5 Year Birthday Gift for Girls: 12 Gifts for the Little Girl Who is Growing Up Fast (2018)

5 Year Birthday Gift for Girls: 12 Gifts for the Little Girl Who is Growing Up Fast (2018)

If you are urgently looking for a birthday gift for a little 5-year-old girl then look no further. Our gift guide will give you all the information and guidance that you need to help you on that mission and if that doesn't inspire you, select from any of the top 12 toys and games for 5 year old girls of 2018 listed here.

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Buying the Right Gift: What Are 5 Year Olds Like?

So you are looking for a gift for a little girl who is turning 5! Before we start discussing the right birthday gift for her, let’s understand a little bit about what’s happening with a typical 5-year-old so you can figure out what gift will be the best for her. Now out of her toddler stage, the 5-year-old is on her way to becoming a big girl who goes to school!

The Fast Growing 5 Year Old

  • More Social: The 5 year old now has more interest in playing with her friends than before, though she may still often prefer the comfort of her own make believe world or being with family members. She is also becoming more at ease in social situations and in expressing her emotions.

  • More Independent: She is also turning more individualistic , and likes making her own small decisions like what to wear. She has a longer attention span and likes trying new things. The little girl also shows increased comfort in spending time away from her family members.

  • More Opinionated: As she become surer of herself, she expresses her likes and dislikes with more certainty. Parents can use toys/games and various activities to provide new experiences and expand her horizons.

  • More Curious: This is an inquisitive age, so she likes to ask dozens of questions to understand what she observes, and starts to grasp concepts like time. Toys and games that give an opportunity to explore concepts like colours, shapes will help in improving her acuity and augment her school learning

What to Look for While Buying Toys for Her

Will it Hold the Child's Attention as She Grows?

As parents know, little children grow at an amazingly pace. Month on month, their motor skills, cognitive capabilities and attention span seem to improve dramatically. Given this, it makes sense to gift toys or games that have the ability to remain interesting even as they grow. For example engrossing puzzles with varying levels are useful since she can play the easy levels initially and move up in time.

Is it Well Reviewed by Parents & Experts?

Toys can do more than just make playtime fun for kids – they can, in fact, enhance her learning and skills. Therefore buying a well-reviewed toy is important. There are numerous gift guides available online many of which have inputs from child development experts. They give clear and helpful guidance typically sorted by age groups and gender. Another idea to look up award-winning toys, which are often available year wise. Don’t forget feedback from parents – in most cases, online shopping sites have reviews of toys by parents, detailing their child's reaction to the toy. Of course, every child is different, but the reviews can give you an indication of how suitable the toy is for the 5-year-old birthday girl.

Does it Promote Learning and Healthy Habits?

As we said, games are fantastic for combining learning and fun, and also for inculcating healthy habits like outdoor play, collaborative play etc. You can find toys designed to develop specific skills - for example, some boost creativity, others improve physical movements. So consider the needs of the little girl, while picking out a toy or a game.

Does it Match the Little One's Interests?

At 5 years old starts displaying clear preferences - she might feel more comfortable playing pretend with a makeup kit over puzzles. Or she may like musical toys. Use such indicators of special interest to pick out toys. But don't limit yourself – after all, she is at a stage of tremendous growth so she must get exposure to new experiences.

12 Gift Suggestions for the 5 Year Old Birthday Girl

Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of picking out a great gift for the little girl?. Relax, we have here a well-researched list of gifting ideas best suited for the fast-growing 5-year-old.

Melissa & Doug DYO Heart Box

Source www.amazon.in

With the Melissa and Doug DYO Heart Box kit, the birthday girl will have the joy of owning a charming little box decorated by her in which she can store her keepsakes. This cute DIY kit is a fun way for the little girl to get started with a craft activity and create things with her hands.

The kit contains everything needed - a small wooden heart box, 12 gem stickers, 4 pots of paint in different colours, a paintbrush, glitter glue, and also white glue. Instructions are provided in a booklet. The activity helps improve fine motor skills, creativity and hand-eye coordination, and the little one can do the project on her own or with her friends. Buy it for Rs. 539 on Amazon.in.

SmartGames IQ Puzzler Pro

Source www.amazon.in

If the 5-year-old is excited by puzzles and brain games then the SmartGames IQ Puzzler will be a good choice. With varying levels of challenges, from easy to expert, the 5-year-old is sure to find the game engrossing. There are 120 2D and 3D challenges designed to develop cognitive skills in kids even as they grow. Its portability makes it convenient for keeping kids occupied during travel as well. Available for Rs. 699 at Amazon.

Viahart Brain Flakes 500 Piece Interlocking Plastic Disc Set

'Brain Flakes' is a fascinating puzzle game for kids aged above 3 years. This game contains 500 puzzle pieces which connect with each other to create a wide range of shapes. The accompanying booklet provides innumerable ideas but the true value of the game is its flexibility. Your child can literally make whatever she feels like.

The plastic discs are completely safe for kids. They measure 1. 3 inches in size and are BPA, lead, heavy metal, and phthalate-free. Playing this game helps improve spatial thinking, promotes creative expression and improves hand-eye coordination. At Rs. 2,953, the kit is a little expensive but it is worth the investment. Buy it on Amazon.

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzles (Triangles)

Source www.amazon.in

Play Panda Magnetic Puzzle offers an awesome mix of creativity and logic. The game contains 150 triangle magnets that need to be moved around on a magnetic board to create shapes such as fruits, birds, vehicles and animals. While the provided idea booklet suggests 100 patterns, to begin with, kids can use their imagination to make up new shapes. The game is a fantastic way to enhance creativity and problem-solving skills. It also gives a boost to spatial understanding and pattern recognition as well as fine motor skills. A display stand has been included for displaying the creations of the child, helping them gain confidence. Available for Rs.195 from amazon.in.

Ekta Wood Beads Jewellery Kit

The idea of making her own jewellery is definitely something that’ll captivate any young girl. The Ekta Wood Beads Jewellery Kit comprises 150 coloured wooden beads and other materials to easily make simple and cute jewellery she can wear. The activity offers an interesting way to improve fine motor skills and creativity. Vibrantly coloured and versatile, these handcrafted beads are completely safe for kids. You can buy it for Rs.380 at Amazon.

Funskool-Handycrafts Finger Painting

Source www.amazon.in

The Funskool Handicrafts Finger Painting set is a wonderfully engaging activity for the child to improve hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, and colour mixing. The set contains 10 design sheets for colouring, 4 boxes of paint, each a different colour, and 1 paint palette. The colours are non-toxic and safe for kids. The kiddo will love the sensory experience of painting with her fingers and creating artworks using her imagination. Available at Amazon.in for Rs.234.

Gencliq Barbie Kids Play Tent House

Source www.amazon.in

Give the little girl her own private space that’ll help her make-believe fantasy come alive. Featuring bright colours and cute designs, the Barbie Play Tent is a perfect setting for kids to have fun, fuelling their imagination for hours of play. She will love spending time inside on her own or with friends.

Made from good quality plastic, the tent has a door with net curtains and 2 windows, giving a real feeling of a cottage. The dimensions of the tent are 3ft height and 1.5 ft width. The tent is pretty easy to set up and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Available on amazon.in for Rs.999.

SYL Bluetooth Q50 Anti-Lost GPS Smartwatch

Source www.amazon.in

Though a bit pricey, but the SYL Bluetooth Q50 Anti-Lost GPS Smartwatch is a perfect choice if the birthday girl enjoys gadgets and her parents feel the need for being in touch while they are away.

This attractive smartwatch has a calling and recording feature, an SOS button and a GPS tracker, making it a truly good investment. Parents can contact their child at any time. The watch also enables voice messages - parents can send voice message which the kid can listen on pressing a button. Similarly, the kid can also send a voice message to the parent.

To work, the watch needs a SIM card. The smartwatch can hold up to 10 contacts and connects to a smartphone via an app. It supports all Android and iOS mobile devices. Get this cool watch is on Amazon for Rs. 1,899

Pink Frozen Lock Diary for Girls

Source www.amazon.in

As she grows up, the 5-year old's need for privacy may arise. Gift her a charming Frozen Lock Diary so she feels she has something that’s just for her use.

Brightly coloured and eye-catching, the diary features Anna and Elsa on the cover and has 40 pages. A small lock is provided with a key with which the kiddo can use to keep the diary safe from others' eyes! Available for Rs. 279 at Amazon.in.

Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter

Source www.amazon.in

Make outdoor playtime exciting for your little one with the 2-wheel Smoby Mighty Battle Scooter. This scooter has smooth gliding wheels featuring ABEC bearings, which makes riding it a joy. The strong metal frame and wide footboard ensure that the little girl's safety while riding. Its rear fender brake has enough power for easy braking and the foam grips on the handlebar make riding a comfortable experience. The scooter features an adjustable handlebar with 3 levels so you can modify the height as she grows. What’s more, this stylish scooter is lightweight and foldable, so it can be easily dismantled and stored. Not only is Riding the scooter a thrilling experience, but it also enhances a child's hand -eye coordination and balance. Buy it on amazon.in for Rs. 1,799

Think Fun Zingo Word Builder

Source www.amazon.in

Here is a game that will build up the little one's vocabulary in a fun and engaging way. The Think Fun Zingo Builder contains 72 letter tiles that are used to create words. The game needs 2-6 players, so it offers an ideal platform for parents and other adults to teach spelling, word patterns and build up her vocabulary in an active play setting. In addition to the tiles, the set includes 1 Zing Zinger, 6 Zing cards which need to be filled with 3 letter words, plus an instruction booklet. The game has two levels of play so it is suitable for both early and advanced readers. Order it for Rs.1,299 at Amazon.

Funskool Kitchen Sets

Source www.amazon.in

At 5 years old, pretend play continues to be an important part of the child's personal expression. It helps in building her imagination and creativity as well as her communication skills. She may also love mimicking her mother in which case this set is perfect.

In the Funskool Kitchen Set, 19 individual kitchen items including cutlery, a toaster with a pop-up mechanism, a gas range with clicking knobs and salt and pepper holders are provided. Made of high-quality plastic and child safe, the set gives the child a fully realistic experience which brings a lot of joy. Buy it for Rs.454 at Amazon.

Hands-on Support is Necessary as the School Years Begin

Starting school is an incredibly significant event in the child's life. While some are excited by the thought and adjust quickly, others struggle a little more. As she settles into her new life, one thing that is of utmost importance is support from her family. Adequate one-on-one time with her, free play time, providing the right type of learning aids and games, are all important to boost her confidence and help her adapt well to the changes.

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Enrich your little girl with new experiences

Your little girl is growing up. Therefore make sure that she experiences new things and explores new ideas. Introducing her to a variety of new activities and experiences will ensure a healthy disposition and overall growth.