Ever Been to the Himalayas? It Is the Ultimate Experience for a Traveller! Here are Some Amazing Places Worth Visiting in North India (2019)

Ever Been to the Himalayas? It Is the Ultimate Experience for a Traveller! Here are Some Amazing Places Worth Visiting in North India (2019)

Intently searching for a travel destination in India? Look no further as listed are some of North India's travel destinations worth visiting. Spending time is some of the named places, such as Himachal Pradesh, for honeymooners, or Uttarakhand for pilgrimages or even just trekking is an all round rejuvenating and calming experience. Check out some of the places worth visiting in North India.

The Best Places to Visit in North India

The northern part of India is a loosely defined region, with dominant geographical features. These include the Indo-Gangetic Plains and the Himalayas. The Himalayas demarcate the area from the neighbouring areas like the Tibetan Plateau and Central Asia.

North India has been home to many historical centres like the Mughal Sultanate in Delhi and British power. Apart from this, it is also home to many of the tourist and religious places. The holy sites include the Char Dham, Haridwar, Varanasi, Ayodhya, Vaishno Devi. North India is abundant in the cultural, religious and historical heritage.

It is the best place for mountain-lovers to go mountaineering or the people who want to have some adventures in North India. With its picturesque and breathtaking beauty, people are mesmerised by North India. It is a go-to a holiday destination for all the people across India, and some outside India too. A soft and refreshing breeze, the sight of the mighty Himalayas and an entirely new cultural experience, draw tourists to North India every year.

May it be the Himalayas and their beauty in Kashmir, or the taste of lassi and parathas and a visit to the Golden Temple in Punjab, or the trekking in the mountains in Himachal Pradesh, or the mix of culture and modernity in Delhi and of course the shopping complexes of Sarojini and Lajpat Nagar, North India is packed with things you can do and never fails in surprising you at any step.

Know your Budget

Before setting out to explore North India, you must determine your budget. North India is one such place where you can visit with a small budget and also if you want, you can spend huge amount money to enjoy the luxuries which it has to offer. Therefore, determine your budget and travel accordingly. For example, if you have a small budget, then places Kasol will be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you have high budget, then you can enjoy the lavish lifestyle offered by places like Shimla, Manali etc.

Research Online

Researching about any place before visiting it, is considered as a good practice. Depending on the purpose of travel, you can research and find out which place suits your need. For example, if you are a complete adventure freak, then visiting Spiti Valley will be the best. On the other hand, if you are looking for a relaxing vacation, then visiting places like Dalhousie, Nainital will be perfect. Research well before visiting any place.

Select Your Mode of Travel

Depending on your budget you should select the mode of travel. 70% of the North Indian tourist places can be reached via Delhi. So, in most of the cases, first you need to reach Delhi by air, train or road, depending on your budget. From there you can take a bus or book a private cab that you take you to your desired destination.

The Best Places to Visit in North India

1. Kashmir

Let us start the journey from the uppermost part of the Indian subcontinent, that it the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Real heaven on earth, Kashmir is one place where people can get in touch with nature and find their peace of mind, away from the hectic city life. You can go trekking or on solo trips or family trips to Kashmir. It has got everything for everyone. Let's see where you can go when in Kashmir,

1. Srinagar

  • It is the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir. Your very first stop in your trip to explore Kashmir. Go on a peaceful Shikara ride in the Dal Lake. Stay in the houseboats. Wake up to a beautiful sunrise from the Lake and have a fantastic experience of staying in the houseboats. Look at the city from the Shankaracharya Temple. Also, how can we forget the Shalimar Gardens! Indulge in the beautiful flower garden, colour your life up like those bright, beautiful flowers!

2. Pahalgam

  • If you want to experience clear water lakes and the beautiful deep valleys, Pahalgam is the place. It is surrounded by the Lidder Lake and the Betaab valley. This place is famous for the river rafting sports at Lidder Lake. Pahalgam is also home to mini Switzerland. It is a must do a thing in Pahalgam to visit mini Switzerland on ponies.

3. Gulmarg

  • The snow paradise for people, Gulmarg is on the list of everyone. With snow-clad plains and sports like skiing, people love visiting Gulmarg. And it also has snowfall, even in the summers, so all the people can have their fair share of enjoying in the snow. It also has the highest ropeways with an aerial distance of about 5 km. You get to have the best view from a height from the sea level of 3979 meters. The view is everything, bewildering, dreamy and makes you not want to leave the place.

4. Sonmarg

  • The meadow of gold- Sonmarg has one of the best picturesque views in Kashmir. The snow-clad mountains, the green valleys, a sight so soothing to the eye, this is what you call the heaven! Sonmarg is also the base point for the Amarnath Yatra. However, Sonmarg is inaccessible in winters because of the heavy snowfall.

2. Himachal Pradesh

If you haven’t enough of North India already, your next destination is surely Himachal Pradesh.

1. Manali

  • The town of Manali is nestled at the foothills of the snow-capped slopes of the Pir Panjal ranges. Manali is one of the most mesmerising hill stations in India. It's a paradise for trekkers, for those solo travellers and also a love capital, with many people enjoying their honeymoon here. It is one more town in the north blessed with scenic beauty. The Rohtang Pass in Manali is the most well-known tourist places, with over 25 lakh visitors every year.

2. Dalhousie

  • A little town located in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie gives its travellers the old world charm. It was a famous place for the British to visit in winters during British India. It thus has the Victorian style mansions and beautiful churches. Dalhousie is renowned for its scenic beauty and the pollution free environment. It thus transports you to a peaceful place, in reality, in your mind, thus making it a refreshing experience to live there!

3. The Spiti Valley

  • Again, the Spiti Valley is a must visit on your journey to Himachal Pradesh. It is known for its Buddhist Monasteries, and a picture perfect view. It is a highly snowy area; with the Himalayan snows covering the valley for the rest of the year, summer months are the only best time to visit here!

4. Dharamashala

  • The house of the Tibetan monks in exile, it is famed as the residence of the Dalai Lama. It is located in the Kangra district. Dharmasala is considered as one of the best places to adapt and explore the concept of Buddhism and with it, also the Tibetan culture.

3. Punjab

Shifting a little to the western side, the next destination is Punjab. The state is the 20th largest state in India. Known as the land of five rivers, Punjab is also famous for its rich cultural heritage.

1. Amritsar

  • The name Amritsar rings in the head the image of the famous Golden Temple. That is one thing you can do in Amritsar, visit the Golden Temple, and also enjoy the Langhar. But apart from this, the land of Amritsar is also home to various other shrines, and places of historical importance. You can go to the Jallianwala Baugh, and get to know the history of the massacre and pay homage to the martyred. You can go to the Wagah Border, and get the goosebumps, like every Indian on the India Pakistan border. You can also go to the Harike Wetland and Bird Sanctuary.

2. Chandigarh

  • The City Beautiful and the capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh has to be on your list. It is named as the best-planned city in the country. It is the best example of a city, where the modernisation has not destroyed any natural resources of the city. You can visit the famous Rock Garden in the city. You can also go to the Rose Garden and the butterfly park. And indulge in the tasty cuisine of Chandigarh.

3. Jalandhar

  • The next stop in Punjab is the city of Jalandhar. Also mentioned in the epic of Mahabharata, there are many sites of historical importance. It also is a famous centre for sports goods. When in Jalandhar you can go to the Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum and learn everything about his life. You can also go to the Rangla Punjab Haveli.

4. Uttarakhand

Known mainly for its Hindu pilgrimage sites, Uttarakhand is a state in north India crossed by the Himalayas. The city hosts the Ganga Arti, which is a spiritual gathering on the banks of the river Ganges. Apart from this it is also home to the Bengal tigers and preserves the wildlife as much possible.

1. Dehradun and Mussoorie

  • The capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, has a picturesque view of the ranges of the Himalaya and the Ganga river flowing. And Mussoorie is another destination like the Dehradun, just about 40 km from it. You can visit the national parks in these cities or the lakes.

2. Nainital and Ranikhet

  • Nainital is considered as one of the best getaways for couples and families in Uttarakhand. Nainital is located close to the famous Naini Lake and to add on to this mesmerising experience; it is surrounded by the mountains on all sides. Please your eyes with the majestic views of nature here. You can even go trekking or on a ropeway to explore the beauty of the mountains or sit amidst tranquil surroundings while munching on some delicacies. The convoluted pathways are inevitably going to entice you and leave you mesmerised. You can also try out horse riding amidst the hills, or you can marvel at the sunset while sitting on a mountain, or come down to the Mall Road for shopping, and collect handwoven items. You can enjoy trekking trails in Ranikhet, and also visit the Jim Corbett National Park.

3. Rishikesh and Haridwar

  • Take a break from the scenic and picturesque destinations, and visit the religious destinations of Rishikesh and Haridwar. Haridwar, one of the four destinations of the famous Char Dham Yatra, gives your journey a spiritual touch, and all the good vibes. Experience tranquillity like never before in this spiritual destination of Haridwar. And Rishikesh, the adventure capital. Indulge in the water sports in Rishikesh and get that adrenaline rushing!

4. Jim Corbett

  • Even if you are a wildlife enthusiast or not, this is one place you can't miss. Jim Corbett is a national park that houses the royal Bengal tigers. It was established in 1938. Apart from the Royal Bengal Tigers, it also houses around 600 species of birds and about 488 different kinds of flora.

5. Delhi

The capital city of India. A happening place, in terms of all the politics, education, fashion and much more. Your visit to North India is incomplete without this destination.

1. Red Fort

  • The Red Fort stands still, presenting the epitome of the Mughal era in India. It is a masterpiece of the Mughal architecture and is entirely made with red sandstone. Within those marvellous red walls, are the chhata bazaar and the light shows that attract the tourists. The fort has been declared as the UNESCO world heritage site. It ranks as one of the most famous places in Delhi.

2. The India Gate

  • The monument of pride for India, the one that defines India. India Gate was built in 1931 in the memory of the martyrs of World War I. The monument looks magnificent with the evening lights at Rajpath. Some gardens line the structure, and so beautifully. And it would be the best time spent if you are in Delhi around Republic Day. The Republic Day Parade at the India Gate is a very prestigious event!

3. Chandni Chowk

  • If you are Delhi and have had enough sightseeing, with all the cultural and historical places, Chandni Chowk is your next destination. It is a street in Old Delhi and is filled with shops where you can buy all the inexpensive stuff and don't forget the street food! After a slow walk around the market, come down for some delicious street food!

4. The Sarojini Nagar Market

  • No problem if you didn’t get what you wanted in the Chandni Chowk Market. We have got another market for you, the Sarojini Nagar Market. Home to all the new trends and styles, this one market is never going to fail you. You can get all the trending clothes here and at very pocket-friendly prices, and don't be disappointed if you don't cover the whole market in a day, for it is enormous. You need to have a fix list of things in your mind, or this market can very easily lure you into buying something you don't want to. "I went to buy shoes, saw some gorgeous dresses and came back home with a purse!”, yes, this is likely to happen here!

You Can Also Venture Out on Your Own and Travel New Places

So with all these fantastic places to wander about, North India is undoubtedly packed with a lot of things. May it be a solo trip to explore new areas, or a family trip to spend quality time with your family, or honeymoon, to be with your special one, or also religious sites, North India is a package of all!

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Venture into North India and Enjoy the Beautiful Sceneries

From beautiful sceneries to busy lifestyles, whether on the hill stations or on the streets, you are sure to enjoy your stay in North India. Visiting it's capital city is an exiting experience by itself and such moments are to be captured and treasured. In Delhi, the Capital City Of India, you can roam around the streets and even buy any eyecatching commodity in the markets. There are many other places one can visit in North India and still experience unlimited fun.