This Season, Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Plattered’s Easy Bake Mixes That are Ready Literally in Minutes!

This Season, Indulge Your Sweet Tooth with Plattered’s Easy Bake Mixes That are Ready Literally in Minutes!

Tired of your hectic work-life and desperately need a baking break? Or are you looking to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings for a cake or two, but cannot afford to spend too much time struggling with the oven or the batter mixes? Whatever your dilemma may be and whatever your dessert cravings, we’ve got you covered! We went on the hunt for a company that provides easy-to-prepare, yet healthy baking solutions for seasoned bakers as well as those planning to try their hand at the art of ultra-fast baking and came across the well-established Plattered. With its wide range of ready-to-bake mixes, ranging from affordable mug cake mixes to full-blown cake and cookie mixtures, the company has a wide variety of baking mixes that can be ready-to-eat in just 5 microwave minutes. Read on to find out more!

The Struggles of a Baker and the Perennially Starving Cakeaholics

Conventional baking can be really hard. While watching baking videos on YouTube can be soothing, many of you would have shuddered at the very thought of trying out the same recipes, no matter how easy they may have looked on the channel. Those of you who actually went further, are well aware of the difficulties involved, having duly struggled with the batter texture and getting the numerous ingredients just right, above all else. With little help from the Indian food market to help procure the right ingredients for cake lovers, the ordeal is one of its kind, starting right from compiling the elements, mixing in the right quantities, and finally, the complex cooking. Add a hectic, breathless work-life into the mixture and the endeavour becomes almost impossible to even attempt!

But what if someone provided you with a good mix of all the ingredients needed in the right quantity, and all you needed to do was add a few more, pour in a cup and microwave? What if you did not have to worry about from where and how much vanilla essence to buy or how many grams of cocoa to invest in? What if baking a cake was akin to preparing a cup of 2 minute noodles? Sounds like a dream, right? Not anymore! With Plattered, your dreams of the fastest and easiest ways of baking absolutely delicious cakes, cookies, brownies and more, are about to come true!

Plattered: Your One-Stop Destination for a 3-Minute Effortless and Truly Awesome Baking Experience

Baking since the age of 10, a well-made cake was the first thing Maria George learned to create in the kitchen, even before she learned to boil rice! This passion for experimenting with flour, butter and sugar took a whole new turn when she returned after completing a pastry certificate course from the coveted Le Cordon Bleu, London. With friends and distant relatives requesting her baked treats, Maria began searching for ways in which they could enjoy homemade baked goods using the best ingredients in a simple and effortless manner. Several trials, in-house experimentations and an extensive market research later, Plattered Easy Bake Mixes was born.

Plattered aims to revolutionize the experience of baking, adapting the complex, meticulous procedures to a typical Indian working woman’s time-starved lifestyle. With its wide range of wholesome bake mixes, the products are a first-of-their-kind in India and can be literally prepared in under 5 minutes. In most mixes, all that the consumer needs to do is add the wet ingredients to complete the recipe. Ranging from cupcakes to full cake mixes, the company also offers an extensive range for small quantity baking as well. While cupcake mixes are suitable for beginners and customers trying out the products for the first time, cookie and full cake mixes are perfect for seasoned bakers.

The products are available in two broad categories: the Indulgent range and the Wholesome range. While the Indulgent range features some all-time favourites amongst Plattered fans like chocolate cup cake mixes, the Wholesome range is particularly aimed towards the health-conscious people. All products in the Wholesome range are made with 100% whole wheat and natural raw sugar.

Plattered believes in clean baking, and thus all their products are free of additives or preservatives. Some products have only 4 ingredients, including salt! A balanced combination of customer feedback and renewed market research helps Maria keep a track of upcoming trends amongst Indian foodies and update the product range accordingly. The brand very recently came up with a completely different product line for vegan and health-oriented products, specifically keeping in mind the growing trends for the same.

Plattered Ready Mixes are handmade. We use no preservatives or additives. The ingredients are carefully sourced keeping flavours in mind, measured and tested to the nth degree so you'd get the perfect results always! Our mixes take barely anytime to come together, and you only have to add wet ingredients. In the microwave for 3 mins, Et Voila! Your absolutely delicious homemade dessert is ready to eat. One you can proudly show off to your family and friends. Lets bake together!

Maria George – Founder, Plattered

Interview with Maria George, Founder, Plattered

Founder, Plattered
Maria George
Maria George is an alumnus of NIT Calicut, ISB Hyderabad and Le Cordon Bleu London. Food has always been her passion and she baked her first cake at the tender age of 10. After a brief stint in multiple industries she decided that it was time to pursue her passion and transform it into her career. She believes in clean eating and fuss-free cooking with desserts that get ready in a jiffy. This is the vision behind her venture, Plattered. In her leisure time, she loves to experiment with new recipes and also indulges in food photography.
  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • I started baking cakes at the age of 10 before I could boil rice :-). Even as a kid I loved playing around with flour, butter and sugar. I am an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu London, ISB Hyderabad & NIT Calicut, and have worked in BFSI, Telecom & Food industry.

    I believe in clean eating, and fuss-free cooking. Leave the fuss to us :-). Great food needn’t always take hours in the kitchen.
  • Q. What led you to create Plattered and how did you go about it?
  • Ever since I came back from London, family & friends across the country were requesting baked treats from me. I was looking for a great way they could enjoy homemade baked goods using the best ingredients in a simple, easy & delicious way. So I tried a few options with my friends in different cities, and it worked really well. And that’s how Plattered Easy Bake Mixes was born.
  • Q. What is your process and how do you introduce new products?
  • We believe in clean baked goods. So all our products are free of preservatives or additives. Some of our products have just 4 ingredients including salt! We do a market analysis to understand the gap in the existing market. Almost all our products are first-of-its-kind in the Indian market. We had the first Cookie Mix, Mug Cake Mix and Banana Bread Mix in the market. We also work on new products based on customer feedback. We noticed a trend towards vegan & healthy products and launched products in those lines.
  • Q. Tell us about your range of "Wholesome" products.
  • Our "Wholesome" range of products is made with 100% whole wheat and natural raw sugar. We use no refined flour or refined sugar in these products. A healthier way to eat a cake we’d say.
  • Q. What are some challenges you faced while creating these easy bake recipes?
  • Getting the right ingredients, testing multiple times in multiple ways to make sure that we get a perfect result every time are some of the challenges we face.

Plattered's Most Popular Mixes

Whole Wheat Banana Cake Mix

Made using whole wheat flour with the goodness of natural raw sugar and zero preservatives, the tastiest whole wheat banana bread you'll ever have. Vegan too! You can buy 1 pack for ₹ 249.00 here.

Whole Wheat Brownie Mix

Dark, fudgy, delicious, and made with 100% whole wheat and natural raw sugar, and ready in 3 minutes. How better can it get! Get a pack of 2 for ₹ 495.00 here.

Choco Chunk Cookies Mix

Chewy and gooey chocolate chunk cookies ready in 2 minutes! Made with real chocolate chunks with cocoa butter (not compound chocolate). These cookies are easy to bake, only require melted butter and water to be added to the mix. Cookies will be soft coming out of the oven, they will firm up as they cool. You can buy a pack of this mix for ₹ 249.00 here.

Plattered's New Product Offerings

Vanilla Choco Chunk Mug Cake Mix

Your perfect break-time just got better. That soft vanilla cake with luscious dollops of molten chocolate chunks all ready in just a minute (microwave only). A single serve pack costs ₹ 249.00 and you can get it here.

Spiced Cranberry Mug Cake Mix

Made with 100% whole wheat and natural raw sugar, these cakes are the perfect break-time snack without breaking your diet. All ready in just a minute. You can order a single-serve pack for ₹ 249.00 here.

Where Can You Find Them?

Interview with Maria George (Contd.)

  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • We make sure to procure high quality ingredients. A lot of our ingredients are organic. Some of our spices are sourced directly from farms to maintain quality. Our production is done in a hygienic manner to ensure all the mixes are of high quality.
  • Q. What sets Plattered apart from other brands?
  • Ready in 3 minutes! All our products can be made literally in under 5 minutes in a microwave. While we do give instructions for oven and stove-top, for the truly time-challenged person the microwave option is a boon.
  • Q. Which products would you recommend to someone trying Plattered for the first time?
  • The Banana Bread/Cake Mixes. These are truly wonderful! We have two options for this, one is the Indulgent one, and the other the Wholesome variety. Both are phenomenally good! Also, the Cookie Mixes, they’re absolutely fab.
  • Q. What are your own interests?
  • Food! I found my passion and hobby and turned it into a career. In my free hours, I try out new recipes (not always related to baking), and bake a ton of sourdough bread. I also enjoy food photography.

What's Next for Plattered?

Onwards & upwards :). Keep innovating and growing. Understanding you as a consumer, and making sure your cake needs are fulfilled.

Please Give Our Readers Some Tips on Making Baked Goods as Gifts.

We offer our products as gifts because they have a shelf life of 6 months! And this works perfectly during the gifting season when there are too many gifts!

We suggest baked cakes & brownies that have a shorter shelf life to be gifted where you know it will be consumed immediately. Products such as cookies have a longer shelf life and are more stable during travel. So these can be used more easily during gifting.

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Plattered Bake Mixes: A Delightful Blend of Exquisite Taste, Easy Baking and Healthy Desserts

The bake mixes from Plattered remove all the fuss from baking cakes, brownies and cookies at home, without compromising on the taste in any manner. The best part is that they are surprisingly affordable and healthy and vegan options are available too. Share your experiences of using Plattered bake mixes with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.