Empower Your Loved Ones to Choose Their Own Gifts: Top eGifts Cards in India and Everything You Need to Know About Them (2022)

Empower Your Loved Ones to Choose Their Own Gifts: Top eGifts Cards in India and Everything You Need to Know About Them (2022)

When you are planning to give gifts to your loved ones it is often difficult to comprehend the individual tastes and preferences of everyone. This results in you spending money on buying gifts which are not appreciated by the recipients simply because the gifts are not to their liking. A better way of gifting is to consider giving eGift cards which enable the recipients to buy a gift of their liking and something which they really value. This BP Guide will introduce you to the best eGifts cards available in India and everything you need to know about them.

8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About eGift Cards

In India, there’s no fixed time for festivals or occasions, they are here like every other month. And occasions or festivals mean a lot of gifts. With time, people are switching over to purchasing gift cards and using them as a present. In simple terms, you can use gift cards instead of cash to purchase clothes, food, appliances, etc., depending on what the card is made for. There are two types of cards - gift cards, and eGift cards. The main difference is that gift cards are physical or in-hand cards whereas eGift cards are digital and are usually like a unique code.

In this article, we will be closely looking at eGift cards and decoding their pros and cons. Similarly, we’ll provide some eGift cards as examples that are most commonly used and how these cards can be good for your business.

Pros and Cons of eGift Cards

Let’s see what these cards have to offer and why they can be a bad options at certain times.


Control Over Spending

As there’s a fixed amount on the card, you can’t overspend it. This means whether you’re buying it for yourself or someone else, your budget is fixed. As you know, a very important factor at the time of shopping is the budget. Plus, you tend to buy the right thing when you have a budget to stick to. You can find such gift cards on Amazon and you can supplement them at a much lower cost.


The problem with physical gift cards is that there can be a shortage of them. You have to buy them from the retailers who sell them, hence, there is a possibility that they could be out of stock. This isn’t the problem with eGift cards. If you can’t find eGift cards on Amazon, you can try looking for the same on other websites. You can’t do the same offline by visiting every shop. This way you’ll never face the problem of not getting one. So, it’s clear that eGift cards have an upper hand at far as the availability is concerned.

Reduced Possibility of Losing

The problem with physical cards is that you have to carry them which increases the chance of losing them as well. This isn’t the case with eGift cards. They are emailed directly to your email ID where you can access them anytime. Plus, you can check your balance anytime without using any machine. Also, there could be times when a physical gift card might not work and you are forced to ask for a replacement. But eGift cards have a unique code that is used to redeem against purchase of any item.

Long Time to Redeem

The best part about eGift cards is their validity. These can be one of the best investments as you can use them anytime anywhere. For instance, you are shopping at an apparel store and are at the checkout counter, you remember an eGift card that is still redeemable. You use it and save yourself some bucks. On an average, you’ll find that your eGift card will have a validity of 5 years from purchase. Hence, they are good whether you’re using them for yourself or for buying a gift.



Whenever you order something online and find it unsatisfactory, you feel a bit relaxed as it can be returned and you can get your money back. This isn’t true with eGift cards however. Once you’ve redeemed them, they can't be returned back. Hence, you have to check every detail before you buy something using eGift cards. Also, before buying the eGift cards from Amazon check whether they have any return/replacement policy regarding them as most of them don’t carry it.

Extra Fees

This depends on which card you are using. This is the time when you have to do some research before buying a card. The most common fees you’ll encounter are of 2 types - one is the activation fee, it comes when you buy the card which isn’t activated. You’ll have to pay an additional fee just to activate it. Another charge is the inactivity fee, this becomes applicable when you don’t use the card for around 12 months straight. Hence, always check the terms and conditions provided on the card thoroughly before purchasing it.

Useless Residual Balance

This could be one of the most annoying things about eGift cards, the amount left behind. It’s a good thing that you made a good purchase but the problem is created after there’s a small balance left behind. Another regret is that this isn't redeemable or you can’t cash it out. Hence, a bit of planning on the amount on the card is necessary. You should have enough amount to have very little or nothing left after purchase.

Complicated for Newbies

There can be two situations, first is, there can be a card which isn’t being used by every or many stores, hence, it’ll create complications for the ones who might think they’ve chosen the wrong one. Another scenario can be the use or buying one. Factors like which one should he buy? How much amount is needed? Is it enough or would it be wasted? How to use them and how to access them? Etc. can be the questions that may be confusing for the newcomers. After all, everyone wants things to go safely the first time.

12 eGift Card Ideas

Let us help you find some commonly used eGift cards that can be helpful for you.

Levi's eGift Card

There’s no specific time to go for shopping for clothes and things get better when there’s a sale. Levi’s is considered to be one of the best brands for affordable clothes. So, if you are going to come back with bags of Levi’s then, better to get an eGift card for it. If you’re going to gift it then, you can personalise it. Both physical and digital cards are available. This eGift card will have denominations from ₹ 1,000.00 to ₹ 10,000.00 or you can add any other value to it. Get it from You Got a Gift.

Amazon eGift Card

Source www.igp.com

Shopping on Amazon is a very common thing as almost anything is available on it. So, an eGift card would come in handy at some point. The denomination is variable but the range is fixed. The eGift card will work on anything that sells on Amazon India, but exceptions are there. You can add all the details regarding the recipient and the eGift Card can have a denomination from ₹ 10.00 to ₹ 10,000.00. Order it from IGP.

Amazon Pay Corporate Performance eGift Card

Source www.amazon.in

There are many gift cards available on Amazon and this is one of the most useful ones. Your company needs to keep it employees motivated and has to organise a certain event where the employees can show their skills and get rewarded for being the best. This is good for the employee and the company as both are growing. The fixed denominations on the card are from ₹ 500.00 to ₹ 7,500.00. You can order this eGift card from Amazon.

Uber Card

Source www.woohoo.in

Whether you’re tired from shopping or working at the office, an Uber ride is a good choice for a small comfortable journey. This is one of those times when you can use your Uber gift card to pay the fare instead of using cash. This way you can pay the whole amount and not worry about the change. This Uber card is available in both forms and ranges from ₹ 50.00 to ₹ 10,000.00. Buy the Uber card from Woohoo.

Nykaa e-Vouchers

Nykaa is another big brand that hosts sales frequently for women’s fashion. There are exciting deals in these sales and you can save a lot of money. Nykaa has always been providing good quality products. Hence, buying a Nykaa eGift card would be great for you or for someone else. Just apply and you’ll get your card directly as a unique code. You can get your eVoucher in 6 denominations ranging from ₹ 100.00 - ₹ 10,000.00. Plus, you can add multiple cards at once. Check out e-Voucher India for more details.

Fastrack e-Vouchers

Fastrack has been providing the best of its products mainly watches for some time. Watches are one of the most important accessories for both men and women. Hence, gifting someone an eGift card would be a great gesture. Fastrack has tonnes of variety in every price section. You’ll find everything from simple and sober to bright and intricate watches. Plus, they also offer perfumes that you can check out. Here, you can get eGift cards in 5 denominations ranging from ₹ 100.00 to ₹ 5,000.00. You can buy them from e-Voucher India.

Tanishq Voucher

Source www.woohoo.in

As you know, an Indian calendar is filled with numerous festivals and occasions. There are innumerable times to wear jewellery. And, Tanishq is one of the best jewellery brands in India. You can get jewelry from any range, any amount of detailing plus, they provide great offers, replacements, and exchanges during the festive seasons. Gifting a Tanishq gift card would be one of the best gifts one would ask for. You can get any number of cards ranging from ₹ 500.00 - ₹ 199,999.00. Check out Woohoo for more details.

Amazon Pay Wedding eGift Cards

Source www.amazon.in

Indian weddings are considered one of the finest and most lavish weddings in the world. There are so many traditions and different cultures that marry in different ways. The November to February period is filled with wedding ceremonies. Congratulating the newly wed with a gift would be a nice way to greet them. You can gift an Amazon Pay wedding eGift card in the physical or digital form, or via a link. There are 5 denominations ranging from ₹ 500.00 - ₹ 7,500.00. You can also load the denomination of your choice. Buy this gift card from Amazon.

Big Bazaar eGift Card

Source www.igp.com

Big Bazaar means big shopping. Big Bazaar offers everything from food to fashion. You might know that whenever you enter the place you, almost every time, end up with a filled trolley. Big Bazaar organises sales very often and it feels like a loot, the more you buy the more you save. This eGift card can be of any amount ranging from ₹ 50.00 - ₹ 10,000.00 and has a validity of 12 months from the day of purchasing. You can buy it from IGP.

KFC e-Voucher

Source www.woohoo.in

Whether you’re in a mall or just having a random day, eating KFC’s fried chicken simply makes it better. KFC’s fried chicken is famous all over the world. The aroma their food has makes it absolutely worth it. If you have a foodie friend who loves KFC, he would love you more when you hand over a KFC eGift card to him. Also, it would be great to give use it on a Wednesday as that’s the time of the week for their special offers. You can get an eGift card ranging from ₹ 100.00 - ₹ 2,500.00 in 9 fixed denominations. Check out Woohoo for more details.

McDonald's e-Voucher

Source www.woohoo.in

Another fast-food giant we love is McDonald’s. It is best known for its customisable meals which come at a decent price. You have many burgers, soothing beverages, and different sizes of fries to choose from. Adding McCafe to the picture opens a whole new range of shakes and beverages. This eGift card is termed as a value card as it’s a fixed denomination of ₹ 2,000.00 but you can get a maximum of 10 cards. Visit Woohoo for ordering yours.

Ray-Ban eGift Card

When it comes to sunglasses, Ray-Ban tends to be at the top in this category. The variety in Aviators and Wayfarer glasses is just top-notch. As you know sunglasses are an important accessory for both genders. Ray-Ban has got sunglasses for every price, color or shade, shape and size. You can get a personalised eGift card of the variable amount or fixed ranging from ₹ 500.00 - ₹ 10,000.00 from You Got a Gift.

Why Gift Cards are Good for Business?


There are tonnes of festivals and celebratory events during a year at which you look for a decent gift. But no one wants to repeat a gift, so it is better to consider gift cards as a viable alternative. Also, it’s been considered a boon for last-minute gift buyers. After all, gift cards are like discount coupons that you use to reduce the payable amount. Hence, it would be a good way to generate decent revenue.

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

For a business to run, you need sustained customer loyalty and satisfaction. Every brand may be selling their gift cards on Amazon but they might not offer a free gift card. Repeated visits are important and so, you should make some generous offers to win your customers like a free gift card on a big purchase. This way, both you and the customer are happy and you can expect your customer to act as a referral to attract more customers.

Increasing Traffic

Whether you provide gift cards at your store or your website, traffic is important. But, currently, eGift cards are starting to dominate over physical ones. Hence, it’s important that you work on your website. Plus, having great advantages over physical cards, the demand for digital ones will be higher. This way, you can put other offers and products in front of your customers and make them aware about the other products at your store.

Brand Recognition

Every businessman wants people to know about his company or brand so that, customers interact with it. eGift cards can be a decent way to promote a brand. Some people may throw physical cards after use but they might not throw the digital ones and you can present it in a better way at a cheaper price. Plus, a nice message may attract customers or even investors to your business.

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eGift Cards: A Contemporary Way for Memorable Gifting

If you want your loved ones to truly remember your gifts, eGift cards are a great modern way of gifting, simply because they enable the recipients to choose their own gifts. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you decide which eGift cards you would like to gift in the upcoming festive season. Share your experiences with us and remain connected for more such engaging content.