The 10 Most Liked and Shared Thank You Gifts in India to Gift Your Beloved on Different Occasions in 2022

The 10 Most Liked and Shared Thank You Gifts in India to Gift Your Beloved on Different Occasions in 2022

Thanking your special ones should always be catered through the meticulous selection of gifts. Your presents must be able to express your gratitude and thankfulness for the recipient. In this respect, we at Bp-guide brought you with such interesting collection of thank you gifts in India for 2022. Read more to find a perfect thank you gifts for special one.

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The Knack of Selecting A Thank You Gift

Giving a thank you gift is a way of being able to say a lot without any words. Sometimes just saying thank you doesn't justify how grateful you are. So here are a few tips you can consider while gifting your loved ones:

  • 1. Solve their problems with your generosity: Make the person's life who is receiving the gift as easier as you can. Eliminating small negatives in one's life gives a lot of joy to them and you. For example, Fix small annoyances they have in their daily lives, find solutions to their boredom, outsource their chores. It is always the small things that matter the most. Gifts are not always about the budget. The thought and love you put into it count. But keep in mind that you don’t solve any problems they don't know they have.

  • 2. Refrain from giving them problems in disguise of gifts: We all know picking a gift isn't such an easy task when done rightly. So when giving a gift don't do a lousy task. Ensure that the person you’re gifting doesn't have to make decisions because we all know is not an enjoyable task. Abstain from giving gift cards because in one’s busy schedule it is highly unlikely they’ll go shopping with a budget you have provided them with. You’re just adding tasks to their to-do list which might not be appreciated. If you’re gifting them an experience, schedule them. Then they will not feel burdensome to adjust it into their schedule accordingly. Else they will keep postponing. Also, make sure you are scheduling something you know they will enjoy for sure. Or something that will be a relaxing escape from their hectic schedules.

  • 3. Dance to the giftee’s rhythm: Try to recall if the person you’re gifting has asked for something in the past. Or even better ask them what they want. It's always a good idea to give something that you know they want and will use for sure. Never try to outsmart them and try to gift something apart from what they have asked you for. It may feel like you’re putting no thought into the gift, but it's the gesture that matters. After all the recipients know best as to what they want!

  • 4. Fix a budget: Fixing a budget helps narrow down options and helps you pick a gift faster. Once you decide on your budget, stick to it. Resist the temptation of going overboard. Because in the end, it's the gesture that counts.

A Few Thank You Messages to Express Your Gratitude


Writing a thank you message is always a heartwarming way of expressing your gratitude. Giving a personalised thank you message with your gift makes your gift more valuable and makes the giftee feel more special. Here are a few affectionate thank you messages that you could use:

  • 1. Saying thanks to a friend: Thank you for always having my back. You have been such a good friend. I wonder what I would have done without you. I love you. Thank you for always having been there for me.

  • 2. Saying thank you to your better half: Thank you for all the love that you have showered on me. I appreciate the constant care and concern you have for me. I love you to the moon and back.

  • 3. Saying thank you to an employee: I appreciate all the hard work and dedication you have shown towards the job since day one. I value and respect your contributions to this organisation. I hope to keep working with you.

  • 4. Saying thank you to a guest: Thank you for accepting our invitation and visiting us. Your presence meant a lot to us. The event was a huge success and memorable because of your contribution and presence. We wholeheartedly thank you and wish that you visit us again!

  • 5. Saying thanks to a coworker or a superior: Thank you for all the valuable mentoring and guidance you have provided me with over time. I look up to you and admire your hard work. I hope to keep working with you and learning from you.

  • 6. Saying thank you to your parents: I appreciate all the efforts you have put into bringing me up. I am grateful for all the love that you show me. Thank you for always being my number one supporter. I love you.

  • 7. Saying thank you to a teacher: Thank you for giving me the confidence to dream big. It wasn't an easy semester but you got me through. Thank you for always making me feel comfortable. I will never forget you.

  • 8. Saying thanks for hospitality: I am very grateful to you for letting me stay at your house over the weekend. You made me feel at home. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused from my side. Your home and family are so warm. You truly made me feel so welcomed! I'm truly thankful to you.

  • 9. Saying thanks for the help: You had my back through the tough times. Your help means a lot to me. I don't know how I can repay you. You went above and beyond to help me. I will forever be grateful.

  • 10. Saying thanks for an invite: Thank you for inviting us to such a beautiful event. It was a spectacle to remember. Thank you for the generous hospitality and love that you showed us today. (And wishing them according to the event).

  • 11. Saying thank you to your children: Thank you for always having been the light of my life! You have always been such a good kid and made us proud. We will always love you and support you in all your endeavours.

10 Thank You Gifts for Different Occasions

1. Cookbook: How to Cook Indian


A cookbook is a great resource to create new dishes for a great meal! And who doesn't love enjoying a delicious meal? A well-selected cookbook can prove to be an asset to your baker, cook, or food lover in your life. But don't worry, you don't have to go through the hassle of selecting the best cookbook available in India, we have done that for you! Kitchen secrets is a great cookbook (set of five) with more than mouth-watering recipes put together by the renowned chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Give this to your daughter on her marriage day and thank her for being such a great daughter over the years and wish her a happy married life. Or you could give this to your NRI friend who came to visit you and fell in love with the Indian cuisine. This cookbook could be a great way to thank them for their love and time. You can buy this cookbook on Amazon for INR 695. Affordable and worth it.

2. Air-Purifying and Oxygen Enriching Plant Pack

Gifting a plant is giving the recipient a responsibility to nurture something. A plant can never cause any harm and thus it's the best gift for any occasion. Plants create a positive vibe in the environment, its placed in. They make a place seem livelier. If you are wondering what kind of plants to gift, we have a suggestion to make. The top 5 air purifier and oxygen enriching plant pack is a very thoughtful gift to give. You are helping make the air they breathe healthier. Give this to your host who invited you to their housewarming function. Or you could also give this to a guest to thank them for accepting your invitation. These plans do not require much maintenance. You can buy these at for INR 1,249 only.

3. HyperFoods RawFruit Dry Fruit Gift Pack


Dry fruit hampers make the perfect gift for any occasion. A dry fruit gift pack is a thoughtful, healthy, and convenient present that will leave your friend or family member feeling appreciated. It will make a perfect gift to someone who’s trying to eat healthily or for someone who loves snacking on dry fruits. Traditionally dry fruits are given as a thank you gift in India during festivities. It's a way of telling them that you care for their health and wellbeing. And that you are thankful for the love, care and affection that they have shown to you throughout the year. The dry fruit hamper from Hyperfoods looks aesthetically pleasing and they provide you with an exotic range of dry fruits and nuts at INR 2,299.

4. Hurray Customized Mug Set of 2 Pc Ceramic Printed


Mug sets always add an aesthetic value to any household. They are also very thoughtful and reasonable gifts as they can easily be put into use. Giving customised mug sets will remind them of you every time they drink from it! You could give this to a friend to remind them of grateful you are for their companionship. Or you could also give this to your beloved half with a cute message for them and remind them of how grateful you are to have them in your lives. Hurray customised mug sets that are available on Amazon are of great quality and are super cute. They will cost you INR 999.

5. Thank You Personalised Candle

Candles are a very underrated gifting option. A good candle can change the vibe and ambience of a place completely. Considering that aromatherapy is in such trend these days, gifting a good fragrance, candle could make the recipient very happy. You could give this to an office friend who has helped you get through those long hours of work. Or you could give this to your homely mother and thank her for always making you feel pampered at home. Gifts of love make the best-personalised candles that are available in 4 different fragrances. Give these to your loved ones and make them feel special. These are available at INR 790.

6. Personalised Parker Pen

Giving a pen is a way of saying that their thoughts, words and opinions matter to you. You could gift a pen to someone whom you look up to. Give your teacher or your boss a personalised parker pen and thank them for their support and guidance. Personalised parker pens are available on for INR 899.

7. Natural Olive Bath And Skin Care Gift Tray


Giving someone a skincare set is a great way of thanking them for all the love and pampering they have shown you and a chance of returning some to them. We all know drugstore products don’t do much for your skin most of the time. So if you’re looking for a skincare brand that is rich with natural ingredients and does wonders to your skin, a natural olive bath and skincare gift tray from is your one-stop solution. The set comprises a body lotion, body wash, a candle, body scrub and a wooden tray. This is available for INR 1,175.

8. Thank You Keychain


Keychains are one of the best minimalistic gifts that you could give to a person. They will constantly remind the recipient of all the good times they have had with you. A thank you keychain could be given to an employee thanking them for their hard work or even to your dear ones thanking them for their mere existence. We have found this very unique keychain on Amazon which has a simple and sweet note engraved on it for INR 349.

9. Chandon Rosé Wine

Wine is a universally accepted gift. The best part of gifting wine is that the recipient can use it even after a very long time. If you’re even invited to a housewarming ceremony and are wondering what to give them to thank them for the invite, think no further. Chandon Rosé Wine has a fine taste and is pocket friendly. It is available on at INR 1,650.

10. Oversized Polyester Sherpa Blanket Sweatshirt


Blankets symbolise warmth and friendship. And sweatshirts are a must-have in your wardrobe. Blankets sweatshirts are in trend nowadays. You could give this to a friend who likes to get cosy and binge watch Netflix and thank them for all the warmth they have provided you with over the years. Or you could give this to an office employee to keep them warm and thank them for all the help they have rendered to you. This durable and one size blanket sweatshirt is available for INR 13,498.

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Convey Your Gratitude to Your Loved One in a Prominent Way!

"Thank you" is a two-letter word that has the power to change the course of many stories. Saying 'Thank You' is not that easy. If you find it difficult to express gratitude, the ideal way to do it is to give a gift along with a lovely message. To keep the chain of life going, being grateful is important. Thanking everyone of your family members, friends, and relatives are essential for bringing more love into your life. These above wonderful, thank you gifts for you and you can pick them up as per the taste of your close folks. Also, if you're looking for more creative and adaptable presents for your loved ones, check out our other posts.