 on It comes with a titanium driver which gives you perfect sound with great bass. It has a 35ft wireless range and comes with a battery backup which lasts for about 8 hours of playback and 240 hours of standby. The earphone is water and sweat proof and is very durable. You can easily control its volume, change songs and take calls with the help of the controls located right on top of it. You can buy this earphone and start your exercise with some great music to keep you motivated.

Skullcandy - Ink'd+ Wireless Earbuds

You can also check out the Skullcandy - Ink'd wireless earbuds for a great music listening experience. It comes with a built-in microphone and remote to let you control your volume and choice of music easily without using your phone or another connected device. You can easily press any of the buttons and get the assistant to help you to send messages or set a reminder for you when you need to. It comes with a battery backup for about 8 hours. You can simply charge it for 10 minutes and use your earphone for a nonstop 2 hours. The earphone comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. You can buy it for Rs. 1,314 from

JBL Endurance Run BT Sweat Proof Wireless in-Ear Sport Headphones

JBL is known for its earphones and now you can buy a great performing Endurance Run BT wireless sport earphone to give you great sound while you exercise or run. A perfect earphone can easily help you to do better during your exercise routine. It comes with a flip hook design that easily fits in-ear or behind the ear and makes it super comfortable for you to wear it. It is made with flex soft ear tips and the twist-lock technology makes it very comfortable to wear it without hurting your ears. You can easily use it to run while it rains because of its water and sweat proof feature. It comes with a remote for hands-free control to change your music or make calls with ease. The earphone comes to you with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and is available for Rs. 2,199 on

Soundmagic E10C

The Soundmagic E10C is next in line after the award-winning E10. It comes with great sound and quality for you to enjoy your music to the max. It has an in-line microphone and remote which is universally compatible and works with Apple and Android the same way. It has a 10mm dynamic driver which gives you powerful sound with bass. Although it is mostly made of metal but is very lightweight and easy to carry. You can buy it in different colours as per your liking and look stylish. The Soundmagic E10C has chipped in the volume control panel which automatically changes between Android and iOS operating systems for you to control your music and volume accordingly. It comes with a one-year warranty and can be bought for Rs. 1,699 only from

JVC HA-FX103BT Earphones

The JVC HA- FX103BT earphone is yet another great sports earphone available in the market. It is a wireless in ear Bluetooth earphone which can be bought for Rs. 2,999 from The earphone comes with a rubber protector which lets you use it for a long time without hurting your ears. The earphone has a lithium polymer battery which works for about 5 hours with a time charge. It has an excellent sound quality with extreme bass ports and an 8.5mm neodymium drive for you to enjoy your music to the max. This gorgeous earphone has 3 buttons remote control with a microphone for you to operate it easily and take calls without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Plantronics BackBeat 305 209058-99 Headphones with Mic

If you are one of those people who are picky about the gadgets you use than you will love the Plantronics BackBeat 305 209058-99 Headphones. It is a great wireless sport earbud with waterproof technology to let you work your heart out during the rainy seasons. It comes with a 2 in 2 cable clip which gives it stability and fits perfectly. The headphone is lightweight and comes with 6mm drivers as well as occlusive ear tip design to block out the noises that may distract you when you run. You can charge it for 15 minutes and use it up to six hours easily. The earphone is available for Rs. 1,999 on

CrossBeats Wave Sports Earphones Bluetooth Headset

Lastly, there is Cross Beats Wave sports Bluetooth headset. The headset comes with invisible nano-coating technology which protects the earbuds from water and sweat. The headset is specifically designed for sports be it running or working out. It is IPX 7 waterproof and sweatproof and has a comfortable fit to avoid it falling out during your exercise session. The foam on the ear tips blocks the unwelcoming noise and helps you focus on your favourite music comfortably. You can easily charge it completely in 2 hours and use it up to 9 hours with ease. You can also easily control your sound and switch music as well as take calls with the built-in microphone and controls. The headset is available for Rs. 1,499 on

Things to Look for in a Sports Earphone

There are a variety of headphones in the market but if you are looking to buy a good and durable sports earphone then you need to know the features to look for. Here are lists of things that can help you find a good sports earphone for a better experience while you exercise. Gone are the days when you needed just a pair of joggers and running shoes. Adding music to your exercise routine can help you focus on your workout more so read on to find a good sports earphone for yourself.

  • Looks and Ease of Use: Carrying a stylish earphone makes you confident. You can find sports earphone in different shapes and sizes like wired route, in-ear or over-ear modes but the main thing which matters is the style. If you are looking for a sports earphone you need to make sure that it is comfortable and easy to use and the wireless models are the best for this. So, buy a stylish and wireless earphone to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.
  • Sound Quality :Another thing to look for in an earphone is the sound quality for obvious reasons. Wired headphones come with better sound quality but the wireless headphones are getting better by the day. Most of the digital sound files are now compressed and does not make a lot of difference on either of the headphones now. Therefore going for a wireless headphone for sports is always a better choice when it comes to convenience.
  • Battery Life: Wireless phones needs to be charged and come with a limited battery life whereas you don't need to charge the wired headphones therefore you need to decide what kind of headphone you require. If you dislike charging your gadgets after every 7 to 8 hours than you can go for a wired one but it comes with its own hassles and may prevent you from focusing on your exercise.
  • Waterproof: You can easily wash your clothes after your workout but you can't do that with your headphones unless of course, they are completely waterproof. Most of the earphones are sweatproof these days but if you like to run in the rain you will have to look for a splash-proof headphone. The waterproofing is indicated by the IP rating. Look for the first digit which shows the solid particle protections so if you buy an IP67 the 6 indicates the amount of proofing it has and the 7 shows the liquid protection like water. If you see a rating of 3 that means the headphone is spray proof and it goes up to 7 which indicates that it can be taken into the water up to 1m deep for about 30 minutes.
  • Ease of Using Controls: Also look for easy controls on your headphones. Touch controls are the in thing these days and make your life a lot easier. You can simply tap on the controls and change your volume settings etc therefore it is recommended to try the controls before buying them. You can also find some good earphones with voice controls that use Siri, Alexa etc so you won't have to even touch your earphones and workout without any disturbance.
  • Safety: Look for safety features in your earphone before buying them especially if you like to run on the road. You can find great earphones with a flashing LED on the back of the neckband to keep you visible at night and avoid accidents. Another important thing is to check the noise cancelation feature. You do want an earphone with noise cancellation but it should not block all the sounds if you are out on the road to keep you safe. You can look for an earphone with bone conduction and pass-through technology for best results.
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Picking up the best wireless earphones under Rs. 3,000 in India can be a bit tricky. Because there is a myriad of options out there. However, to tackle that issue, we have rounded up 10 of the best earphones under 3000 rupees in India for you in this post. We hope this helps you to buy budget-friendly sports earphones for yourself. As we have provided all the information necessary to know before buying a wireless earphone in this post, now it is your turn to choose the best one for yourself.