Give Your Abode a Cosy, Comfortable yet Classy Look – Decorate Your Home with the Finest Home Furnishing Textile Products from Art India

Give Your Abode a Cosy, Comfortable yet Classy Look – Decorate Your Home with the Finest Home Furnishing Textile Products from Art India

Consider adding a stylish, trendy touch to your home's decor. Or are you designing the interior design of your recently purchased dream home? Home textile products are an excellent method to achieve this and give your home a fashionable feel. For the benefit of our readers, We began looking for high-quality home textile businesses when we came across Art India, a more than three-decade-old Jaipur-based company noted for its invention, creativity, and high-quality designs.

Lockdown, Work from Home (WFH) and the Spectacular Growth in Home Décor Products

Home décor products were once the exclusive domain of the wealthy and powerful, who sought to flaunt their sense of style, taste, and luxury. WFH has fundamentally changed after a year and a half of lockdown. With families spending nearly all of their time at home, whether for work or recreation, even a modest middle-class family is looking at home décor products with a different viewpoint, in order to make their home pleasant, useful, and also to appear classy and tasteful to society. Increased urbanisation and disposable incomes have only contributed to the conflagration. As a result, it's no wonder that this industry, which is presently valued at US$ 20 billion, is expanding at a blistering rate of almost 20% per year, with the southern states experiencing even faster growth of nearly 30% per year. The home textiles section, which comprises rugs, carpets, cushions, throws, wall art, and other items, contributes a significant amount of the home décor space.

Delivering High Quality Authentic Home Textile Products at Extremely Affordable Rates

Mr Arpit Vijayvarghia recently reinvigorated Art India, however, the basis was built in 1980 by Late Mr Gunwant and Mrs Latesh Pancholi. Initially, the company only sold paintings, but it subsequently expanded to include rugs and other home textiles. The company was one of the first to practise sustainability, replicating priceless rugs and selling them at significantly lower costs.

Arpit, who was born and raised in a middle-class household with traditional humility, aspired to breathe fresh life into the existing system without compromising its essential values when he joined the company after 29 years. A distinct market research team was formed to conceive, design, and build solutions to make Art India worldwide viable.

What Art India stands for is founded on authenticity and innovation. The company uses over a hundred distinct methodologies when designing a product, in addition to having an in-house design team. However, the true spirit of Art India may be seen in their design process. As an OEKO-TEX certified organisation, Art India. Their quality control procedures are as thorough as their design ideas. Every product passes through numerous levels of screening in their in-house testing facility, from the preliminary work to the finishing phases.

We caught up with Arpit to understand more about the journey of Art India.

Art India's purpose of existence is to provide premium quality home textile products globally in sync with the ever growing & ever changing market. We thrive to create a culture of growth, creativity and motivation, complete ownership and transparency among the employees who in turn take the company forward with their vision and hard work.

Arpit Vijayvargia – CEO, Art India

The Art India Story: Delighting Home Décor Customers Since Decades

CEO, Art India
Arpit Vijayvargia
Arpit comes from a typical Indian middle-class family background. He joined his family-run business almost 3 decades after it was founded in 1980. He brings along a vision and rich experience to make his enterprise truly global by delivering high quality, innovative and contemporary home textile products at extremely attractive prices. In his leisure time Arpit loves to watch movies and read blogs and articles on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Q. How was Art India created and when did you get involved?
  • The company’s foundation was laid in 1980 by Mr and Mrs Gunwant and Latesh Pancholi, who initially started the business by selling paintings and later transcended to rugs & home textiles. We used to re-create precious rugs and carpets and sell them at affordable prices. Nowadays this process is called sustainability. This is how Art India started.

    After 29 years I entered the business, focussing on adding new product lines, experimenting more and innovating in terms of design & development. I set up a separate team for market research and am planning to take Art India global.
  • Q. What is your design and production process? How do you introduce new products?
  • We are among the few companies who have invested in cloud computing and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. We deliver reliable products through operational excellence.

    It starts with sourcing of the best quality raw material. The raw material is then converted into rugs, or chunkier heavier fabrics which are used in making cushions, and the more delicate fabrics which are used for duvets.

    The design aesthetic is developed in such a way that there is originality and we love working with all our clients. We don’t do it alone, we have a team of talented designers with a passion for design, and we come up with something new every season.

    The process begins with the design teams deciding on the colours and mood predictions for the upcoming seasons and year. The design and development team then continuously work on new trends and designs, based on these themes, and our skilled craftsmen help us weave a dream and achieve it all.

    We have always believed in giving back, and we have started recycling our yarn waste and we are now developing our own “re-spool” yarn.
  • Q. How do you ensure quality?
  • We have a multi-level filtering process from the preparatory to the finishing stage. We have an in-house testing lab and a Quality Assurance (QA) Department that can assure the quality standard and provide a technical solution as per requirements. We are also a certified OEKO-TEX Company (certificate for prevention of harmful substances).
  • Q. What makes Art India products better/different from those of other brands?
  • Uniqueness and creativity are important to Art India. In terms of design and processes, Art India's product is unique. We have an in-house design team that follows all design ethics and ensures that the design is unique and does not duplicate anything else. Art India also works with over 100 different techniques.
  • Q. Which products would you recommend to someone buying from Art India for the first time?
  • Whatever product we design and manufacture are special in their own way. We have different ranges and designs to deliver to our B2B and B2C consumers, from trending colours and designs to lab-tested quality.

Art India's Hot Selling Products


Give your living room a brand new and classy perspective with Art India's exquisitely crafted hand-woven rugs. Available in numerous shades and designs, you are sure to find the perfect one for your home. Checkout all the rug collections here.

Pillow Covers

Pillow and cushion covers are a great way to make your home comfortable and cosy. From the bright colours of spring blossoms to more earthy pastel shades, Art India's pillow covers collection is one of the finest out there. Get your inspiration here.


Looking to create compact seating options for your guests? Poufs are a great option to plan for the extra seating for your party guests. Available in a wide range of colours and luxurious textures, you are surely going to find the one which perfectly matches your home décor and creates an indelible impression on your friends. Check out the pouf collection here.

Where Can You Find Them?

Up, Close and Personal with Arpit Vijayvargia, CEO, Art India

  • Q. Tell us about yourself and your background.
  • I was raised in the same way that every child from a middle-class family is, with parents instilling in me the need of staying grounded. My parents believed in a self-taught method and encouraged me to do everything on my own. They also assisted me in learning by not assisting me in completing a task I was given. They believed that I would learn from my mistakes, and they were correct. I studied business and began working shortly after, and my on-the-job training has taught me what I know today.
  • Q. What are your interests?
  • I enjoy watching television and movies, and I helped my family during the lockdown. I do daily housework and spend a lot of time working and reading blogs on the internet. I enjoy reading a variety of brief articles.

Art India's Future Plans?

So far, we've just looked at the B2B model. We will now enter the B2C sector and will promote Art India to direct consumers.

Important Tips for Home Owners on Conceptualising, Using and Maintaining Home Textile Products

  • Q. Please give our readers some insights on how to use different textiles to accentuate a living space.
  • Using rugs, cushions and throws depends on consumers and how creative they are in using textile products. There are conventional and non-conventional ways of using single textiles products. As we talk about runners they can be used at the sides of the bed or on stairs or as a yoga mat, same with the rug you can hang them like wall art or you can use them as a floor covering.

    Breaking the stereotype these days instead of using wallpaper people are using a rug as a wall covering to make their walls look more authentic and cosy.
  • Q. What are some common mistakes people make when using rugs?
  • Pulling yarn, cleaning without reading the instructions, and washing without following wash care instructions are all common mistakes consumers make when buying Art India products.
  • How can one care for rugs and floor coverings?
  • Handmade or handwoven rugs, in particular, require extra attention. Never fold it like origami when wrapping it; instead, roll it and keep it. Other important points to note are:

    • Do Vacuum Regularly: Vacuuming will pick up dirt, dust and food particles that you may not be able to see. It also fluffs up the individual strands on your carpet.
    • Do Treat Stains Immediately: Use damp white cotton towels to clean the carpet. First blot up the excess with a dry towel, then dampen (do not soak) with warm water and blot again with a dry towel. Do not rub the piece harshly.
    • Do Trust Professionals: Always trust professionals when it comes to cleaning the carpet and any home textile product by Art India.
    • Don't Drag the Furniture: If you drag heavy items across the carpet you run the risk of tearing carpet fibres and leaving permanent drag marks.
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Bring Your Home to Life with Exquisitely Crafted Home Textile Products

Shun the drab and morbidity and bring your home to life with Art India's innovative home textile products which are sure to add colour and vibrancy to any home. The best part is, that you don't need to burn a hole in your pocket when buying these, as Art India products are surprisingly affordable even though they are of extremely high quality. Share your experiences of decking up your home with Art India products with us.