Passionate Long-Distance Valentine's Day Gifts for Him, to Keep the Love Ablaze and Ardent and the Commitment Intact. (2022)

Passionate Long-Distance Valentine's Day Gifts for Him, to Keep the Love Ablaze and Ardent and the Commitment Intact. (2022)

For a couple that lives continents apart, it is double the work and effort. Whether it is a day’s drive or a few thousand miles of distance between the two lovebirds, keeping the romance alive gets a tad challenging. If you are committed to a long-distance relationship then don't get disappointed, we are here to help you with the best Valentine’s Day gift to strengthen your relationship. Scroll down and chin up!

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Him in Long Distance Relationship - So That Distance Doesn't Impact Your Commitment

Are you living far from your beloved? We understand that being in a long-distance relationship isn’t easy. Not being able to meet your love due to the distance hurts differently. If there’s a time difference in the places you live, it only adds to the misery. On top of all, you can’t celebrate special days like Valentine’s Day together. But don’t frown. Here’s something you both will love to keep your bond alive. Surprise your partner with special Valentine’s Day gifts for him in a long-distance relationship rather than those regular texts and video messages.

Sending gifts on special days is a thoughtful gesture that helps keep the relationship blooming. You can show your love and affection to your long-distance partner while celebrating those days separately. If you are looking for the best long-distance gift ideas, here are some great suggestions you can consider for your bae.

Tips for People in a Long-Distance Relationship

  • Plan a virtual date: Every couple in a relationship desires to spend time together and that’s true with you too despite the distance. Since you can’t meet physically, arrange a virtual candlelight dinner on a video call. Order favorite food at home and arrange a candlelight aura or visit a restaurant and stay in touch throughout the dinner over a video call.
  • Send gifts to your partner: Gifts play a huge role in every relationship where costs don’t matter but the efforts. So, you should spend time selecting and sending a special gift that means a lot to them. You can choose something he will use regularly or an item that will help him recall you every time he sees it.
  • Plan a movie date: Movies are great at creating memories and better bonding for lovers. If you have a chance to meet after a considerable gap, you can plan a movie date. Even if you aren’t meeting physically, you can decide and watch the same movie on different TVs but together over a video call. Many apps allow you to share screens and watch content together when on a video call.
  • Send love letters: We know that’s the old school method but it works great at impressing love partners. Send him a love letter expressing your emotions. Here, going for a handwritten letter is the best way to show your dedication and efforts towards the relationship.

Gift Items for him

Those were some quick tips. And, next comes the list you were waiting for. Here are our suggestions for valentine’s day gifts for him in a long-distance relationship.

1. Lamps to Connect Through a Touch


How about showing him that you are missing him without saying it out? This pair of lamps will help you do that. When you touch one lamp, the other automatically lights up. You can place it on a nightstand or a desk to keep it within easy reach.

Besides, you can also assign different colours with different meanings. The white lamp comes with more than two hundred shades you can use. Get this amazing long-distance gift for your lover, the telepathy crystal lamp, from Amazon for Rs. 4,999.

2. Photo Keyring


Although small, a keyring can be the best Valentine’s Day gift for your long-distance partner. Get a wonderful picture of both printed on it and use the one with a special memory to make it feel extra special. He will love it and can use it to recall the time you spent together every time looking at it.

The Wooden Personalized Photo Keyring Gift from Incredible Gifts India is available on Amazon with a price tag of Rs. 278. You can send the photo or text message to get it personalized on ordering.

3. A Portable Espresso Maker to Get Caffeinated Anywhere


Is he a coffee lover? Then, this one here is a perfect gift for him. It works with all ground coffee types and is simple to operate. Gift him if he loves to make his coffee. The coffee maker can hold approximately 80ml of water while preventing your hands from the heat with its heat sink pattern. Moreover, the powerful patented pumping system does not need any battery or electric system.

The shorter length and ergonomic design further make it a travel-friendly companion. The grey plastic portable espresso needs less force to pump than a mini-press. You can order this amazing gift for him from Amazon for Rs. 5,169.

4. Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle


Communication helps keep a relationship healthy but distance can hinder that aspect. You can use this lovely Valentine's gift for him to avoid that disconnect. The jar is filled with cute capsules that you can fill with customized messages. Don’t worry about where to write. Every capsule has blank paper inside.

This is also good for people who aren’t good at expressing feelings by speaking. Get this “Infmetry Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle” from Amazon for Rs. 3,523 and you get a glass bottle with capsules of mixed colours.

5. Coffee Mug Set


Although common, a coffee mug still makes a good choice for gifting. If you are looking for a long-distance partner gift, you can buy 2 mugs, 1 for your partner and the other for yourself. Get this set of multicolour fine ceramic 400ml mugs that are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Gift the Mr. Cup to your partner to make his morning coffee time more memorable and keep the Mrs. Cup for yourself. You will both remember each other and the love you share with every sip. The rustproof, durable, and lightweight mugs are ideal for cold and hot beverages. The premium elegant Mr./Mrs. set has rustproof, durable, and lightweight mugs that are ideal for cold and hot beverages. Buy it from Amazon for Rs. 899.

6. Star Map of the Night You Met


What could be better and more special than your first meet or the day you committed to this relationship? Well! You could have your way of keeping the memory alive but this gift can make you feel it every night. Get a personalized star map that captures the night sky of the special date for you. All the stars on the map are designed professionally and printed on high-quality resolution matte paper. The high-quality wooden and black matte finish makes it attractive. You can order this personalized gift for him from Amazon for Rs. 3,000.

7. Wish and Design Morse Code Couples Bracelet


A cute wearable can be a great option on the list of long-distance Valentine's Day gifts you are considering for him. If you are looking for something like that, check this morse code bracelet. The wearable has non-allergic materials and unique electroplating under the coating that increases its longevity and shine. It comes with an adjustable lace-up clasp made of nylon thread cord chain.

Get this from Blinglane for Rs. 895 and you can add a personal message alongside options including silver, yellow gold, or rose gold beads, and white, black, or gray cord colour.

8. Love Quote Shadow Box


Last on the list is another wonderful gift for Valentine's Day. You can customize a shadow box that projects your message on the wall. You use handwritten notes, quotes from his favourite movie, or images. The square 6-inch wooden box holds a candle and has laser cut-outs to project the shadow on the wall.

Order this night lamp in a brown box with customization from Amazon for Rs. 899 to show your love and care for him.

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Charm Him with these Long Distance Valentine's Day Gifts!

As earlier explained, long-distance relationships have a chance of blooming. Through communication and gifts, among other ways such as those hinted above in the "Tips for People in a Long-Distance Relationship", you can keep the relationship alive. Though while one is far away, taking note of this and maybe sending the gift in advance, that is before Valentine's Day may be a good idea. You can also gift them a gift that shows your love before they leave, when you visit them or when they come to see you. This way they can receive your gift and it can stay with them.