Nourish, Revitalize and Smoothen Hair with the Ideal Hair Serum for Women(2020). Learn How to Apply a Hair Serum to Repair Damaged Hair.

Nourish, Revitalize and Smoothen Hair with the Ideal Hair Serum for Women(2020). Learn How to Apply a Hair Serum to Repair Damaged Hair.

After washing the hair, one may leave it at that and continue with the rest of their day. As the hair dries, it ends up lacking sufficient elements to strengthen the hair and make it lustrous. To battle these, a number of good hair serum for women have been listed with ways in which they can be used to help prevent hair damage and provide the hair with necessary elements for superb hair growth.

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Hair Serum: What is it and What are its Benefits?

A hair serum is a silicone based product that renders our hair smoother, softer and lustrous. So, is it like hair oil with a fancier name? The answer to that is a no. The main difference between hair oil and hair serum is that, hair oil penetrates the hair cuticles and alters the hair structure to give you healthy hair, while the effect of hair serum is purely topical. It coats the surface of your hair strands and enhances the smoothness of the hair. One other difference is that hair oil is heavier and stickier than hair serum. You can only apply hair oil before shampoo but hair serum can be applied anywhere and at any time. Hair serum is your salon fresh hair carried in a bottle.

More than Just Smooth Hair!

But the benefits of hair serum are not restricted to just giving you instant hair smoothness. Some of the other benefits of applying hair serum is as follows:

  • The silicone present in hair serum strengthens the hair and reduce hair loss. Silicone based hair serum also has low pH level which minimizes hair damage.
  • Polyxilosane and Dimenthicone are two ingredients present in hair serum. They glue cuticle fibres to stop damage caused by heat and protects the hair shaft.
  • Hair serum reduces tangles, making the hair less frizzy and more manageable
  • It protects the hair strands from dust, humidity and sun exposure. It also has properties that protect the hair from pollution.
  • It moisturises and rejuvenates the hair that has been damaged by chemicals (hair colour) and heat styling.

Get the Look You Want: Rules to Follow While Applying Hair Serum

Like any other hair care product, there are certain rules as to when and how can you apply hair serum. If you do not respect those rules then you will not get the desired result. All your time, effort and money will simply go down the drain. So let us go over those rules:

When to Apply Hair Serum?

There are two main uses of hair serum. The first is to get salon finish smooth, soft and lustrous hair instantly without having to go to the salon itself. The second is to prepare the hair for heat styling so that the strands don’t get damaged. In case of the first use, wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo and then apply conditioner. Rinse the hair and dry with a towel. While the hair is still damp, apply adequate amount of the hair serum to the hair strands. Then leave it as it is and you will get that smooth, soft and shiny hair after your hair dries. There are some hair serums that do not require you to wash and condition your hair. You can apply them both on damp hair and on dry hair. These hair serums are highly convenient and you can apply them quickly while outside should your hair start to frizz and feel rough due to humidity and environmental pollution.

In the second case, wash and condition your hair before drying it with a towel. Leave your hair as it is until the dampness reduces considerably. Then apply a thick coat of hair serum on the hair strands. Then you are free to blow dry or use other heat styling tools to give your hair the style you wish. The serum will ensure that the hair strands do not get damaged as a result of being exposed to the intense heat of the styling tools.

How to Apply Hair Serum for Best Results

Serum is thicker in consistency so the first thing to do is let the serum sit on your palm for 5 seconds before application. This will liquefy the serum a bit so that it glides smoothly across your hair. The second thing to consider is how much hair serum to use. Over application of serum is counterproductive so you have to use the right amount in order to get results. Use very less amount of hair serum if you have thin and oily hair.

It is best that the amount used in this case is just a pea sized drop. On the other hand, use a generous amount of serum if your hair is thick and on the drier side. When the above two have been done, start applying the serum from just above the middle part of the hair strands and work your way down to the tips. Divide your hair into small clutches so as to make the application easy. Avoid putting hair serum at the hair roots as it will make your hair look greasy and oily.

Which Serum is for What Hair Type?

There is another piece of information you must know, besides knowing what hair serum is and how and when to apply it. That is what hair serum to use based on what hair type. This will enable you to make an informed choice:

  • If you have dry and frizzy hair then it is for the best if your serum formula contains extracts of marula, rosewood and castor oil. These ingredients have intense hydrating properties.
  • Split ends require a hair serum that is enriched with keratin. It is a hair protein that prevents hair breakage.
  • Hair that has become damaged and rough because of pollution and heat exposure needs a serum that has jojoba and lavender oils. These oils are lightweight and can effectively detangle hair.
  • Dry hair requires cream based serums that can be applied and left overnight
  • If you have thick hair then use hair serum infused with Moroccan oil and argan oil.
  • Curly hair is a bit difficult to manage. This type of hair needs a serum that has oils of sweet almond, jojoba, argan and marula. These ingredients are extremely hydrating.
  • Chemically coloured hair requires hair serums infused with green tea extracts and coconut oil.

10 Best Hair Serums for Women Available in India

Now that you know all about hair serums, it is time to get one for yourself. Follow this BP Guide to get the best hair serum for your hair:

Garnier Fructis Long and Strong Serum

Our hair is excessively damaged because of sun exposure, pollution, heat styling and chemical treatments. It renders our hair dry, frizzy, rough and lacking any lustre. This situation can be remedied by Garnier Fructis Long and Strong hair serum. Its formula is enriched with grape seed oil and avocado extracts which gives stronger, smoother and shinier hair. It protects the hair from damage and makes your unruly hair more manageable. Apply it to damp hair after shampooing, conditioning and drying it with a towel. You can but this serum for Rs. 230(100 ml) on Garnier.

L'Oreal Paris Smoothening Serum


The formula of the L’Oreal Paris Smooth Intense hair serum is enriched with argan oil that makes hair shinier, softer and silkier right from the root to the tip. It protects hair from dry and humid weather preventing it from turning frizzy and keeping it manageable. This protection lasts as long as 48 hours. It also provides deep nourishment that treat damaged hair and split ends. Wash your hair with shampoo and then apply a conditioner. Dry your hair with a towel and apply this serum to the damp hair to get instant smoothening. A bottle consists 100 ml of the serum and can be bought for Rs. 250 on Nykaa.

Streax Professional Hair Serum


This Streax Professional hair serum is the ultimate solution for frizzy hair. Enriched with macadamia oil and Vitamin E, this serum gives you gorgeous, smooth, salon finish hair that will elevate your appearance. After application, the hair will look shinier and feel smoother and softer to touch. The serum effectively detangles hair thus making it more manageable. Besides, it strengthens and revitalizes dry and malnourished hair. Its effects lasts as long as 24 hours. The best feature about this serum is that its intense moisture formula allows you to heat style your hair after application. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply this serum on your towel dried damp hair. Then you can blow dry or use other styling tools on your hair without damaging the strands. 100 ml of this product comes at a price of Rs. 220 and is available on Nykaa.

Livon Damage Protection Serum


The Livon hair serum gives you salon finish hair instantly. It cuts through the frizz and gives you smooth hair in seconds, removes tangles to make your hair more manageable, gives a glossy boost to your hair that removes dullness, and overall makes your hair smoother, softer and shinier. This serum can be applied anytime whether you have gone through the shampoo-conditioner regime or not. The Livon hair serum comes in a 100 ml bottle and can be bought for Rs. 250 on Nykaa

Biotique Vitalizing Serum


The Biotique Bio Mountain Ebony Vitalizing hair serum has a formula that is a perfect blend of ancient Ayurveda and modern science. It is enriched with long pepper, glycyrrhizin, euphorbia tree, mountain ebony, mulethi and neem extracts that not only makes your hair smooth, soft and lustrous but also combats hair fall. Mountain ebony has antibacterial and astringent properties which, together with long pepper, glycyrrhizin and euphorbia tree extracts, promotes hair growth. It is also known to cure some skin diseases. Mulethi has anti-dandruff properties and soothes scalp conditions like scabs. Neem extracts give relief from dry and itchy scalp and gives you smooth, shiny and soft hair. The formula also contains pure almond and cashew oils that repair dry and damaged hair. 120 ml of this product costs Rs. 185 on Nykaa.

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening Serum


The Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening serum contains avocado extracts and is the champion in providing smooth, silky strands. It offers a quick solution to dry, frizzy and damaged hair. It provides deep nourishment to hair giving each strand a smooth feel to touch and an overall healthy look. It suits all hair type. Apply this serum to damp hair after shampooing, conditioning and drying with a towel. A bottle contains 100 ml of this serum and can be bought for Rs. 295 on Amazon.

Yves Rocher Fortifying Hair Serum

The Yves Rocher hair serum has an organic formula containing jojoba oil and agave fructans. It is a fortifying serum that is especially effective against hair breakage. It repairs damaged hair making it smooth, soft and silky. This serum is best used before blow drying or using other heat styling products. 100 ml of this product costs Rs. 790 on Myntra.

Wella Professionals Hair Serum

This Wella Professionals hair serum provides deep nourishment to dry and damaged hair. The result is smooth, velvety and supple tresses that feels soft to the touch. Pollution and heat styling does a lot of damage to the hair causing split ends and overall malnourished strands. This hair serum is effective against all that damage. Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo, condition it and dry it with a towel. Apply the serum to the damp hair. You can get 100 ml of this hair serum for Rs. 1,100 on The Skin Store.

BBlunt Intense Moisture Hair Serum

The BBlunt hair serum provides intense moisture to the hair and has been specially formulated for Indian hair and protects it from pollution and heat styling damage. The formula is packed with Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, avocado extracts and argan oil that gives a boost of nourishment to rebellious and dry hair to make it smoother and more manageable. It comes in an easy to dispense bottle that prevents any mess when using the product. The bottle contains 75 ml of hair serum and can be bought for Rs. 500 on B Blunt.

L'Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 Serum

Most women want long, smooth tresses of hair cascading down their shoulders, but what they get is frizzy, rough, malnourished hair placed like ugly crowns on their heads. The main culprit is pollution and the good news is that there is a product to counteract its damage. That product is L’Oreal Paris Total Repair 5 hair serum. The formula is enriched with nourishing oil that gives velvety smoothness to your hair, prevents your hair from getting tangled and protects it from split ends. It effectively treats damaged and rough hair, caused by heat styling and pollution, to give you silky smooth tresses all day long. Shampoo and condition your hair and then dry it with a towel until your hair is damp. Apply little bit of this serum on the damp hair to make it velvety smooth. 80 ml of this hair serum costs Rs. 230 on Flipkart.

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Most people forget to fully take care of their hair. This is where many hair problems start. Taking good care of your hair requires you to nourish and supply it with the necessary elements to enhance its growth and make it look good. By using a hair serum, you evade many hair issues since you will have fed the hair enough nutrients and vitamins from the many different natural extracts and oils contained in a good hair serum. Listed above are the best hair serums for women to help you take good care of your hair.