How to Select a Breed of Dog, Whether as a Family Pet or a Guard Dog & Some of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in India (2020)

How to Select a Breed of Dog, Whether as a Family Pet or a Guard Dog & Some of the Most Popular Dog Breeds in India (2020)

Dogs are without doubt one of the most popular pets to have and they are truly a man's most trusted friend. They are loyal, affectionate, lovable and will be a delight for your entire family. There are many breeds of dogs available. You need to consider certain factors before you finalise which dog breed would be perfect for your living conditions. This will not only keep the dog happy and comfortable but you will be able enjoy your pet even more. So if you are planning to get a pet dog for you home, this BP Guide will take you through all the factors to keep in mind while selecting the breed of the dog.

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Why its Important to Select a Breed and Not Just Go with Any Breed

Many of you nowadays would be planning to get a pet for your house. Talking about dogs, there is a great deal about dogs that everyone loves and it is no wonder that they are on top of the pet's list. If you are planning to get a dog for your home, a lot of time and consideration must be given. You cannot just go to a pet shop and pick up the first dog you see. Different breed of dogs will have different characteristics, and thus, they are suitable for different situations and requirements. All the scenarios must strictly be worked out in your mind before you select a particular breed.

How to Select a Breed of Dog

1. What Dog Size are You Interested In?

You should consider the size of the dog according to the area you live in. Many places do not allow large dogs. Some small dogs do poorly in hot weather and require air-conditioning. Some lean, but large dogs like Greyhounds get cold easily and are also prone to heat strokes. This also pretty much sums up to the weather in the city you are living in. Though most of the small dogs are cited as good city dogs, you can still go for a bigger dog if your house is big enough to accommodate one.

2. How Energetic You Want Your Dog to Be?

Many people prefer lazy dogs like Bichon Frise, because they are quiet and mostly spend their time sleeping throughout the day. These dogs do not need much exercise, and their basic requirements can be met by going for a walk once or twice. These dogs prove to be advantageous for those of you who are busy and cannot find enough time for your dogs.

3. How Affectionate Do You Want Your Dog to Be?

Some people want a dog like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that will never leave their side and often prefer to be beside them. Some people want the dog to cheer up the mood when needed but still mostly does not involve itself too much, for example, a Labrador. Some people just want a dog like a bulldog to be a companion only rather than getting too attached. There you go with your certain breed for affection.

4. What is Affordable?

The price of the dog varies with the breed and popularity. You should set a budget and should also consider all the factors stated before you buy one. Going with the most popular dog without taking all aspects into consideration will lead you to face problems later. Labradors followed by Pugs are the most popular ones, but they might not fit in the place or the conditions you live in. So, you don't have to go over the price only to face the consequences later.

5. What is the Atmosphere in Your Place?

Maybe you live alone and lead a busy life. So you need to have a dog that does not require much company. Perhaps you live with your family and have small kids at home. In this case, you need to have an older dog that can be gentle with the kids and teach them compassion and temperament. If you live in an area where there is a danger of wild animals, you need to take special measures for your dog, or in fact, any pet. A dog brings a great deal of joy and positive vibes, no matter what your situation is!

6. How Trainable You Want Your Dog to Be?

Some dogs are easy enough to train and groom, and some are very difficult to handle at times. If you are a very strict person, you need to go for a Havanese, because they are easy to train and love to learn new tricks and commands. You can take up miniature Schnauzer as they are reasonably trainable and learn basic commands conveniently. However, you need to train them excessively to not bark frequently without reason!

7. How Protective You Want Your Dog to Be?

The German Shepherd is the dog that will come to your mind as a guarding dog. Yes, it indeed is one strong pooch. They can make up a good family-guard. Also, there are the Rottweilers, which are family-friendly and very courageous. There are other athletic dogs that will serve best as a guard, for example, Bullmastiff and Doberman.

8. Where Do You Live?

You will face a problem for sure if the walls of your house are not thick enough, and your dog barks a lot. This will either need a lot of days of grooming your dog, or you need to go for a quieter breed. Also, if your building does not have lifts, your dog might find it challenging to climb many stairs, and you will have no choice other than to carry it up. If you don't have a park for dog-walks, you might have to end up sending your dog to the day-care or with dog walkers.

Breeds of Dogs You Can Get in India Considering the Above Points

The most famous dog breeds in India are Pugs or popularly known as the Vodafone-dog, and German Shepherd. You can also find a Golden Retriever after every two houses in India. Another big guarding dog is the Great Dane. It might intimidate you at first but is a friendly dog. Another sporty and easy to train dog available at a reasonable price is the Boxer. You can consider Rottweilers and Doberman retrievers if you are looking for some bigger ones. These are loyal dogs know for their incredible strength. Dachshunds are tiny dogs but have a deafening and terrific bark. They usually have a longer life span.

Caring for Your Dog after You've Brought it Home

Getting a dog brings with it many responsibilities. Only providing your dog with food is not enough. When you buy food for the dog, you must check that your dog is getting all the nutrients required. Also, the dog must be taken to the local vet at least once in a month for regular checkups. You should also take care of the vaccines they need at specified intervals. They need to be groomed and taken for exercise or a walk regularly. Also, they need to have a bath daily and combed as well. Their fur will be everywhere at your place, so you need to take good care of this as well. And not to mention, apart from these responsibilities, you also have to spend some time with them and show affection!

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Pay Careful Attention to the Dog's Breed and Your Living Conditions

Once you have decided to have a pet it is important for you to pay careful attention to your living conditions and the breed of the dog which would be aptly suited for your requirements. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in understanding the various factors you need to keep in mind while deciding the breed of the dog best suited as your pet. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.