Need a Little Help Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts for Your Crew(2022)? Shop Our 10 Favourite Pre-Packed Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Need a Little Help Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts for Your Crew(2022)? Shop Our 10 Favourite Pre-Packed Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

Bridesmaids are like the unsung heroes of every wedding- they do so much for not just you but your wedding as well! At the end of the day, your 'maids have a lot of work cut out for them. That's why you should treat your friends/family to something special when you ask them to be your bridesmaids. So instead of choosing just one gift, why not surprise your bridal party with an entire gift box

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How to Curate a Bridesmaid Proposal Box?

Start with Something Personalized

This is surely a task to curate bridesmaid proposal boxes for your lovely friends. To keep it simple we have shortlisted four elements which are important for your bridesmaid box. One of them is a personalized item. It can be a small pouch with their name on it or a photo of two of you together or anything else you like. Make sure that you are adding some personalized touch to the box to make it extra special for both of you.

Chocolates/Candies are Must

Come on, who doesn’t like chocolates? You just can’t eliminate chocolates/candies from your bridesmaid box. You can find a huge variety of chocolate online and to keep it extra special you can personalize the chocolates as well. You can also find various recipes online to create special handmade chocolates for all your bridesmaid.

A Note Asking the Question

Another important element of a DIY bridesmaid proposal box is a note asking the question to your friend that “Will you be my bridesmaid”? You can also add how much they mean to you and how much you cherish your friendship with them in the note. Just pour your heart and emotions into the note to make them feel loved and special to you.

Other Items of Your Choice

And finally, the final element can be a combination of various items that you would want to add to the box. It can be some sheet masks or skincare products. You can also add makeup items like lipsticks, mascara, and an eyeshadow palette to the box too. If you are creating these boxes as per specific themes then you can put the items related to the theme in the box in form of goodies.

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes: Great Ideas to Pop the Question

Luxury Bridesmaid Hamper

One of the most luxurious bridesmaid proposal boxes ideas we picked in this list is this Luxury Bridesmaid Hamper. This adorable hamper is perfect for your girlfriends without whom you just can’t marry. This larger-than-life hamper is everything any bridesmaid would want to receive from her bride friend.

It is completely customizable where you can choose the flavour of coffee, customize the name on Nutella jar, select shower gel, select the kind of chocolate you want, pick perfume and customize the robe for your bridesmaid along with eye mask, frame and fragrance of candle included in this hamper.

You can also select the kind of box you want and you can also make any add-ons you want with extra charges. Grab this super customizable luxury bridesmaid hamper on Gifts by Rashi for Rs. 4,099.

Team Bride Curated Box


The next one is a Team Bride Curated Gift Box which is all about self-care. This one is a really wonderful and different bridesmaid box that any friend of yours will be lucky to receive.

This box contains a customizable photo frame, pomegranate face mask, red wine face mask, wine glass, scrunchies, team bride socks, lip balm, body wash, wine mixer and other things. While you can customize the photo of the two of you on the frame, you can also add a greeting card to this hamper.

Add a message to the greeting card and make it completely personalized. The box is also quite sturdy and completely reusable too. We can assure you that this box is simply out of the box and would make a perfect proposal box for your bridesmaid. You can buy it on Giftii for Rs. 2,699.

Revolve Beauty Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Revolve Beauty offers one of the most loved bridesmaids proposal boxes for those friends who love makeup and self-care products. This one is a set of 9 consisting of different interesting items for your friends which all come packed in a bag with the tag “Just Say Yes”.

All the products included in this bag are Summerfridays lip butter, hand sanitizer, honey-infused hair oil, rose sheet mask, Collagen in original, peach and blueberry fragrances, 3 scrunchies, coconut wax candle, a hair culture and a jar with a closing lid with Bride’s Babes written on it.

It has all sorts of items that any girl would want but it lacks a personalized note in it which you can include by yourself to pop the question. Buy this bridesmaid box on Revolve for Rs. 5,731.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit Set


One of the cutest addition to this list is this Kateaspen Will You Be My Bridesmaid Kit. Decked up in the theme of pink, white and golden colour, this one sets the mood absolutely right for a bridesmaid proposal.

The box itself is really pretty and you can find “Will you be my bridesmaid?” written inside just when you open it. Things which are included in this hamper are a pink glitter heart-shaped photo frame, a pink and white coffee mug with a bridesmaid written on it, a cute little tray, white sunglasses with a bridesmaid written on the frame, 2 ring-shaped magnets, 1 diamond-shaped magnet and 1 golden heart-shaped magnet.

However, you will have to get the photo frame customized on your own and the size of the frame is mentioned in the details. Grab this amazing kit now on Amazon for Rs. 8,479.

Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Hamper

The Good Road brings you a very chunky option of wooden bridesmaid proposal boxes. This is one of the loveliest bridesmaid hampers that we have come across till now. Tell your bridesmaid how special they are for you with this adorable proposal hamper.

This larger-than-life box includes a pocket perfume, a trinket tray with bridesmaid written on it, bridesmaid eye mask, soy butter candle, Bohemian clay earrings, a handwritten note card and a wooden acrylic box in which all items are assorted.

All you have to do is include a gift message and they will deliver it along with the box to your bridesmaids. This way you can personalize each box differently for your friends. Each item is curated very beautifully to make sure your bridesmaid loves this curation. You can buy this box on The Good Road for Rs. 4,550.

Bride Tribe Box

Your bride tribe is an essential part of your wedding and they totally deserve all your love. So, make them feel loved and propose them to be your bridesmaid at the same time with this Bride Tribe Box.

Forever52 is a popular makeup brand and it brings you their Bride Tribe box crafted especially for the bridesmaid. And guess what, all the makeup items included in this pack are fully customizable. You get to choose shades for blush, waterproof eye pencil, eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow, and a rose matte lipstick which are then paired with HM Mascara.

This means you can curate a different box for all your bridesmaids. They all come packed in a gorgeous white-coloured box with Bride Tribe written on it. All it lacks is a personalized note which you would have to put on your own. Grab this box on Daily Life Forever52 for Rs. 4,499.

Aromatherapy Box

This one is not particularly a bridesmaid box but we totally loved the content of this hamper and it really deserves to be in this list. This one is an Aromatherapy Relaxation Box which contains some of the coolest and most relaxing products you can ever find.

The box contains beetroot and rose lip scrub, beetroot lip balm, rose and geranium soap, hibiscus clay mask, rose and geranium bath salts, citrus body butter, jute potli, geranium and sandalwood scented candle, coconut spoon and a coconut bowl.

If this isn’t a perfectly complete self-care pack your girls deserve then what else is it? You can make a little customization on your own on these boxes like personalizing their names on each box along with a cute little note. Grab this box on Shop Woovly for Rs. 2,100.

Personalized Fashion Combo Pack

If you are looking for personalized bridesmaid boxes options then we are very sure that you are going to love this one here. It is an all-customizable bridesmaid box curation consisting of so many different items. This all-fashion combo pack is perfect for all your bridesmaids to look fashionable.

The box contains a keychain, travel folder, clutch, earphone holder, a cute charm and a cardholder. All the items can be customized with the desired name on them. Moreover, you can also pick a colour of your choice from rose gold, baby pink and charcoal black colour options.

Just pay a little extra and they will gift wrap it for you too. The best part about the hamper is that you can pick a different charm for different friend matching her personality from a wide range of options. Buy this fashion box on The Signature Box for Rs. 2,475.

Be My Bridesmaid Hamper

The next one here is Be My Bridesmaid box which is a simple curation but looks quite elegant. If you are not planning to spend too much then this one will turn out perfect for you.

The box here contains a custom initial shot glass candle, floral pen, botanical facial steam, floral hair comb and team bride socks. You can either pick socks or a trinket dish for the box. For the customization on the box and on the candle, you can simply mail the details on the provided email id.

This simple and elegant bridesmaid box is something no friend could say no to. Buy this beautiful Be My Bridesmaid Box on The Style Salad for Rs. 1,947.

Special Hamper for Bridesmaids

And finally, we have a special hamper for this list of bridesmaid proposal boxes. This special hamper contains so many different products all bridesmaids would want to have.

This box is totally customizable which means you can pick a coffee flavour, type of shower gel, pick chocolate of your choice, select perfume options, customize the eye mask with name and select the fragrance of the candle. There are more add-ons available which can be included by paying a little extra per piece.

You can also select the kind of box you want from various options. You get a free handwritten card with each box which you can customize as per your choice. This adorable bridesmaid box is available on Gifts by Rashi for Rs. 2,549.

Creative Ways to Ask Your Friend to be Your Bridesmaid

We really hope that you loved the bridesmaid proposal boxes India that we mentioned in the list above. Moreover, handing over the box is super easy but the step prior to that is actually tricky. You need to set the mood right to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid. This is about your big day and hence everything should go just smooth. Here are some creative ways to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid.

Drinks Night

Throw a grand drinks night for all your friends whom you want to be your bridesmaid. This festive celebration before your wedding is a superb idea to chill and bond with your friends and rekindle all the amazing memories you share with them. You can also organize some games and little dares to make the evening more fun. Once everyone are in their best, you can pop the question by handing over these gorgeous bridesmaid boxes that you have curated for them.

Ask with a Photo Frame

A photo frame may sound a little cliché but it gives a very personalized touch while popping the question of “will you be my bridesmaid?” You can either select different photos of you with your friend or can find a single photo with all your tribe together. Asking your friend to be your bridesmaid with a personalized touch is not only beautiful but emotional too. You can surely go this way to pop the question.

Fortune Cookies

You can curate any bridesmaid proposal boxes you want but the way you ask the question matters the most. As asking any important question to your loved ones with the help Fortune cookies never goes out of style, you can try this hack with your bridesmaid too. You can invite all your gang to a brunch or dinner and then serve these fortune cookies to pop the question to them.

Coffee Date

If you are not able to get all your tribe together then you can organize a coffee date for all of them. You can either get them all together or simply meet each friend differently to adjust the timing. Take help from the café to write this question on the serving tray for your friend. This coffee date idea is not only a wonderful way to ask the question but to also catch up on everything going on with your life.

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Personalise some of the elements and include old photos, looking through them together was one of the best bits of the actual proposals. Make it keep-worthy. With all of the above said though, the truly special part is getting to ask them to be your bridesmaids. That in itself is the meaningful part, so if the budget doesn’t allow for treats and gifts then at the end of the day that stuff doesn’t really matter, it’s just about showing your closest girlfriends that you love them!