The Beauty of Handbags is That You can Wear Them Every Single Day without Anyone Batting an Eye(2020):  10 Celebrity Hand Bag Trends Worth Carrying This Fall

The Beauty of Handbags is That You can Wear Them Every Single Day without Anyone Batting an Eye(2020): 10 Celebrity Hand Bag Trends Worth Carrying This Fall

If you wore an outfit as often as you carry around your go-to handbag, there would probably be a lot of staring going on in your office each day. For the handbag obsessives, let's dive into the latter a little more. In order to make all this information digestible, here are the top celebrity bag trends to know for 2020. Bookmark this page or text it to your group chat, because everyone deserves to know about the latest must-buy arm candy.

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An Essential Accessory: A Head Turning Handbag!

We all know that clothes say a lot about a person and their personality and if you want to enhance your style and show your sense of confidence then you need to invest on accessories. The right accessory can help you achieve the perfect style and make you look trendy. A modern day woman goes through a lot of pressure when it comes to looking fashionable and stylish. A handbag can help her achieve the look she wants. A handbag is a women's best friend and you will see little girls to woman around 70 or more craving for handbags. Although you can buy any handbag under the sun but a designer handbag can make you look very attractive and puts you right in the circle.

Most women like to follow fashion trends and who is better to follow then the famous celebrities. They are style icons and start different trends and fashions. These celebrities carry different handbags in different occasions and women love to follow them and buy what makes these celebrities popular. This article will help you identify some of the most famous and classical handbags the celebrities are carrying around in recent days.

8 Celebrity handbags You Will Love to Flaunt

Bottega Veneta Clutch

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been seen posting pictures of her very stylish Bottega Veneta Clutch on Instagram. It is a beautiful pouch bag that looks like an oversized vintage coin purse but much more. It looks very sophisticated and although it is large in size but is very soft and easy to carry around. It can be taken to an afternoon lunch or for an evening party with friends. The simple design of the purse matches with almost all outfits and will make you look dressy and casual both at the same time.

Maestra Bag

If you like Priyanka Chopra or Olivia Palermo then you will like their favourite Maestra Bag. This bag is different because you won't find a clone of it in the market and does not have a large logo on it, unlike other designer bags. It is made with beautifully refined leather and looks very sleek. The inner lining of the bag is in blue colour which lets you locate all your belongings in it with ease. It is perfect as neither it is too big and chunky or too small to carry. The best feature of the bag is that it can be worn in different styles, you can carry it like a backpack or adjust the straps according to your need. It is available in original size, midi and mini and comes in fifteen different shades to choose from.

The Louis Vuitton Pochette Bag

The Louis Vuitton bag does not need to much of an introduction. Sarah Jessica carries it with style and made it a very popular bag. The Louis Vuitton Pochette Bag is small in size. It looks cool with different outfits even on sneakers. You will love this bag for its durability and style.

Dior Trotter CD Top Handle Tote

Another stylish bag loved by Sarah Jessica Parker is the Dior Trotter Tote. This is an iconic Dior bag and is a piece of art. It is made of canvas and is perfectly handcrafted for women with taste. It comes in different colours and fabrics therefore you have many bags to choose from. They are easy to carry and will make you look like a perfect diva. If you want to own this bag you need to hurry up as it goes out of stock quickly due to high demand.

Celine Bag

The Celine Bag is famous in Hollywood as well as in Bollywood. You can see Deepika Padukone carrying it around with grace. It is loved by Reese Witherspoon and Emma Roberts as well. This is a classic French Luxury bag which is a must-have for women who crave style. It is spacious and has a couple of compartments for you to carry your stuff with ease. It comes with four metal gold feet to avoid wear and tear at the bottom of it. It is a simple-looking bag that comes in colours like black, brown, white, navy and many more. You will fall in love with this bag if you like to be in trend and do not want to compromise with comfort.


If you have seen 'Sex and the City' then you must know Carrie Bradshaw and her sense of fashion. Fendi bag is one of her favourites. It is a style that makes you look youthful and mature at the same time and adds a higher level to your personality. The handle straps of the bag can be folded down and give it a sleek look and it is quite spacious. It is made with high-quality leather and it seals shut when you close the zip to avoid any water getting it. It has three compartments in it and you can carry it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag. Celebs have been carrying this bag for years now so if you like to follow their footsteps you should surely get one Fendi bag for yourself.

Dior Saddle Bag

How can you not follow Kim Kardashian and her cute Dior's retro Saddle bag.  It has come into trend recently and you will see many celebs carrying it with style.  It is popular due to its unique shape and you will not find another one like it.  You can carry it to any occasion and look cool.  It is an expensive bag but worth each penny. The strap alone costs as much as the bag so now you know what we mean by a designer bag.

Longchamp Pliage Bag

The classic Longchamp Pliage Bag is famous because J.Lo loves it.  You will not believe it but the style she carries is sold out for now but you can look for other designs if you want it right away.  It comes in colours like Pepto Bismol pink, black, brown and many more.  It is a shoulder tote and is very comfortable to carry.  The best feature of this bag is that you can fold it neatly into the size of a large envelope and stuff it inside your luggage or another bag.  This unique feature made it very popular.  College going girls love this bag as it holds everything they need under the sun.  It is made with polyamide canvas and has leather handles.  It is a durable bag and can carry heavy loads be it your laptop, groceries or books.  

Tips for Buying Pre Owned Designer Handbags

These high-end designer bags can cost a fortune and if you are running low on budget but still want to own one you can always get a pre-owned or pre-loved designer handbag for yourself. You will save a lot of money and will be in the trend as well. The pre-owned market gives you tons of choices and discounts and you can easily find Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Christian Dior etc through it.

Remember a few tips and you can easily buy an authentic designer pre-owned bag.

  • Always buy it from a trusted reseller. You can buy them online or through Ebay but check the reputation of the reseller before investing in it. You should get a copy of the receipt with the bag. You should also get return policy and guarantee of its authenticity.
  • Don't buy it because its a designer bag, buy it after you check the condition of the bag. Look for wear and tears on the corners and handles or any scratches on it. If you are ok with light scuffs then you can buy it but if not then don't go for pre owned bags at all.
  • Always check for authentic of the bag. The reseller should have an authenticity guarantee. Most of these guarantees are time limited and by the time you realize it’s a fake your time is up so look for the once that give you lifetime authenticity guarantee.
  • Since these bags are expensive always think if it is worth before investing in it. The luxury designer bags retain their value in the pre owned market so if you sell it again you might get a good price for it or sometimes more than what you spent on it.
  • Some bags come with date codes stamped inside them and you can check for its worth and authenticity online easily with the help of these codes. So do that before you buy one. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermès, and Balenciaga offer you this service so it’s a good choice to buy these bags.
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