30 Best Henna Brands in India to Help You Choose One that Suits You Best in 2022.

30 Best Henna Brands in India to Help You Choose One that Suits You Best in 2022.

Henna, also known as mehendi, has been the most trusted beauty essential in Indian households since times immemorial. Besides being used to adorn the hands and feet on special occasions, it is also used to dye hair naturally. With the lack of space and gardening skills, nowadays, the henna mix isn’t procured from home but found in the market in the form of fine powder. Here’s the list of 30 Best Henna Brands in India.

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Henna- The Ancient Hair Dye Still Used Today

Henna is a natural dye derived from the leaves of the shrub, lawsonia inermis. The leaves are dried and crushed into powder and mixed with water or other liquids to form a paste. This paste when applied on hair and skin leaves behind a dark orange stain after it is washed away. Due to this property of henna, it is largely used to cover grey hair and draw mehandi designs on the body.

Henna is not a modern product, however. It has been in use for as many as 5000 years. The art of henna has been prevalent in the cultures of India, Pakistan, Middle East and Africa for centuries. They used it to colour hair and beard, in body art and also to cool their bodies on hot days. Henna paste produces a cooling sensation when applied on the skin and scalp. This characteristic prompted them to use it to beat the heat as well. Dried henna leaves were crushed and mixed in water, people used to soak their hands and feet in this water to have a cooling effect. However, people no longer use henna to cool their bodies and its use in modern times is restricted to grey coverage and body art.

The worldwide use of henna started around the 90s when many Hollywood celebrities started adorning it as temporary body art. Besides, common people in the West started using henna to cover pregnant bellies with elaborate artwork and celebrate motherhood, decorate bald head post chemotherapy to bring beauty in the lives of cancer patients, and temporarily hide ugly scars on the body.

The Many Uses of Henna

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There are two main uses of henna; the first is as a hair and beard dye and the second is as ink for body art. Henna is more popular as a natural hair dye and is used extensively in the Indian subcontinent and Arabia to cover grey hair and beard. Henna for body art is a common custom in subcontinental marriages. Both brides and female guests adorn henna patterns on their palms and feet.

Hair and Beard Dyeing and Nourishment

As already mentioned, henna is most commonly used to cover greying hair and beard. Dried henna leaves are crushed into a fine powder which is then mixed with the appropriate amount of water to form a thick paste. This paste is applied to the hair and beard and let it rest for a minimum of one hour. Upon washing, the henna paste leaves behind a rich, dark, slightly orangish stain on the hair which provides complete grey coverage.

Henna is a natural and healthier alternative to chemical hair dye. Chemical hair dyes damage hair strands and regular application makes hair coarse and dehydrated. Hair starts feeling rough to touch and split ends appear.

On the other hand, henna not only provides grey coverage but also imparts a myriad of benefits to the hair. It is a potent hair conditioner that makes hair soft, silky, smooth and supple. It hydrates the scalp and prevents itchy scalp and the formation of dandruff. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of henna keep many scalp problems at bay which is a prerequisite to healthy hair. Henna also helps in rejuvenating damaged hair and preventing split ends. It strengthens the hair, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth. Thus, henna is much more than a hair colourant. It is nature’s gift to our hair. It accentuates the beauty of our crowning glory by making it healthier.

Body Art

Decorating our bodies with henna is a part of Indian tradition. Covering hands and feet with elaborate henna designs is common among Indian brides and women guests. It elevates the overall ethnic ensemble of the brides and the guests. Besides marriage occasions, women can and do adorn henna art on their hands and feet on a daily basis.

The preparation of henna for body art is similar to that of hair application. The dried henna leaves are crushed into a fine powder and then mixed with water to form a paste. This paste is then transferred into a piping bag made from a plastic sheet. A small cut is made on the dispenser end of the piping bag. Then it is used to draw patterns on the hands and feet (or other parts of the body). After that, the henna is left to dry until it becomes a hard crust. Then it is dusted off and it leaves behind a stain in the shape of the drawn pattern. You can call this a temporary tattoo.

30 Best Henna Powder Brands

Following are 30 henna powder brands segregated according to price.

Henna Powder Brands at Rs. 100 or Below

1. Natural Henna Powder from Ayur

Ayur is one of the oldest henna powder manufacturers of the country and the premium quality of their product has ensured that they stand the test of time. This is pure Rajasthani henna that will give a rich colour to your hair, cover your greys and leave no side effects. Besides, it makes the hair soft, smooth and supple. It has been known to promote hair growth and act as a scalp coolant preventing itchiness. 150 grams of this Henna Powder will cost you Rs. 50.

2. Pure Rajasthani Henna from Himalaya

Himalaya is a renowned cosmetics manufacturer in India and is trusted across the length and breadth of the country. They make high-quality products and you might not consider another company once you start using Himalaya. Hence, it is of no surprise that their henna powder has high ratings and rave reviews.

Himalaya offers pure Rajasthani henna powder that is fortified with 9 herbs, each of which addresses a particular issue. Bhringraj promotes hair growth, amla makes hair darker, curry leaves prevent premature greying, methi acts like a conditioner, shikakai cleanses the hair, bahera soothes the scalp, harad nourishes the hair, neem fights dandruff and green tea gives lustre to the strands. The result post application will be dark, soft, lustrous, manageable and shiny hair. 120 grams of Himalaya Henna Powder costs Rs. 75.

3. Ayurvedic Henna from VLCC

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This ayurvedic henna powder from VLCC is fortified with the goodness of shikakai, gooseberry, musk root powder and margosa. It nourishes and deep conditions your hair besides covering the greys. Regular application will impart a rich colour to your hair and make it soft and shiny. 240 grams of this henna powder costs Rs. 99.

4. Henna Powder Fortified with Medicinal Herbs from Nature's Essence

The formula of Nature’s Essence henna powder consists of amla, nycthanthes and bhringraj extracts. These herbs ensure that your hair becomes stronger, softer, silkier and voluminous besides covering the greys. It deeply conditions your hair as well thus removing frizz. This henna powder also protects your hair from environmental damage (pollution and sunlight) and chlorinated water. Nature’s Essence Henna Powder not only provides a rich colour to your hair but also makes it lustrous and beautiful. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 50.

5. Herbal Henna from Habib's Cosmetics

This Henna Powder from Habib’s Cosmetics is fortified with medicinal herbs like amla, brahmi and bhringraj to protect hair from the harsh effects of henna. You see, henna alone is effective only in imparting colour to the hair and covering the greys. Henna’s side effects are drying of the scalp and sometimes even hair damage and hair fall.

The addition of the above-stated medicinal herbs in the formula helps in countering the side effects of henna and keeps the scalp conditioned and hair smooth and supple. The formula is completely organic and free of sulfate. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 100.

6. Bakson's Potent Henna Powder

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Bakson’s Henna Powder is fortified with arnica, bhringaraj, katha, amla, shikakai and brahmi. These herbal ingredients provide nourishment to hair and make it soft, silky and lustrous. The conditioning characteristic of Bakson’s henna powder hydrates the scalp and prevents common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff. The mixture also helps in preventing premature greying, hair thinning and hair fall. Instead, it promotes hair growth and imparts strength to each strand of hair. 100 grams of this product can be bought for Rs. 75.

7. Ayurvedic Henna Powder from Patanjali

Patanjali’s Henna Powder consists of the goodness of as many as 10 herbs that ensures overall hair health besides colouring. Some of those herbs are fenugreek, tea, amla, shikakai, bhringraj, neem, katha and true indigo. Regular application will give a rich, natural colour to the hair and strengthen and condition it in the process. This henna powder also reduces hair fall, promotes hair growth and conditions the hair. 100 grams of this product costs Rs. 35.

8. Richfeel Henna to Reduce Hair Fall and Damage

Richfeel henna powder is a versatile product that covers your greys and keeps common hair problems at bay. Regular application of this henna will prevent hair fall, premature greying, split ends and dandruff. The formula is fortified with reetha, arnica, shikakai and amla which nourish each hair strand from root to tip, giving the hair a soft and lustrous texture. Richfeel Henna Powder is also an excellent conditioner and keeps the scalp cool and hydrated. 100 grams of this henna powder comes at a price of Rs. 95.

9. Inatur Henna Powder with Herb Enriched Formula

Inatur Henna Powder is 100% organic and its formula consists of medicinal herb extracts that provide both rich colour and nourishment to the hair. Some of the herbs are brahmi, bhringraj and amla which are known to be highly effective against hair problems. Regularly applying this henna will give you impressive results. Your hair will be soft, supple, lustrous and luxurious with no single strand of grey. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 100.

Henna Powder Brands at Range of Rs. 100 to Rs. 300

10. Herbal Henna Powder from Khadi Natural for Dark Brown Hair

Khadi Natural’s Henna Powder is enriched with bhringraj, amla and neem extracts. The henna leaves used in the mixture were organically grown and handpicked. It not only provides shine and bounce to the hair but also restores and maintains the natural pH balance. The other ingredients help in nourishing the scalp, conditioning the hair and promoting overall scalp health. Regular application of this henna also improves hair texture and makes it soft and supple. Khadi Natural’s henna powder is an appropriate alternative to chemical hair dye that damages the hair. 150 grams of this product can be bought for Rs. 275. It comes in a metal jar which makes it easier to store.

11. Banjara's Natural Henna Powder Fortified with Herbs

Banjara’s Henna Powder includes the goodness of 5 herbs namely, hibiscus, amla, brahmi, methi and bhringraj. Each of these herbs addresses a particular aspect of your hair health; hibiscus extracts reduce hair fall, amla prevents your hair from turning grey prematurely, brahmi provides nourishment, methi conditions the hair and bhringraj promote hair growth.

Thus, Banjara’s henna powder is a versatile product that not only provides long-lasting grey hair coverage but also imparts deep nourishment to the hair which results in soft, shiny, conditioned and healthy hair. The formula is free from harsh chemicals and is 100% organic which means there will be no side effects upon applications. A kilogram of this product comes at a price of Rs. 275.

12. Indus Valley's Bio Organic Henna Powder

Indus Valley’s Bio-Organic Henna Powder is 100% organic. They have been sourced from organically grown henna leaves. Most of us consider naturally grown to be the same as organically grown but it is not so. Naturally grown may include the use of chemicals to enhance the natural growth of the plant but the organic procedure does not use any amount of chemicals in any form or in any way.

No fertilizers and pesticides have been used in the growth of the henna leaves, and no colour or fragrances were added to the finished product. What you will be getting is 100% pure and organic henna that will have no harmful effects on the hair and skin. The henna leaves are shade dried and finely crushed to give maximum results. Regular application of this henna powder will hydrate the scalp and provide deep conditioning to the hair. The anti-dandruff and antibacterial properties of the product will keep the scalp clean and prevent any hair and scalp problems. Your hair will be strong from root to tip and you can say goodbye to frizzy hair. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 149.

13. Shahnaz Hussain's Precious Herb Mix Henna Powder

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Shahnaz Husain’s Henna Powder mix contains the goodness of amla, neem, shikakai and babul gond. It is a potent hair colourant that is free of harmful chemicals. It provides grey coverage, sheen and strength to the hair. It also conditions the hair, promotes hair growth and improves its texture. Besides, hair problems like dandruff, scalp irritations and excessive hair fall are kept at bay upon regular application. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 125.

14. Godrej Nupur Pure Henna Powder

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Godrej Nupur Henna Powder covers grey hair with a rich, long-lasting shade. It also conditions the hair and acts as an anti-dandruff solution. The formula is fortified with nine herbs that make the hair shiny and soft. The anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties of the product promote and maintain scalp health for overall healthy hair. Grey coverage can last up to 4 weeks but it depends heavily on the frequency of hair wash. 500 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 250.

15. Jovees Henna Enriched with Brahmi

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Jovees Herbal Henna Powder is fortified with brahmi, jojoba oil and ginger extracts among many ayurvedic herbs. It is alcohol, paraben and cruelty free and suits all types of hair. Regular application of this product will ensure grey coverage, strengthening the hair strands from root to tip and deep conditioning of hair. 150 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 210.

16. H & C's Natural Henna Powder with No Artificial Colouring

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One of the most common hair-related complaints among Indians is frizzy, coarse and unmanageable hair. Two main causes of this issue are hot and humid climate, and pollution. Hair must be perpetually conditioned to prevent frizziness and cassia obovata or colourless henna powder is the best candidate for that. H&C’s Herbal Henna Powder is neutral henna that gives natural colour to the hair and provides deep conditioning which makes hair manageable. It also reverts hair damage, prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth. You can mix this powder with a variety of liquid ingredients to get various benefits. 227 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 249.

17. Herbal Henna Powder from Nisha for Silky, Shiny and Soft Hair

Nisha’s Natural Henna Powder is fortified with herbs like amla, shikakai, hibiscus and aloe vera extracts. It imparts a rich colour to the hair and the herbs address common hair problems resulting in soft, supple, lustrous and voluminous hair. This pack consists of 10 sachets of Nisha’s henna powder. Each sachet consists of 10 grams of the product. You will receive 100 grams of this product in total for a price of Rs. 200.

18.Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Henna Powder

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Henna is a blend of multiple herb powders. Besides henna, it consists of cassia obovata, shikakai, fenugreek leaves, aloe vera leaves, hibiscus leaves and green tea leaves. There are no parabens, PPD, resorcinols, metallic salts, GMOs, peroxide, ammonia and harsh chemicals in the product. This henna powder acts as a gentle colourant, is a natural hair conditioner, reduces hair fall, strengthens hair from root to tip and promotes overall healthy hair. You can buy 200 grams of this product for Rs. 215.

19. Ancient Living Henna Mix for Both Colour and Nourishment

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The formula of Ancient Living Henna Mix is fortified with herbs like neeli, methi, vivitaki, haritaki, amla, triphala and bhringraj. These ingredients have been grown in their natural habitat using organic farming methods without being subjected to any form of chemical enhancement.

Thus, the natural nutrients have been well preserved which makes this henna mix a plant-based hair colourant. There is a high concentration of herbs in the henna mixture that imparts nourishment and essential proteins to your crowning glory. The result is strong hair that feels soft to the touch. This henna mix also has a rejuvenating effect on the hair. It repairs damaged hair and promotes scalp health. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 225.

20. Deep Conditioning Henna Powder from Tattvalogy

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Tattvalogy Henna Powder is made from henna leaves handpicked from the best farms in Sojat, Rajasthan. The leaves are organically grown and there is no hint of any chemicals in the henna powder. Besides providing grey coverage, Tattvalogy henna powder conditions hair and its antifungal and antimicrobial properties soothe the scalp. This henna powder can be mixed with various oils to get various hair benefits. 200 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 270.

Brands at Rs. 300 and Above

21. Forest Herbs Henna Powder- The Complete Hair Care Package

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The Forest Herbs Henna Powder Mix is fortified with shikakai, hibiscus, amla, bhringraj, neem and methi. All of these ingredients as well as the henna leaves were organically grown and there is no trace of artificial colouring or chemical-based foaming agent in the final mixture. A potent mixture such as this will provide myriad benefits to the hair and scalp besides the usual grey coverage. It prevents hair fall, split ends, dandruff and dry scalp. Regular usage will promote hair growth, strengthen the hair from root to tip, condition the hair and make it lustrous and thick. 500 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 597.

22. Organic Henna Powder from Sameera

Sameera’s Henna Powder is sourced from their own farm. They grow their henna using organic and traditional farming techniques which ensures that the product is 100% natural and free from any chemical adulteration. This is premium quality henna that will give a rich, dark, natural shade to your hair. The first application will impart an orangish shade but the colour will get darker with subsequent applications. The product is packaged in a tin jar which contains 400 grams of Sameera’s natural henna powder. It is priced at Rs. 399.

23. Naturenna- The 100% Organic Henna Powder

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Naturenna is a company that procures henna via traditional processes portrayed in the history of henna making. They respect the tradition, culture, history, science, techniques and art of henna in their manufacturing process and produce natural henna of premium quality. Besides covering grey hair, this henna fights dandruff and other scalp and hair conditions resulting in smooth, soft, supple and shiny hair. You can buy 400 grams of this product for Rs. 349.

24. Ohria Henna Powder for Natural Hair Dye

Ohria Henna Powder is a luxurious and natural hair dye with hair conditioning properties. The henna leaves used in the mixture are organically grown and no chemicals have been used in the final product. It is a 100% natural hair colourant that will impart a rich colour to your hair without side effects. This product is also salubrious to your crowning glory as it keeps the scalp healthy which prevents dandruff formation and other common hair problems. The result will be rich, dark, voluminous, healthy and lustrous hair. 150 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 650.

25. Organic Henna Powder from TVAM

There are many reasons why you should buy henna powder from TVAM Naturals. Some of those reasons are, number one, the ingredients used in the formula are organically grown, number two, the henna powder is made via ayurvedic formulation, number three, there are no artificial or synthetic elements in the powder, and number four, the henna powder is refined three times to get maximum purity and lastly, the company is cruelty-free. It provides long-lasting grey coverage, prevents premature greying, conditions the hair and soothes the scalp. The result is thick, voluminous, supple, smooth and lustrous hair. 100 grams of this product costs Rs. 500.

26. Luxury Henna Powder from Kama Ayurveda

Luxe Ayurveda Brand Kama Ayurveda’s Organic Henna Powder is an excellent hair colourant that also imparts richness, body and shines to the hair. It is a 100% natural product that will have no harmful effects. The deep conditioning characteristic makes hair soft, manageable and bouncy. It replenishes the hair with essential nutrients and the ultimate result will be soft, silky and shiny hair. 100 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 850.

27. Naturebay Naturals Cloth Filtered Henna Powder

Naturbay Naturals has their own farm in Sojat, Rajasthan that grows henna leaves for their product. Their henna is 100% pure and organic. They use the cloth filtering process to produce the powder which ensures the purest henna powder. It gives the natural henna-coloured stain when applied to the skin and hair. You can buy 500 grams of this product for Rs. 349.

28. Attar Ayurveda's Henna Powder for Hair, Skin and Beard

Attar Ayurveda’s Henna Powder is organically sourced and is of premium quality. It can be applied on the hair and beard for grey coverage and nourishment, and on the skin for drawing elaborate mehndi designs. The formula is free from any harmful chemicals thus you will not have any side effects. 200 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 450.

29. Natural and Nourishing Henna Powder from VCare

This is natural henna powder enriched with hibiscus, haritaki and amla. The henna is of the finest quality made from premium, handpicked henna leaves grown in Rajasthani firms. It nourishes the hair from root to tip, making it soft and supple in addition to providing grey coverage. 200 grams of VCare Henna Powder comes at a price of Rs. 345.

30. Shudh Online Henna Powder for Silky and Shiny Hair

Henna Powder from Shudh Online is 100% pure and natural. It can cover your grey hair for a long period of time and also conditions the scalp resulting in overall healthy hair. The formula is 100% organic and there are no ammonia, parabens and harsh chemicals in it. This henna powder can give two types of colours after mixing it with indigo powder in the correct ratio. 500 grams of this product comes at a price of Rs. 999.

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Colouring Hair with Henna Powder

Dyeing hair with chemicals can make the situation worse as it leads to dry, brittle hair and hair loss. A simple yet natural way to deal with this problem is to use henna powder. These give you the hair colour you want without damaging your hair with chemicals. Before buying the right henna powder, make sure it contains natural ingredients that are free of chemicals and synthetics. Also, make sure that the henna is fresh and has undergone a rigorous filtration process.