Soaps that Not Only Make You Smell Nice But Also Wipe Off Germs Effectively: Best Medicated Soaps You Can Buy in India (2020)

Soaps that Not Only Make You Smell Nice But Also Wipe Off Germs Effectively: Best Medicated Soaps You Can Buy in India (2020)

In today's crucial times, we can't take enough precautions to keep ourselves and our near ones safe from harmful germs and bacteria, but we have to try! From practicing social distancing to using sanitizers in regular intervals, every precaution must be adopted to keep infection-inducing microbes away. And if somehow, you end up getting some of these germs on you, it's prudent you use an effective soap to get rid of these. Keeping that in mind, we bring you the best-medicated soaps you can buy in India.

Benefits of Medicated Soaps

Most of us are well aware of the typical benefits of a medicated soap; however, unknown to others, a medicated or anti-bacterial soap can eliminate harmful bacteria and prevent germs, also protecting the skin and body from all kinds of ailments and skin conditions. These soaps can prevent skin infections by forming a protective layer that blocks the germs and bacteria from sticking to the skin, keeping it smooth and soft, control acne, and hydrate the skin. Medicated soaps also work on preventing skin dryness. These soaps include natural ingredients that are medically graded and prevent clog pores. They contain plant-based elements that absorb dirt without clogging the pores and absorb excess oil; this keeps the skin glowing and prevents any infections.

Medicated Soaps vs. Normal Soaps

With increasing levels of environmental allergens, pollutions, constant exposure to humidity, dirt, and the current coronavirus pandemic, using a medicated soap is the need of the hour! In terms of use, normal soaps can harm your skin in the long run, causing skin dryness and other skin conditions owing to the presence of harmful chemicals and drying agents. Conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis, and hives are quite common with the use of normal soaps. Anti-bacterial soaps, on the other hand, are better as they can help lower your risk of getting sick, infected, or attracting germs. Comparatively, using a medicated soap may give you the peace of mind as regards protection from known and unknown infections and germs, you still need to wash your hands carefully for at least 30 seconds.

Using Medicated Soaps Appropriately

Given the fact that we are prone to several infections by known and unknown surfaces, and pollution every day, it is best to protect ourselves by using a medicated/anti-bacterial soap to keep the germs in check. But be sure that they include bacteria fighting elements and other organic ingredients like coconut oil/tree tea oil or olive oil. The inclusion of harmful chemicals cause the production of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and lead to other skin and health complications. Since the facial skin is comparatively more sensitive, it is better to use soap meant primarily for the face, so be careful that your choice of medicated soap for the face is different from the one you choose for the body.

Always be mindful of the expiry date of the soap before you buy it as the presence of natural ingredients in anti-bacterial soaps has a limited shelf life; avoid heavily fragrant soaps to prevent skin irritation, and it’s best to do a patch test first to check the soap’s reaction to your skin. Be sure to wash the soap with clean water after each use and keep it for drying in a soap dish, ready for use the next time.

Best Medicated Soap in India

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar


One of the most renowned skincare brands, Cetaphil, has specially made this soap for those with sensitive and dry skin. With its non-soap formula, it is comparatively mild and cleanses the skin while keeping it hydrated. Suitable for most skin types, Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar can also be used for eczema-prone skin and rosacea. It comes with a pleasant fragrance, is detergent-free, and non-comedogenic, in addition to being pocket friendly! Priced at Rs. 491 for a 127gm bar, the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar can be used by all age groups for everyday face and body cleansing with ease. Recommended by dermatologists, the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is a hypoallergenic bar, available for purchase on

Flulin Luliconazole Antifungal Soap

Packed with a special formula from the Lifestyle Bioscience Dermacare, Flulin Luliconazole Anti Fungal Soap helps heal fungal skin infections. With a unique blend of ingredients like Luliconazole, it helps treat skin acne, athlete’s foot, jock itch, and eczema. It also helps prevent infection-causing bacteria. With the presence of azole anti-fungal agent, the soap works on killing and weakening the fungi by interrupting the development of the fungal cell membrane. Flulin Luliconazole Anti Fungal Soap is best applied gently on the infected areas and then rinsed with water properly. It is priced at Rs. 149 for a 50 gm soap bar. Available for purchase on

Ketotosc Antifungal And Antibacterial Soap


An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal soap bar that’s enriched with Aloe Vera Oil, Neem oil, Chamomile extracts, and Cetrimide, Ketotosc is dermatologically approved and is best for full-body cleansing. Ketotosc Antifungal and Antibacterial Soap not only protects and cleanses the skin but also keeps the scalp and hair clean and free from dandruff. It is dermatologically tested and meets all the cosmetic safety parameters. Priced at Rs. 310 for a pack of 2 soap bars (each of 75gm), Ketotosc Antifungal and Antibactrial Soap suits most skin types and can be used by both men and women. Available for purchase on Flipkart.

Gloepetra Soap By Lifestyle Bioscience

Medicated soaps come with antibiotic features and are made of natural ingredients that not only cleanse the skin but also heal it, making it soft and smooth. They also have other benefits like anti-fungal properties and moisturizing agents. One of the best skin cleansing and moisturizing soap bars in the market, Gloepetra Soap by Lifestyle BioSciences, is naturally fragrant and fights body odor while gently cleansing the skin. Suitable for most skin types, it can also be used by both adults and children. Priced at Rs. 139 for a 100 gm bar, this soap is available for purchase on

Derma-nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap


The Derma-nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap smells fresh, takes care of body odor, and nasty foot smells. Its active tea tree and the mint combination help prevent bacteria that can cause ringworm, athlete’s foot, acne, toenail fungus, jock’s itch, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. Suitable for most skin types, it is apt for those who have an active lifestyle and are always in a rush to bother about pesky germs!

Derma-nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap is enriched with a blend of soothing essential oils like peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint, eucalyptus, and tea tree that help relieve skin discomfort of varying kinds and does not include any harmful chemicals. Priced at Rs. 2,459 for an 8oz bar, Derma-nu Anti-Fungal Therapeutic Soap is paraben-free and can be bought from

Dettol Antibacterial Hand and Body Bar Soap


Dettol is a trusted name renowned for its original germ-fighting formula, which eliminates them without drying or damaging the skin. With a soothing fragrance and no skin irritants, Dettol Antibacterial Hand and Body Soap can be used by all skin types and age groups. In addition to preventing infection, it reduces itching, controls rashes, heals, and repairs the skin. Its antiseptic and anti-bacterial features protect your skin and control body odor as well. However, you may find the soap’s fragrance clinical. Priced at Rs. 96, the original Dettol Antibacterial Hand and Body is available in a pack of 4 bars of 75 gm each on

Cuticura Medicated Antibacterial Bar Soap

Endorsed by Dermatologists, the Cuticura Medicated Antibacterial Soap is known to heal acne and blemish-prone skin types. The soap is paraben-free, and is quite gentle on the skin owing to its non-comedogenic formula. Its primary constituent Trilocarbon is an anti-bacterial agent that absorbs excess dirt and oil from the skin pores, cleansing it properly, and reducing the chances of acne breakouts. With a refreshing fragrance and blue color that reminds one of the ocean, Cuticura Medicated Antibacterial Soap is most suitable for sensitive and oily skin as its make isn’t hydrating enough for dry skin—priced at Rs. 3,600 for a pack of 6 soap bars on

Aromavita Antibacterial Oregano Oil Soap


The Aromavita Antibacterial Oregano Oil Soap is handmade and good for healing rashes, itchiness, and dry skin conditions. With an anti-bacterial and antiseptic formula that hydrates the skin as it cleanses, the soap contains pure Oregano Oil known for its skin healing features, in addition to almond oil, which repairs the skin and makes it soft and healthy. Not suitable for intimate areas as it can lead to a mild burning sensation, Aromavita Antibacterial Oregano Oil Soap can help cure Malassezia furfur, nail, and foot fungus as well. Aromavita Antibacterial Oregano Oil Soap is slightly priced higher as it is handmade and available for Rs. 2,346 for a 95 gm bar on Amazon.

Defense Tea Tree Soap Body Wash


It’s evident from clinical research that natural tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil offer a wide range of benefits that prevent bacteria, fungus, and other kinds of infections. Apt for use in an active lifestyle, the Defense Tea Tree Soap can help efficiently remove grime, sweat, gym crud, allergens, dirt, smog, built-up oils, and grunge. Its high-quality wash and superior rinse restore the skin’s natural barrier and manage the production of dead skin cells/sebum. Defense Tea Tree Soap is safe for sensitive skin and is a hypoallergenic enriched with quality, longevity, and consistency. A natural soap bar with no parabens, SLS, dyes, fragrance, or sulfates, Defense Tea Tree Soap is available as a body wash at the price of Rs. 1,859 on

Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap


Crafted to fight 99% of germs, the Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap is a wonderful alternative to heavily laced and fragrant products. The Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap cleanses the skin properly, washing away all germs and dirt while controlling body odor. Its main ingredients include water, triclocarban, coconut acid, glycerin, and fragrance on top of other lathering agents. It lathers the skin well without leaving behind any residues and comes in beige color. With a subtle and fresh fragrance, the Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap is easy on the pocket as well and is priced at Rs. 1,142 for a 16 oz. bar on

Bonus Tips: Types of Medicated Soaps

Medicated soaps typically come with ingredients that can cure skin problems like acne, clogged pores, fungal infections, body odor, itching, pimples, and blackheads. Available in most pharmacies, the real pros of these soaps are best achieved only if we know which one to pick for which skin type and condition. There are different categories of Medicated Soaps available in the market and are listed here below:

  • Anti-Fungal Soap – It has a healing effect in the sense that it can help reduce skin discomfort and relieve you of the symptoms caused by varied fungal infections. These soaps are made of organic medicinal plant extracts such as tea tree oil, essential oils, Vit.E, sulphur & zinc oxide, and more.

  • Anti-Acne Soap – It helps eliminate and reduce acne and pimple breakouts. Anti-acne soap includes organic ingredients like neem leaves for protection and extra care for oily skin.

  • Anti-Cellulite Soap – It can help reduce cellulite or dimpled skin around the thighs, buttocks, and hips. This soap is made of a variety of natural ingredients like seaweed in combination with other agents like coffee bean extracts, fennel seed extracts, ivy extract, aminophylline, juniper, horse chestnut, and more.

  • Anti-Mosquito Soap – It helps dispel mosquitoes in the infested areas. Once you bathe with an anti-mosquito soap, it will protect your skin from mosquitos, relieve you of other insect bites and itching as well.

  • Anti Aging Soap – It helps cleanse the body as well as slow down aging signs.

  • Anti-Itch Soap – Helps relieve skin irritation caused by itching. An anti-itch soap is usually made of a soap-free formula that’s clinically proven to help stop dry skin and itchiness and is made of a unique blend of skin conditioners and gentle cleansing agents that don’t hamper the skin’s delicate moisture balance.

  • Anti-Chlorine Soap – This is useful after a swim to protect the skin from the harmful effects of chlorine. Swimmers are prone to negative effects of chlorine that induce dryness, itching, and a smell that can last for days. An anti-chlorine soap helps to neutralize and release the chlorine breaking the chlorine bond, hydrate the skin and balance the pH balance of the swimmer’s skin.

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Be Very Mindful while Selecting the Right Soap for Yourself!

Different Medicated soaps have different properties and cater to different skin conditions. For instance, an exfoliating soap for clogged pores may sometimes be made of pine, eucalyptus, and oatmeal, which opens the pores and cleanses deeply, removing any excess oil and dirt while eucalyptus and pine hydrate the skin and leave a subtle fragrance behind. So be very careful while selecting the right soap as per the type of skin you have!