Looking for W Kurtis to Buy Online? Our Pick of the 10 Latest and Most Alluring Kurti Options from the Brand (2019)

Looking for W Kurtis to Buy Online? Our Pick of the 10 Latest and Most Alluring Kurti Options from the Brand (2019)

Kurtis have become integral part of every Indian woman's wardrobe. You can wear it over leggings, salwars, and of course jeans. The W brand offers some of the hottest trends in kurtis that are perfect choice for someone looking to add well-designed elegant kurtis to their wardrobe. We have looked through its collection, and found some of the most exciting options for you to look through. From simple cuts to latest trending one, you will find it all here.

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Kurtas - Relevance to Indian Fashion

Kurta originated in the Indian continent and can be worn by both men and women. Over the years it evolved and has merged with other fashion trends to result in unique kurtis which are ideal in these modern times.

Kurtis are usually worn over jeans as a casual wear or over leggings and salwar as a formal wear. It can be short or long and comes in different fabrics and styles and is very comfortable. Even though there are always traditions in Indian fashion as we move through transitions of fashions and trends, we are bound to see people adapting this wonderfully versatile garment.

The Evolution of the Kurta

The upper-body garment Kurta can be worn by both men and women. Many mix up Kurta and Kurti - Kurtas are long and comfortable while a Kurti is mostly shorter and more form fitting.

This garment is traditionally worn in India and Pakistan but is also popular in Nepal and Sri Lanka. It has progressed through time as it has through the fashion calendar and trends. The fashion industry has given us interesting variations in kurti combinations including tunics and palazzos . As crossover in fashion is becoming more predominant, we see kurtis being worn not just in traditional ways, but on catwalks, in high street and designer labels.

Kurti Designs And Styles

Designer Kurtis has been the prime choice for girls whether you are looking for a traditional look or a westernized appearance. They come in different colours and designs and are made from fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, georgette, silk, and even velvet. They are very comfortable and of a good fit and can be used as a regular or occasional wear.

Kite Designer Kurtis

Made out of cotton, Kite Kurtis have given the designer new aspects with a triangular shape. The Kurti gives a proper filling till the waist after which it spreads out in the shape of a triangle. This Kurti can be worn as a formal or casual wear. The fabric is cotton which is best for the summer season and can be made of any length below the knee.

Side Layer

The side layered kurta has got the attention of fashion lovers. This kurta is made of georgette material and gives a straight frock like line on one side, while the other side is made of layers of fabric. It is also given a coat like top with full sleeves. The semi neck line is made with thread work which is very beautiful. The top gives a coat like appearance to the wearer.

Umbrella Cut

This designer party wear Kurti style is made up of dual layers. It is usually made up of georgette material floral design overcoat. The inner layer is a plain pattern in silk. This kurta can also be worn without the overcoat which gives the kurta a plain sleeveless design. This kurti is mostly used for parties.

Crepe Double Layer

Source indiarush.com

This Kurti design is usually made of Crepe material and is very fashionable. It looks very elegant and is long in length with double layers. The inner layer is mostly plain with the outside having a printed design. It can be sported as your day’s fashion memento.

Brocket Layer

Brocket Layer kurtis are made of silk material with brocket layering on the knee portion. The kurti has long sleeves with brocket edges. It has ankle length with an open bottom which gives it a beautiful look. It can be worn over leggings with side buttons.

Straight Cut Silk Kurtis

The straight cut silk designer kurtis are of a plain texture with an embroidered decorated neckline. It is sleeveless and has a straight cut with adequate length. Adding a belt in the centre gives it a good fitting appearance.

High -Low Design

This kurta design is usually made with a textured layering in the front which gives it a high look from the front. The falls inside along with heavy lace gives it a unique look. This Kurti pattern has a sleeveless look with semi-circular bead pattern neckline. It is perfect for summers. This style is derived from the western style of high-low shirt styles that are a must-have for every fashion closet. A high-low kurta style is made to show off a nice waistline.

Dhoti Style

This kurta design is very stylish. It is usually made of silk material with the lower portion made of georgette inner layers which gather at the waist and embroidery in the front. Some patterns add a cute lace neck collar which makes add to the beauty of the kurti giving it a slim appearance. It can be worn for lavish parties or weddings.

Off Shoulder

Most of this kurta style comes in a wrap design forming layers from a shoulder to downward in the opposite side. It comes in a variety of materials including silk, cotton, polyester, chiffon, etc. The single shoulder design adds to the beauty. It is loose fitting and can be worn over pants, palazzos and jeans. It also adds a certain amount of elegance to women who like to showcase their shoulders and define their neck.


Tri-cut kurtas are most often made of cotton silk and are quite in demand. This design pattern is two straight cuts with brocket look while the centre is plain. The neck of the kurta is given thread and bead embroidery for a heavy look over a long skirt. It is good for bridal wear and heavy occasions. Since it has 3 cuts, this kurti pattern can be made to look elaborate and elegant.


This kurti is designed and found mostly in a Bhagalpuri material and is flared in the centre till the waist. The upper portion is made from cotton material. It also gives a coat like look with long sleeves and designed neck and is mostly worn over golden or silver pants to give it a good occasional look. One of the most worn kurti patterns today this style of kurti now comes in many patterns and materials to adapt to occasions and style preferences. This pattern is worn by women of all ages as it is comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


Apple-cut kurtis are made of cotton material with floral prints on the lower border. They have an apple cut in the lower portion. Usually teamed with long sleeves and back neck collar which has similar floral patterns. It is loose fitting and best for hot summer days.


Batwings kurti is made from georgette material with wide sleeves. It is given multi-coloured prints on white or black backgrounds with Kashmiri work on the neckline. It is very popular and can be worn over palazzo, leggings or jeans. This kurti is a fun style that is perfect for fun-loving and energetic women to showcase their personality through their clothing.

Maxi Style

The Maxi Style kurti is loose fitting and made of a light crush material. It is best for summers and is very comfortable. It is very popular with teenagers and working women. comfortable and easy to wear with leggings this is a most common daily wear item. Loose fitting, this kind of kurti can be worn by any body type and size. If you love wearing dresses this style of kurti is perfect for you as it can also be used as a dress.

Trendy Kurtis by W That You Can Buy Online

W as a brand makes the best kurta for the modern woman. Kurti is part of the modern Indian woman’s wardrobe. You can count on W for getting the latest and best kurtis in both traditional and modern styles.

The quality used by W is also top notch and this is what makes the brand so endearing to the customers. You will find asymmetrical hemlines, tassels, tie, etc. that are present in the kurti. The layered look is also something you can choose from. Some of the kurtis which are on trend are Multicoloured kurti, Collar neck kurti, Layered kurti, Asymmetrical kurti, Pin Tuck kurti, Tassel kurti. Woollen Mandarin kurti, Kashmir Print kurti, Full Jacket style kurti and Flared waistline kurti.

W for Women's Straight Kurta

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This Kurti is of a straight fit, made of cotton material having a three-quarter sleeve and banded collar. It is of calf-length and can be used as a casual wear. It has to be washed separately and dried in the shade. It is available for Rs. 1,699.

Off-White Round Neck Embellished Kurta Dress

Source wforwoman.com

This is a beautiful Off-White Flowing Ethereal Long Kurti dress. It is sleeveless and has a round neck with embellished bodice and gathers from the waist. It has to hand washed or dry cleaned and is perfect for any occasion. You can buy it for Rs. 4,200.

Round Neck Printed Kurta

This gorgeous Straight Fit W Kurti is perfect for you as it gives a touch of vibrant sophistication. It has three-quarter sleeves with a printed pattern and a round neck that adds a touch of grace. It is comfortable and made of good quality fabric. It has to be hand washed in cold water. The price of this kurti is Rs. 1,699.

Key Hole Neck Printed Kurta

This Kurti from W is made of good quality fabric and gives you immense comfort throughout the day. Having a keyhole neck, three quarter sleeves and printed pattern this Kurti boasts of simplicity and enticing gracefulness. It has to be hand washed in cold water. The kurti is available for Rs. 1,499.

Blue And White Printed Layered Kurta

Source wforwoman.com

Layered kurtas are a big hit this season. This Layered Kurta from W, is available for Rs. 3,000. The kurta comes with a lovely floral pattern on the outside and a white inside with a silver border making it stand out. The design is a lovely blue colour that makes it noticeable against the plain white backdrop. Elegant and classy, this kurta has it all to make a style statement.

Mandarin Neck Printed Kurta

This mandarin neck kurta by W features a print pattern all over. Gold combined with cream, a classic combination makes this kurta a perfect fit for your closet or even as a gift. Get creative by modernising your look through this kurta. Available at Shopper Stop for Rs. 1,189, this kurta is a must have. Pair it with a pair of printed palazzo bottoms for an overall fancy look. This kurta is made from top-quality fabric making it comfortable to wear and good to look at.

V- Neck Printed Kurta

Stay on top of your game by wearing this kurta that features a V-Neck And Straight Fit. Suitable for all body types and sizes, this kurta is available at ShopperStop for Rs. 1,189. It comes in a combination of peach embroidered with gold. Team this kurti with a skirt bottom for the overall effect of a casual but relaxed look.

Grey Round Neck Khadi Print Kurta

Source wforwoman.com

Traditional and elegant to its core, this kurta by W has a lovely Khadi Base Topped with elegant designs and patterns in black and silver, with hints of grey. It is a layered style kurta which looks like a jacket. Available at W for Rs. 2,799 this kurta is good for a day at the office or even a small party. Elegant and subtle team this kurta with a palazzo and heelsto maximise its effect.

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Mix and Match For Maximum Effect

Every woman needs designer kurtis, that makes her look absolutely beautiful from regular wear to designer stuff. But remember, no matter how beautiful a kurta is if it’s not styled the right way and with appropriate bottoms, it can fall flat. A beautiful interplay of elegance and charm is what you need to aim for when you wear kurtis. So look around, or check up online for ideas on how best to make you outfit look the best