Looking for the Best Place for Lehenga Online Shopping(2020)?  10 Best Lehenga from Myntra that Screams Royalty

Looking for the Best Place for Lehenga Online Shopping(2020)? 10 Best Lehenga from Myntra that Screams Royalty

India’s rich culture is beautifully depicted in ethnic attires.Lehenga choli is one of the most popular ethnic outfits for women. The appeal of lehenga choli is unmatched. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to scroll through lehengas that will convince you to step out of your comfort zone,and get ready to create a colourful statement!

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Get Hold of the Best Lehenga at Myntra

Lehenga choli - this three-piece attire has helped women dazzle at every event, but mostly on special occasions like weddings, festivals, parties, and various celebrations.

Lehengas at myntra come with vibrant and eye-catching colours. They have meticulous and embroidered work on them. With the appropriate stitching style and fabric material, you are sure to get a promised outcome for lehenga myntra online shopping.

At Myntra, there is enough scope for traditional wear and traditional accessories as well. When you really go hunting for lehenga choli in myntra, you would also want to pay attention to the accessories you would want to wear with them. Especially if you are planning for an event.

5 Expedients of Showing Off Your Lehenga:

#1 Get All Matchy-Matchy If You Need To:

Having to wear a lehenga for a special occasion makes you want to buy all the matching accessories. If you are someone who loves to do that, try opting for closer shades. For instance, if your lehenga choli at myntra is dark pink colored, then go for accessories that are in light pink color. At the end of the day, trying to get the right shade for the accessory is going to drive you crazy.

#2 Avoid Dark Colors During the Day:

One thing you don’t want for yourself is to end up looking all gaudy in a function. Going for dark colours may make you stand out as the sun will make your lehenga absorb enough heat to make your body sweat. If you are trying your luck at a crimson lehenga, go for an offset peach-coloured blouse or even a light lemon-coloured one.

#3 Wear Minimalistic Jewellery:

Lehengas at myntra are far beyond embroidered. So, you don’t want to add more embroidery from the jewellery you have. You might end up looking like a bride instead of a guest. If the occasion does not demand much, then less is more. But if you are a bride-to-be, then you need all the golden and shiny and royal and blinky things.

#4 Avoid Being Covered All Over:

To tell you frankly, wearing and dancing around with a lehenga is going to turn your experience into a sweaty one. You don’t want to be covered all over. The key is to balance skin exposure. If your lehenga choli at myntra is low-waist, then try to have a longer blouse. If your neck is high, then go for a backless blouse. Just balance it out, do not overdo the skin show.

#5 Choose the Right Fabric:

Choosing the right fabric is all about acknowledging the right weather for your special occasion. If the weather is cool winters then you need silk, velvety material. If the weather is hot summers, then you need sheer nets and cotton material. There are enough choices for you to choose from when you try your luck for lehenga myntra online shopping.

Top 10 Lehengas at Myntra to Help You Dazzle:

Here are the top ten lehengas from myntra for any kind of occasion you want to attend to:

#1 Inddus Dusty Pink Solid Semi-Stitched Lehenga

This lehenga choli at myntra comes in a dusty pink colour. The semi-stitched variety of a lehenga is in trend and it gives you all the freedom to match up to your measurements. It consists of a drawstring and concealed zip closure with a flared hemline.

The material used for dupatta is netty. The fabric for the blouse is poly-silk. Whereas for the lehenga lining it is shantoon. You can adjust the sleeves as per your requirement, as they come in long sleeves.

This lehenga is best suited for the night wedding ceremony or traditional office party. Especially the ones conducted during cool winters.

The best part about this lehenga is that the length of 44 inches and a waist of 42 inches are customizable. You get to buy this gorgeous lehenga at just Rs. 3,339 at Myntra.

#2 AKS Navy Blue & Golden Woven Lehenga

For those of you who love to wear both modern as well as traditional, this lehenga at myntra is best suited for any purpose you like.

The material used to make this lehenga is poly silk, for the blouse is polyester, and for the dupatta is poly chiffon.

The best part about this lehenga is that it is ready to wear. You don’t need to stand in a queue or wait for days together to get your lehenga stitched by your not-so-favourite (because he keeps you waiting!) tailor.

The sleeves are short and the neck is round both ways. The traditional embroidery at the base of the lehenga will steal the show and make you stand out.

At Myntra, you get this amazing lehenga for just Rs. 3599, go and grab yours now!

#3 Mitera Maroon Semi-Stitched Lehenga

This kind of a semi-stitched lehenga is best suited for attending a wedding reception, also for women looking for bridal lehengas because of the maroon colour and flawless embroidery bombarded in it.

The blouse and lehenga fabrics are both velvety. The fabric used for dupatta is netty and lehenga lining is shantoon.

For this lehenga, make sure you do not overdo with the jewellery unless you are a bride-to-be. Then you need to shower yourself with all the accessories.

Any type of golden jewellery would suit best for this lehenga. You can buy this lehenga at Myntra for just Rs. 10,974.

#4 Chhabra 555 Green & Golden Lehenga & Choli

If you think mild is modesty then this beautiful green and golden coloured lehenga at myntra should be your soulmate.

With V-neck, concealed zip closure, and short sleeves, this lehenga is sure to give you the ethnic look you want for an official celebration for festivals like Diwali.

The fabric used for lehenga lining is poly crepe, for dupatta is net, the blouse is art silk, and lehenga is net.

The bottom portion of this lehenga is embroidered with golden work. It makes the light green colour stand out.

If you want to buy this lehenga, it comes for Rs. 7,992 at Myntra, an online fashion hub for women.

#5 Biba Pink Lehenga

Biba is known for showering class and ethnicity to Indian dresses. This pink lehenga at myntra comes with a ready-to-wear design.

The bottom portion of the lehenga has Rajasthani royal courts’ embroidery. With the round neck and buttoned blouse closure, you are sure to look decent and classy at the same time.

The fabric used for the lehenga is cotton, so you can wear this during hot summers to bear the heat.

The fabric used for the blouse is cotton as well. The same goes for the fabric of lehenga lining and dupatta.

If you are a huge fan of decency and simple embroidery work, then you can buy this lehenga at Myntra for just Rs. 4,995.

#6 MIMOSA Yellow & Coral Semi-Stitched Lehenga

This yellow and coral coloured semi-stitched lehenga is here to offer display richness, modernism, and royalty to women who love to look apart.

The material used to make the lehenga is art silk, for the blouse is polyester, the dupatta is art silk, and lehenga lining is shantoon.

It is best suited for traditional celebrations in the house, office, or garden, wherever you want.

The ornamentation used for this lehenga is zari work. The dupatta border has tassels. With a boat neck for the yellow blouse, you would not have to worry about the skin exposure.

At just Rs. 3,359, you can buy this beautiful piece of lehenga from Myntra.

#7 Bhama Couture White Lehenga

Good thread work on a lehenga is what distinguishes itself from other lehengas. This Bhama Couture White lehenga is sure to highlight your looks wherever you choose to wear it.

The heterodoxy contains all credits to the heavy bead and stonework on the lower portion of the lehenga.

The material used to make the lehenga is raw silk, the same goes for the blouse. For the lehenga lining, it is cotton. It does not come with a dupatta, because it doesn’t require one for the innocence it possesses.

This beautifully virtuous lehenga comes with a price of Rs. 1,949 at Myntra, where you get three options of sizes too - Medium, Large, and Extra-Large.

#8 Fabindia Sea Green & Navy Lehenga

This traditional south Indian attire is best suited for any traditional pooja, ceremony, or function you wish to attend.

The round neck of the sea-green cotton fabric blouse makes you want to wear this lehenga choli with utmost austerity.

The material used to make the fabric of the lehenga is cotton, and of the lehenga lining is cotton. It is a ready-to-wear instant lehenga with three different sizes namely small, medium, and large.

You get to buy this lehenga at Myntra for just Rs. 5,990. It is available in three sizes, namely- small, medium, and large. Go grab one for yourself now!

#9 Studio Rasa Yellow & Off-White Lehenga

With this Studio Rasa lehenga which is yellow and off-white coloured, you get to exhibit your inner beauty with supreme charm.

Having the material of silk for the lehenga and blouse, and shantoon for lehenga lining, you can wear this delightful lehenga choli without dupatta for whichever festivity you want.

The blouse of this lehenga is sleeveless and has a round neck and with a little bit of display of your waist. The lehenga has an appealing knot on one end.

You should buy one for yourself at a mere price of Rs. 2,493 on myntra.com. It comes in a variety of sizes like small, medium, and large. Plus, there are best offers waiting for you there!

#10 Koskii Mustard Yellow Lehenga

This one here is the most different from all the above. It has a transparent netted dupatta which gives the lehenga choli a very unique and marvellous look.

The material fabric used for the lehenga and the blouse is poly georgette. And, that for the lehenga lining is satin.

The blouse showcases a round neck in the front as well as the back. There is no display of skin at the waist region. The work on it is Rajasthani royal courts.

It is a ready-to-wear lehenga choli which you can wear for traditional affairs.

This designer lehenga comes with a price of Rs. 22,490 on Myntra. There’s an EMI option available too.

5 Perfect Accessories to Match with Your Lehenga:

  • Latkans: You would not want to wear a blouse that has no knots. And, if has no knots, then there would not be any latkans! They give the knots the right look. Especially the ones that have floral touch to it.
  • Jhumkas: For any lehenga choli to look good, that has embroidery on it, you need matching jhumkas. They might be a little heavy to carry, but the style that comes with wearing them is beyond overwhelming. At Myntra, you can buy them just for Rs. 588
  • Chokers: Whoever said they are out of fashion, were wrong! They pretty much never left the fashion industry. If your lehenga has a v-neck or a deep neck, a choker would strike the balance well between traditional and western. If you want, you can buy a traditional choker at Myntra for just Rs. 876.
  • Bajubandh: If your lehenga has a sleeveless or mega-sleeved blouse, then a bajuband would do justice to your overall personality. With a variety of gemstones to choose from, you can fall for whichever is your type.
  • Kamarbandh: This waist jewellery here is a favorite of too many ladies. If your lehenga is a plain one with no skin-show, then this kamarband would add a flavor on the whole. If you want a kamarband for yourself, you can buy one at Myntra for just Rs. 1,144.
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Tips on Styling Lehenga

Consider your skin tone while buying lehenga. Choose a strapless bra when you wear off-shoulder blouse. Visible bra straps can look tacky when you are wearing ethnic outfits. For a traditional look, style your dupatta in a pleated form with your lehenga. Accessorize your lehenga with ethnic purses and jewellery. Opt for wedge or platform heels with embellishments while wearing lehengas for the utmost comfort.