What Women in Their 40s Actually Want to Be Given! Best Gifts for Women in Their 40s That Will Delight the Women in Your Life (2022)

What Women in Their 40s Actually Want to Be Given! Best Gifts for Women in Their 40s That Will Delight the Women in Your Life (2022)

When it comes to turning 40, there are a lot of milestones and memories to celebrate. At age 40, people know themselves better than ever — so consider yourself lucky to be a member of their inner circle. Here are great 40th-birthday gift ideas to help ring in their fourth decade the right way.

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Turning 40, the Wonder Years!

Getting older is an inevitable phenomenon. It is different for men than for women. Usually turning 40 is taken as a mid-life crisis but it doesn’t have to be that way. When a woman turns 40 she goes through many physical, mental and emotional changes. She is getting older but doesn’t feel old. Her mind stays young but her body shows it otherwise which can stress her out. This is the time when she needs a lot of love and support from her family and friends. You can do a lot of things to make her feel loved and wanted but one of the best things you can do is to get her a gift that she will enjoy. If you have a woman who is turning 40 soon and you want her to feel happy and excited about it then here are a few things you can get her as a gift.

8 Best Gifts for Women in Their 40s

Tru Skin Naturals Vitamin C Serum 2 OZ

Source www.amazon.in

Sagging, dryness and wrinkles on the skin is a natural process of ageing. Although all of us know that we will have to go through this process but still we like to maintain our skin by taking extra care of it. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a woman in your life that has just turned 40 then you can get her something that will help her maintain the youth of her skin.

This Vitamin C serum from TruSkin Naturals is a wonder potion that will help her repair her skin. It will repair sun damage, reduce age spots, dark circles and fine lines. It boosts the production of collagen and tones the skin. It provides that youthful texture and complexion to the skin that we all love. The serum is enriched with Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid that is very good for our skin. You can buy this excellent serum for Rs. 5,999 from amazon.in and make her happy.

M&S Collection Knitted Touchscreen Gloves

Your mom hates to wear gloves even in cold months because she finds taking it off every time her phone rings a hassle. Well, now we have a perfect solution for that. Check out this cool knitted touch screen glove from the M&S collection. This is a great-looking glove that has patches on the index finger and thumb for her to use her phone without having to take it off. These gloves are made of recycled polyester and look very classy. She will be grateful to you for getting her something classy and useful and the same time. You can order these gloves for Rs. 999 from marksandspencer.in.

Monthly Beauty Subscription Box

If you want to pamper your sister who just turned 40 then we have a perfect gift for her. Get her a monthly beauty subscription box. This one is called the Color cupid box from FAB bag. FAB bag creates the best beauty and makeup products that can be customized according to the taste of the user. This particular box has eight colour eye shadow kit of your choice, 5 in one matt lipstick of your choice, coco soul-nourishing body lotion and saffron soothing sorbet. You can buy a one-month subscription for your sister for just Rs. 599 to start with from fabbag.com. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want if she does not like it which is highly unlikely.

Long Distance Friendship Lamps

Source www.amazon.in

You have been friends all through your childhood and teenage but had to move away after marriage or due to work which leaves you missing your best friend. If you want to show her how much you miss being with her you can get her this lovely long-distance friendship lamp. They are a great way to show your love to a person who is far away. These lamps are connected via the Internet and let you communicate just by placing your palm on Telepathy and the other one will light up. It does not need any mobile app to work, simply enter the Wi-Fi credentials and you can connect with your friend whenever you miss her. You can buy this great gift for her for Rs. 5,999 from amazon.in.

Guess BECCA Black Solid-Plain Handbags

You love your wife and of course, she knows it but buying her a gift does not need an excuse, does it? If you want to bring a smile to your wife’s face on her 40th birthday try getting her this gorgeous Becca black handbag from Guess. The name Guess says it all and she will love you for the gift. You can buy it for Rs. 11,499 from naykaafashion.com.

The Rita Pendant

A woman can never have enough jewelry. If you have been saving for a long time to get a perfect gift for your mom when she turns 40 then this Rita Pendant is it. This is a beautiful and stylish White Pearl pendant in 18kt Gold. The pendant looks exquisite and she can easily wear it with any outfit. She will surely love this gift and cherish it for a lifetime. You can buy it for Rs. 6,529 from bluestone.com.

Macrame Swing

If you want to show your childhood friend how much you miss spending time with her on the handmade swings when you were kids then you can get her this absolutely gorgeous Macrame Swing when she turns 40. This is a handmade swing chair made by skilled artisans. It can be folded when not in need. She can place it on her balcony or her living room and think of you every time she relaxes on it. You can order the swing for Rs. 11,209 from pepperfry.com.

Hurricane Wire Candle Holder

Source lbb.in

Your sister has achieved her goal of renovating her home when she turns 40 and you wish to get her a gift that she can use then you can get her these cute Hurricane Wire candle holders in a set of two. These are beautifully designed candle holders that will enhance the look of any room they are placed in. To add a little more to the gift you can include a set of scented candles with the holders for her. These candleholders are available for Rs. 1,699 on Ibb.in.

Indulge Her! Gift Card Ideas for a 40 Year Old Woman

  • Disney+ Hotstar 1-Year Subscription: Get her a Disney+ Hotstar subscription for a year. It has three plans and you can get one for her mobile for Rs. 499. She will love getting entertained and thank you.
  • Starbucks gift card : Get her a Starbucks eGift Card that she can redeem through the Starbucks India mobile app anywhere in India. The maximum order you can make to purchase a Starbucks eGfit card is Rs.10,000.
  • Bookmyshow gift card : Getting her a Bookmyshow gift card will let her watch any movie she wants without having to pay for it. There are various cards available but the movie card can be purchased for Rs. 250 goes up to Rs. 10,000.
  • Uber E gift card : You can gift her the opportunity of moving around whenever she wants without having to wait for someone to drive her thereby getting her an Uber E gift card. This card is valid for 12 months and can be bought for as little as Rs. 50 to Rs. 10,000. She will be one happy independent 40 year old after receiving this from you.
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