Forgot to Buy a Gift Yet Again and Wondering Friendship Day Par Kya Gift De? Make Friends Feel Special with This Guide to the Best Friendship Day Gifts in 2020

Forgot to Buy a Gift Yet Again and Wondering Friendship Day Par Kya Gift De? Make Friends Feel Special with This Guide to the Best Friendship Day Gifts in 2020

Friendship Day is an occasion to celebrate your friends and to appreciate the colours, warmth, affection and love they bring into your life. There are so many ways in which you can tell your friends how special they are for you. One of the best ways to convey your feelings is to give them a thoughtful gift which is in line with their tastes and liking. Your friend will not only be delighted but will also never forget your gesture. This BP Guide will help you decide which gifts to consider for which type of friends.

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Why is Friendship Day Celebrated?

Though most of you would be aware that Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year; very few would know about the history behind it. There are various theories about the origination of friendship day, some suggest that it was founded by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards in 1919 and the 2nd of August was decided as the day when people used to send cards to each other to celebrate their friendship. But, it was after the end of the First World War, when the entire planet was still reeling under the effects of the devastation; in the year 1935, the US Congress decided to formally pronounce the first Sunday of August as a holiday in honour of friends and friendship. The intent was to create an atmosphere of solidarity and camaraderie among the nations, and individuals as well. Another theory believes that the first World Friendship Day was proposed by the World Friendship Crusade (an international organisation that propagates a culture of peace by campaigning for peace and friendship across the globe) on 30th July, 1958 when one Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho thought of the idea while having dinner with his friends.

In 1997, Winnie - the Pooh, the famous cartoon character, was chosen as the world's Ambassador of Friendship by the United Nations (yes, really!). It was recently in April, 2011, that the United Nations has officially declared 30th July as International Friendship Day; however most of the countries have been celebrating it on the first Sunday of August. Friendship Day has gained more popularity over the last decade, especially among the youngsters and now it is celebrated at par with the other popular days like Valentine Day or Mother’s Day. Whatever might be the true reason behind celebrating this day, but it is definitely a nice opportunity to show your love, respect and admiration towards your friends who stand by you through thick and thin.

How to Celebrate Friendship Day?

As the day is celebrated on a Sunday, i.e. an off-day, you can plan various activities with your friends like camping, picnic, watching a movie, a cycle ride, long drives or even a small weekend trip. You can also organise a Friendship Day party at your place or in a restaurant. If you are planning the party at your residence, then do inform your friends about the time at least 2 days in advance. Further, have both veg and non-veg meals according to the choice of your friends. You can purchase some frozen snacks from your nearby store which will solve the purpose of starters. Also, get some party poppers, a few blank greeting cards which all of you can fill and share with each other, get your songs list ready, the music boom box live and kicking and most importantly, the gifts wrapped and ready.

Gifts for Best Friends on Friendship Day

They are with you for years now, they know every secret of yours and they are the ones who are your advisers and support you in those difficult times; your best friends deserve a special gift, a gift which has a personal touch and which your best friends can adore and keep as a memento. Let’s check out some personalised gifts which make for a nice gift on Friendship Day.

Personalised LED Cushion


The personalised yellow LED light cushion is made of canvas poly duck and it's dimensions are 11 inches x 11 inches. As soon as a fitted internal switch in the cushion is pressed, the cushion glows with a cool yellow colour light. The on/off button is inside the cushion and the batteries are included with the gift. You can provide the text/picture to be printed while ordering this item, which can be purchased from for Rs. 549.00.

'You're Amazing' Personalised Coffee Mug

This nice and colourful coffee mug has beautiful friendship quotes printed on one side and you can get your desired picture printed on the other. You can also get your own quotes of up to 200 words printed on the mug. The ceramic coffee mug has dimensions - height 9 cm x length 11 cm x width 8 cm and is available on Archies for Rs. 349.00.

Personalised Gentleman Caricature


Get your friend’s personalised small acrylic caricature (which he can proudly flaunt on his office desk) from A perfect gift for your best friend, just provide a front facing close-up photograph of your friend for this 7.5 inches tall caricature which can be ordered from for Rs. 435.00.

Friends Forever Two Layer Bamboo Plant


Another amazing and environment friendly Friendship Day present, this two layer lucky bamboo plant which is nested in a square glass vase and a ‘Best Friends forever’ banner is available on for Rs. 549.00. The plant is an indoor plant and is about 5 inches in height. It requires the roots to be permanently wet and the water should be changed every 7 to 10 days.

Personalised Neon Bottle Lamp

The personalised neon bottle lamp can be customised with your desired image and the yellow colour glow behind the light provides a magnificent effect in a dark or dimly lit room. The 12.7 inch bottle has a wooden base along with a wire and a plug in place; just install a 15 watt milky white bulb and the lamp is ready to beautify your room. You can purchase this neon bottle lamp from for Rs. 999.00.

Gifts for Friends on Friendship Day

We all have best friends and then we have ‘friends’, who may not be as close as our besties; but still have significant place in our life and hearts. So, say cheers to all those fun-filled moments you have blasted and spent together by giving them a surprise gift this Friendship Day.

Printed Ceramic Mug (325 ml)

This ceramic mug is a ‘Friendship Day’ special gift as the mug has ‘Happy Friendship Day’ written on one side and a few friendship quotes on the other. The mug is of 325 ml capacity and makes for a nice and cute Friendship Day present. This Friendship Day printed mug is available on Flipkart for Rs. 269.00.

Brown Suede Hooked Bracelet

Your friend is definitely going to thank and remember you, whenever he will wear this brown colour suede bracelet. Made from braids of suede material with a shiny metal clip, this bracelet would look great with casual wear. This brown suede hooked bracelet can be purchased from Archies for Rs. 499.00.

Superhero Bobble Phone Stand

If your friend is a superhero fan, then this Superhero Bobble Phone Stand can be a great Friendship Day gift for him. There are three different superheroes – Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man to choose from and these superheroes are going to help you rest your phone on them. This bobble phone stand can be attached to a flat surface like a work desk, car dashboard, etc. with the help of the 3M double sided tape which comes in the box. The product dimensions are 7.5 cm (height of the superhero) x 7.7 cm (length) x 5 cm (width) and can be purchased from for Rs. 899.00 per piece.

Polka Dotted Heart Bunny Keychain

The cute looking bunny will constantly remind your friend about you and your friendship, when he will carry this Polka Dotted Heart Bunny Keychain. The brown and red coloured plush toy with a key chain is made of soft fabric and it's dimensions are 8 cm (length) x 10 cm (width) x 17 cm (height) and can be purchased from for Rs. 250.00.

Joy Minning

This beautiful package is a wonderful gift option for girls and kids. The ‘Joy Minning’ gift set includes a lovely 6 inch tall teddy bear, a beautiful coffee mug with friendship captions on both the sides and two Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk chocolates. This Joy Minning gift set is definitely going to bring joy and smile on the face of your friend upon receiving this sweet and beautiful gift. This gift set is available on FlowerAura for Rs. 899.00.

Gifts for Girlfriend on Friendship Day

She has a special place in your life and your heart, too! And you are wondering if you should gift her on this Friendship Day? Definitely, after all she is also your friend. So, we have picked a few gift options which you can consider gifting to your girlfriend on Friendship Day. You can pick one of these depending upon the likes and tastes of your special someone.

Colourful Personalised Rotating Crystal Cube with LED


This magical cube has a cube atop it which has 4 LED lights to illuminate and the cube rotates with electric power when the adaptor is plugged in or on AA batteries. The 3 sides of the cube can be customised with three pictures of your choice and the fourth side reflects the three pictures from different angles. The rotating crystal cube looks splendid in a dark or a dimly lit room and acts as a great showpiece for a work or side table. This Colourful Personalised Rotating Crystal Cube with LED is a great gift for your girlfriend on Friendship Day and can be purchased from for Rs. 1,195.00

Mixed Emotions

Give a tinge of peace, happiness, love and friendship to your girlfriend by gifting this bunch of roses with mixed colours of white, orange, red and yellow respectively. The bunch of 30 roses is wrapped in white paper with some green leaves in the background and the bouquet is held tight by a red satin bow. It’s really easy to express your ‘Mixed Emotions’ to your girlfriend this Friendship Day with this decorated rose bunch, which is available for Rs. 1,145.00 on MyFlowerTree.

Luxury Ferrero Rocher


This can be a nice gift if your girlfriend likes chocolates as the 16 pieces of Ferrero Rocher chocolate are packaged like a bouquet in a pink paper and held tight by a bow made of golden ribbon which adds up to its beauty. The delicious chocolate bouquet can be purchased from for Rs. 1,299.00.

Swarovski Elements Deep Ocean Love Hearts Bracelet


The charming bracelet has heart shaped crystals made of original Swarovski Elements beautifully crafted in white gold design and is an ideal gift for your girlfriend. The Swarovski Elements Deep Ocean Love Hearts Bracelet comes with a 6 months warranty and can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 1,315.00.

Gifts for Boyfriend on Friendship Day

It’s not easy to pick a gift for your boyfriend for Friendship Day as you have to pick something which can match his style, tastes and can also be a good memento. Let’s check some trendy and stylish gifts which you can pick for gifting to the ‘man in your life’, on this Friendship Day.

Rudraksh And Metal Bracelet For Men

This elegant Rudraksh and Metal Bracelet can be a perfect gift for your man as he can wear it on those ethnic wear days, parties or even with casual outfits. The slip on the bracelet has Rudraksh beads designed with beautiful metal motifs and this product can be purchased from Archies for Rs. 799.00.

Park Avenue Euphoria Eau de Parfum - 50 ml (For Men)

The Park Avenue Euphoria Eau de Parfum has an exotic fragrance and comes packed in an attractive bottle. This can be a nice Friendship Day gift for your boyfriend if he likes experimenting with perfumes. The 50 ml bottle of Park Avenue Euphoria Eau de Parfum can be bought from Flipkart for Rs. 266.00.

3D Stylish Trendy Beautiful Cute Key Chain


One more way to constantly remind your boyfriend about you is gifting him this beautifully handcrafted trinket which has two hearts of silver and light gold colours respectively. The beautiful key-chain is an excellent piece of craftsmanship with detailing and made of high quality glossy metal. It has a clasp closure and weighs just 50 gm. The 3D trendy key-chain can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 950.00.

JBL T450BT Extra Bass Bluetooth Headset With Mic

Your boyfriend is definitely going to adore you more for this useful and meaningful gift. The extra bass Bluetooth headset with microphone by JBL has a battery life of 11 hrs, a charging time of 2 hours and comes with comfortable ear pads. The headset can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs. 2,199.00.

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Celebrate Friendship Day with Your Friends and Create Memories for Life

Celebrating Friendship Day is a beautiful way of telling your friends how precious they are for you. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide how you will celebrate Friendship Day this year and create memories which will be forever etched in the sands of time. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.