Let Your First Home Reflect Your Unique Style with High Quality Home Décor Products for Small Spaces at Surprisingly Affordable Prices

Let Your First Home Reflect Your Unique Style with High Quality Home Décor Products for Small Spaces at Surprisingly Affordable Prices

If you have just purchased your first home and are wondering how to decorate it elegantly without burning a hole in your pocket then you have just come to the right place. For our readers who are first-time home buyers we have identified a home décor brand which specialises in decorating small spaces according to your tastes and at surprisingly affordable prices. They not only have an extensive portfolio of high quality home décor products but also offer customised solutions for your home as well.

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Decorating Your Home: Creating an Appealing Atmosphere

Transforming a house into a home is all about creating a space that feels welcoming and comfortable, while being stylish. Your home is your sanctuary and has the power to impact your mood when you step inside. It also gives visitors a peek into your personality and showcases your style.

Putting together a space that reflects who you are is a blend of different things. Whether your house is large or small, achieving the right aesthetics requires you to pay attention to manifold aspects such as furniture, lighting, décor accents, colour palette and even fabrics used. The most important decision finalising the overall décor style you want in your rooms - ethnic? modern? boho? Today, an abundance of online resources are available that can help you come up with a range of ideas around decorating styles so you can pick something that looks and feels good to you. A plethora of online stores have also sprung up that make it easy to access a wide range of décor products.

Trendy Home Décor at Affordable Prices: 1 BHK Interiors

Home decoration is often an ongoing process. While you may have added in the major pieces fitting in with the chosen décor style and vibe, the search for the right décor accents and furnishings continues! You all know the joy of spotting that perfect piece that you know will uplift the ambience of a room. Choosing the right elements is all the more important in the case of small houses, as you want to make the best use of the available space and create an inviting space using creativity and ingenuity.

1 BHK is a décor store that provides a curated selection of modern and minimalistic décor accents, tableware and furniture, that are just right for small spaces. Many of their products are "functional art" which means they aim to be more than just décor pieces. Created in collaboration with artists and designers, they are multi-use so they help save space while not compromising on style or being too hard on the budget.

Operated by two friends - Sulaxmi Laud and Anjali Malhotra - 1 BHK has been envisioned as a place for quirky yet tasteful homeware products and furniture for those looking for modern style furnishings. The site also offers custom furniture wherein its customers can work with the team to design bespoke pieces for their homes.

Read on to find out more about the brand, its birth and its journey so far.

"The idea was to find things specifically suited for small spaces (although perfectly at home in larger spaces too) at an affordable price range."

Anjali Malhotra and Sulaxmi Laud – Partners, 1 BHK

In Conversation with 1 BHK's Partners, Anjali and Sulaxmi

Partners, 1 BHK Interiors
Anjali Malhotra and Sulaxmi Laud
Anjali and Sulaxmi met each other in Corporate Communications in MTV Networks. They quickly realised that they had an identical sense of aesthetics and used to gravitate towards the same things. Subsequently Sulaxmi launched 1 BHK home accessories store and Anjali continued with her career in media and marketing. After a years they met and founded 1 BHK Interiors e-commerce store which deals in functional art at surprisingly affordable prices. Today 1 BHK has created a niche for itself in this highly competitive market.
  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • We both met working in Corporate Communications at what used to be MTV Networks back in the early 2000s. We had a similar aesthetic - even now when we are sourcing we gravitate towards the same things. At that point of course e-commerce was still nascent. Sulaxmi launched a home accessories store called 1 BHK at Kamala Mills and also began to design furniture, while Anjali continued her career in media and marketing.
  • Q. What led to the formation of 1 BHK and how did it happen?
  • When 1 BHK the store wrapped up, both thought the time was ripe for entering into e-commerce and so www.1bhkInteriors.com was born. The idea was to find things specifically suited for small spaces (although perfectly at home in larger spaces too) at an affordable price range. We also wanted a cleaner, more modern, more international look, considering that is the aesthetic that appeals to us personally and that there was already a surfeit of ethnic design options in the market.
  • Q. What is your process and how do you introduce products? (from concept and design to the final product)
  • The process is partly designing and partly sourcing. Whatever we sell, it must be something that we would keep in our own homes. We also look at functionality, sustainability and long term use. For example, we first started making everything in iron which is fairly strong and cost-effective. When we went to exhibitions and flea markets and met customers in person, we began to get invaluable feedback on how they wanted to use the products, where they would place them, etc. For our metal products we decided to pivot to brass and aluminium which are more expensive but worth it as they are less corrosive especially in humid conditions.
  • Q. What are you trying to achieve?
  • We are trying to make beautiful sustainable things, with a lot of thought.

1 BHK Interiors: Most Popular Products


One of the brand's best-selling products, these danglers are a cute addition to any room. Available in mini and curtain versions, these danglers are versatile. The longer version can be used as doorways curtains, wall mobiles or room dividers, among other uses. The charming mini versions can be used as wind chimes or wall décor. The mini version is priced at ₹ 19.00 onwards, while the full version comes at ₹ 449.00 onwards here.

Mini Fence Metal Table Top Planter Set of 3

Looking to add some greenery to your desk? Then this mini fence-shaped planter with three metal pots is the perfect pick. This space-saving product offers clean lines while being striking. It comes with movable hinges so you can change its shape at your convenience. Available here for ₹ 2,199.00.

Ceramic Tableware

1 BHK's ceramic products are handmade and come in pleasing colours. This matte baby blue combo set includes a bowl, a grooved mug and a matching coaster that feature an attractive splatter design. This set is available here for ₹ 2,023.00. These products are also available separately.

Where Can You Find Them?


Interview with Anjali and Sulaxmi (Contd.)

  • Q. You have tableware, furniture and everything in between. But what would you say are your signature products/items you’d recommend?
  • We have a soft spot for hanging planters as those are the items we first began to sell. They are also perfect for smaller spaces. During the lockdown the interest in home gardens really exploded, to our benefit.
  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • We have stringent checks at the manufacturer level, then again at the warehouse and then finally before the items are shipped out. Sometimes we work with marketplaces that do their own quality checks as well so there are minimal customer complaints. Returns are very costly in e-commerce because of the high costs of shipping and return shipping. Plus they can reduce customer trust so a stringent quality check just makes a lot of sense.
  • Q. What makes 1 BHK stand out from other brands?
  • Many brands feel that there is no market for good quality stylish home accessories among people with smaller spaces. But that is simply not true. Our customers are well-travelled and evolved, mostly urban, and were hard-pressed to find things like they had seen abroad available in India, till now. We also love a multi-functional item, like a planter that can be used in both directions or mixed and matched to make dozens of combinations. For people who don't have the budget or space to accommodate a huge variety of things, multi-functionality makes it easy to change up their space whenever they are in the mood.

Some Expert Advice for Us!

  • Q. What are some common mistakes people make when accessorising a small living space? Please give us some space saving ideas.
  • We went to a builder’s small sample flat recently which was covered head to toe in mirrors and shiny items, probably to make the space look larger. But all the detail only seemed to make it look crowded. Don't follow home décor advice blindly, see how it feels in your own home or consult with a designer that understands your needs and your personality, not someone who imitates a look on Instagram or Pinterest.
  • Q. Please can you give some tips on buying home décor as gifts.
  • Choose according to the person’s personality, rather than a price range. We have an excellent guide even if you don’t believe in astrology. You will find almost every personality featured.

What's Next for 1 BHK?

Custom furniture is something Sulaxmi still pursues and we feel there is a big market for that. People don’t want to restrict their choices to what is already available in the market. Moreover, they are taking a real interest in their homes, something that the lockdown began and which looks like it may sustain whether people go back to work or not.

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Home Décor is Not Just for Big Houses

Contrary to common misconceptions, aspiring for premium home décor products is not just a vestige for big house owners. Brands like 1 BHK offer high quality home décor products for smaller spaces as well, and that too at surprisingly affordable prices. Share your experiences of buying home décor products and services from 1 BHK Interiors with us and stay connected for more such engaging content.