Spending More Time at Home Than Ever Before? Then a Revamp is in Order. 8 DIY Home Decor Ideas to Turn Your Home into Living Art (2020)

Spending More Time at Home Than Ever Before? Then a Revamp is in Order. 8 DIY Home Decor Ideas to Turn Your Home into Living Art (2020)

Home decor isn't just about the latest wallpaper or a few throw pillows or a new rug. It is much more than that. It is about adding personality to your home. This lockdown instead of whiling your time away, try your hands at these easy to make home decor ideas DIY. Let your home be a piece of art and a place of zen!

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How Making Home Decor Can Help

Great Use of Time

You just can’t find a better way to utilize your spare and leisure time. Simple home décor ideas DIY are immensely productive activities where you can invest your time and energy into creating something that can refurbish old products. You can also see this activity as a great earning source. You can create new home décor products or ideas in your free time and then later sell them off to someone. You just can’t find a better way of a startup right from your home.

Wonderful Distraction from Ongoing Crisis

We all know about the ongoing COVID-19 crisis right now. Amidst this chaos, we just can’t risk stepping out of our house at all. It can be such a big challenge to spend your leisure time without your family and friends in a confined space, especially when you are not working. You can use these home décor DIY activities as a great source of distraction amidst this crisis and lockdown period. It would be wonderful for your mental health too to practice such things instead of focusing on all the negativity around you.

Creative as well as Money Saving

Almost every DIY activity brings out your creative side in the best way possible. It lets your mind work in beautiful ways through which you can create something unique as well as useful. Modern DIY home décor creation is such a creative process where you can utilize even the smallest things to make amazing stuff. In fact, making such DIY crafts also recycle old and useless things in your home. Hence, you can save a lot of money here by not buying new stuff but making them on your own.

8 Easy Home Decor DIYs You Can Try

DIY Shoe Rack

If you are an absolute shoe lover then you should better know how to take care of them too. The most important thing is to keep your shoes in such a way that they go well with the interior of your home. You can try this superb home décor hack to make sure both your home as well as your shoes look every bit stylish.

What You Need?
  • 6”X10’ PVC Pipe cut into ten 12” pieces
  • Sand paper and wallpaper of your choice
  • Adhesive paint of your choice and glue

How to Do?
  • Once you are done cutting the PVC pipe into 12” pieces, clean them thoroughly.
  • Use sandpaper to smooth out of the edges of your pipes and then use an adhesive paint of your choice to color them.
  • Once they dry out completely, use wallpaper to color them but leave the edges and a seam exposing so that you can stick the pipe pieces together and not just the wallpaper.
  • Use good quality glue to stick the pipe pieces together side by side in whichever fashion you want and you are good to go.

Wall Clock with Pictures

Trying out some DIY decor ideas for bedroom? You should totally indulge in making this wall clock with pictures for your bedroom. This is such an interesting way to keep all your family by your side and it is a perfect way to fill an empty wall too. This picture wall clock is quite easy to make and you won’t even need anyone’s help in it.

What You Need?
  • 12 pictures of your family members (framed)
  • Working dial of a clock with minute’s and second’s hand

How to Do?
  • Get the pictures of all family members framed in the size 4X6. You can leave the pictures unframed if you want.
  • Now, nail these pictures on the wall in form of a clock covering all 1-12 spots.
  • Now, attach the working dial of a wall clock in the middle. Make sure it has both minute and second’s hand attached to it.
  • Your personalized picture wall clock is ready to use.

Improve Your Storage Things

It is the time that you improve your storage game in your home. The best home décor hack is the one which can make your life a lot more organized as well as beautiful at the same time. Try this Glass Jar Storage hack to keep all the small but useful things in place.

What You Need?
  • Glass Jars of different shapes and sizes
  • Spray Paint
  • Vinyl Letter Stickers

How to Do?
  • Make sure all your jars are clean. Then, place the vinyl stickers on the jars. (Name the jars of the things you want to keep in them like pins, pens, colors etc.)
  • Let the stickers stay for a while and then spray paint the jars with your favorite color and let it dry. Make sure to apply at least 3 layers of the paint on the jars.
  • Once the jars are completely dry pull off the stickers and your jars are ready.

DIY Hand Lettering Sign

If you have decided to try home décor ideas DIY tips and tricks to improve your home, then make sure to include some personalized pieces in it too. This Hand Lettering Sign is just the kind of thing you need for your home décor. The sign is going to look superb in your living room and you can make one for your bedroom too.

What You Need?
  • Desired size of wood and white paint
  • Print out of the sign in your desired fonts
  • Fine tip black pen

How to Do?
  • Firstly, decide the quote and font. And take a print out of it in the exact size you want your sign to be.
  • Now, keep the print out on the wood and trace the words on the wood. Make sure that you press the pen hard enough that it leaves an imprint on the wood for you to use as a guide later on.
  • Once, you are done imprinting on the wood, use a fine tip black pen to create the boundaries of each letter. You do not have to be perfect because it will be filled later on.
  • Just use the same pen to fill in the letters and your sign is ready.

Jute Lanterns

If it is a festive season or you are just getting bored then you can make these jute lanterns at home. They are a superb creative home décor items that you can use over the time to decorate your living room, bedroom or even kid’s room too. This décor item is especially suitable for the festive season.

What You Need?
  • Balloons and jute yarn
  • white glue and glitter of desired color

How to Do?
  • Blow the balloons in the desired size of the lanterns and secure them with a knot so they remain in the shape.
  • Now, prepare the mixture of white glue and glitter and dip the jute yarn in it so that it can be coated well.
  • Start rotating the jute around the balloon until it covers almost all the areas of the balloon to make a spherical shape.
  • Leave the balloon, like this overnight and then use a pin to burst it. You will end up having the jute lanterns as the glue solidifies and the jute retains the shape.

Make Jute Baskets

Give your ordinary baskets a huge makeover and improve the aesthetics of your house with such kind of home décor ideas DIY hacks. You won’t believe that for how less you can create a jute basket which looks super expensive and amazingly cute too. You can check out all the instructions right below.

What You Need?
  • Round laundry basket and a jar of décor paint (color of your choice)
  • 50 feet of ½” jute rope and 1 yard felt
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • utility knife and paint brush

How to Do?
  • Use the hot glue gun to attach the felt on the base of the basket. You can pleat it if you want.
  • Stick the felt to the top of the basket but do not cut excess material as you will need it later on.
  • Now, start rotating the jute rope around the basket, starting from the base and covering till the top of the basket.
  • Once you are done sticking the rope around the basket, use a utility knife to cut off the top rim of the basket along with the handles.
  • Now, tuck the remaining felt inside the basket and it will work as a basket liner. Meanwhile, paint the jute rope with your desired color with the help of paintbrush and you are good to go.

Arrow Hair Bow Holder

If you have got little girls at home then you would surely have a lot of hair accessories for them. Sometimes it can be such a struggle to keep all the things in the right place and then find them later on. But now you can find an impressive solution for it. This home décor hack will make sure that all your hair accessories are at right place.

What You Need?
  • Wooden dowel and scrapbook paper
  • Hot glue gun and lace/ribbon
  • Glue sticks

How to Do?
  • Take a wooden dowel and cover the scrapbook paper on it with the help of glue gun. Make sure that the paper covers the dowel completely.
  • Use a golden paper to cut arrowhead and arrow tail and attach them to the dowel with the help of glue gun.
  • You can use a drill to secure screws on the wall to place the arrow on it.
  • Attach ribbons and laces through the arrow and leave them hanging. You can now clip all your hair accessories on these ribbons.

Ring Holder

If you are looking for simpler DIY home projects for a beginner then this one is a total winner. This ring holder is prepared with clay and so easy to make that you can enjoy this activity with your kids too.

What You Need?
  • Oven bake clay and smooth water glass
  • Small oven-safe bowl and baking sheet
  • Oven and E-6000 glue
  • Gold paint and paint brush

How to Do?
  • For the preparation preheat the oven at 230F and clean the workstation to obtain a flat and dust-free surface.
  • Now, roll the clay with the help of water glass to about 1/8” thick and cut out a circle through the same water glass.
  • Use another portion of the clay and create a cactus shape with your hands by rolling ½” thick and 4” long section along with two other 2” long sections and attach to the main section by bending a bit on the base like cactus arms.
  • Place the clay circle in an oven-safe bowl in such a way that it creates a curve like a dish. Keep this bowl and clay cactus on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes.
  • Use the glue to attach cactus to the clay circle. Once it dries, apply the paint on the edges of the circular dish and on edges of the cactus and you are good to go.

Quick Tips for Home Decor DIYs

Apart from these DIY hacks home décor mentioned above, we bring you some quick tips about how you can elevate the look of your home with simple things and hacks. These below mentioned quick ideas are affordable as well as effective too. If you are not up for a big makeover or home décor session in your home then you can use these simple tips for an easy renovation.

Large Mirrors are Great for Quick Decor

You may have often spotted wall-size mirrors in many stores which gives the perfect illusion of them being bigger than their actual size. Well, now you can use this trick in your home. All you need is some large mirrors to install in areas like the bedroom and living room. It quickly lifts the mood and setting of the room and makes it look bigger and brighter.

Rugs are Perfect for Instant Renovation

A bad flooring can completely ruin the look of your home no matter how amazing interior it has. The best way to elevate this flaw is by installing a nice and large rug on the floor. You can either cover the entire floor or just cover a particular area (sofa and seating area in particular). It instantly uplifts the surrounding space and makes it look more modern and clean.

Add Lots of Pillows to Your Sofa

Revamping your sofa or buying a new one is like spending a fortune on it. You can instead try these home décor ideas DIY hack or throwing lots and lots of pillows on the sofa to completely change its look. Pillows work amazingly to make your sofa look more plush and cozy. You can opt for accent pillows in bright colors so that other flaws can be minimalized.

Set the Color Tone

If you will have a look at the before and after home makeover pictures then you will clearly notice how the color tone of the house can change its appearance entirely. Opt for a lighter color theme to make your house look airy and brighter. You can also keep the entire tone of your house white for the minimalistic setting. Make sure to opt for a darker shade of doors and shelves to match up with the tone.

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Nothing gives you more pleasure than having something done by hand. You need not be a master craftsman to complete a DIY. All you need is a steady hand and a broad mind. You need to be able to put together something from the simplest of things like a bottle, leftover fabric, cardboard box, tin can etc. With these in hand, you have endless possibilities. Let your mind fly and take over the recyclable products.