Best Shampoo for Oily Scalps: Greasy Hair Bothering You? 30 Shampoos Especially Crafted to Give Your Hair Healthy Shine and Bounce!

Best Shampoo for Oily Scalps: Greasy Hair Bothering You? 30 Shampoos Especially Crafted to Give Your Hair Healthy Shine and Bounce!


An oily scalp can be so extremely frustrating to deal with. Washing your hair every alternate day becomes a routine because of the rate at which your scalp secretes oil. Here, we have a list of shampoos for oily hair with ingredients that are designed to break down excess oil and you can use them a few times a week.

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Oily Hair: Solve Your Problem with the Right Shampoo

Your hair looks fabulous after shampooing and conditioning, and you feel great and confident not to mention smell fresh but if you have an oily scalp, you might not feel the same. Our hair produces a certain amount of sebum or what we call oil to keep your hair and scalp hydrated and protected. The production of sebum varies depending on the type of hair, baits and lifestyle factors. There are times when this natural oil can collect and build up at the root and give your hair an oily look that may make your hair look dirty as it mixes with sweat and dirt. You can avoid this by using the right shampoo and maintaining good hair hygiene.

Some hair types are prone to oil build up and you can see excess oil within 24 hours of washing it. This requires a specific shampoo for your hair. There are tons of different shampoos in the market, but shampoos made for oily hair have stronger surfactants that are known to clean the hair and remove that extra layer of oil from the scalp.

Know the Reasons for Oily Scalp Even after Thorough Washing


If you are confused about why your hair and scalp are oily all the time, read on to learn the reasons:

  • You might be using the wrong shampoo:A good shampoo is one that fits your requirements like your hair texture, therefore it is important to understand which shampoo is good for your specific need. If you have a natural oil scalp, then a shampoo that contains extra moisturizing and repairing agents might make your hair look extra oily because it contains botanical oils. Finding the right shampoo is a trial-and-error method, you might have to try several different shampoos to find the best one for your hair.
  • You might be washing your hair too often: People wash their hair often to look and feel fresh but over-washing can lead to oil production as your hair starts to produce more oil when dry.
  • You might be over-conditioning your hair:You might retain extra moisture if you have fine or thin hair. Using too many conditioners will make your hair limp and oily. It is best to apply conditioner to the tips of the hair rather than the roots to avoid oil and limp hair. Always remember to wash your hair thoroughly after conditioning.
  • You might have hormonal imbalance: Hormones play an important role when it comes to hair health. A sudden change in hormones may cause extra production of sebum. Other factors could be puberty, pregnancy or menopause.
  • You might not be double cleaning your hair: If you live in a metropolitan city, have a naturally oiled scalp or use a lot of styling products then double cleansing your hair will help avoid extra oil from the hair and scalp. The single wash may not clean your scalp therefore it is advised to double-clean your hair when you use shampoo. The first wash helps eliminate the dead skin, dirt and build and the second cleans the scalp of all the impurities.
  • You might not be using products to balance oil production : It is important to focus on scalp health and treatment at least once a week. You can use scrubs or mud packs to control oil production on the scalp. They help deep clean and exfoliate the extra build-up as well as improve blood circulation that results in healthy hair and scalp.
  • You might be brushing your hair too much : Yes, brushing your hair does improve blood circulation but overdoing it can spread the scalp oil throughout the hair and result in an oily look right after shampooing.

Best Shampoos For Oily Scalp: Choose by Your Budget

Best Shampoo for Oily Scalp under Rs. 300

1. Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo

Himalaya is one of the leading companies in India that has brought several excellent products when it comes to hair and skincare. The Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo is one of their best products made for oily scalp. The shampoo is made by combining the goodness of chickpea, amla, black myrobalan extracts and licorice extracts. This shampoo is gentle on your hair and makes it look and feel light. Regular use of the shampoo will nourish and strengthen your hair, not to mention oil free. You can buy this budget-friendly shampoo for Rs. 75 from

2. Pantene Advanced Haircare Solution, Lively Clean Shampoo for Women


Another trusted brand for hair health is Pantene. The Pantene Advanced Lively Clean Shampoo is made for women with oily scalps. This shampoo contains much-needed fermented rice water in combination with pro-v formula. The shampoo is known for revitalizing oily limp hair and making it bouncy. You can use this shampoo every day and get rid of hair breakage, excessive oil production and limp hair. You can now open your hair and flaunt it more often. This shampoo is available for Rs. 264 on

3. BiotiqueBio Green Apple Fresh Daily Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner

Biotique Brio Green Apple Fresh Shampoo & Conditioner is again an excellent product for people with oily scalps. It is made with a combination of green apple, sea algae and Centella to give you a clean scalp, it also nourishes your scalp with proteins and natural minerals. The green apple in the shampoo works as a detoxifier and creates a protective shield against UV rays as well as gives you extra volume. The shampoo will give your hair a healthy glow and a nourished scalp. It is available for Rs. 120 on

4. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo

Dove does not need much introduction when it comes to products for hair and skin. It has been serving worldwide with excellent products that enhance your skin and hair health. The Dove nourishing oil care shampoo is one of the best in the market. It is infused with charcoal to clean your scalp from root to end. It not only purifies your hair but also removes product buildup without damaging your hair. You can use this shampoo every day and feel confident. The shampoo is available for Rs. 105 at

5. Khadi Natural Honey & Lemon Hair Cleanser

If you are one of those people who trust only Ayurveda then you can try Khadi Natural Honey & Lemon Hair Cleanser. This is an ayurvedic formula made with honey and lemon. Both these ingredients are known to remove excess oil from hair and skin. It also does not harm your scalp and prevents dandruff buildup due to lemon. The shampoo adds volume to your hair and controls the oil production on the scalp. You can buy it for Rs. 168 from

6. Kaya Skin Clinic Nourishing Shampoo for Oily Hair


Dealing with an oily scalp is very frustrating and you end up washing your hair every other day to keep it looking fresh which results in more oil production and the cycle never ends. To help prevent this you can try the Kaya Nourishing Shampoo which can be used daily due to it mild nature. The shampoo is made with Hibiscus extracts and Almond oil that cleans your scalp without damaging it. Almond oil in the shampoo helps strengthen your hair whereas Hibiscus extracts make it softer. It also reduces hair breakage and makes your hair look healthier. This shampoo is excellent for oily and frizzy hair, and you can buy it for Rs. 184 from

7. Blossom Kochhar Oil Balancing Shampoo

This is again a wonderful option for people with an oily scalp. It is free of parabens, petrochemicals, phthalates, sulphates, toxic ingredients, artificial colouring, and fragrances. The shampoo contains the juice of Aloe Vera and Reetha that cleans and conditions your hair perfectly from the root to the tip. It also has extracts from Triphala which is a good antioxidant, Shikakai and Henna to repair any damage done to your hair and Tocopherol keeps the hair hydrated. It also has the goodness of green tea and Tea tree essential oil to maintain the pH levels of the scalp and promote better hair. This all-in-one shampoo can be bought for Rs. 215 from

8. Keya Seth Aromatherapy Oil Balance Shampoo

The Keya Seth Aromatherapy Oil Balance Shampoo preserves the natural pH balance of your oily scalp, providing hair vitality and bounce. Additionally, it improves the general condition of the hair and controls oil production. This shampoo is packed with excellent ingredients like essential oils and botanicals that keep your hair healthy, shiny and bouncy. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff and prevents hair breakage. The shampoo is known for stimulating hair follicles hence you will see hair growth when used regularly. You can buy it for Rs. 275 from

9. LOreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Purifying & Hydrating Shampoo


LOreal Paris Extraordinary Clay Purifying & Hydrating Shampoo comes with the goodness of clay. Clay has been used for hair treatment for ages as it is known to extract excessive oils and sebum from an oily scalp. This shampoo not only gets rid of the oil but hydrates it as well. It works wonders on fine hair due to the micro-ceramide serum present in it. The shampoo is mild but can cause excessive dryness that may lead to hair fall. You can buy it for Rs. 179 from

Best Shampoo for Oily Scalp between Rs. 300 to Rs. 1000

10. Vedaearth Refreshing Shampoo

You can also use Vedaearth Refreshing Shampoo if you are looking for a good shampoo for an oily scalp. This shampoo has antibacterial properties that repair the scalp and prevents itchiness and dandruff. It is made with all-natural ingredients and cleans your scalp without stripping off natural oils. The best thing about this shampoo is that it is suitable for all hair types and deeply nourishes your hair from the roots to the tip. It contains no paraben and will leave your hair smelling beautiful. The shampoo is available for Rs. 316.25 from

11. Mamaearth Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Mamaearth products are quite famous in the market and are liked by all due to great results. You can check out the Mamaearth Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo. This shampoo has the goodness of ginger oil and is one of the best shampoos in the market for oily scalps. Tea Tree oil in the shampoo works as an anti-fungal and prevents dry and itchy scalp. You will love the results you see from the first wash. Buy it for Rs. 349 from

12. WOW Green Tea & Tea Tree Anti Dandruff Shampoo


Another trusted brand in the market for hair and skin products is WOW. You can try the WOW Green Tea & Tea Tree Anti Dandruff shampoo to improve your scalp health. This is a gentle formula with a tea tree that gets rid of flaky hair and removes dandruff. Tea tree oil is an excellent antioxidant which keeps the roots clean and improves blood circulation to the scalp. It also has Sweet Almond oil which has a good amount of EFA and Vitamin E to moisturize your hair. It is also infused with rosebay extracts which purify the scalp and enhances hair growth. You can buy this excellent shampoo for Rs. 449 from

13. Shahnaz Husain Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser

If you love your hair and skin, then you must know Shahnaz Husain. She is an expert who has been serving the beauty industry for ages and has brought this excellent Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser for normal to oily hair. The shampoo contains henna to add volume and restore your natural scalp oils perfectly. It not only tones your scalp but controls dandruff, hair fall and premature graying. You can use this shampoo daily without having to worry about any hair damage. This shampoo is available for Rs. 559 at

14. Bare Air Shampoo


Here's a shampoo that brings together amazing ingredients to create a well-suited shampoo for an oily scalp. The BareAir Shampoo is an Argan clay shampoo infused with pure & natural ingredients that clean the pollution particles not visible to the naked eye. The shampoo works effectively from root to tip and provides hydration to them. It cleans up excess oil, dirt, and other impurities that build up on the scalp, and cause dandruff. It is a colour-safe shampoo that nourishes your hair and keeps it shiny. You can buy it for Rs. 625 from

15. Hugva Elixir Shampoo


Hugva Elixir Shampoo is again one of the best shampoos that are made to keep your hair clean and healthy. This shampoo is made in Turky and has 100% bioactive powdered formulation. It has zero mineral oils, parabens, and sulfates that cause damage to the hair. The keratinous formula of the shampoo helps in keeping your hair follicles stronger and healthier. It is a perfect shampoo for greasy hair, and you will see the results from the first application. You can buy the shampoo for Rs. 750 from

16. The Earth Collective's Hair CleanserKaffir Lime, Jojoba & Grapefruit

You can also check out The Earth Collective's Hair Cleanser if you are looking for a non-greasy formula for your oily scalp. The shampoo is enriched with Kaffir Lime which is used in Thai scalp massage to nourish your hair. It also has Jojoba which is native to Sonoran Desert in North America. It is packed with vitamins & minerals and Grapefruit in the shampoo provides the much-needed vitamin C and antioxidants to your hair and makes it shiny and bouncy. This excellent combination is available for Rs. 750 on

17. Innisfree My Hair Refreshing Shampoo

Cleaning your hair and not getting the desired results can be very frustrating. Oily scalp tends to start looking oily the very next day you shampoo but now you can use Innisfree My Hair Refreshing Shampoo and flaunt your hair all you want. This shampoo is formulated with a refreshing recipe that helps get rid of the excess oil from your scalp and hair. Using this shampoo regularly will make you fall in love with your hair all over again. The shampoo can be bought for Rs. 850 from

18. OGX Clarify & Shine Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo


We are all aware of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for hair and skin and if you are interested in it then you can try OGX Clarify & Shine Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo. This shampoo is infused with ACV and deep conditions your hair without making it look greasy. This is an everyday-use shampoo that balances your pH levels as well as removes dirt build-up from the scalp. It also rejuvenates your scalp and improves hair growth. The shampoo is available for Rs. 950 on

19. Trichoedge Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Oily Hair & Dandruff Prone Scalp

Struggling with dandruff? This is a scalp and hair care-medicated anti-dandruff shampoo formula that is clinically proven to improve the health of your scalp and reduce dandruff. This shampoo is formulated with ingredients like Piroctone Olamine, Ichthyol Pale, Lemon Oil, and Tea Tree Oil which are known to provide the utmost care to your scalp and hair. You can buy this clinically tested and proven shampoo for Rs. 340 from

Best Shampoo for Oily Scalp above Rs. 1000

20. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Collagen Volume Boost Micellar Shampoo

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Collagen Volume Boost Micellar Shampoo, yes, the name may seem too long, but the results are awesome for oily hair. This shampoo is again one of the best oil-control shampoos on the market. It helps in removing excess oil that weighs down your hair and makes it look limp. It has care polymers to prevent static with other thickeners that give it a gel-like consistency and make your hair look fuller. It is also enriched with Amino Cell Rebuild Technology that strengthens your roots and cleans your scalp effectively. The shampoo is available for Rs. 1,000 at

21. The Cosmetic Republic Oily Hair Cleansing Shampoo

The Cosmetic Republic Oily Hair Cleansing Shampoo is a gentle one that is made especially for oily scalp. It cleans your hair and leaves it silky and full of volume. The shampoo is made with a unique formulation with keratin microspheres, vitamins B, C, and E and buchu leaf extract. Buchu is a plant that comes from South Africa and has multiple properties that care for your hair. It maintains the pH levels of your scalp and works wonderfully for dyed, long, curly or straight hair. This shampoo can be bought for Rs. 1,005 from

22. Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoo

Another one of our all-around favourite options is the Neopur Scalp Balancing Shampoo from Rene Furterer. This is an anti-dandruff shampoo that contains an active ingredient of 100% natural origin. It manages to hit that ideal balance of degreasing your roots and scalp without totally stripping and drying out the rest of your hair. The shampoo also has the added benefit of imparting the ideal amount of lightweight volume to hair and leaving it soft and shiny, too. It can be bought for Rs. 1,439.33

23. Faith & Patience Camel Milk Volumizing Shampoo

The Faith & Patience Camel Milk Volumizing Shampoo earns our vote because it contains citrus that pumps your hair and adds shine to your dull hair. This is a lightweight shampoo that cleans your hair without leaving it too heavy. It also has lemongrass that prevents dryness and itchiness and the miracle worker aloe vera conditions your hair and controls the sebum production which results in super shiny and voluminous hair. It can be bought for Rs. 1,100 from

24. Bema Sebum Balancing Bio Shampoo for Oily Scalp

Here’s another great option to reach for when your hair really needs a deep clean. We appreciate that it has sebum-balancing Biotechnology to control the excess production of oil on your scalp. Regular use of this shampoo will prevent bacteria buildup and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. It is gentle enough to be used daily, a good thing since it contains a proprietary environmental protection complex to shield your hair from sun and pollution. You can buy it for Rs. 2,275 from

25. Loccitane Purifying Freshness Shampoo

Most of us will agree that many clarifying shampoos for oily hair rely on a good number of sulfates; they’re the detergent-like soaps that work to effectively de-grease. They can be very harsh and stripping especially for coloured hair. L'occitane Purifying Freshness Shampoo is made with 5 natural essential oils like peppermint, thyme, grapefruit, cedarwood and lavender that not only clean your hair but makes it healthier. This is a silicone-free formula that reduces excess sebum and keeps your hair clean for a long. The essential oils in the shampoo provide nutrients to your hair and make it beautiful. This shampoo can be bought for Rs. 2,800 from

26. RYO Hair Loss Care Shampoo for Oily Scalp

If you are one of those people who have low porosity hair, then you must be worried about cleaning your hair without damaging the natural oils on your scalp as well as avoiding excess oil production too. The RYO Loss Care Shampoo is made for oily scalps. It is made with the goodness of Ginseng extract taken from root, stem, leaf and fruit and is harvested in June when its active ingredients are at their peak. This shampoo helps prevent the formation of dandruff and cleans the scalp. It also refreshes your scalp and keeps it nourished. You can buy this wonderful formula for Rs. 2,842 from

27 Nexxus Hydralight Weightless Moisture Shampoo


The Nexxus Hydralight Weightless Moisture Shampoo is made especially for fine to flat hair. This shampoo is made with the benefits of deep-sea minerals that keep your hair hydrated. This is a salon-inspired shampoo made available for you so that you can take care of your hair and scalp right at home. You can buy it for Rs. 3,155

28. Lemon Sage Shampoo for Oily Hair

The Lemon Sage Shampoo is again a great shampoo for oily hair. It is made with a combination of jojoba oil, tea tree and rosemary oil. This shampoo cleans the excess oil from the scalp with the help of natural lemon essential oil and sage oil in it. It also provides extra volume to your hair and treats it to give you healthier and shinier hair. This shampoo is available for Rs. 2,979 at and is imported from USA just for you.

29. Leonor GreylBain Ts Shampooing Specific Shampoo for Oily Scalp

This is a vegan shampoo formulated for oily scalps and dry ends. The Leonor Greyl Bain Ts Shampoo is made with 95% natural ingredients like sage, linden, wheat protein and yeast. It works wonderfully well on your hair and purifies your scalp as well as hydrates your hair from root to tip. The Shampoo is infused with a tempting and refreshing smell of grapefruit which will have you using it almost every day. You can buy this cruelty, paraben, and silicone-free shampoo for Rs. 3,044 from

30. Shampoo for Oily Hair by Tree to Tub


Last but not least in our list of recommendations is Shampoo for oily hair by a tree to the tub. You might feel that your hair has softened right after shampooing it but the oil on the scalp remains there and gives you a greasy look within 24 hours. This wonderful shampoo has Mother Nature's lather, the wild Soapberry that gives your smooth hair. It also has Organic Moroccan Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Olive Leaves that deep clean your hair and scalp. This is a gentle shampoo without any harsh chemicals therefore you can use it every day and care for your hair. It is available for Rs. 4,193

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Your Hair

Before you decide on which oil is best for your oily scalp let us understand what causes oily scalp and hair. We have oil glands beneath our skin's surface, and they are in large numbers on our faces and scalp. These oil glands form alongside our hair and produce oil which causes an oily scalp. Different people have different production of oil levels on their scalps.

Other factors of oily scalp could be

  • Age, because sebum is produced differently in different ages. Young people have the maximum number of oil glands that secrete a good amount of oil between the ages of 15 to 30.
  • Gender also plays an important part in oil production. Men tend to produce more oil than women throughout their life.
  • Diet is also very important when it comes to oil production. Eating too much or a high amount of dietary lipids can cause glands to produce more oil than usual.
  • Different ethnic groups can have different numbers of oils producing glands. It is important to know your scalp before choosing a shampoo. Remember shampoos are cleaning agents that are made to clean oil, dirt and other products build-up from your hair and scalp. If you have a healthy scalp then you can get by with almost any shampoo but if you have sensitive, dry, or oily scalp then it is important to choose a shampoo wisely.

Here are a few tips that can help you find the best shampoo for your hair

  • Try not to buy shampoos with extra nourishing ingredients or oils if you have an oily scalp. You need something that has detoxifying ingredients for an oily scalp.
  • Buy volumizing or balancing shampoos. Read the label to find these terms before buying it.
  • You can also try washing your hair twice with two different shampoos, this is called the double shampoo method. It removes excess oil as well as cleans it properly.
  • You can also buy clarifying shampoo that can treat your oily scalp. They are known to remove build-up from your scalp but remember not to overdo it as they can make your hair dry.
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Your choice of shampoo can make or break your hair care regimen when it comes to oily hair. However, you must keep in mind that everyone’s hair is different and it might take a few trials and errors until you find the best fit for you. It is a smart idea to research your shampoo prices as well. We recommend you avoid shampoos with chemicals that often strip your hair of its natural oils. The more costly ones could provide more unique treatments for certain hair problems, such as an oily scalp.