How to Find the Right Brush for Your Hair Type? Find Your Perfect Match with Our Easy Guide — You Might Be Surprised by Our 30 Recommendations of Hair Brushes for Women in 2022!

How to Find the Right Brush for Your Hair Type? Find Your Perfect Match with Our Easy Guide — You Might Be Surprised by Our 30 Recommendations of Hair Brushes for Women in 2022!


Finding a hairbrush that's ideal for your specific texture may seem easy, but with so many different options available for fine, thick, and coily hair, locking down a tried-and-true favourite can quickly turn into an unexpected beauty challenge. To provide you with the right hair care tools to get you through wash day and beyond, we’ve rounded up the best, expert-approved brushes available to keep your hair totally tangle-free. Scroll down and take your pick from our list of the 30 best hair brushes for women available in India!

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Comb vs Hair Brush-Which is Better for Hair Health


"Hair plays an important role in everyone’s personality and appearance. A good hairstyle or nicely combed hair can make or break your image. We all have different hair types and we use different hair products but we all use a comb/hairbrush to comb our hair. Just go through our detailed article about hair brushes for different hair types, this will resolve all your queries/ worries related to hairbrushes.

Both brush & comb can be damaging or be effective for hair health. When you comb your hair, you are stimulating the scalp which nourishes the roots and promotes hair growth. A hairbrush works well on short, long, both thin & thick, wet or dry, curly or straight hair and with a brush, you can achieve the desired look easily.

There is no scientific evidence which is better, but you can get an idea from your own experience. Just try out both brush & comb and check which goes smooth like butter through your hair without breaking your hair and resistance. Hairbrushes are more likely to break off long strands of hair, while combs break off short strands of hair. Also, regardless of brush or comb, just be gentle on your hair. Have some patience while detangling a knot to prevent hair damage. Also, follow a healthy and right hair care routine to have shiny hair. "

Do Hair Brushes Make a Difference and Its Benefits

It is important to choose the right brush and use it correctly to make a difference in your hair's health and appearance. There are so many different products in the market for hairbrush but do you know which one is better for you? For instance, a hairbrush for straight hair will not work well on curly hair or vice-versa. This is the one tool which we use every day and going beyond just brushing your hair, using the right and best brush can surely prevent hair loss and improve hair’s overall texture.

We have listed down some more benefits of hair brushes for every kind of hair.

  • Improve hair texture and help deliver a natural shine by redistributing natural oil and conditioning. When you use natural bristle brushes, natural oils act as a hair strengthener as well.
  • Detangle the hair and help get rid off the knots easily. By using a soft bristle brush will make the hair smooth and it will detangle the hair without damage.
  • Minimize breakage and reduces frizz. Brush bristles stimulates blood circulation on scalp and help improve hair growth.
  • We all use and love good hair care products but we still need a brush to mold and shape the hair to give it a stylish look. We can use hair straightening/smoothing brush to give hair a straight look, boar bristle brush to smooth the hair and to remove the fizz.

Types of Hair Brushes

A lot of women don’t know the importance of a good hairbrush. Hair built our personality and helps improve our appearance. Though there are so many hairs brushes available but it is always good to know the right kind of specialized brush depending on the type of hair you have.

Scroll down here and you will get to know the various kind of brushes for every type of hair.

  • Hair detangler brush- These brushes are good for detangling and their flexible bristles make it easier to open the hair knots smoothly without pain. It can be used on dry and wet hair both. It also works best on the thickest and curliest hair.
  • Wet hairbrush-Wet hairbrush bristles are soft enough not to cause any damage to wet hair and strong enough to smooth out even the toughest knot.
  • Shower hairbrush-This is a kind of wet hairbrush for fast drying of hair. Its flexible design makes it great for sopping wet hair. It also comes with a hooked bottom for easy hanging of the shower caddy.
  • Cushion hairbrush- These brushes have soft rubber bases and bristles are made of plastic or soft wire. They are good at stimulating the scalp for hair growth and brushing out dandruff or buildup from hair styling products.
  • Thermal hairbrush- These brushes are round or paddle brushes with a barrel that conducts heat through the bristles and body which is made of ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium. This can speed up drying. These are generally used by hairstylists to use as a blow-dryer.
  • Tiny boar bristle hairbrush-Boar bristle brushes have the ability to stimulate the natural, healthy oils in the scalp, which improves hair health and creates smooth, shiny locks. It's great for those with delicate hair, extra soft bristles is a good choice for people with fine, thinning, or aging hair.
  • Nylon bristle hairbrush-These brushes are made from a synthetic material that reduces static and effectively detangles thick hair.
  • Curved hairbrush- These brushes are designed in such a way that gives the shape of a human head. It is lightweight plastic and contains vents and is ideal for travel, gym or anytime you want to dry your hair.
  • Pedal hairbrush-This brush is for any kind of hair emergency. Its wide base flattens frizz and also ideal for a flawless blow-out and making it a great choice for people with long, straight hair.
  • Vented hairbrush-A vented brush is the best choice for quickly blow-drying soaking-wet hair. Its vents are designed to allow hot air to flow through all layers of thick hair.
  • Anti-Static hairbrush-These brushes can reduce static and frizz during blow-drying because they allow heat to flow through the brush.
  • Round brush-Round brushes are a good choice for blow-drying hair and styling loose waves without heat. just a hair dryer and a small round brush work well on any hairstyle like curl or wave.
  • Teasing brush-Teasing brushes are small and suitable for all hair lengths especially for people who are experiencing hair loss. It’s designed to tease the roots of the hair to give volume and texture to fine or limp hair to give the impression of fuller voluminous hair instantly.
  • Hair Straightening brush- Straightening brushes are a mix between a hot iron straightener and a brush. They heat up quickly and straighten hair, and are less damaging than a hot iron.
  • Hair Smoothening brush- Smoothing brushes are paddle brushes with soft boar or nylon bristles. They are generally used for sleek styles and removing bumps when pulling hair back into a ponytail or bun.

Can Brushes Cause Hair Breakage? Right Way to Brush Your Hair


Other than detangling your hair, brushes promote hair growth by stimulating the scalp and redistributing the natural oil. However, if you brush too excessively then it can have the opposite effect. You should be gentle while brushing your hair and should make a habit of cleaning your brush every few days. Avoid tugging your hair too hard and tight while styling it.

Never start brushing from the roots as it can cause a lot of breakages instead start from the end of the hair and gently move upward till the roots for shiny and smooth hair.

30 Best Hair Brushes for Women Based on Different Hair Types

Detangling Hair Brush


Crave Naturals Detangling Hair Brush
This brush is for all types of hair especially curly and both thick and thin hair. Its painless quality bristles work to separate the hair sideways instead of down, gently smoothing out even the toughest tangles. Its bristles massage the scalp and increase circulation, also smooth the cuticle layer, making the hair shine. There is very less hair loss while detangling hair. This brush is available on Amazon for Rs 2,332.


Michel Mercier Detangling Hair Brush - wet thick
This brush is patented and gives you a pain-free brushing experience to apply the correct pressure to your hair. It quickly detangles wet or dry hair while gently massaging your scalp while brushing. This detangling hairbrush for thick hair is perfect for styling your wet hair. It is specially designed to remove knots and tangles and is perfect for healthy, shiny hair with almost no hair loss and breakage. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs 699.

Wet Hairbrush


Tangle Teezer - The Wet Hairbrush - Blue/peach
This tangle teezer brush has patented two-tiered teeth. Its long teeth detangle while the short ones smooth the cuticle to make the hair frizz-free. It has a comfortable handle and it's very gentle to the wet hair and the scalp. This brush can also be used to distribute shampoo or conditioner through wet hair. It is a wet detangler brush and is available to purchase from Nykaa for Rs 1,300.


Roots - Zero Tangle Hair Brush for Women - Wet Hair Brush
This hair brush is good on wet, dry, curly and straight hair. It has a flexible cushion base that reduces damage and its soft et firm bristles do damage-free detangling on both wet and dry hair. It's available on Amazon in different colours, shapes and sizes for Rs 373.

Shower Hairbrush

REHTRAD Soft Silicone Shampoo Scalp Shower Hairbrush
This hair washing exfoliating massager brush help reduce oily scalp by massaging the scalp and stimulating nutritious blood flow. This is made of soft silica gel and massages the scalp without imitating scars. It stimulates the old skin cells and restores blood flow and brings healthy and nutritious hair. It is suitable for both dry or wet type of hair to keep scalp healthy. You can buy this shampoo/shower brush for Rs 248 from Flipkart.


Streak Street Mini Hair Scalp Massager & Shampoo/shower Brush
This brush has silicone bristles that massage the scalp and help dilute blood vessels, promoting hair growth. It is designed specifically for deep cleansing and exfoliation which removes excess oil, dirt and dandruff flakes without irritating your skin. You can easily carry this brush while travelling and it's suitable for all hair types. This brush is available on Nykaa for Rs 149.

Cushion Hair Brush

Cushion Brush - E5-CB
This cushion brush from Vega is Ideal for grooming, straightening and smoothing hair, increasing shine in hair. Its nylon bristles with stay-put ball tips easily penetrate the hair and stimulate, and massage the scalp and also reduce tangles. Its handle is comparatively longer than other brushes. This cushion brush is suitable for all types of medium to long hair. You can buy this rush from Vega for Rs 264.


FOK Rectangular Cushion Hair Brush
This black plastic brush has an air-cushioned base, flexible bristles, softly rounded tips and a sturdy body. This is suitable for all types of medium to long hair. Nylon bristles with stay-put ball tips easily penetrate the hair and stimulate, and massage the scalp and also help to reduce snags and tangles. It also helps in grooming, straightening, smoothing and adding shine to your hair. Also smoothens the toughest tangles without pulling or tugging. You can buy this amazing brush from Amazon for Rs 181.

Thermal Hairbrush


Wahl Thermal Brush
This copper colour, 53 mm thermal hairbrush has a long barrel for more coverage area. Its Copper ceramic is for faster heating and maintaining a consistent temperature. Its unique barrel design makes it perfect to use with a blow dryer and it comes with “antiseptic and anti-static properties. This brush has a seamless “single piece” handle and its ‘soft-touch” handle provides a better grip. Its 66 nylon bristles are long-lasting and anti-static. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs 940.

Olivia Garden ECO Thermal 24
The brush has a ceramic and Ion collection and is the first of its kind in the brush industry that combines both ceramic & ionic technologies. This is an eco-friendly bamboo professional hairbrush and bamboo is considered stronger, lighter and more durable than wood. Its charged bristles, hydrate the cuticle and add shine & eliminate frizz and flyaways. The ceramic-coated barrel heats up faster & retains heat longer, providing better styling. You can purchase this brush from Flipkart for Rs 1,080.

Boar Bristle Hair Brush


Rozia Pro Boar Bristles Round Hair Brush
This boar bristles brush helps to spread sebum created by the scalp around to lubricate each of your hair strands which reduces frizz for smooths finishing and quick drying. Its large round shape creates volume and curls shine with natural boar bristles which are anti-static, anti-bacterial and highly heat resistant. With its nano ionic technology, cuticles are sealed, producing a smooth, soft texture from roots to ends. It creates loose curls and waves in medium to long hair and helps straighten and add volume to shorter and medium styles. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs 386.


Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Thick Fine Curly, Thin Hair
This boar bristles brush allows your natural oils to distribute evenly throughout your hair, natural oils ensure that your hair stays protected and pampered every day, providing any dry ends with the nourishment they crave. The round nylon pins are for long thick hair and meanwhile stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, which can improve hair growth. Its handle Is lightweight & comfortable to hold, made from bamboo which is eco-friendly. It detangles all types of hair, fine, thick or curly, without hair break. This brush is available on Amazon for Rs 1,946

Nylon Bristle Hair Brush


Generic Nylon Bristles women Hair Brush
This brush is best for scalp massage which accelerates hair growth rate. Its nylon bristles detangle wet curly hair and also work well in salons as a hair styling tool. It’s mainly used for detangling and styling hair. It is a large curved brush with a hollow design. Its handle is made of silica gel and has a non-slip design. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs. 299.


Conair Pro Hair Brush with Nylon Bristles Oval Cushion
This nylon bristle brush is best for detangling both wet and dry hair. The brush is in oval shape and its round handle provides an easy grip. It is used by hairdressers for styling purposes as well. It has ball-tipped nylon bristles. The price of the product is Rs. 1,511 on Amazon.

Curved Hair Brush


Curved Vented Hair Brush for Women
This curved hair brush is used as a wet and hair detangler which reduces frizz. Its special design has plenty of vents to allow quick drying and a curved shape not only great for combing hair, but also help to massage your scalp. Ideal for long or short, thick or fine hair. It helps reduce static electricity and promote blood circulation. Perfect for wet hair and dry hair with dryer use. It has an anti slip rubber handle convenient for a tight non-slip grip when wet. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs 2,543.


HEXONIQ® Hair Brush, Curved Vented Brush
The curved hairbrush is made from ABS resin material, ensuring it is durable while being lightweight. The nylon bristles easily glide through any hairstyle without pulling or scratching and are easy to clean. This curved hair brush is suitable for everyone, and easily works through coarse, fine, thick, or thin hair and the vented detangler works great for straight or curly hair. This fully dries your hair and ensures there will be no fizziness or damage to your hair. It is designed to be used both on wet & dry hair. You can buy this product from Amazon for Rs. 329.

Pedal Hair Brush

Black Pedal hairbrush
This Paddle Brush – 8586 from Vega is a wide black-coloured hairbrush that smoothly glides into hair and perfectly detangles and smoothens the tresses. Ideal for daily styling, straightening, smoothening, and adding shine. It has ball-tipped nylon bristles that stimulate the scalp and also deliver a massaging effect while you style your hair. This paddle brush for hair is beautifully designed to reduce snags and tangles and also provide comfort to your hands when you hold it. This is perfect for medium or long hair. You can directly purchase it from Vega for Rs. 332.


Paddle Hair Brush: Elite Range
This Gubb Paddle Hair Brush is for polishing or straightening long, medium & short tresses with ease & comfort. Its soft and flexible bristles detangle hair pain-free and shape your hair gently. Its cushioned base helps it to bend and makes it easier to detangle jumbled-up hair strands. This brush has ball-tipped bristles which massage the scalp, gently improving blood circulation. The air cushion base prevents static and works great for straightening curly hair strands and smoothing out waves, frizz and flyaways too. This brush can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 299.

Vent Hair Brush


GUBB Vent Brush with Pin Elite
The brush is flexible, it’s ball-tipped bristles detangle hair and maintain hair's glossy appearance while the oval cushioned design can be specifically utilised to style hair in a variety of stunning ways. It is perfect for daily styling, especially with a blow dryer. It speeds up the hair drying process when used with a hairdryer and boosts hair volume. Best suited for use on medium or long straight to wavy hair you can purchase this brush from Nykaa for Rs 288.


Roots - Vent Brush
The vent brush from roots has a special bristles design for quick detangling. It's easy to grip and better combing for all types of hair. When it is used with a blow dryer it adds volume to hair and is best for curly hair. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs. 493.

Anti-Static Hair Brush

MINISO Portable Mini Anti-Static Deluxe Air Cushion Head Massage Hair Brush
The Miniso hairbrush comes in a small size hence easy to carry while travelling. Its soft bristles help to keep hair anti-static and easy to maintain different hairstyles and prevent hair from getting tangled. Its air cushion base helps massage your scalp. You can buy this brush from Miniso for Rs 190.


Scarlet Line Professional Maple Wood Anti-Static Round Hair Brush
This premium brush is designed to smooth, shape and polish all hair and texture. Its ball tip bristles gently massage the scalp and help in de-tangling, recuse static and adding a root lift. Perfect for smoothing, shaping and polishing the hair. Its Rubber grip wooden handle is designed for greater comfort. You can purchase this brush from Amazon for Rs. 399.

Round Hair Brush

Round Hair Brush - E18-RB
This round hairbrush from Vega is perfect for adding volume, smoothing and curling. It has a stay-put ball tip nylon bristles that give excellent grip allowing for easier styling when using a round brush. Suitable for all hair lengths. You can use this brush for grooming, straightening & smoothing. The brush is available to purchase from Vega for Rs. 280.


Elite Range Round Hair Brush
Our next option features a detachable pin at the end for cleaning stuck hair strands and to ease the hair sectioning while styling. Its ball-tipped nylon bristles are super flexible and its round-shaped gently massages the scalp improving blood circulation. The brush has a rubber body to avoid static and provide you with a firm grip while styling. It works best for adding curls, bounce, waves and volume to the hair. It’s also great for back brushing, blow-drying and easy detangling. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs. 199.

Teasing Hair Brush


Rozia Pro Teasing Brush & Comb
In this option, you will find a combination of boar and nylon bristles, which improves styling control during back brushing, easy parting, separating and adding final touches. Its boar brushing naturally cleans and conditions hair, massaging the scalp, distributing hair’s natural oils over the hair shaft, and creating shiny, smooth, healthy-looking hair. This teasing brush is perfect for backcombing and adding volume to fine, medium, thick, thinning hair, curly or wavy hair, coarse hair, ethnic and textured or relaxed hair, natural hair, weaves and wigs. You can buy the brush from Amazon for Rs. 279.


Roots - Professional Teaser Brush
This teaser brush is unique for back combing. Its mixed bristle are natural and nylon tail handle is for picking up hair section well and contoured handle is for better grip. You can buy the brush from Amazon for Rs. 225.

Hair Straightening Brush


Philips Heated Straightening Brush (BHH880/10)
By using this brush, you can get straight and shiny hair in just 5 minutes! Philips Heated Brush comes with a triple bristle design with keratin-infused ceramic coating. While the bristles glide smoothly through your hair and gently detangle and straighten, they also protect your scalp from heat. The Thermo Protect technology keeps the temperature optimized to minimize heat damage and reduce friction, leaving your hair looking silky straight. You can buy this brush from Nykaa for Rs 3,695.


Alan Truman AT- 200 Styling & Straightening Hot Brush
This Alan Truman brush comes with tourmaline-ceramic bristles constructed in the form of a hairbrush. It gives you the convenience of a full-size straightener, but in the form of a hairbrush. The powerful styling bristles is fitted in a high-quality plastic body. To avoid the bristles causing burns, the tips of the bristles are fitted with silicon nodes, also plastic bristles protect you from the possible danger of burns due to excessive heat. Extremely lightweight, can be used for everyday styling and straightening. This stylish bush can be purchased from Nykaa for Rs. 1,199.

Hair Smoothening Brush


Dyson Soft smoothing brush
This soft smoothening brush from Dyson creates a smooth straightener hair style. Its soft ball-tipped bristles are very gentle on the scalp. It comes with a 1-year warranty. You can buy this brush online from for Rs 3,000.


KINDRED ceramic hair smoothening brush
This hairbrush spreads even heat around each strand. This smoothening hairbrush works at a low temperature which won't damage hair, anti-static technology reduces the amount of charged hair during styling. It has a long press button to start, LCD screen displays temperature, it is used for smoothening natural hair and best for thick and curly hair. It gives you a comfortable experience during smoothening the hair. You can buy this brush from Amazon for Rs 449.

How to Clean Hairbrush

A used hair brush can consist of hair, oil, dandruff and germs. You must clean your it for the sake of hygiene. By following these simple tips, you can remove the dirt from the brush.

  • First, remove all the hair strands stuck under the bristles. Remove as many as you can.
  • Take the mild liquid soap and with the help of a toothbrush clean the body of hairbrush.
  • Next, with the help of a toothpick clean between the bristles.
  • Now soak you brush in warm water with equal part of vinegar for 15 minutes. Take out the brush and clean with toothbrush again to clear leftover debris.
  • Clean the brush with water and a clean towel. Let it dry and its ready to use again.

Bonus Tip


If you choose the right hairbrush and also know the right way to brush your hair, it can help prevent breakage and damage and also keep your hair healthy, shiny, and free of tangles.

You can use a cushion, boar bristle and round hairbrush for thin & fine hair and a detangler, nylon bristle & vented hairbrush for thickest & curly hair. Similarly paddle & anti-static brush reduces frizz and a thermal & round hairbrush are best used with a dryer for quick drying.

If your hair is brittle, overly dry or damaged, or you have excess hair loss, add some nutritious food for the health of your hair. It can. If the issue still persists then you should see a doctor for underlying causes.

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Brushing your hair won’t make it magically grow overnight, but brushing wakes up the blood cells underneath the scalp's surface. Stimulating these blood cells leads to a healthier scalp and hair, creating the right environment for optimal growth. Make sure you always clean the brushes post using them. If you suffer from hair fall, then use your fingers to remove the leftover hair on the brush to keep it clean. You can always use warm water and shampoo to sanitize your hairbrushes. Make sure the shampoo is mild like baby shampoo or you can use a hairbrush cleaner too.