Stop Buying Lame Generic Conference Gifts(2022)! Discover and Create Your Memorable Events with Gifts for Women's Conference​.

Stop Buying Lame Generic Conference Gifts(2022)! Discover and Create Your Memorable Events with Gifts for Women's Conference​.


When planning a conference there is one word that comes to mind. It should be ‘memorable’. There is nothing that creates a lasting impression like a gift, something to take home that reminds participants of the experience they had and the new things they learnt. In our opinion, matching gifts to a theme is paramount when wanting to make a lasting long impact. Here is a list of affordable gift ideas to get you started:

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We Need to Talk about Gender Equality

The root cause of all issues affecting women lies in the myopic view by which society looks and judges women. Society has bound women with many rules and regulations and any woman that dares to cross the boundary is vilified and even physically harmed. Most of these rules and regulations are impractical, counterproductive and prevent a woman from realizing her true potential. Lifting such archaic boundaries and bringing about gender equality is the need of the hour. One way of kickstarting discussions on such women’s issues is by conducting conferences. Read on to know some tips to conduct a successful conference and ideal gifts that should be given to participants.

Tips to Organize a Successful Women's Conference

Following are five tips that will help you in planning a successful women's conference.

The Conference Should be Based on a Specific Issue or Topic

Women’s issue is an umbrella term and consists of a myriad of considerations. One can conduct a conference on it but it will not be an effective one. Since women’s issue consists of a large number of individual topics, a conference on it would mean that the issues will be discussed perfunctorily. There would be no in-depth discussion and debates. The participants will not be able to learn anything more than they already know. Thus, the conference must focus on a particular women’s issue. For example, a conference on sexual crimes against women will be more effective than a conference on crimes against women in general.

Choose the Right Panelist

The right panel members can make a conference more cerebral and meaningful. Choose panellists who are directly related to the issue being discussed in the conference. If the issue being discussed is child brides then the ideal panelists would-be victims of child marriage who have fought against their predicament, child psychiatrists, respective law enforcement personnel and representatives of NGOs that raise awareness against such crimes.

Plan a Concise Event

We live in a time when almost any task can be performed in a few minutes thanks to massive technological advancements. This has made us more impatient and we generally do not bother with time consuming activities. Hence, it is important that the conference does not exceed 2 hours.

The Conference Must Focus on Solutions

A group of people coming together and discussing just problems has never amounted to anything and will never do so. Discussing problems is one half of the circle, the other half includes discussing probable solutions to those problems. So, make sure that your conference is not just about discussing issues but also what we can do to rectify them and change the situation.


One major complaint regarding such conferences is that they are not inclusive. They are designed and planned for a specific demography (upper-class, educated and financially privileged women). While not all women’s conferences are biased, most unfortunately are. If you want the conference to be successful then you must plan it in a way where all women irrespective of background, education and financial strength get to have a say.

10 Best Gift ideas for Women's Conference

A women’s conference (or any conference) should be concluded by the distribution of gifts among the participants. The gifts serve two purposes, number one is that they will remind the participants of the conference and the discussions that took place in it. This will make the conference more impactful. The second is that it makes the participants happy which encourages them to be more involved with such conferences. Follow this BP Guide to choose the best gift for a women’s conference.


A diary is a handy object to have for a variety of reasons. You can jot down important notes, write your feelings or musings in them, doodle and many more. This diary is of standard A5 size and is bound by a pair of red covers. The front cover is adorned with a motivating message. There are 312 pages of various types. This diary can double up as a productivity planner as there are pages dedicated to organizing tasks and projects. There is a pencil/pen holder on the side. You can buy this Diary Cum Planner for Rs. 999.

Potted Plants


Plants can change the aesthetics of a room. This set of three indoor plants can do more than change the aesthetics as they have air-purifying properties. The set consists of a green Syngonium plant, a money plant and a snakeskin sansevieria plant. Each of them is 6 inches in height and comes in a raisin pot of 3 x 3 inches dimensions. The pots are unique as they are shaped like the busts of three women and the plants are placed where their hair should have been. This whole Set comes at a price of Rs. 1,299.


This wallet is utility and fashion combined to give you a cool and chic product. It is made from vegan leather, has a dark blue base colour with a beautiful print on it. It has a YKK zip opening that spans 3 sides of the wallet thus allowing convenient and quick access to the contents inside. The Wallet has 20 card pockets to keep your cards, paper slips organized. You can buy this wallet for Rs. 2,199.

Book Sleeve

This gift will be best for book lovers. This padded book sleeve can cover any book within the dimensions of 5.5 x 8.2 x 1.6 inches. It is capable of preventing dog ears and protecting the book from liquid spills and wet hands as this book sleeve are made from fabric. Besides, the padding offers extra protection from damage and makes the book soft to touch. The book sleeve has cute cat prints on it and can be fastened with a cat-shaped metal fastener. It also has a bookmark. You can buy this Book Sleeve for Rs. 3,720.

Manicure Set


The unique feature of this manicure set is its vintage design. The components as well as the case have classic floral patterns printed on them. The set includes toenail clippers, scissors, cuticle pushers, cuticle tools, separators and little sticks. Thus, this set has all that you need for a complete manicure and pedicure. All the components are made from stainless steel. The compact case allows you to carry it anywhere. This Manicure Set comes at a price of Rs. 1,175.

Reading Light


This is a useful item for the night owls. Night owls prefer reading at night which means they have to keep the room light on. This disturbs the slumber of other people in the room which might cause conflict. They can now read at night without having to switch on the room light by using this light. This light has a clip that allows you to fasten it to a book. The flexible arm enables you to point the light in any direction. The Light is battery powered and comes at a price of Rs. 250.

Perfume Set

This Perfume Set contains six different types of perfumes namely, Gold, Fresh, Glam, Senorita, Rose and Flaura. They come in 10 ml bottles each. All of these fragrances are unique, fresh and opulent and last up to 8 hours from application. You can buy this set of luxury perfumes for Rs. 599.

Phone Accessory Case


This is a Carrying Case for smartphone and computer accessories. Objects like pen drives, earphones, charging wires, adapters, memory cards, etc. are small items that are easy to lose or misplace. This case will allow you to organize all of the above-stated important accessories in one place. The dimensions of the case is 4 inch x 4 inch and it is equipped with three layers of protection that keeps the contents safe from any damage. You can buy this case for Rs. 299.

Stationery Box


This is a Portable Desk Organizer cum stationery storage box. It comes with one calendar (attached to the inside of the top cover), a notepad, a highlighter, 15 paper clips, a sharpener, an eraser, a stapler, 5 wads of sticky notes (5 different colours) and a pen. There are 28 items in total including the box. These are useful items and the portability is an added feature that allows you to have them on you at all times. You can get this box for Rs. 599.

De-Stress Kit


Stress is, unfortunately, a constant companion of adulthood and hence a de-stressing kit will be a welcome gift for all. This de-stress kit from MCaffeine is coffee-based and consists of a body scrub, a body polishing oil, a brew scoop and a wooden roller massager. This kit is perfect for your self-care sessions. What makes this kit worth it is that the scrub and body oil consists of the goodness of pure arabica coffee, caffeine, coconut oil, rosehip and vitamin E. The massager helps soothe sore muscles and give much-needed relaxation. The kit is priced at Rs. 1,192.

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Gifts will never go out of fashion. The right gifts not only will be appreciated but generate an ROI for you. It helps build a connection forever, to foster an event community. Always get a sample of your gift especially if it is a bulk order. Use the gift for a week or two. Let your attendees choose when you are confused about what to give. Just poll your attendees much before the events with the choices you have. Gamify it and create excitement so the consensus wins out.